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Lichadonisia, Greece

North-west of the Greek island of Euboea, there is a group of small Lichades Islands. Their name comes from the ancient Greek mythology character, Lichas, the servant of Hercules, and the legend relating them is rather ominous.

Lichadonisia islands

Lichades were formed after the huge earthquake of 426 B.C., but the legend has nothing to do with that. The myth says that Hercules' wife decided to win back her husband's love by sending him a robe smeared with a centaur's blood. But the evil centaur had lied to the woman, and his blood was not a potion but a poison. The robe got stuck to Hercules' body, he tried to tear it off but his flesh ripped off together with the pieces of the cloth. The unbearable suffering made him throw himself on a funeral pyre, from where, after blaming Lichas who had brought him the poisonous robe, he ascended to Olympus. The hero threw his former servant into the sea where the latter was smashed against the rocks. And Lichades were formed from the members of his body!

Panorama of Lichades Islands

Though the islands are featured in one of the most tragic chapters of the Myths of Ancient Greece, it made no impression on the present day. Small picturesque islands are famous for being known as the "Greek Bahamas" even though it is only partly true.

Lichadonisia beach

It would be more correct to call them the Garden of Eden. The islands boast the clearest sea, pristine nature, and are a paradise for divers. At the same time, there is not a single hotel and no one lives on the islands! The largest island of Manolia has an organized beach with a bar; the other islands offer wild swimming locations.

Lichadonisia sunset

Very few places of the kind remain on the planet: places that are popular with tourists and, at the same time, are uninhabited. There is no regular ferry connection with the islands. However, different agencies organize one-day tours on the islands. Visitors are requested to respect the beauty of this place, and people who come here do so and leave the islands intact in their pristine charm.

Panorama of Lichadonisia islands

AirPano also welcomes you to this little paradise! 

Photos by Ádám Plézer

17 November 2023



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