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Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is one of the most famous ancient cities in the world. According to one of the legends, the city was founded by the Hercules, the legendary hero of Greek mythology, 400 years before Rome. The second legend attributes the foundation of Barcelona to Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, father of the commander Hannibal.

Due to its ideal location on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona was a thriving city that was repeatedly besieged and conquered by many nations, including the Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Franks, British, and other nations. Despite that, the city was able to preserve its heritage up to this day. Various Barcelona landmarks, from the ancient fortresses to ultramodern skyscrapers, encompass almost all periods of its history.

Barcelona from the height of 350 meters

The center of the old city is the Gothic Quarter. It still has many structures that were built during the Middle Ages, and even some buildings that were built around the time of the first Roman settlements. Right next to the Gothic Quarter is La Rambla, a lively street that is a must-see for everyone planning a trip to Barcelona. Besides fine shops and restaurants, almost every building here is an architectural monument. Particularly interesting is the old Boqueria market which is constructed from glass and decorated with mosaics, as well as the 60-meter tall monument to Columbus. The monument stands exactly where the famous explorer landed from his first voyage to America.

Columbus Monument

The city itself consists of many hills that have different height. The highest point (500 meters above sea level) is Mount Tibidabo that offers picturesque views of Barcelona. The name of the mountain comes from the Latin «Tibi Dabo» («I give you»), the words of devil whispered to the God in order to tempt him while showing the beauty of the world from the top.

The second highest point (173 meters) is Montjuic mountain, where Barcelona hosted the World's Fair in 1929 and the Summer Olympic Games in 1992. Local places of interest include futuristic Magic Fountain in the form of ellipse with lighting, music, and sometimes fireworks. A little further to the top of the mountain, we can find Montjuïc Park and Olympic area, as well as Montjuic castle, one of the most famous historic buildings in Barcelona. It was built in the 17-18th centuries to defend the city. During the course of the history the castle was seized several times: by the British led by Count Peterborough and also by Napoleon's troops. Nowadays it houses a military museum.

City at night

At the foot of the mountain lies Plaza de España, one of the biggest squares in the city that was dedicated to the occasion of the 1929 World's Fair. There are two 47-meter tall Venetian Towers in front of the square and there is a gorgeous fountain decorated with Baroque style sculptures in the middle. Plaza de España in Barcelona serves as a symbol of the city's former greatness, and at the same time as a symbol of the modern city-state. It is a majestic symbol indeed!

Other great monuments of the 20th century include the Palace of Catalan Music, a fine example of Catalan modernist style, built by the architect Luis Domenech i Montaner, and the Agbar Tower, a modern 38-story skyscraper (though four of its floors are underground). The shape of the tower was inspired by water, spectacular shape of nearby Montserrat mountain, and by the bell towers of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This whole structure is made of metal and colored glass panels.

Barcelona view at sunset

But all Barcelona landmarks combined ​​pale in comparison to great monuments designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. Of course, every monument in Barcelona is unique, but each one of them can be attributed to a certain style. Baroque fountains, Venetian Towers, modern buildings, and ancient Roman ruins can be found in many other cities across the globe. Without some additional information it's hard to pin point if you see photos from Spain, Italy, or, perhaps, the Czech Republic? However, each architectural masterpiece by Gaudi isn't like anything else in the world. All you need is to see one of his buildings, balconies, or "swirls", and you can instantly identify his style among many others. There are several houses designed by Gaudi in other cities, but most of his legacy can be found in the capital of Catalonia.

There are millions of pages written about this amazing architect — the founder of his own style that was unique only to him — no words can convey the essence of Gaudi's unique masterpieces. Gaudí spent his childhood by the sea, so all of his homes resemble a sand castle. He thought that the sky and the sea make the best interior, and wood and clouds were perfect sculptural forms. Gaudi hated closed and regular-shaped spaces, avoided straight lines, and considered them man-made; whereas a circle was of divine origin. It's hard to describe the masterpieces created by the architect with such believes.

You should see for yourselves. Our panoramas will show you some of his masterpieces: Park Güell (1900-1914), Casa Milà (1906-1910), and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona which is under construction for last 130 years.

Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudi architect

In total there are dozens of structures created by Gauidi in the capital of Catalonia, and not all of them are buildings. For example, in Park Guell, which occupies an area of more than 17 hectares, there are numerous houses and fountains, paths and columns that were created by Gaudi's powerful imagination.

Let's have a more detailed look at Sagrada Familia. The Church of the Holy Family (or Sagrada Familia) is a church in Barcelona's Eixample district, the famous project of Antoni Gaudi, that has been under construction with private donations since 1882. Although Gaudi was just one of the architects, it was his contribution from 1883 to 1926 that defined the current look of the legendary church. And even despite the fact that in 2008 a group of more than 400 cultural workers of Spain demanded to stop the construction of the church (according to them, the great architectural masterpiece fell victim to careless and clumsy restoration catered mainly to tourism industry), its unusual appearance has made it one of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona. In November 2010 Pope Benedict XVI consecrated Sagrada Familia, so now it can officially hold church services. Even being under construction the church looks amazingly beautiful.

The administration of Barcelona kindly agreed to remove all cranes from the Sagrada Familia construction site during our photo session. If you would like to see this place with cranes, you can open panoram 22 in our virtual tours.

Sagrada Familia

Since our panoramic views of Barcelona show you the city from a bird's eye view, it means that they reveal almost the whole city. You can choose any Barcelona landmark or historical period you're most interested in and zoom in. Enjoy your virtual excursion!

Photography by Stanislav Sedov and Dmitry Moiseenko

5 April 2013

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I have been to Barcelona, some years ago, and it was on my bucket list to return again, until this tragic virus engulfed most of the World. It is such an interesting destination, and hopefully I will be able to experience the magic of the place again in the not too distant future.

Patrick Devery Devery, Ireland

Me encanta España ..Barcelona..valencia

Carmen Mendoza, Colombia

Me encanta mucho, viva Espana!

Patrick Francis, USA

Excelente tour

Jorge Gamba, Colombia

Recibir Videos de las diferentes Capitales del Mundo

Felix Mejia, Colombia

Barcelona es un sueño. Siempre quiero regresar

Claudia Rodríguez, Colombia

Gracias! Que maravillosa oportunidad de conocer!

Elena Baudrit

Felicitaciones por tan grande proyecto, esto es fantastico, a cambio de quejarse o lamentarse en los momentos dificles,desarrolan la creatividad, por eso cada momento que nos brinda la vida es para beneficio nuestro.La soledad ayuda a trascender.
Magnifico, en cuanto pueda, haré un viaje a Estados unidos, ya que me han negado la visa varias veces.
Gracias, y reciban bendiciones a tanto talento.Espero que la experiencia viajando por este medio sea tan real, como en fisico.

Gloria Hernandez

Me encanta Barcelona, he visitado la ciudad tres veces, entre 1993 y 1994, y si tengo la oportunidad volveré a ir.

Lavinia Figueroa, Honduras

Muy buena información, excelentes fotos. Me permitieron recordar mis viajes. Gracias

Esperanza Galvis

Barcelona es alucinante...

Francisco Caicedo, Ecuador

Necesito todo o relacionado a tours de las ciudades en el idioma español

Ingrids de jesus Reyes Berdugo, Colombia

Nothing like Barcelona in Spain. Catalonia is different !


What a wonderful, marvelous, great, beauty job. I wish to see your work about Colombia soon. Sure will be also excelent. Here also we have magic music, incredible landscapes. Let me invite all of you to enjoy them from now on. See you soon i wish. God bless you all.

Gene Jack Vera Zambrano, Colombia

Amazing :
We were in July 2015 for 7 days in BCN.
Thank you for these super panoramas.


Beautiful Barcelona, Spain, of course, Spain

maria sope#241a, Spain

Went to la sagrada Familia Just amazing view of the church inside out, Thank you Fits for that great Gift that I will NEVER forget, it is just Beutiful

Rosemarie Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago

I was fortunate enough to go to Barcelona this summer. These views are fantastic and make it easier for me to share my travels with my family and friends. I am also a teacher and I can't wait to show my students real, 3-D, views of places we discuss in class. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource!

Elizabeth van der Meer, USA

Beautiful pictures from Barcelona, but the music doesnt match with Catalonian culture. You put an Andalusian music. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia is not an Andalousian city. I guess it was a mistake.

Carme Puig, France

Curiously, why New York citizens don't write us? In our panoramas of New York City we use European music, which doesn't match with American culture. We have to change this music too and to post everywhere incitements to nationalism? Did we understand your thought correctly? :)

Varvara, AirPano

Is there any way to download this so that i could view this when im offline

Fazil Irfan, India

Hi Fazil. There is only one way to watch our panoramas offline: download our application for iPhone or iPad http://travelbook.airpano.com/

Varvara, AirPano

Barcelona is a fantastic city, but that music has nothing to do with Barcelona. That is Andalusian music, like most of the "typical" things the world knows about Spain, though it is true that in many places in Spain, and especially in Barcelona, they "accept" it if there is an economic interest: tourism; and there are places in the town and souvenirs all around flamenco. Many Catalonians hate Spain, but they don't mind taking advantage of Spanish (Andalusian I should say) stereotypes if that means "money".

Juan Senel, Spain

Amazing! Great job, thank you for sharing

Leta Blakeslee, USA

Una ciudad absolutamente encantadora, preciosa, llena de historia y de gentes maravillosas.

Bernardo González, Colombia

Barcelona fue durante un tiempo capital de España,
Actualmente es capital de la Catalunya autonómica y
si la situación política lo permite en un futuro capital
capital de la nació catalana

jordi Navarro, Spain

Catalonia is not Spain.Wrong music of this country...change it please

jr bb, Spain

According to Wikipedia, Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain.

Varvara, AirPano

I love your pictures!Thank you VERY MUCH!

Narges Bayat, Iran

I love your views!!Keep up the good work!! I would love to have such views from the Rocky Mountains and from the Volga River.

What a job you guys have!!!

Jaime Jimenez, Canada


Zaherali Lalji, USA

wonderful, amazing, full of history, welcoming, friendly Barcelona and all Catalonia !

Arrayan Mirto, Spain


You are doing a super job, the images are absolutely beautiful and you almost feel like you are actually there! Many thanks.

R Freeman, United Kingdom


Toni Martínez, Costa Rica



Cataluña es España y siempre será España.

Alberto Rupérez, Spain

I love Barcelona, the most beautiful Spanish city. I love Spain and Spanish music too!!

Fritz Bauer, Germany

Above all, CATALONIA IS NOT SPAIN. Secondly, hopefully Catalonia will become independent around year 2020(bye, bye Spain!). Finally, the Russian authors of this website are kindly requested to avoid typical absurd stereotypes about considering Barcelona (the capital-city of Catalonia) as a Spanish flamenco-like city, when Catalan culture has NOTHING to do with that of Spain. Thanks for your understanding (and co-operation).


Preciosas imagenes. Si señor, de una de las ciudades mas importantes de ESPAÑA. Muy buen trabajo y muy buena la musica introducida. Tipica española "Paco de Lucia".
A ver si dentro de poco nos ponen a VALENCIA.
Gracias por vuestro trabajo tan EXCELENTE.

Xavier Espuig, Spain

Qué bonito se ve desde el cielo a una de las ciudades de mi país, ESPAÑA. Gracias por el buen trabajo.

Jaime de Castro, Spain

Gran ciudad y muy Española. La música espectacular para esta ciudad. Las fotos preciosas.
Barcelona the Spanish City! ;)

Carles Roig, Spain

Espectacular y preciosa nuestra capital, pero la música (aunque hermosa) no se corresponde en absoluto a nuestro país que es Catalunya ;)

Nur de Catalonia, Poland

Magnificent views of the capital of Catalonia! but the images are poorly labeled, ... Catalonia is not Spain.
Catalonia is a nation that was invaded by Spain in 1714 and had already parliament, democracy, trade and held their own.

Eloi Fernàndez, Andorra

Barcelona, called too "the city of prodigies" and the incredible capital of the next state in Europe. Only one thing, the music is not typical of this city, is gipsy and flamenco music from the south of Spain

Michel Puig, France

Si mal no recuerdo esta el convento de Monserrat era maravilloso con la vienen negra o me equivoco de lugar?

nancy andrade, Argentina


Jeko Dinev, Bulgaria

Una Ciudad que me gustaria algun dia visitar. bellisima e impresionante!

Altagracia Marte, Dominican Republic

Excelente trabajo y muy agradecido por compartirlo en la red

Arturo Goncalves, Spain

adorei viajar online pela spain

maria maria helena cassinha de oliveira, Brazil

Barcelona, Catalunya! :D

Àlex Méndez Bravo, Andorra

Unica y hermosa La Barceloneta...catalonia tierra de mis abuelos.

JOTA Ferrarello, Colombia

felicidades todo esta muy bonito

david velasco, Egypt

Site, muito maravilhoso, parabéns.


Muito lindo essa maravilha de Espanha.
Lindo Site e parabéns.

Luiz Arruty Rey, Brazil

Preciosas vistas de Barcelona. Gracias. Conozco bastante bien España y Barcelona es una de sus maravillosas ciudades. Aunque sí es verdad lo que dicen otros comentarios aquí: La descripción inicial de la ciudad no es muy acertada, porque las "ancient cities" españolas donde se siente el arte y la historia, son otras: Sevilla, Toledo, Salamanca, Córdoba, etc.

Adriano Guarente, Argentina

Son espectaculares todas las imágenes,PRECIOSASSSSSS,

Antoni Cedillo Ortés, Spain


alfredo grandi, Italy

Barcelona is not Spain, and the music in the video is from a musician from Andalusia.

Jordan Johnson, Aruba

This is such a remarkable Project. Congratulations. A few weeks ago my family and I visited Barcelona and it was a great help to have visited this site before.

Enrique Perez, Mexico

Great combination of ART & SCIENCE... Marvellous photos and locations... Simple great work done..

Amrish oza, India


German porras, USA

Je connais bien Barcelona mais ce point de vue est magique, j'en suis toute émue !!!

Michelle Cizeron, France

We have traveled to Spain several times, but never to Barcelona. We are spending the month of September there and after viewing your wonderful areial, I look forward to this beautiful city even more.
Thank you

Kathy Figueiredo, USA

Thank you, Kathy! Don't forget to visit Barcelona, I'm sure you will like it!

Varvara, AirPano

Marvellous views of a marvellous city. I love Barcelona. But it is true too, i would not call it exactly an as other incredible spanish cities as Granada, Seville, or Salamanca, to give three examples.

Marco Kloten, Switzerland

Simplemente una ciudad con mucho encanto, que suerte vivir tan cerca.


Hi! I saw an amazing photo yesterday of Barcelona's coastline with a few hills in the middle of the sea (fourth photo from top, I think). I am really disappointed that you have taken it out. Please can you upload it once again? I would be obliged if you could email it to me. All your photos are simply amazing!

Manisha Deka, India

Dear Manisha, we haven't taken panorama out. All photos from Barcelona you can view here: http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Barcelona-Spain

Varvara, AirPano

nice & wonderful

reza pargahr, Iran

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corpulmundo Mocoa Putumayo, Colombia

Your site was sent to me by a friend and I have passed it on with the warning that "Don't open this unless you have several hours to blow." We will be visiting Barcelona this summer and nothing prepares you for the excitement of this wonderful city better than your marvelous images. Thank you so very much for this world treasure.

Paul Kleiter, USA

Wonderful photography. Most enjoyable.

Ed Nelson, USA

Absolutely marvalous, I loved every view of my home, I wish I could live there again, I miss it so...

maria harnquist, USA

Beautiful views of Barcelona. It is a great modern city. That´s the only thing: a great modern city, but not what you call an ancient city in the introductory comment. I have travelled around Spain for years, an the Spanish ancient cities are others: Toledo, Seville, Granada...,etc These are really impressive old towns. Barcelona is great, but mainly modern

Gerard Mathieu, France

Das ist supergail

Martina Zeh-Nehry, Germany

amazing !

qiao weisheng, China

Wow. I'm from Barcelona and I think these are the most impressive panoramas of my city I've ever seen. Excellent and stunning job!!!

Gerard Tusuellas, Spain


Anna Foller, Austria

What else can I say? - this is an absolutely fantastic story of a fantastic Catalan city. And yes, please replace the music with Catalan one.
A thousand CONGRATULATIONS - you have done yourselves proud

Albert Ubeda, New Zealand

Dear AirPano ¡ Muchas gracias !
Special Thanks to Stanislav Sedov and Dmitriy Moiseenko for the great job

SAL ENIZI, Saudi Arabia

Great Job! Wonderful view , thanks

Please , we want more of Barcelona city like :
La Rambla,Columbus monument,Rambla del Mar,
Tibidabo,Montjuic,Port Olimpic ,Plaza de Catalunya,
Camp Nou FC Barcelona Stadium.
¡Viva Barça!
¡Viva Barcelona!
¡Viva Cataluña!

SAL ENIZI, Saudi Arabia

Wonderful view ,
Please , we want more views of Barcelona city like :La Rambla,Columbus monument,Rambla del Mar,
Tibidabo,Montjuic,Port Olimpic ,Plaza de Catalunya, Camp Nou FC Barcelona Stadium.

SAL ENIZI, Saudi Arabia

There are 22 panoramas of Barcelona in this virtual tour. Click on the thumbnails on the right of your screen. You will see Columbus monument, Plaza de Catalunya and many other places!


Great Job! I have share your work with all my foreign friends. Only one regret... the music ... it is not representative from our country,Catalonia. I would suggest to replace it with some catalonian music. Anyway thanks!

David Bargalló Bellvahí, Spain

Wonderful views of my little town, really. Thanks for sharing them. What I don't get is the use of flamenco, even if it's a great piece by a great artist.

Llucia PM, Spain

Gracias, thanks, merci, grazie, شكرا, תודה,dank. Ni en todos los idiomas posibles alcanza para agradecer este gran trabajo que est?n realizando. Estoy pr?ximo a viajar por algunas ciudades europeas y me resulta de gran ayuda. Gracias Totales!!!

Marcelo De Vita, Argentina

Great panoramas, I would recomend to replace the current music with one from Catalonia.

tirs bigata, France

Excel·lent reportatge. (La música resulta repetitiva)

Concepció Ginestà Nus, Spain

Speechless, absolutely well done.

Diana W, USA

very good

ali taheri, Iran

Good work deleting the cranes that there are still building the Sagrada Familia

Francisco Javier Díaz Benito, Spain

Espetacular! Amo esse site.

Marily Wagner, Brazil


ankit fichadiya, India

Excellent!I want to share this on LinkedIn. Please enable.

Ana Bokan, Croatia

He visto la mayoría de sus trabajos, pero como soy de Barcelona, he visto con detalle este y he podido apreciar la calidad y detalle del reportaje.
Excelente. Felicidades.

Jordi Arenas, Spain

Vistas extraordinarias.Que bello todo.

juan carlos garbarino, Argentina

Immagini splendide. Continuate a realizzare altre bellezze del mondo.

giancarlo Vallauri, Italy

you work is amazing
i also want to be part of this teamwork

hitesh gs, India

Another fantastic journey. Introduced me to this intriguing city. Some really wonderful images of the architecture, and the lights at night were great. The fish was cool too!

Bill Brace, USA

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A fantastic story Thanks

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Maria Kowalska, USA


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