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Hong Kong - the City Where Dreams Come True


On the way from the romantic Bali Islands to Moscow, Dima decided to make a one-day stopover in Hong Kong. He was traveling with his girlfriend, Alina. After an enjoyable evening stroll through the city, they returned back to the hotel. As they got out of the taxi, Dima asked his girlfriend what she was dreaming of — "It would be wonderful to stay here for another week!" said Alina. 

Hong Kong is known to be the city where dreams come true. 

The taxi left, carrying away Dima's backpack with the telephone, credit cards and the passport on its back seat. It was Friday night, their plane was leaving on Saturday, and the Embassy was going to be opened only on Monday... This is how Dima and Alina have stayed in Hong Kong for another week.

Surveillance video cameras at the hotel's entrance captured the license plate of the taxi, but the backpack was no longer there. The driver said that he didn't see anything and that the next passengers must have taken the backpack.

While a friend from Moscow was sending his new foreign passport to Hong Kong, Dima had a lot of spare time. He shot these panoramic photos when the sky was especially beautiful, decorated with magnificent clouds.

over Hong Kong

Alina's wish helped to stay in Hong Kong for another week  

Editor's note:

Actually, I also wanted Dima to stay in Hong Kong and shoot the panoramas. And as we know, Hong Kong is the city where dreams come true...

Now, a few words about Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is both a city and a state, and (more precisely), a special administrative area of the People's Republic of China. It is truly "special" in all regards. 

Hong Kong is one of the worldwide financial centers, and this mere fact places certain obligations on its residents and determines the city's architectural appearance (the first skyscrapers in China were built here). Additionally, a special administrative status allows Hong Kong to have its own laws, and it takes full advantage of those. 

For example, the notorious one-child Chinese birth restriction policy does not apply to Hong Kong: its citizens may have as many children as they like. Frequently, Hong Kong residents do not think of themselves as Chinese. They speak fluent English, which is the second national language here. Those who were born prior to 1997 have "open passports", which means they can travel without a visa to the countries that otherwise require an entrance visa from Chinese citizens. 

So, where does "prior to 1997" come from? It is the year when the former British colony became a part of China. Prior to that, Britain has leased this land from China for 99 years, developing it and spreading its culture. Nevertheless, this lease agreement was not renewed upon expiration. 

Rumors say that the British were unable to keep their overseas territory because Hong Kong does not have drinking water sources of their own. Historically, drinking water was delivered to the islands from the Chinese mainland, which imposed a strict condition — a renewal of lease agreement would bring the water supply to an end. As a compromise, Hong Kong was promised a full autonomy and preservation of their lifestyle. Nowadays, Hong Kong is an incredible mix of all achievements of the West with unique appearance of the East.

Charming colonial-style mansions co-exist in harmony with high-rise buildings erected due to the limited territory. Architects of Hong Kong are guided by modern technical knowledge, and at the same time they follow Feng Shui tradition. Hence, many buildings have mirror tiles on their front side to prevent evil spirits from getting inside. The corners of buildings can be slanted or rounded — it is a Feng Shui symbol of friendship and protection from all negative influence. 

The name of the city, "Hong Kong" is translated as "fragrant harbor". Thus, water and plants become an equally important part of the local landscape. Actually, there is a lot of greenery around: both in the city, and in the famous Victoria Park — home of the Victoria Peak, the highest (552 meters) point of the Hong Kong Island. 

By the way, Hong Kong has a total of 262 islands in the South China Sea, most of which are really small. The largest island of the archipelago is the Lantau Island, famous for its airport, Disneyland and the gigantic Buddha statue. Curiously enough, fairly small territory of Hong Kong has over 600 shrines that are spread all over the islands.

"The Hong Kong Skyscrapers" and "The Hong Kong Lights" are the two names of the second-largest Island. It is this very island that you can see on this panoramic photo. 

Photo by Dmitry Moiseenko

30 December 2011

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really The most beautiful city in the world

Alireza Pournaghi, Iran

Yale---Hong Kong

Xin Cheng, Taiwan Region

Ah it comes again, a random chinese guy being proud of something that belongs to Hong Kong.

All those building and the current economical status, they are all made possible by hardworking Hongkongers, not chinese.
We are proud of our city, our land, our people, our culture, our law.

These are not belongs to china and it will NEVER BE, cause in your country you got no law but orders of the party no humans but cold-blooded monkeys no culture --- which your country destroyed itself.

All you have is the land and city occupied and copied from others.
Why bother going on the internet which your country banned most of it?


Edwin, Tin Yeung Lau, Hong Kong

Simply breathtaking - Hong Kong is my favourite city for travel. I adore each and every occasion spent in the district, and cannot wait to head back there. These panoramic shots simply take me back to a place I'm most happy.

Thank you.

Boyd Payne, Australia


chen xi, China


chen xi, China

Hong Kong is great city that all Chinese people are proud of.And there is a serious mistake in the Editor's note,that is the Hong Kong is not a stateCountry.Because Hong Kong is just a city a Provincial administrative area,I hope you can correct it ,Thanks very much.And your work and your photos are really great

Joker Jow, China

bir gün yanına geleceğim,yanımda aşkla ..

ebru çetin, Turkey


amir hasani, Iran


Romulo Lopez Sabando, Ecuador

Did you get this

Jeannette Williams, Benin

Hong Kong phui , super hero No.1 .Hong Kong phuie, palak jhapak teh hi guum , chiki bum chiki cum chiki bum :P

Carl Grace, USA

wonderful! I really don't have money to travel there, happily done the virtual tour and that was beautiful enough. thank you :)

Fereshteh Pb, Iran

Good Work....



Magali Molina De Salas, Italy

Memories of experience revived. beautiful pictures, captivating ambience. HK is where dreams run high above the head, a meeting and melting pot of east and west, but free, liberal, dynamic yet bustling cosmopolitan. every street corner, every step in Hong Kong is exciting, is full of fun and flavour. the best city so far.

sidhatra chatterjee, India

I live in Hong Kong since I was 9 years old. I am living in Toronto now. Since my whole life,I've travel to numerous big cities, Singapore, Malaysia, NY, LA, Boston, San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai,none of them hold my heart in terms of convenience and dynamisim. Hong Kong is truly unique, maybe some European cities like Italy may match it in terms of history. HK Islands diversity, is where you can experience East & West.my parents still stay there. It was tragedy more than 100 years ago, it was just a poor village, however with British rule and its residents hard work, it become the Pearl of the Orient and the main Gateway to China. Now we have Shanghai, however, its law and freedom is unparelled in China. Maybe one day I will go back, however, the house prices deter me. The West has abundance, however do we treasure our gifts.May it shine towards its motherland and be a prime model.

John Tjon, Canada

Sorry, forgot to play in front of five-star, and now make up. Expect Shanghai Map!

Wang Kelven, China

Expect Shanghai Map

WANG Kelven, China


hqw hn, China

It is marvelous.But I don't think that Hong Kong residents do not think of themselves as Chinese.They are patriotic.

Wu Loadia, China

Hongkong is newyork of the east though the climate is opposite. Sra adm has maintained greenery on whatever land exist after skyscrapers curds to menin adm

Sharad Varadkar, Hong Kong

3D Panarama view

Allwyn Chao, USA

This is an amazing panorama. I have lived here for almost 18 years now - and I've never seen the city looking so beautiful. Great web site. Thanks.

Andrew Orme, Hong Kong

hi, hong kong like now me ask

dexter lumanog, Philippines

I was born in Hong Kong in 1929 & moved between Hong Kong & Shanghai - The change to HK is unbelievable. I left for the UK just before the Japanese invaded & my doctor from the Peak hospital was murdered by the japanese when he tried to protect the patients. I have been back but can hardly recognise the place

Robert Ramage, United Kingdom

Lived in HK 1966 to 1968 in North Point area. Husband part of the British Forces. My son was born in the BMH in Kowloon. Fond, fond memories of every day I spent in HK. Visited again the year before before china reclaimed the island. No rickshaws about then but my old skyscraper home was still standing up in the hills of North Point - happy days.


The panorama is so good! I am a Hong Kong-nese, I love how people appreciate Hong Kong these days. However, it is not that perfect. I'm just 16 years old, but I know more about Hong Kong through studying and of course everyday's living. I love living in Hong Kong myself, despite it having social issues that many other places have and some very unique issues...

Toby Ng, Hong Kong

I am stay in hk 8 year and...hongkong very nice country

Wali Yanti, Indonesia

Superb and inspiring! My wife is a local and we're in Hong Kong every year for a few weeks. Your panoramas help dispel 'HK nostalgia' when we're back in Geneva.....

Markus Schmidt, Switzerland

Excellent photographic work, I miss Hong Kong, when I have visited Hong Kong was more advance then London England in few things. When I have visited Hong Kong was under British-England. I went there on a business tour and stayed with my brother Mr. Pravin D. Mehta. Now its like a dream. Beautiful-lovely city.

kaushik mehta, India

"'Beautiful Scenery'. Our Whole famaily lived/worked there 1983/88 loved it...Our two children schooled there and made dozens of friends. Coming back soon to visit again. Wonderful Camera work. Thank You very much"

Cecily Flavell, USA

Jemin Son, Korea

'Beautiful Stimulating'. We lived/worked there 1964/87 loved it...Our children were born there schooled there and made dozens of friends. Coming back soon to visit. Wonderful Camera work. Thank You

Cecily Flavell, USA

I've been most places, it's a pleasure to see them again

John McRae, Australia

Estupendo trabajo

titto ferreira, Spain

We had a stop-over there in 2011 on our way to the UK - found the hotel we stayed in! WoW!!! What an awesome panorama of a truly magical city! Congratulations!

Jenelle Morgan, Australia

Hong kong the greatest city skyline in the world, a magical place to visit, I love it.


I feel as if I have passed on to the other side and am flying over Hong Kong in an altered state. It must be what Heaven is like....

Thank you

Paulette Kraljic, USA

I have been to Hong Kong many times and have many friends there. In the 1970's and 1980's I was a tour director there as well as other cities and countries in the Orient and SE Asia. thanks for this beautifully put together aerial tour.

Merrill Rosenberger, USA

The very first comment says is best. "Marvellous educative and entertaining also." One can only emulate whats been said so they don't sound redundant. Which is also something not found in all thats been written. What an incredible adventure it must be to travel to all the wonderful and unique places in the world we live in!

Abel Niteroad, USA

Marvellous educative and entertaining also.

venkatasai srinivasa, India

C'est incroyable ce qu'Internet peut faire aujourd'hui. Félicitations à ceux qui ont conçu ce travail. Splendide Rod.

Rodrigue Mayrand, Canada

Hi,I want to appreciate for your fantastic web site,your pictures are really unique and wonderful,Good Luck...

Ali Kermanshahy, Iran


Lea Wegleitner, Canada

I was there in June 1969 and it sure has changed. I look at my old pictures and have to match the mountains in the background to the present pictures to orient myself.

Robert Dick, USA

It's wonderful.I hope I go there soon

asal jassur, Iran

Parabéns ao governo e ao povo da cidade de Hong Kong por sua fantastica cidade, linda, cosmopolita, futurista uma verdadeira jóia rara, um diamante para ser admirada por toda humanidade.Nilton Angelo

Nilton Angelo, Brazil

excellent, I love it. My sister send this to me and I am sending this on to all my friends. It is so beautiful and may it touch others as it has touch me God richly bless Hong Kong Vilma Deane Rocke

vilma deane rocke, Trinidad and Tobago

Before my inlaws relocated to Canada, my late husband and I used to visit Hong Kong almost every year, but did not see all the wonderful views that you showed. Thank you and hope to see some of the views in November when my TaiChi class goes there for a tournament.

Mari Chan, USA

very good

hennry pavel, Ecuador

Hong Kong is sure where the dreams come true! (mostly because we are not controlled by china)

Derek Leung, Hong Kong

I Loved HongKong, Wow IT's my dream.
Really Fantastic developed site.

Pramod Ranpariya, India

Just amazing! Makes me feel positively home-sick!!

John Leung, Australia

Fantastic..supper good idea

Mrs Khalid Mahmood, Pakistan

super view good idea

Tewfik Guendouz, Algeria

Beautiful. Thank you. I saw the hospital where my youngest was born, my office downtown, the island on which we lived - a flood of all the good memories returned with your gorgeous images. Congratulations on losing your passport! www.katehotchkisstaylor.com

Kate Hotchkiss Taylor


nancy Ma, China



Deseamos que su sueno cumpla muy pronto. Saludos!

Varvara, AirPano

God bless Sir John Cowperthwaite for keeping taxes, spending and regulations low!

Michael McDonald, USA

I lived in Hong Kong for 12 years and I never saw the air so clear! The high-res full screen images are astounding. Tank you.

Ian Hart, Australia

Served with the Australian Govt from 1965 to 1967 and lived at North Point. Can hardly recognise anything from those days except the Peak. Beautiful job to all of those involved on the project.

Tony Maden, Australia

These views are magnificent!

Erling Syversrud, USA

wow ! keep it up !

raul arquisola, Philippines

SIMPLY .....S T U N N I N G !!!!!!

Jonathan Kirkpatrick, United Kingdom

A monumental work of art.Many happy memories revived.Thanks. Frank.

Frank Woods, Italy

Highly recommended!!!

David Kwan, Hong Kong

Thanks for the memories. had many hppy times there

Cliff Campbvell, Australia

None of these answers so far has it quite right.Hong Kong Island itelsf was ceded to the British after the First Opium War, in 1842 (the U.K. had occupied the island since 1841). Kowloon was ceded to the British after the Second Opium War, in 1860. The British were given a 99-year lease to the New Territories in 1898.Obviously, modern China was not interested in renewing the lease to the British. The Brits, in turn, realized that Hong Kong Island and Kowloon was not viable as a self-sustaining territory on its own, especially with a large, powerful neighbor that considered Hong Kong stolen land. So negotiations began to return the whole territory to China but in a way that would be as acceptable as possible to the governments and population.That's how the deal came about to make Hong Kong a special administrative region, a part of China but with many of Hong Kong's institutions remaining in place, including currency, freedoms, English as an official language , etc. These are guaranteed for 50 years after the handover. In other words, 37 years to go.China negotiated a similar deal with Portugal to get back Macau, which reverted to Chinese rule in 1999. China has offered Taiwan status as a special administrative region to come under Beijing's autonomy, but not surprisingly, the renegade province has declined.

Jhonatan Jhonata, Virgin Islands (British)

What an amazing work of art! Just awesome!!
Thanks to the wonderful team of AirPano for their generosity and thoughtfulness in sharing this to the whole world!

Sarla Gangadhar, Hong Kong

A fascinating overview of the city that I love and that has been my home for the past 25 years. One can of course get some idea of a panorama from Victoria Peak (which is not in Victoria Park by the way) but short of taking a helicopter ride oneself, these views are simply the best! Do come again though; I long ago lost count of the new buildings springing up all over, and you'll note two large areas of flat (reclaimed) land along the harbour front. Come back and shoot again in a few years and they will have disappeared under new construction - guaranteed:-)

Bob McNab, Hong Kong

Great job the views are breathtaking.The i have ever seen.Congratulation Airpano.

Giuseppe Galea, Malta

Thank to you I had the oportunity to see hk, I 'm 82 years old and this is the only way to see this wonderful city. Thanks again ...
Sergio from Trieste

Sergio Bradaschia, Italy

Brings back some wonderful memories. I lived there for 30 years, from 1974 to 2003. I consider it my 2nd home, and would love to return soon.

Lew Crawford, New Zealand

I was there in 1956 when I was in the navy,and I haven't had a chance to return. O MY GOD! I would have never thought it would have changed so much. I have photos of riding around in rickshaws ,and the junk boats tied up together. I have alot of memories of the old Hong Kong. Great work!!

Cliff Steagall, USA

I stayed in HK in 2000 for 4 days on a business trip to launch a channel. It was a wonderful experience I have had. Thanks for reviving my memories....Love HK!

Layon Lobo, Pakistan

Hong Kong, as a modern metropolis, showed its proper style. Although haven't been to Hong Kong, but through your web site, let I to be good! In fact in China, there are so many beautiful city, Beijing, chongqing, Shanghai, Taipei, etc...

贺 泽靖, 中国

Dont know about the scenary but kudi is totally patola.......

Gurdeep Singh, India

I moved to Hong Kong in 1984 and left on retirement in 2007. I loved living and working in Hong Kong and often return for visits to catch up on dear friends. My Hong Kong Chinese friends are really lovely people; hard working and diligent. I miss Hong Kong and hope to return once apartment prices become affordable. Long live Hong Kong!

Iain Seymour-Hart, United Kingdom

Excellent production and clarity given the challenges the air born polution can pose from the north. We lived there from 1980 to 2002 and just loved it. Your site has kindled a serious interest to return and see the changes first hand that have occurred over the last 10 years.

Richard and Sue Lake, Gold Coast, Australia

Richard Lake, Australia

Outstanding Site. Outstanding Job. Outstanding city. Hong Kong is my favorite*. Lived/worked there
during 1990/93. Have since made it back a few times
for short visits and hope to again soon.

Douglas Manila, Philippines



Beautiful pictures and brings back fond memories. My wife and I lived in Hong Kong from 1990 to 1996 and truly enjoyed it.
Richard & Donna Webb - Burlington, Ontario

Richard Webb, Canada

My wife Qian and I love Hong Kong. So much to see and do, the people are wonderful and the food!!! YUM!

Jeff Jefferies, Canada

Çok güzel ellerinize sağlık

Hakan Gürel, Turkey


蓝海之友 wwm, China

Absolutely magnificent view of Hong Kong! Since 2000 I have been there 9 times, 8 of which were between 2004 and 2008. Due to medical problems, I have not been able to travel and have not been back for 4 years. Miss the city and the people so much! My dream is one day to live there! Thank you so much for the view!

Maddy Walker, USA

I have been to Hong Kong. I cannot explain someone how beautiful this island by words, but this virtual tour helps great way to explain it.

Dinesh Jayasinghe, Canada

assai bello , manca però forse il fenomeno più entusiasmante il tipico cuore in gole comportamento fisico dell'emozione quando ci si lancia al difuori di se stessi e ti senti mancare il contatto con il suolo......

giorgio pasetto, Italy

I've been once in Hong Kong In the seventies, and of course I am no longer able to recognise any part of the Island.......Even more I remenber the splendid Palm Garden I visited, but Icould not locate it on any ot the views......Any way there are splendid pictures.Many thanks.......
Merci pour toutes les magnifiques vues du monde que votre site nous offre. Ren? DOLHEM

Dolhem René, France

Dear Rene, thank you for your comment.

Varvara, AirPano

Wonderful photos. I was in HK in 1954 and I can
recognize nothing. There were not the tall buildings then and the view from V. Peak was not
recognizable. Thanks so much. How did you come by my email address???

Robert James, USA

I have never looked at my home town Hong Kong in a different angle like this. All others photos are also well done, good job.

Grace Or, Canada

hi. your pictures is very beautiful. plz go my e.mail . i love you. your pictures is best in the world. my id

mahsa mosayyebi, Iran

Viajar me hace feliz...AIRPANO Y YO siempre juntos por el mundo.

Carmen Hervás, Spain

ultimate and supar thank you air pano

jagadish jd, India

As you said HK is a 'special' place.

Kwong vanessa, Australia

Although I live in Hong Kong over 58 years, never found such a beautiful place as shown in a way as the airpano demonstrates. Now I love my place even more. Of course, I am lucky to see others that I may not be able to see in my lifetime without the airpano. Well done you crew!

che woo chau, Hong Kong

Excelent work. congratulation for the panorama of HK. As a Chinese lived at Mainland China, we 100% hope ur team can introduce and show panorama of the Citys in Mainland China, like Hangzhou, Peking, and Chongqing, etc.. There are more oriental stories u can seek and share to others.

Hongcheng Zhou, China

We are grateful for the praise and kind words. We'd like to visit China in November and to shoot the Great Wall, but we need a help in getting permission for the future shooting. Could you, please, recommend us where we should apply to get it?

Varvara, AirPano

I worked and lived in Hong Kong and on Lamma Island , I was there at the handover to China , a very memorable occasion ! I have been back for a visit and intend to make another one as I have some wonderful memories . I love Hong Kong !

Clyde Ellison, Australia

Awesome ! I am an aerial photographer too, but I like your excelent view over Hong Kong and other places !!!

Peter Kan, Hong Kong

You guys are doing an unbelievable job of bringing the most incredible places on the Earth to many people that will never,sorry to say,be able to see them. I love Hong Kong and have been going there since 1979.I have seen the rebirth of China frist hand,it truly is mind boggling.There are so many treasures to see in China,The Wall,The Soldiers of Ixan,etc.I could go on for hours.Please continue to do this for as long as you can.The World, and it's people have created so many wonderful things that should be shown to everyone.Great job and keep on doing it for as long as you can.
Gerry & Jacki Mongeluzo

Gerry Mongeluzo, USA

Thank you, Gerry, for your sincere opinion. We appreciate it.

Varvara, AirPano


Ken Wong, Hong Kong

Thank You Very Much for providing this fabulous scenery of Hong Kong!

Maria Leung, Hong Kong

Great choice of a hobby and business line. You virtually enable anybody to see a country he has never been to or hopes to ever visit.

Amazing! Great Work Indeed.

Lanny Kim, Uganda

Thanks a lot.

Varvara, AirPano

It's so marvellous and the devotion to the job is very highly appreciated. Please keep on !!

WU CHUN LAI, Hong Kong

Incredibly amazing views from the top! Can't help but be grateful to you guys for producing these panoramic scenery of the place. Brought back a few memorable times my wife and I have had during our previous visits to Hongkong.

Ric Santiago, Australia


fan guongzai, China

Wow,even though I passed through Hong Kong at least once a year for the past six, I couldn't recognized most of the large landmark anymore. Thank you for your work, truly enjoy it!

J Yu, Canada

Thank you! We are moved by your message.

Varvara, AirPano

Was in Hong Kong this January. Reminded me of my days there. Thanks. Good work. do keep it up.

Haituk Desai, India

Quá đẹp các bạn ạ Hy vọng một ngày nào đấy các bạn tới Việt Nam
It real absolute, Thank of you Move to a product absolute

Huan Cao Tran, Vietnam

very good

kayching lin, USA

I lived in Hong Kong for 7 years, and have still my heart there. This is a great view of Hong Kong. Thank you for that.

Jean Boris Urban, Belgium

Super, gratulacje.

Witold Trabski, Poland


sss dddd, Syrian Arab Republic

I live in HK but yr show is definitely the best introduction than whatever else I can say/tell to all foreign friends. EXCELLENT WORK....keep going. You make everyone to know the world better/easier.Cheerssss

victor wong, Hong Kong

Thanks a lot for your message.

Varvara, AirPano

Very nice panoramic view, I wish to visit this place in my life.

Najam Hassan, Pakistan

I am travelling to HK this week on vacation. This is brilliant and one of the best panoramic views I have seen.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Dipankar Banerjee, India

so nice is the picture ,that i could not forget it .and i had been there for ten days before .all kinds of good food had made me a very deep impression , yes, very deep

yang shanwu, China

Dear Yang, we are happy you liked this city as well as our pano.

Varvara, AirPano

I was last in Hong Kong in 1948. I went there fairly often flying BOAC flying boats. Iwould like to see pictures of how it was then. Like me Hong Kong has changed a lot over the years - Hong Kong for the better

john harris, Israel

The flight of an Angel ! Thank you so much for your wonderful panorama of a wonderful City. My wife and I spent 15 years in Hong Kong from 1993 to 2008. It took your breath away every day !

Hugh Gillespie, United Kingdom

It gives us pleasure to receive your kind comment.

Varvara, AirPano


王 晓聪

What wonderful memories this brought back to me . as i was watching it. I saw myself and my husband there in 1986 and remembering a happier time in life. Having tea, at the Pennsular Hotel,
The view from Victoria Peak, and the ride to get up there, my ride in a rickshaw, and all the wonderful places we visited.
I am still wearing a beautiful gold ring that we bought there on my finger after twenty six years.
and still get comments on it, it is a Dragon with jewels in it, and still looks brand new. We so wished we could have spent more time there, but we were on tour, and only had a couple of days.
Thank you for bringing all thoose wonderful memories back to me. Rosemarie . U.S.A.

Rosemarie Avolio, USA

Many thanks for your comment, Rosemarie. It gives us pleasure to receive your kind comment.

Varvara, AirPano


Paul Gilham, United Kingdom

I had the pleasure to visit Hong Kong several times,its a wonderfull city so are their people
and the food, hope i will be able to return once again

george alberti, Argentina

Thank you for your message. Good luck!

Varvara, AirPano

I enjoyed being in and seeing Hong Kong in 1972 and again in 2002 . New Airport was a big change from downtown !

doug smith, USA

I just love these aerial panoramas,hope they will have the whole Kowloon District so i can see the place (Lok-Fu)where i used to live before....i am so home sick !

stephen Chan, USA

It makes me so homesick and want to go back to at least a visit.

yvonne ng, USA

I particularly loved the view from Hong-Kong's Victoria Peak. It brought back fond memories of my visit there together with my wife and daughters. That was some 45 years ago,- in December 1967...

Zeev Raphael, Israel

We are glad you visited us. Have a nice day!

Varvara, AirPano

Very nice!Good photo!

Sze man Liu, Hong Kong


abdul malick, Singapore

It is really nice to see your panormic video seating at Delhi, India.
Great Airpano.

Bharat Bhushan Gupta, Delhi, India


Thanks for up-dating me for the recent development and beauty of my hometown. The panorama is so wonderful.

Waitung Lau, USA

Magnificent aerial panoramas. Great to see Hong Kong from another view, thank you so much.

eBuddie ML, Hong Kong


Irene Carlier, France

Es un portal precioso y es una clara muestra de lo educativo y creativo que puede ser la web, felicidades y muchas gracias por tan bonito tour

Hugo Suarez, Mexico

Dear Anna, AirPano

You have done such a fantastic job of sharing the beautiful Hong Kong to the world. You made more appreciative people who was born live their whole life in Hong Kong where they finally realized how lucky they are, after they viewed the awesome photos ! ! ! Thank you so much for your Excellent work.

chi chan, Canada

excellent photo..i have been in hongkong twice it was really nice place to stay with i explore some hongkong tourist spot, while i was there i enjoy walking a lot.And i really thankful to my sponsor i don't want to mention his name but am sure if he was able to read this message he know that his the one..thank you because of you i saw the most beautiful places in the world the place where i want to stay hope 1 day my dream will come true...

susit juntilla, Philippines

As we've already known, the dreams of ladies come true in Hong Kong...

Varvara, AirPano


jinju.tian No, China

Anna ,This is excellent work and wonderful amazing .I want to see this city asap. Congratulation for your working.

Mehmet Kandemir, Turkey


Xu wenle, Christmas Island

Je to výborné.

Karol Laluha, Slovakia

I live in Hong Kong, and this is, without doubt, one of the best interactive ways to look at our modern, incredibly crowded city. Thanks for doing this! I'm recommending it to all my friends.

Eric Tan, Hong Kong

A thrilling exposition of Hong Kong in the 21st century. We were there with our children on a contract for a post in the Social Welfare Department. |They were busy times but we found time to explore the urban areas and the beautiful countryside on many memorable walking trips. A long time ago (1964-8)but never forgotten.

Ian and Lorna Bain, Canada

It's great! Thank you for the comment.

Varvara, AirPano

Truly magnificent panoramas. I lived and worked in Hong kong for 20 years between 1986 and 20007. I am now fortunate to be back here on a 3 month contract. There have been many changes over the years, but a wonderful place. A pleasure largely unknown to the outside world is the wonderful hiking that can be done in the country parks of Hong Kong. Keep up the good work. Alan

Alan Matterface, United Kingdom

absolutely fascinating, just wish I had the chance to visit when my nephew and his family lived there. FYI I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Elizabeth Brown, Canada

Even though I spent my vacation in HK once or twice yearly in the past, I haven't got down to such spectacular view of HK. My forthcoming visit to HK this summer,hopefully will give a better insight of this lovely island and city.

George Chee, Singapore

Have a nice staying there! We hope, our pano will help you to know this city better.

Varvara, AirPano

Awesome! Excellent work showing the view of Hong Kong. I've been back to my birthplace 2 times since I left HK 45 years ago. Still want to return and visit. Thank you,team,for your wonderful pictures and introduction to Hong Kong.

Kathy Lee, USA

Absolutely awesome ! Lived a couple of years in HKG, but these are completely new views - fantastic!

Horst Wong, Germany

Excellent work wonderful & amazing ...congratulation

Fahad AlWadie, Saudi Arabia

Big claps to the panoramas and its a well written passage about Hong Kong! Big claps!

Vivian Lee, Hong Kong

Bow to the ground...

Varvara, AirPano

it is quite good ,hongkong is very beautifuland charming.

grace kim, China

it would be grateful if there is a night view of Hong Kong that is more famous and amazing view in the world.

y uen, Hong Kong

I lived their for 18 months when my husband was on Embassy Dutyin 1992 - 1993. We loved it there it is so beautiful and the people so freindly. I think the best time was during the Dec when the city is all lighted up. We went on a pirate chip out to the South China Seas and swam there just amazing. It is my dream to return there one day. We currently reside in San Antonio, TX after my husband retired from the Marine Corps serving 28 years. We still say to each each the one place we miss the most is Hong Kong. We will celebrate 30 years of marriage Feb 2013 and would like to visit Hong Kong again with Gods blessing in the future. I dearly miss Hong Kong

Urbana Rodriguez, USA

Oh, it's wonderful story. Congratulations with your 30-year marriage Anniversary! Have a nice trip to Hong Kong!

Varvara, AirPano

Excellent. I spent nearly thirty years in Hong Kong working on Civil Engineering projects, some of which can be seen from the panorama of the city.

Alan Pratt, United Kingdom

Thank you for the message and congratulations as you succeed in your projects!

Varvara, AirPano


chan waiky, China

Awesome photos.

Just one correction with the article though, while the word Hong can be translated as fragrant, the name of the city meant incense harbour (or port) because of the incense production in the region. this, of course, is according to legend - as with all names of places.

H Leung, Hong Kong

Excellent! We lived in HK for 3 years 1959 - 63. Our friends and neighbours, in Chater Hall on Conduit Rd, now live in South Africa and they sent this on to us. Hong Kong is and has always been a magnificent part of the world. Thanks for sharing this beautiful show.

Goy and Les Smith, Canada

Awesome! Hong Kong is my birthplace. I have been away from Hong Kong since 1996. From the panorama, I have seen a lot of changes there during these 16 years, in particular the erection of many new buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

Mack Cheng, Canada

It's nice that we could orginize your meeting with the birthplace.

Varvara, AirPano

Hong Kong is my birth place ,but I din't view over like that, thanks.

wyn yam, Canada

Fantastic Work! This and the other pictures are Awesome! COngratulations to the team!

Alexandre Azevedo, Brazil

What an experience! Awesome! This city was my home for a few years some 30 years ago. I'm curious; do they stil have the noon day gun?

Now you should develop a panorama showing the names of all the structures. Good luck!

John Howe, USA

We are grateful for your message. Good luck!

Varvara, AirPano

Your panorama was perfectly perfect because it showed off Hong Kong's pretty side.

Amaya Gonzalez-Mollmann, USA

Thank you for interest in our project in general and in Hong Kong's panorama in particular!

Varvara, AirPano

I've been to Hongkong for a few times.Thanks for your magnificent photos which reminds me of these nice trip.Hongkong is an amazing place,glad to be there again.

Wei Miao, China

You are welcome! And we hope you also can travel to another nice places both in reality and with help of our site.

Varvara, AirPano

O trabalho feito por voces é fantástico. Acho sensacional tudo isso. As fotos em movimento e as que podemos move-las arrastando o cursor para todos os lados são impressionantemente magnificas, Parabéns pela expressão artística da competência profissional da equipe.


The magnetism draws me back yearly to this bustling place with an unique flavor.....melting pot of the orient,never quiet and always something for
everyone,,,,.....memories,,,,swee n bitter all over the place,,,,,,

Brian Hwang, Malaysia

I'm delighted you lost your passport and stayed behind our city to take these magnificent photos. You should have chartered your helicopter for another 2 hrs. to go north to New Territories and you'd discover something more splendid. Next time perhaps.

Peter Tang, Hong Kong

Many thanks for the comment and interest!

Varvara, AirPano

Thanks . I will visit HK next month . Very cool panorama !

Andrei Sorin, Romania


babak kia, Iran

Πραγματικα φανταστικο,ειναι σαν να βρισκεσαι εκει.Ολες οι ληψεις ειναι εξαιρετικες και συνθετουν το παζλ αυτης της μεγαλουπολης.Εξαιρετικος και ο ηχος.


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Artemon Artemonu, Romania

the best views i ever seen, thanksssss for all.
you are the best .airpano

liliana lianna, Romania

Great. really bellissiima foto
Grazie per tutti lovorare

Farid Mohammadi, Iran

Your pictures are magnificent ! Best way to view the hotspots of the world.

Robert Busch, Netherlands

Excellent aerial panoramas :) I have not been to Hong Kong since 1989. I want to return! I have read that the best time to photograph in Hong Kong is in October. I also enjoy stories about your experiences while capturing these panoramas.

Stoney Vintson, USA

Excelent work. congratulation Airpano.

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