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samson, USA

i love this website so much thank you for showing me this and you people are the best you deserve this

graycie holmes, USA

i love this site because you can see so much

harmoney doxey, USA

So amazing. I love it :

Virginia Kristin, Indonesia

so good


::This is quit an amazing experience. I felt as though I was there in the beautiful water, surrounded by a wonderful breeze, embracing the sunlight...just amazing! Thank You!

Tami Daugherty, USA

That memory.
other version

In the light
of an apparent
peace there's
a writing, a feeble
illusion and an
intimate feeling
that covers the
darkness and the
breath of a pain...

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

Canto agrario.

El hombre
busca el calor
de la fresca
mañana, natural
como un canto
armonioso que
expresa la fiesta
de los rayos

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

Hi guys. Great work. Keep it up! Any chance of uploading Botswana pictures and videos? Regards. Shekhar Goel

Shekhar Goel, Botswana

Hi Shekhar! We didn't have a chance to take photos and videos of Botswana. We'll do it with a pleasure if we have such opportunity.

I was wandering around on this site and searched Pakistan, but to my surprise, my own country wasn't there on the list. I was extremely shocked and also very disappointed to see this. You have a great site overall but since there was not even a single result for Pakistan I wasn't happy at all. Kindly add all countries to this site for everyone to be satisfied. Please once again, add Pakistan.

Inayah Rizwan, Pakistan

Hi Inayah. We are not a giant company, we don't have resources to photograph every country. If we have opportunity to photograph your country, we will do it with a great pleasure. Meanwhile we hope you can enjoy virtual travels to another interesting places arould the world on our website.


Shekhar Goel, Botswana

Photo out of quality. You remind me blogger Varlamov. Who shooting use Nikon D5 and make terrible images.
As for video post processing it's OK. Insta soft wear is not good, use it only for stitching. I would like to say thank you for saving my money. Titan still not have correlation quality and price.

al 360, Russian Federation

Fine week.

The sunshine
appears near
a prudent leaf,
in the heart
of a country,
where a tender
profile is a
persuasive care...

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

For the sun of your life.

Like a tender
young bird
recalling, in silence,
the death of
a night, like a
sullen behaviour
in the luminous
walk of a delicate
leaf: for the
sun of your life.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

Mysterious dream.
other version

You live in
the dream of
a loving image
that often appears
in the profound
obscurity, your
luminous thoughts
return in the song
of a graceful

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

La sonrisa y una canción.
third version

Que dulce
sorpresa observar
en silencio esta
mágica armonía:
el torrente
resplandece en
las aguas luminosas,
el canto de las
aves en el cielo
cristalino invita a
los pastores a pasar
por los senderos
olvidando los

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

La tendresse des étoiles...


Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

L'herbe verte de la sagesse.
third version

Le calme du
matin réapparaît
en portant aux
haies la douceur
de la nouvelle
saison et quand
l'eau du ruisseau
atteint la grande
prairie une douce
sensation revient
dans ton coeur
pour donner la joie:
tu vois la lumière
dans les ombres
incertaines d'une
image nébuleuse...

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

Plz arrange to capture shrines of Iraq and iran for example shrine of Imam Hussain

U will get very good infra out there

And you will get more popularity by capturing this
Thank you

Mohd Asad, India

Dear Airpano Team,
I have been enjoying this website for quite a while now. The shots are sometimes better than reality...
Anyways, I wanted to ask:
Is it possible to start the shots without labels? The idea is that people first accessing the website don't know where they are and have to find out but carefully checking the surroundings. This would make for an amazing game. Please keep me updated if this becomes possible.

Alex Neef, Germany

Dear Alex,
Thank you for your comment. We're glad to see you among our loyal viewers.
Your idea sounds interesting, we'll keep it in mind and might develop it one day, but not now. If you want, you can describe your idea in more details in reply.
Best regards

Goutam Biswas, India

This is the best website!

Katya M, Russian Federation

most beautiful thing I've ever seen

thank you
god bless


melissa burget, USA

Dear airpano team,
Pakistan has been declared top tourist destination in the world in 2020,i would like to suggest request to visit Pakistan,you ll find diverse culture,historical buildings,snow peaked mountains, deserts, beaches, beautiful landscapes and much more.
with best regards

ahmed eftekhar, United Arab Emirates

nice website

bartek płatek, Poland

hello airpano team,you are doing great job,this is my most favorite site,which i visit very frequently,i would like to request you to visit Pakistan and explore its beauty to the world,Pakistan has been declared number one tourist destination in 2020 in the world.
thanks keep it up,
with best regards,
ahmed eftekhar

ahmed eftekhar, United Arab Emirates

Mil gracias por mostrar lo más hermoso que tiene la geografía de Venezuela...

Tomas Bestilleiro, Venezuela

I understand that Croatia has an amazing history and have spoke with people that have visited. We hope to go there next year.

Ron Laurie, Croatia

dear airpano team,
thank you so much for showing the world from my desktop,i love photography exploring the world,but in this life it was not possible for me to see all these beautiful places,which i have seen through your lenses,and each time i watch,i feel as if i am physically there,perhaps i enjoy more than that,because you can't see a place from different angle especially aerial view,which i love most.
thanks once again,
with best regards
Ahmed Eftekhar
Sharjah U.A.E

ahmed eftekhar, United Arab Emirates

Dear Ahmed, thank you for your message! We are very glad that our panoramas help you to feel like you are there.

you are the most beautiful and best people in the world.
I follow this beautiful site a lot and today I want to thank you for the beautiful work.
My Warm greetings to you and all the smart team.
You are always at my heart

Houssem Merabet, Algeria

Thank you very much for this site, the most wonderful you can walk around the world from your home wonderful, warm greetings to you I wish you all the best Thank you again to all the smart team
From :houssem - algeria
Большое спасибо за этот сайт, самое замечательное, что вы можете прогуляться по всему миру из своего дома. Замечательный, теплый привет вам. Желаю вам всего наилучшего. Еще раз спасибо всем умной команде.

Houssem Merabet, Algeria

You forgot Romania!!! Yes, I love your documentaries. They are amazing. But, if you introduce Romania, they will be more appealing to people. If you want, i could recommend you some eye-catching places like Sibiu, Sighisoara and so on... in order to make your site much more attractive. And do not forget: Romanians and Russians are friends Thanks for understanding!

Marta Gheorghe

Hi Marta, thank you for your message. We'd be pleased to photograph Romania! But, unfortunately, recommendations of places aren't enough for shooting.

Muy hermoso el sistema, y verdaderamente presentan lugares que ni se conocen!!!


Amazing pics from stratosphere.Love to see 360° pan photos. Thanks for a totally new view high above the sky.keep sending updates and newsletter.Great job

Bhimeswara Rao M, India

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Bob Johnson, USA

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Bob Johnson, USA

Hello Dear Friends
Long time dont hear from you I invite many of my friends to visit your wondreful site I still wanted to send you some Mexican Tequila but I need your physical adreess,bye now Angel

Angel Arroyo, Mexico

Love these!!!

Steve Joneskunt, French Polynesia

I love these pictures, I wish I could get more emailed to me.

Kim Sluuthore, Bermuda

this is great!

Browne Blaakarse, Angola

I absolutely love those stunning pictures! There's nothing better than a 360°picture!

Marco Meierhöfer, Germany

it was an awesome experience .Good site to visit. there should be virtual tour of of corner of the places so that feeling of inside it is there.

prithvi singh, India

Hi, I loved this site.

It was inspiring. Keep on posting!


Tom Howard, France


何 xians, China


何 xians, China

Thanks Guys I seen something I thought I'd never get to see in my life time. What a wonderful way to see parts of the great Wall that the tourist never get to visit not yet anyway. thank you for all the hard work it took to get the footage gives an old man to dream about. jf

james o'hare, Australia

James, thank you for your kind words! We're glad that we help you to see all these places.

OMG.. My students are going to LOVE this! Thank you so much!

Joyce Urbanski, USA

Today I have traveled your website again and watched many amazing sight with calm mood, it's really wonderful.

Nee byr, China

Great website, and my family does enjoy the wonderful virtual sightseeing provided here.


gongming wei, China

last version

With a prominent
feeling in the
flare of my heart
I perceive, in an
instant, the breath
of a calm wind
and the exhausted
appearance of
a fugitive sunshine:
there, in the
glimmer, while
an innocent purpose
gives me the strength
of your novel

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

Поздравляю Airpano

Enrique Ochoa, Ecuador

You believe there is a dream, the dream will believe you.

Ron Alan Brooke, China

I want to be your friends!!

Brenda Mailmelots, Brazil

I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice,
keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your website to come
back down the road. Many thanks

Natalie Conte, Austria

I loved visiting this website

md.mizanur rahman, Bangladesh

I loved visiting this website, it is just awesome and the 360 view is amazingly great

Omika Sable, India

I am a preservice teacher, I do like your site! I will introduce to my friends.

YiYi Chou, China

Wow! Planning a trip to Russia for September and I just watched your fly over of the Kremlin. I cannot wait for my adventure to begin.

Terry Brown, USA

Beautiful,awesome panoramic scenery, A lot of historic place throughout India.please visit india.

Harshad Prajapati, India

Thank you! We have many panoramas from India, you can easily find them on our website. You can use the Search in the right upper corner of our website.

hello from athens greece,your posting are really awesome,i love the panoramic views of acropolis and panathenian stadium.i would like to add this view in my site http:enjoygreecetours.com that is providing private tours in athens.thank you so much for your excellent work

kostas karanikolis, Greece

How about adding another beautiful city from India which is Kolkata

Eric Rickstar, India

The scenery is really beautiful, but why is there no scenic spot in China?

燕子 小, China

Hi! We've photographed in many locations in China. Use the Search in the right upper corner of our website, to find content from your country.

All I can say is stunning. Makes me so happy to be alive and have a look at our wonderous world.

Gordon Musch, USA

I have passion for travelling I had the chance to travel only one time to USA and it was an amazing experience. after I returned I had more power and passion to travel again but i discovered that before travelling I should know my country in a better way which is Jordan. Jordan is a small country but it fulls of great things one of them is petra on february i will visit it for the second time to see the beauty of this city .and thank you for capturing petra on this website in this way looking forward to see more places as alkarak casstle, ajloun castle and Jerash

raheil barakat, Jordan


J 杰, China

Therefore a dream...

An eternal
glimmer while
the sound of
a blackbird
calls the desire
of an inner

Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi, Italy

Hello from Mumbai , I am Manisha and a history and geography teacher also I am very fond of travelling and I have travelled to U.S.A, Dubai, France and Egypt also I am a google guide at level 7 and I just love the pictures and the views potrayed on this site and its a great learning lesson for my students also

manisha joshi, India

This project looks very intersting. Congrats!

Luis Fabricio Gallardo, El Salvador

Very Nice.

Jane Aston, USA

I am Franco Melechi, from South Italy. I live in a beautiful region called Puglia, exactly Salento district. I want to send my congratulations to all the Airpano staff!! Each awesome image perfectly reflects the beauty of the place!! I am also a spherical views photographer, and I would be happy if I could cooperate with your team.
Thanks and good job!

Franco Melechì, Italy

Franco Melechì, Italy

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how cool some of your galleries. Very Inspiring work. I may only do residential real estate at https:stepbystep3d.com but I plan to also do some desert landscapes.

Thanks Greg

Greg Welch, USA

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Yours Sincerely Sister Beloved,
Mrs. Michelle Skalicky.

Michelle Skalicky, USA

OMW!!! Congratulations!!! I was so impressive this website when I sawi it.. it's so amazing fantastic! Brilliant!!! It's so beautiful!!! Perfect! And you know what I don't know how many times I've been viewing this site.iim really feel enjoy to watch it.bravooo!!! MORE POWER!!!

Josephine Villajin, USA

Amazing and clear view of lots of site... Great and amazing website..!!

Dhanushdhar Singh, India

Love it great work!

Yofan Pratama, Indonesia

So enjoy this sight,thanks!

Marlan Maloy, USA

Great site, I love it!

Sonja Walter, Germany


刘 源昊, China


何 天宇, China

这些地方非常的美丽,虽然我现在很小 但是我希望我长大了能有机会到这些地方去旅游。

苏宇轩 何天宇, China

This website is amazing.

Thank you so much for all the fantastic photographies.
I wish you visit Taiwan and to make a special album of stadiums worldwide.

Kind regards

Flavio Perez, Mexico

Congratulations. Especially impressed by the 360° video about Canaima, Angel falls in Venezuela.

Dr Anne Péné-Annette
geographer researches about Guayana of Venezuela University of French West Indies Martinique Caribbean island

Anne Péné-Annette, Martinique

In india kerala state such a good places why not your team got some great locations it know as gods own contry

durga prasad, India

We have photographed many beautiful locations of India: Agra, Agra Fort, Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri, Jaipur, Swaminarayan Akshardham, Taj Mahal and Varanasi. You can find them on our website.


慕斯 崔, China

waooo.. Lindo Lindo...

Carlos Parra, Colombia

its fantastic to see the world , under one umbrella . The Taj Mahal is one of the best views.

I would suggest for Akshardham Temple in New Delhi

murali gadla, India

Thank you for your comment, Murali! Actually we have panoramas of Akshardham Temple: http://www.airpano.ru/files/Akshardham-India/2-2

Falta a minha linda terra MACAU - na China - aonde eu naci.

Sugetão: Curitiba no Brasil que é lindo!

Olivia Martins, Portugal


Ivo Dias, Brazil

Simply amazing.

Stan Yip, Canada

Awesome photography.

joe blackburn, USA


Jack Francis, Albania

May God bless Team AirPano specially and inventor of Photography, 360' camara etc technique, internet and Facebook in general to make me able to see virtually what i may not even dream even in reality. Special thanks to local people and government also.
Best wishes to all.


Wow, i am absolutely blown away. Your content is just epic. Thanks for this unbelievable amazing pictures and videos

Linus U, Switzerland

Its truely truely amazing website. Its totally innovtive approach to see the beautiful locations. 360 degree videos are unbelivable. Thank you for taking these efforts.

Sumedha N, India

Thank you,
this is absolutely the best photography Website ever.Amazing just wonderful.

Rolf Steffen, Arizona USA

Rolf Steffen, USA



Amazing! Please send more!

Nota Skamer, Germany

Fantástic site....congratulaitions.

Lil Mel, Portugal

Please note in photo gallery of Most Beautiful Cities a mistype of Las Vegas

Janet Van Oonk, USA

Thank you, Janet! We've corrected it.