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Lake Powell, Utah-Arizona, USA

Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado river, situated on the land of two states: Utah and Arizona.

The lake was created in the river's valley, following the resolution of the US Congress. Construction works commenced in 1956 with building a 178-meter high Glen Canyon Dam, and ended in 1960s, however, the blue-and-green waters of the Colorado River have only filled the entire lake by 1980. The newly created lake was named after the Major John Wesley Powell who created a first map of this territory in 1869.

The dam was constructed over the Glen Canyon for the logistics purposes — in order to obtain a water storage area. This are has become the Lake Powell — the second largest lake in the US after the Lake Mead. Depending on the season, it can hold up to 30 km3 of water. However, the development of the area did not come down just to the administrative matters. Since this man-made landscape turned out to be really spectacular, in 1972 the Lake and the surrounding territories have become a part of the Glen Canyon National Park, spread over a million acres of an incredibly beautiful and wild land.

As it could be expected, flooding of Glen Canyon has generated a wave of protests. Some were fighting against the distortion of the nature's balance, some — for preservation of the remains of some ancient Indian settlements which were going under the water, some — for other causes....

In my personal opinion, flooding of Glen Canyon has created a landscape treasure that is completely unique not only in the US, but in the entire world. The shore line of the lake is cut up by over a hundred of large and small canyons that join the main riverbed, some of which spread over many miles. In turn, they are joined by many small canyons, thus, a beautiful labyrinth is created: steep walls of reddish-orange color are rising from the water, crowned by towers and spires.

Significant infrastructure has been built in order to provide for the dam construction needs, which brought life to the entire region. Before that, the location of the dam was many miles away from the nearest fairly accessible roads. Route 89 was laid between Flagstaff and Kanab, and Page town was build just several kilometers away from the dam.

A list of popular places that have become accessible after creation of this infrastructure will take quite a few lines. Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, Colorado River Horse Shoe Bend, Rainbow Bridge, Coyote Buttes and Wave, Buckskin Gulch, Paria Canyon, Valley of the White Ghosts, Rimrock Hoodoos, Nipple Bench have been almost unaccessible before, and therefore, unknown. Moreover, the entire Glen Canyon was out of reach for the ordinary travelers, and special expeditions had to be organized for its visit.

Nowadays, Glen Canyon National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. This region receives about two million visitors per year. However, even with the large number of tourist, overall size and quite a few hard to access places allow the Nature Preserve to remain a partially unexplored territory. Total extent of Lake Powell curvy shoreline equals to 3200 kilometers, and its length exceeds the West Coast of the US.

The area presents an unlimited potential for a landscape photographer. There are no roads along the shores of the lake, and the large area of this incredible labyrinth are only accessible by water or air, and sometimes — only by air. This inspired us to organize several photo expeditions, with aircraft and vessels.

Our first expedition allowed us to photograph one of the first aerial spherical panoramas in the world.

I was fortunate participant of that flight, which had become a starting point for the AirPano project.

This virtual tour is only a part of our story about the American South West. You have already seen a tour about the Colorado River Horse Shoe Bend, located only a few kilometers to the southwest of Glen Canyon Dam.

We have already photographed Marble Canyon (several more kilometers to the south-west), and now the photos are in post-production, as well as the images of the Grand Canyon — the continuation of the Marble Canyon. To the southeast of Lake Powell you can find several equally interesting locations. Our collection already has the images of San Juan River bends.

Our future plans include: Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Park and the landmark of the American South-West — the Monument Valley. Most challenging part in photographing these locations from the air is creating an abstract composition. My "Hieroglyphs of The Land" series of abstract photographs shot several years ago over the Lake Powell has won various international contests. It's been featured at many exhibits, and distinguished with many prizes and awards.

Earth’s Hieroglyphs (aerial abstracts series)

Earth’s Hieroglyphs II (aerial abstracts series)

We are inviting you to join us in this virtual helicopter tour over lake Powell.

Story and photos by Mike Reyfman

6 December 2011

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Add your review about "Lake Powell, Utah-Arizona, USA"

Loved the panorama video.
Honeymooned here in 1978 on a houseboat with 10 of our friends. The lake was at almost full pool then. We had a great time. Best water for skiing in the world. Just beautiful country. Thank you so much for the nostalgia.

Gary Rounds, USA

very nice

joel adam, France

Okey ,very nice.

ebi parva, Iran

My first houseboat trip to Powell was 1991 and I was awestruck by it's one of a kind beauty! Luckily I've had the oportunity to have made 4 trips in the past three years to really explore this wonder of the world. Reflection Canyon is a favorite to camp in along with Oak and Llewellyn. Thanks for the awesome and different perspective!!!

Jeff Mueller, USA


wielgus franciszek, Poland

lake powell&grand canyon my faforites in USA

guido heirman, Belgium

Beautiful! We enjoyed going to Lake Powell.

Valrae Siebrecht, USA

"wow really good"

rameshkumar meghpara, USA

Really Good

pugaz jesus, India



power boated the entire Lake back in 1990...positively beautiful

Jo Franz, USA

"AMAZING" We went in 1998 will never never forget it, thanks for the memoreys.

Andy Prior, Netherlands

America has so many beautiful places, like Lake Powell. I think nearby Grand Canyon would be an ideal spot to photograph and Glacier Bay in Alaska. I have travelled from my homeland of Australia to the USA many times and never tire of this gorgeous country. Beautiful scenery and fantastic, friendly people. Love it! Thanks for sharing these spectacular shots.

Fiona Richardson, Australia

My parents moved to the Glen Canyon site late in 1956 and they were the 2nd trailer home to have occupied Page AZ. I arrived at Page Nov, 1956 and started school there. After school was out I worked on the dam as a high rigger and spent many hours over the cliff sides drilling holes.
I left Page in 1957 and never was able to return how sad this is for me until this presentation. It brought back a lot of fond memories, like once 5 of us kids climbed down one of the canyons by use of the old Indian foot holds carved into the cliffs side, an unforgettable experience it was.

James Hanson, USA

awesome pictures, do you have any of the Grand Cayon from above. I saw it once flyint CA and we went over it. It would be another awesome picture to add to these.


Mafalda Barone, USA

Dear Mafalda, thanks for your interest! To find some pano, you can use a search service on our website. If you like, you can view Bryce Canyon: http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Bryce-Canyon-Utah.

Varvara, AirPano

My Wife Sue & I just come back ( June 2012 ) from a bus trip of a life time , Our National Parks of the West .
One of our most enjoyable stops along our way was Lake Powell Utah . We had lunch there and just marvaled afterwood at the beauty of the lake and all the house boats ready for rent .
Just Wonderful : Grant Deaver : Maryland USA

Grant Deaver, USA

I've never seen such landscape as this. It is magnificent filming. Thank you for sharing part of the beauty of God's earth with us.

sandy pezzot, Canada

"Abs amazing just visited in April 2012, but had not realized till such time i saw your Video what an amazing natural Wonder it is. love you tons for sharing it."

Dr. Parul Bhatnagar, India

My husband & I spent three months at Lake Powel in the early 80's. We have traveled around the USA several times, and nothing compares to the time we spent at the lake. We boated to the end of all the canyons except five. We cmaped in our boat, and a few night on what ever little out cropping we could find. Best time of our lives was spent on Lake Powel.

Ann Woodby, USA

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Varvara, AirPano

The panoramic views are excellent! Have been house boating five times for one week each! We have toured the entire lake starting at the Hite Marina. Everyone should see this fabulous lake, it is breath taking...our last trip we toured the San Juan arm of it. One has to navigate and watch the map or you could get lost very easily! Absolutely the best vacations ever! Brought back many happy memories. Thank you!

Shirley Temple, USA

You are welcome! We appreciate your interest.

Varvara, AirPano

landmarks of highest quality

colin wilton wilton, United Kingdom

Just leaves me short on words that properly express how deeply I'm moved by this incredible photography. A birdseye view of places around the world I would not otherwise see. In Hi res no less. Thank you AirPano.

Manuel Orosco, USA

We are grateful for your comment, Manuel. Good luck!

Varvara, AirPano


Glen DeGelnor, USA


John Laurence, USA

It was 1970 that my husband and my parents and I were there. We loved it then and now know what it looks like fully filled and how much more beautiful it is now....

Carole Olson, USA

hello thank yeuw

frank poaodo, Albania

Beautiful and amazing. We were there with great friends in a house boat and had wonderful vacations.

Catalina Gomez Estrada, Mexico

Thank you for your wonderful panoramas they are truly captivating

Kerry French, Australia


Wanli Woo, China

Imagini superbe, realizate intr-un mod exceptional !

Constantin Achiricioaei, Romania

Fenomenalne panoramy.Tak piękne jak futbol.Przykład to Borussia Dortmund

Jan Możejko, Poland


J&225n Brosz, Czech Republic

sencillamente maravilloso,me encanto y me maravilla cad vez que lo miro gracias

miguel aangel cerdeira

Keep up the great work. It truly is inspirational!

I am in awe! Nature, man, beauty, wisdom, what? Wiliams, USA

Thanks, Maria!
Flying with you - always pleasure!
Mike Reyfman

Mike Reyfman, USA

Incredible panorama. The photographer and helicopter pilot make a great team!

Maria Langer, USA

Dear Sir or Madam,

I see your website and I am amazed at your panoramas. Something like we do and would like to see how it looks.
We are looking for partners around the world with whom we could together to collaborate on the project.
We have a great business concept for tourism and other activities. Want to have with you to contact and negotiate cooperation.


Stephen Matijevic

Stjepan Matijevic, Croatia

Please send me pictures of Iran

mehdi almasi


masoud dorkhosh, Iran

Great panorama!

Nick Marwell, USA