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Venice, Italy

A millennium and a half of Venice history had a lot of exciting events: countless wars and crusades, booming trade and banking. Overall Venice has always been independent, rich, and successful city.

Located in the center of Europe, which means in the middle of main European events, Venice went through several periods of prosperity and downfalls. Today it is one of the most famous cities in the world: 15 million tourists visiting Venice every year is a solid proof of this fact.

Cruise liner in Venice

Venice is called the "city on water". It's worth mentioning that there are several other cities in Europe that have a lot of canals. For example, Belgian town Ghent was built atop of 26 small islands connected by 207 bridges; capital of Holland was also built atop of 26 small islands. But they could never compete with Venice and its 118 islands, 150 canals, and 400 bridges.

As one can imagine, Venice transportis quite peculiar. There are no roads, cars, taxis, buses, trams, nor bikes. You either walk on foot or use water transportation: boats, motorboats, or gondolas. Tourists use the latter as a romantic adventure rather than means of transportation, which cost them 100 Euros for half an hour ride.

St. Marco square

Every detail of a gondola is thoroughly designed and has some kind of symbolic meaning. Its size and shape hasn't changed in centuries and it is protected by law: the length is 11 meters, the width is 140 cm. It has a flat bottom and an asymmetric shape with left side longer than the right side by 24 cm. A straight line divides gondola in half lengthwise, and a gondolier has to stay on one side of the boat to operate it. At full load (1200 kg) gondola can go at a speed of three knots, which is about 4 km per hour.

At the end of XV century Venice had 15 to 29 thousand gondoliers. Together with their families they comprised one quarter of the city's population. In modern days there are only 425 gondoliers in Venice. This number always stays the same regardless of how many gandoliers retire or how many new people join the ranks.

Of course there is more to Venice beside gondoliers and buildings on water. You will definitely want to see other Venice landmarks, such as St Mark Cathedral, St Mark's Square, Doge's Palace, Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal, and others.

The heart of Venice

Alexander Herzen gave a remarkably accurate description of Venice: «Venice is the most wonderful nonsense in the world. It is crazy enough to build a city where no city could ever be built; but to build one of the most elegant and distinguished cities in the world could only do crazy genius."

It was however a real challenge to build such a beautiful city. An uninhabitable area — not even of land, but of water! — has been turned into a miracle. For many centuries construction workers tediously re-routed rivers away from the site, fortified the coast, and drove millions of waterproof larch piles into the ground.

Planet Venice

Nevertheless, with passing centuries, it became clear that they couldn't beat nature entirely. Slowly but surely the Adriatic claims its territory: during XX century alone Venice has "sunk" 23 cm. It is predicted that by year 2028 the city will completely go underwater.

It means that we have very little time left to admire and remember an elusive beauty of the famous Italian landmark...

Photography by Stanislav Sedov and Dmitry Moiseenko

3 August 2012

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mandy fernandez, USA

Excellent collection! Any chance of cooperation with global-geography.org???

Hermann Maurer, Austria

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Beth Martins, Brazil



Incredible Venice. Is it possible to imagine something more beautiful? I travelled to Europe last year. Europe is marvellous. Some places, like Venice are famous worldwide. But it was impressive to discover others not so famous: A suggestion: go and take some photos of a hidden jewel: Seville

Andrew Dolan, USA

Que profunda emoción , recordar el ayer , cuando todo en Venecia me hablaba de amor ,...................

Miguel Ángel Pizzo, Argentina

Inacreditável!!! Maravilha!!!!

Maristela Ribeiro, Brazil

Bella, maravillosa, increible, fascinante.

Lilia de la Torre, Cuba

What a wonderful landscape! I wish I could to be there... Who knows one day...
Thank you so much to share this gorgeous view of Italy with us.

Daniele Pimentel, Brazil

Amazing actually I'm going to do the same idea, but I need some help :(

Mohammad Saleh, Israel


xj j, China

Hi Please refer to Iran in Tehran Check
Beautiful scenery to show all
Thanks to many nice airpano

Ali iota, Iran

Hermosas vistas de Venecia.
Dios mediante en dos meses tengo previsto un viaje para aquellos lados y espero poder disfrutar en vivo de esta hermosura.


It's beautiful.
Thank you.

François Deguerry, France

You brought our memories back!!!Of course with "the very best" way than our photos could do!I have been in Venice for the honeymoon about 7 years ago,it's a wonderful city.Looking forward visiting Venice again.Great site,terrific places.Outstanding,keep up the great work.Thanks a lot!

Nikos Pelekoudas, Greece

Estuve en Italia hace unos cuantos años y, realmente Venecia me conmovio profundamente, es un lugar maravilloso. Quisiera volver algún día.

Zulema SEIJAS, Argentina

Been there quite a few times when I lived in Italy but have never seen Venice so beautifully depicted as in your panos. Great job guys!

Eugenio Palisi, Canada

el que conoce Venecia esto es un sueño y quien no lo conozca que lo haga es maravilloso maxi

maximiano jodra arcediano, Spain

güzel bir yapım olmuş teşekürler

rıza kurt oglu, Turkey

Excepcionalmente bonito

jose montenegro, Portugal

site génial, Venise en particulier pour y avoir été 3 fois, mais AirPano devrait être connu du monde entier...

Robert MABILEAU, France

Nostalgia siento al ver las imágenes tan bellas de Venecia k guardo tan gratos recuerdos


Gracias AIRPANO, vuestro trabajo me esta permitiendo llevarme imágenes del mundo que difícilmente conoceré a mis 72 años.Gracias nuevamente.

mario oscar varela, Argentina


Neide Santos, Brazil

i love venice citi
he is best of the world citi
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best regd
zahid chaudhry

zahid hameed chaudhry, Pakistan

that is cool.it is wonderfull

yasin y, Iran

Amazing Venezia, I love it, just hope to see you again!!!

Cuqui Garcia, USA

your website is both interesting and exciting because brings good memories to those who have been to venice, and aspirations to those who have not.
thank you

Lenny Farias, Canada

Venice> is a city where you can be alone with your love until sunset
Venice is a city in the alley and the love of his life.

farzin sarvari, Iran



Para mi, Venecia es la ciudad mas bonita del mundo

Manuela Fernández, Spain

its very verybeautifal thank for this vebsite.

shahab k, Iran


Márcia Greche, Brazil

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Putra Anderson, Indonesia

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tabrez shaikh, India

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hadis hashemzadeh, Iran

Alexander Herzen rightly commented, as no one could even thinf of nonsense being a marvel. This floating city is indeed the most unconventional thought accomplished into a living wonder on our beautiful planet. Thanks to the photographers of Airpano. All credits in your honour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saraswati Panicker, India

Oops....forgot to rate....However,nothing to think, its obviously gonna be 5.

Saraswati Panicker, India

Vuestro programa es una maravilla en todos los senti
dos. Estuve en Venecia, hace 7 años y me la habeis
hecho revivir. gracias de todo corazón
Os acabo de descubrir en la red, pero ya contaís con
un fan seguro.

Ramon Freijido, Spain

thats very good and intersting

ali asghary, Iran


majid jahri, Iran

We have visited Venice at least 10 times and are looking forward to returning Feb/March, 2013. Your panoramas are still awesome to see. See you there!

giacomo deGori, USA

I have never seem anything like your airpano!! What a great trip I have just been on, "Around the World in 1 hour! And did'nt cover all the countries! I am a senior and have on chance of going too for from home, but have traveled all of Canada (Just back from Newfoundland/Labrador) Thank you for my wonderful trip, and many more of them"

Kathleen Murphy, Canada


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I have been there in May 2011 with my wife and find very beautiful and enjoyment.

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grazie....i love italy
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We sailed a yacht into Venice in 2010 and stayed in a beautiful little marina on the northern end.
your fabulous camera work brings back the memories far better than any of our picture taking ever could. Thank you so much.

Ian Anderson, Australia


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I would love to visit venice... my plan was for the next year, but...unbelievably I just did it !!! thanks so much for such a wonderful trip!:-)

Fereshteh joon, Iran

just wow amazing

clarence shepard, USA

I visited Venice July 2012 and was trying to locate the main railway station across a church (?) but couldn't see it. But it's a beautiful picture which completed the missing sites of Venice I didn't see myself.

Adeleida Kaunang, Indonesia

Thanks for the memories. Visited 20 years ago. Memorable conversation - Me: What do you do for a night life in Venice? Waiter: Sir, in Venice we pray.

Bahrain Tahir, Malaysia

Thanks. We are just back from Venice and di not want to leave the place. We re-lived our Venice exp through this panoramic view. Thanks a ton.

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Well done.

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Nice to see full city...its wonderful and beautiful!
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Very beautiful panos, as ever.

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