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World / Europe / Greenland / Windmills of Holland. Part II

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Windmills of Holland. Part II

Earlier we have published photo panoramas and 360° video of the windmills. Now we present a new 360° video of it.

Windmills were invented a long time ago, and for quite a long period of time it was the only mechanism used by people. In the 19th century windmills were eventually replaced by the newly developed steam engines. This happened in many countries except Holland. And the reason for it is was the location of the country.

Holland. Windmills

Nowadays the water level is controlled automatically with the help of modern techniques and pumping stations, but before the development of such modern technologies every village had a windmill. At that time Holland was called "the country of 10,000 windmills". By now their number has lessened to 1,000, but still it is more than in any other country. There is no other use of them but to become a historical heritage.

The windmills are not used in the way they were designed anymore, but they are not forgotten. The second Saturday of May is the National Mill Day in the Netherlands. On that day more than 600 windmills open their doors to visitors and millers show and share their skills. As for us, we don't have to wait a special day to get better acquainted with the most interesting part of Holland's history: all you have to do is open our video and begin the tour.

Authors of the video: Stas Sedov, Sergey Shandin and Ivan Roslyakov

4 August 2016

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beautiful pictures.good job
don`t you have any plan to come to Iran?
if you have i suggest you The largest mud brick building.

mona hosseinpour, Iran

Thank yoy for your beautiful video !


beautiful video of Dutch windmills and landscapes, thank you

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic

perfect video, compliments, love it

Inge Otte, Netherlands