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World / Europe / Italy / Carnival of Venice. Part II

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Carnival of Venice. Part II

With this video clip we continue our big 360° video series of one of the most famous cities in the World — Venice.

Italy is the motherland of carnivals and one of the cities that first held these colorful celebrations is Venice. Later on the idea of carnivals spread out through the world. Nevertheless, Venice still remains one of the most famous places for such beautiful events.

Carnival of Venice

Not only for its age (was built in 1094) the city of Venice enables the possibility to take the celebration onto boats, make them a part of the festival as well. Carnival masks have become the esteemed best – masks all over the world take example of their making.

The new 360º video can help you dive into this wonderful event.

Authors of the video: Dmitry Moiseenko and Nickolay Denisov

30 August 2016

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Beautiful!Thank you!

Antonia Chen, China

Excellent video, a way to meet our world



ed nelson, USA

A misteriosa Veneza e maravilhosa.


Thank you for beautiful video. I remember whis pleasure lost visit in Venetia.


Beautiful video, thank you

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic