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World / North America / United States of America / Grand tour of Manhattan, New York, USA

Grand tour of Manhattan, New York, USA

New York is the most famous city of the USA, and Manhattan is the most famous part of New York. It all started 400 years ago when the most famous and profitable in human history real estate deal was made: the Native Americans sold this 'not so useful' piece of land to Europeans for 24 dollars.

Since that time the island has changed dramatically. For 24 dollars one can probably buy a ticket to the Empire State Building.

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

Present day Manhattan is the most populated island on Earth. The land itself costs about 40 billion US dollars, and the cost of the entire Manhattan, including its real estate, reaches over 3 trillion US dollars.

This remarkable part of New York City is best to be discovered on foot – not only because of the infamous New York traffic or cost of parking in New York. There is a joke in New York that only wasteful people can afford driving in New York, because the time one spends on finding a parking spot sometimes equals the time it takes to drive from one side of Manhattan to another.

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

New York is known to be a financial capital of the world, and the island of Manhattan is where all the banks, offices, largest insurance companies and corporations are located – literally one on top of another. Basically the rest of New York, and eventually, the rest of the United States, work for Manhattan, making sure that this gigantic «city inside of the city» continues its mission – processing the wealth of the whole world.

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

Besides a large number of museums, almost every building in Manhattan has a historical value. Old buildings harmoniously coexist with the best examples of the modern architecture. Most famous New York attractions are located in Manhattan, including Empire State Building mentioned above, Central Park and Times Square. There is also colorful China Town and bright Broadway – they are all located on this island. It is a shame not to bring a photo of Manhattan from your trip to New York!

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

Photo by Dmitry Moiseenko and Sergey Semenov

8 September 2023

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tobias rivera, Bahrain

I love Manhattan, and my favourite place on this beautiful city is Time Square, is a place where filmed a lot of famous movies

Nerea Álvarez Jorge, Spain

My favorite place in Manhattan is the Statue of Liberty it’s my favorite because of its history and I think it’s the most iconic place

Mathew Steyn, USA

JFYI there are no golf clubs in Central Park New York City. Your panorama shows American baseball fields just west of the Met. Museum of Art.

Susan Lynn, USA

Susan, thank you very much for your comment. We've corrected the mistake.

Varvara, AirPano

pleas come to iran iran is beautfull coutry
you can take photo panorma wanderfull
you can win in this dision

masoud hamidi, Iran

very very.......very beautiful place..!

awnar hamza, Algeria

yes right. super.

meral şen şen, Canada


Ernesto Buenaventura, Colombia

very beautiful place...

daryoosh langari, Iran

una pasada de fotos .solo te hace las ganas de estar ahi.por lo menos nos dais la oportunidad de conocer bonitos lugares .gracias por hacer algo tan bonito.a . que galicia tambien es una pasada..

jose español villarino, Spain

Extraordinario, merece la pena admirar de este modo estos lugares, aunque se visiten con posterioridad.Gracias.

César Abarca Landete, Spain



Its truly a Beautifull peace of work. It shows the work Man can accomplish. A city that doesn't sleep and full of Life. Thank you for the memories. I shall visit again one day soon.
I also would like to add that all the beautiful places in Portugal yet even Vietnam beat it with pictures… maybe we will see Lisbon some day or the Algarve.

Henry Matias, Canada

fantastic, de neimaginat, daca nu vezi.Este o realizare de varf.Chiar daca esti acolo, nu poti cuprinde totul.Un documentar imens, usor accesibil, permite delectarea, dar si studiul.

Petre Mateescu, Romania

Even though I live in the US now there are so many cities that I have not seen. New York, Manhattan is on my bucket list

Randall Lakey, Canada

Beautiful...My dream.

jean weastler, Colombia

gilan area in iran is very beautiful than this pictures.what you have not pictures from iran?

peyman karimi, Iran

I love N.Y. Beautiful works!. Congratulations.-

John Malvaso, Argentina

very nice -

hamed azimi, Iran

Thanks for the nice

Ramin amirafzali, Iran

very nice but iran is very very wonderfull than america.....

farzin sarvari, Iran

Awesome visual experience, totally off the hook.

Gerald Kelder, Australia

Wonderfull city.Y love New York

Nelson Bernardo, Brazil

very niceeee

parisa khojaste, Iran

Thank you so much!! I heart NYC and I have been three times, only!! I am so longing to this most beautiful, livley, soulful place on earth. Your pics satisfy my hunger for the moment, I will be back soon !!!

Sonja Stendera, Germany

Many thanks, Sonja! You're always welcome on AirPano!

Varvara, AirPano

I love NYC, riprese fotografiche fantastiche.

Julian Roberto Rocchetti, Italy

Just LOVE...

Arman amadin, Iran

I am now a old man and never traveled outside the USA. This is truly a magic carpet showing me the world I would never have seen. What you have done it truly a miracle. I can't believe how perfect everything works. I have only spent an hour here and I know I will spend many more here in the future. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Wallace Carlson, USA

Dear Wallace, thank you for your kind words! We'll be glad to see your comments again!

Varvara, AirPano

Wow! Truly stunning - thank you for sharing. x

Lisa Harmsworth, United Kingdom

Simply awesome :)!

Maria Castaneda, Colombia

The only thing I can say, is that this is outstanding. The views that we get on this site, is like being there, only we save the airfare, and hotel. No, I must say it is even better than being there!!!

Joe koncur, USA

Wonderfully!!!!!.God created man in his own.

Mirta Campi, Argentina

Wonderful pix!I feel like I am there!
I loved it when I was there in 2000,
just 11 months before 911,and,being beneath the Twin towers?we decided to go up some other visit.
how ironic!Pat in U.K.

patricia davies, United Kingdom

very beautiful city.thank you

ibrahim mohamadi, Iran

very good

mohamad mezergi, Iran

Wonderful place... I would like to visit it one day. :)

Ivan Asić, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Roland Viotti, Spain

Quite an incredible accomplishment. Congratulations for showing us New York and Manhattan - I've enjoyed the photographs and information very much indeed! Thank you.

Carol Dreyer, South Africa


Luciano Tomalino, Italy

Ces photos sont vraiment très belles et la prise à 360°donne un bel effet.

Jean-Luc Christmann, Benin

Beautiful,awesome NEW YORK city!
congrats, great job!


I love New York it really is very beautiful

jessica zheng, China

The photography, the video, the music, pure artistry. The panorama from space, set to music, simply brilliant. I appreciate seeing so many positive responses from all around the world. I'll be back again and again. Thank You. Arizona.

Randy Jones, USA

Thx, this is the best thing i ever see. Better then TV or Movie. Thx.

Roger Ischi, Switzerland

I have traveled around the world with your photography great job

Hampton Gould, USA

Not bad for a 360 view..!Not bad for a city..!
Just kiding...! Who doesn't love NY..? Splendid..!
J'adore NY!
Vakis, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece.

Akrivos Stergiou, Greece

Fantastic, just fantastic. Thanks.

Marcus Almgren, Norway

J'étais aussi à NYC 8 j en Février 2007, bien que montée à l'Empire State et la Statue de la Liberté, je n'avais pas vu la ville sous cet angle SPLENDIDE !

Josette CATILLON, France

I want to thank and congratulate you! Your photographs are really breath taking and your creativity is above everything!

Fernanda Puente, Mexico

wonderful, like a bird in flight
ïðåêðàñíî, êàêî ïòèöà âî ëåò

Dimche Ackov, Macedonia

Enjoyed every bit of it. More beautiful than reality

Eirik N, Norway

hermoso trabajo para nosotros que no hemos podido verlo en persona

Ramon Burgos, Dominican Republic

mi comentario es que es una maravilla la oportunidad de disfrutar un viaje increíble ,conocer cercanamente gracias a ustedes.

jessica carrillo, Chile

Awesome Panorama of Manhattan and NYC, My Home that I so dearly miss. Auburn Al." New York," New York so nice they named it twice"

Jose Correa, USA

bellisima cita, o passato il capodano a new york , e un sogno avederlo..2013

robert alla, Albania


daniel cohen, Israel

Uma visita normal a NY (Manhattan)não é suficiente para se conhecer toda a beleza que a cidade encerra.
Fantástico tour fográfico desta magnifica cidade

Jorge Marques da Silva, Portugal

Last July, I spent six days in Manhattan, the first time in US.To is an unforgettable experience! Through these images, I can see how grandiose the Constitution of the Manhattan hotspots. Fascinating, congratulations! ZELJKO CROATIA


i will visit this summer.

Evelyn kendi, Kenya

Perfect! Fantastic work!
p.s. It would be cool to make 360 panorama of plains of Iowa or somewhere...

N. Babic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stunning! Your work can help as therapy for relief from fear of heights. Awesome!

Strukar S, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I like very much ,someday i ll visit it

vicky pitsiou, Greece

Visually stunning and adds a completely new dimension to my memories of visiting this iconic city. Truly a labour of photographic love. Thank you.

Penny Haywood, United Kingdom

The boyz and LOVED this.

Grand Ma, Australia

Awesome! every view is wonderful. Was there with my children in 2010. Will be back!

Fintan Clones, Ireland

Beautiful picts. I wanna go to Manhattan. It is my dream!

Matt Shollc, Czech Republic

Great job!awesome....thanks

Johan Kus, USA

this is awesome

karem samy, Egypt


rigoberto arana, Colombia

very beautiful,,,,one day i will be visiting with my some one special.........thank you

rahul khan, India

they are fantastic

saeed imani, Iran

Beautiful pictures!

Julio NYC, USA

Congratulation amazing Job, Beatifull display,NEW YORK the best city in our word.America for North and south American

rigoberto arana, Colombia


ahmed amzil, Morocco

amazing photography of wonders of the world;
much appreciated!

Joseph Potomski, Australia



Very very nice thank you
Please also put pictures of Iran

sajad asadi, Iran


Valdecir Jose Zilli Biff, Brazil



Its marvelous.

samir kallini, Egypt

Your Job is the best¡¡¡¡¡. Congratulation and thank a lot.

daniel garcia rusca, Argentina

Beautiful display of skill and creativity. The Manhattan Island is so flat and low lying that any slight change of the earth movement could cause disaster. I have never been here because the thought of threats from a tidal wave or a rise in sea level due to the melting snow or a sudden earth tremors is too frightening.

Siti Faridah Md Noor, Malaysia