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World / The best panoramas by AirPano. Part 2

The best panoramas by AirPano. Part 2

We have selected the best panoramas created by AirPano during the last several years. Most of them are unique because they were shot for the first time in the history of panoramic photography. The Airpano website already features over 2,000 panoramas. To make navigating such a volume of materials easier, we decided to create a collection of the best AirPano panoramas, organizing them into several virtual tours. We tried to choose the most beautiful panoramas of the most unique and meaningful locations. Today, we would like introduce the second virtual tour from our collection of selected panoramas; you will see the erruption of volcano Plosky Tolbachik, unique Victoria waterfall, the highest Ferris wheel in the world and other amazing places of our planet. The first virtual tour of our best panoramas you can see here.

AirPano was founded in 2006. At the same time we created a unique technique of photographing spherical panoramas from the air. Today, AirPano is the largest 360° panorama resource in the world, based on geographical coverage, number of aerial photographs, and artistic and technical quality of images shot from the bird's eye view.

Now, thanks to the panoramic photos published on our website, each visitor can go up in the air and see everything as if he were actually on site: inside a helicopter or even in the bucket of a hot air balloon.

You are invited to join us on this breathtaking journey!

If you are interested in any panorama from our selection, you can open a complete virtual tour of any place from the list mentioned below:

Taj Mahal, India;

Volcano Plosky Tolbachik, Kamchatka, Russia, 2012;

Paris, France;

Halong Bay, Vietnam;


Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe border;

New York, USA;

Lake Powell, Utah-Arizona, USA;

Venice, Italy;

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

 5 January 2015

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all panoramas are excellent and superb view from height

jagdish chaudhari, India

A very impressive web sight, Thanks you very much.

Richard Hosie, Canada


Yamile Latour, Mexico


Pankaj Srivastava, India

beautiful photography.

Jamil Bhatti, United Kingdom

Excellent selection. Beautiful remarkable job.

Ed Nelson, USA

Gracias a AirPano conozco mejor el mundo en que vivimos. Gran trabajo, altamente ilustrativo. Os deseo a todo el eqluipo un Feliz A#241o 2015.
Enrique Garc#237a-Araenas, Espa#241a

Enrique Garc#237a -Arenas, Spain

Very nice.

dhanakoti rao, India

Hi team of PANORAMA. Happy New Year to all of you.As usual PERFECT . Thank you. My best wishes for the new year and every success.

polyxeni Deliolanis, Greece

Cada vez mais, me surpreendo com as imagens que recebo da Airpano ! Grato pelos votos de boas festas e retribuo desejando continuar recebendo essas filmagens fabulosas ! Feliz 2015 #225 toda equipe da Airpano!

osni Pisani, Brazil


Branislav Piroh, Slovakia

Hello, unique, beautiful and perfect presentation !!!, thank your team

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic