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World / Africa / South Africa / Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

The discovery of Cape of Good Hope — a geographic location with one of the most romantic names in the world — is due to Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias. At the end of the 15th century Portugal was literally obsessed with discovering the seaway to India sending one expedition after another. In 1487 this task was entrusted to Dias.

His voyage, as well as his predecessors', was filled with adventures, shooting incidents with local tribes, and threats of mutiny from his crew. Dias ended up sailing only around Africa thinking that if one continues to sail forward, he would arrive to India sooner or later. After coming to this logical conclusion he turned around, and on his way home in May of 1488 he landed at what he thought was the southernmost point of Africa.

The debarkation was not easy — the storm almost wrecked their ship on the cliffs. As a result, Dias named this place "Cape of Storms" and returned to Portugal with peace of mind. But the King Juan the Second thought that the name was too shortsighted: who would want to discover India through such obstacles? So he changed the name to the Cape of Good Hope envisioning that the sea route to India would be well travelled one day. The expedition, led by famous Vasco da Gama, became a success. By the way, he owes his fame to this voyage as it made him the first European who sailed to India. On July 8th, year 1497 the expedition made a grand exit out of the Port of Lisbon and by November of the same year sailed around the Cape of Storms, or to be precise, the Cape of Good Hope. Needless to say that the storms continuing for days and days made it very difficult and caused a damage beyond repair to one of the vessels...

However, the heroic deeds of the explorers were not in vain, as now humanity possesses not only the sea route from Europe to India but also an outstanding tourist "attraction". Who wouldn't want to boast about standing on the most southern point of the African continent gazing at the vastness of the ocean and knowing that the only closest land is Antarctica?

Centuries later, with the development of cartography, it became clear that "the southernmost point in the continent of Africa" was not the Cape of Good Hope but the Cape Agulhas located 155 km southeast. However, by that time, tourists already made their way to the "imposter" discovered by Bartolomeu Dias so the government decided to simply change the plate to read "The Most South-Western Point of The African Continent" :)

Even this change didn't go without a trick! After arriving to Cape of Good Hope by bus tourists first ride the cable cars, then take a long walk to a high, beautiful, long stretching outbound cape with a panoramic view of the mirror-like ocean, where they take classic photos in "Me and The Most South-Western Point of Africa" style. However this cape, named Cape Point, is not really the most southwestern one.

The real most southwestern point of the African continent is actually situated several kilometers away — it's an unremarkable place by the water, with a small parking lot nearby and an official plate that reads "The Most South-Western Point of The African Continent" (see photo below). This location is hardly known and is visited by less than 10% of all tourists that come to the Cape of Good Hope :)
 Cape of Good Hope - AirPano.ru

Visitor of our website has pointed that the official sign says wrong latitude (23 degrees instead of 33). Photo above with wrong sign was taken in 2003. We found photo in the web of this sign of 2006, there you can see that wrong coordinates have already been fixed.

Right coordinates on the sign

Shooting by Dmitry Moiseenko

1 October 2011

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in what ways do humans interact with this physical feature

Juan Lopez, Mexico

Really beautiful. I visited there often during the many years I lived in Cape Town. Two years ago you asked one commenter for her source of the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic oceans being Cape Agulhas - may I suggest putting Cape Agulhas into an internet search? Or the question, where do the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet? The difference in colour of the sea that many visitors notice is the meeting of the cold current from the Antarctic to the south and the warm one that flows along the coast from the north-east.

Patsy Tyler, United Kingdom

Thanks for this information it help me on my social studies homework

Amari Douglas, Algeria

I got some info on the cape god of hope. THANKS

jacob baird, Yemen

23 degrees south, it says on the sign. That's wrong! Cape Town's latitude is 33 south, and Cape Point's about 50km further south of the city. And Cape Agulhas, the genuine southernmost tip of Africa, further south than Cape Point, is just over 34 degrees south. Anyway, a great place to live.

Peter Merrington, South Africa

Yes, you’re right. The official sign says wrong latitude (23 degrees instead of 33) :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Point
Our photo with wrong sign was taken in 2003. After a brief search in google we found photo of this sign of 2006, there you can see that wrong coordinates have already been fixed :) http://www.take-a-hike.co.za/Cape%20Town%20Corner/Article%2002f/Hikes%202006%2012/Slide%2013.htm

Varvara, AirPano



i am history student i need more explanation on some historical things

yazeed hussaini, Nigeria

Its simply thrilling to watch what's there on the screen. Thanks to your team for bringing this brilliant idea and technique. Just love it! Wish your team with more innovative ideas and success.

Rijied Lamare, India

Przyladek dobrej nadziei...cóż to za miejsce??niewiarygodne doznania,wspaniałe widoki..i ta dal..to naprawde już koniec świata..dalej nicość...i te śladziki łódek na oceanie są prawdziwe.Chyba niedłudo napisze bloga o RPA bo jestem zafascynowana tym krajem.Mam mnóstwo zdjęć.Piszę specjalnie po polsku /zeby zainteresować rodaków tym interesujacym krajem.:)

Maria Koszalka-Bylicka, Poland

"Eu sou aquel oculto e grande Cabo
aquem chamais vousotros Tormentório,
que nunca a Ptolomeo, Pompónio, Estrabo,
Plínio e quantos paslarao fui notório.
Aqui toda Costa Africana acabo
en este meu nunca visto Promontório,
que a o Polo Antarctico se estiende,
aquem vossa ousadia tanto ofende."

"I am the great and hidden Cape
whom you call yourselves Tormentório,
never to Ptolemy, Pomponio, Strabo,
Pliny and so many I was notorious.
Here I finish the whole African coast
in this never seen promontory,
that for the Antarctic pole extends,
whom your boldness offends."

Os Lusíadas de Luís de Camões Canto V,

Joan Llabres, Pitcairn

I was in South Africa this January, 2013 with a group of friends. We tour the Capetown area and been to the Cape of Good Hope. WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE. Hope to go back once more to this great place.

Amelia Mendiola, USA

This is a great productin for my kids!! Great view of Gods creation!!

Jessica Labrie, USA

We were there last April. This trip to S. Africa is will probably always be one of the highlights of my life! What a spectacular country. Cape Town and the Cape are magnificent!
Great job of showing them!

Jo Ann Johnson, USA


gerda Nuyttens, Belgium

About 2 weeks ago my almost 70 year old husband climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to fulfill one of his bucket list to dos. Since that time he has been touring South Africa taking in two exciting safaris in the Serengeti and Kruger. Tomorrow he is driving to the Cape of Good Hope. Thank you so much for the opportunity for me to see the awesome beauty that awaits him there. God willing, I will be able to do parts of this trip with him next year. You have awakened a real desire for me to see your beautiful country in person. Thanks again for opening my eyes to your world.

Sharon Rhoades, USA

This is not the southern most point of South Africa. That's actually Cape Agulhas. But the photography is wonderful.

Adriana Stuijt, Netherlands

Of course it is not. And it is described in the text above you comment.
Best regards, Sergey


it's good dael
waa meel cajaayiba illiahayna swt u qurankisa ku shegay

yuusuf ahned, Somalia

i lived in south africa for many years,and have since returned to the u k ,but capetown is the jewel in the crown,i was there in march this year on a holiday,enjoyed the splendors of the waterfront,wine route,and knysna,etc,joy,joy..

ronald armstrong, United Kingdom

one of the most beautiful places in the world.

jack keenan, USA

what a geographical land mark. I was there with my family and we enjoyed the thrill of seeing the two oceans meet.Keep up the fantastic service you provide AIRPANO.


I was in the Cape of Good Hope in 2009,spent a day
and shot plenty of snaps.
It was thrilling to be in that historical area since maritime history of Europe was always intertwined with Cape. An exotic place.

Gopalakrishnan Karunakar, India

Panoramic views are spectacular.
Picture in question above is at Cape Point the most South Western tip of the Cape Peninsular and sign board is correct. This is not at Cape Agulhas where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet at the most Southern tip of South Africa.

Ken Law, South Africa

legal mesmo to estudando sobre o cabo da boa esperança

gaby portella, Brazil


Tek Chand

and to think Jehovah created all this beauty millions of years ago. ( and not by Evolution ) Paul of Westbank BC Canada


Most beautiful place in South Africa .I love to go there once again!!!

Yogesh vaishnav, India

Como se faz para vistar o Cabo da Boa Esperança? Há Agências de Viagens especializadas? De onde sai - duração - preços - hotéis?

Silvan Carlos Nunes Da costa, Brazil

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The panorama shown is breathtaking.
Maybe you can show some views of our small but very historic Island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Alexander Spiteri, Malta

The coordinates of Cape Agulhas are 34°50′00″S 20°00′09.15″E

Reimar Fitschen, South Africa

I am indeed privileged to have lived in South Africa all my life – to me this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I would like to correct a misconception – many people believe that Cape Point is the southernmost part of Africa and that the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet here. Both are untrue, Cape Agulhas is the southernmost point in the continent of Africa. It is located at 34°50′00″S 20°00′09.15″ECoordinates: 34°50′00″S 20°00′09.15″E in the Overberg region, 170 kilometres (105 mi) southeast of Cape Town.. A marker at Cape Agulhas indicates the official dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Reimar Fitschen, South Africa

This brought back such wonderful memories of my favorite place on Earth. When I visited the merge of the warm brown waters of the Indian Ocean & the the cool blue Atlantic caused "steam" to rise. Oh how I wish I could return - this is the next best thing!!! Thank you! Beth Irwin - Houston, TX

Beth Irwin, USA

Brought back many memories of visiting here on several occasions 50 years ago.

Peter Holmes, United Kingdom

I visited this place in 2009,when i went to Cape town for a medical confrn. it's a serene place.

patri sree krishna rao, India

Five does not even begin to rate these many panoramas high enough! All that I have seen so far are amazing, beautiful, informative, spectacular and on and on. Thank you so much for bringing these pictures to us.

Yolande Welch, USA

Thanks a lot for a high estimation of our efforts!

Varvara, AirPano

Great!! and Exclusive!!

Mahesh Nagda, Kenya

South Africa was a life changing experience for me. The intertwining of old and new, fierce and gentle, rugged and delicate, history and hope, combine to weave a complex fabric of life there. There is an energy that makes you feel alive every moment of every day. These tours brought all of those memories flooding back. Beautiful. Thank you.

Morag Watt, Canada

Looks calm on the day this was photographed, but can be the worse place on planet earth to be on a boat when storms roll in.

Roy Crittenden, USA

song :Enya - Only Time

Martine LENOIR, France


elma karimpour, Iran



Beautiful pictures I was there 5 years ago and it was just wonderful.I will return someday.

norma barron, USA

Absoulutely, breathtakingly beautiful!!!! What a beautiful country South Africa is! Yet some of my fellow country-men cannot appreciate it. Although I live in Durban and regard it as the most beautiful place in the world, CT is also truely amazing. Congratulations to all who worked on this project of AirPano - very well done! Keep it up!!

Sally Perumal, South Africa

Dear Sally, it is a pleasure for us to get such message. Regards!

Varvara, AirPano

Just like hitching a free ride on your helicopter up there and enjoying the sight.
It is simply awesome.
Thank you very much.

HO SY ANDREW, Singapore

Absolutely stunning but may I correct you on one thing...the Atlantic and Indian Oceans do NOT meet at Cape Point but at Cape Agulhas which is much further south. Please check this fact for yourself and correct your information. Thanks

Lynne Philip, South Africa

We are grateful for your interest in this pano. But, could you, please, send us the link to the source of this information?

Varvara, AirPano

We just got back home from this trip to So. Africa, and the Cape of Good Hope was spectacular; this sight was breathtaking!

Penny Barclay, USA

The panoramas of so many of our world's wonders are beautiful, and so clear. I grew up in New York City and especially appreciate that pano. I spent 5 months in South Africa in 1973, first in Joahnnesburg, then in Durban and finally in Capetown. Driving the roads between mountains and ocean there was like driving on similar roads down Big Sur in California: breathtaking. The cable car to the top of Table Mountain was worth the fear I felt as it rose up the thin cable line to the magnificent views I saw from the top. Cape Agullas was a wonderful experience as the Indian and Atlantic Oceans shook hands.
Thank you for making so many places accessible to people who may have seen some of these places butnot all. Great work!

Rosalind Katz, USA

I was there in 2008 and it was one of the most wonderful holidays. Fantastic view, it brought back nice memories.

Maria Micallef, Malta

excellent views been many places can we send one at a time

Howie Hamilton, Canada

In my twenties in 1958 I made a round tour of Africa. I stoped at Capetown and went alone to the Cape Agulhas at the top end of a preserved botanic reserve and national park. I was just fascinated to look at the foam made by the colliding of Indian and Atlantic Oceans.Both waters were of different colours. Wonderful and a unique experience that I will remember all my life, thanks also to the pictures I took of it at that time.

Gerard Julen, Switzerland

We appreciate your short story, Gerard, that you left here. Your memories are precious.

Varvara, AirPano

I,ve been in most of these places shown here, Cape of Good Hope was one this place.
Amazing .. pics. Keep it up.


It's wonderful to be able to travel like this. I have so many patients who can't travel anymore because of ALS and i'm sure they will love those journeys. Thank you :-)

Bea goldman, Switzerland

You are welcome! It gave us pleasure to receive your message.

Varvara, AirPano

muchas gracias por este valioso documentos , que sin haber estado en estos lugares te sientes como si lo hubieses estado y ver tantas maravillas que nos da la naturaleza es muy divina.

ricardo montes, Peru

Maravilloso. Con su excelente trabajo, nos hicieron, a mi señora y a mi, tomar la decisión de estar en algunos de estos extraodinarios lugares de nuestro planeta que no conocemos personalmente para sentirnos más plenos de haber disfrutado lo que Dios y la Madre Naturaleza nos han regalado. Muchísimas gracias....

Abraham Mohamed Zamilpa, Mexico

Where can we find or buy or download the fantastic films

Danny Goddaer, Belgium

Dear Danny, you can not save panoramas to your local computer. You can view them online only.

Varvara, AirPano

Wonderful. You made my day and made me remember the beautiful years that I spent in South Africa.
Congratulation for your work.

Carlos Santos, Portugal

Simplismente lindo. É realmente incrível. Parabéns

Isabel Bertelli, Brazil


patrick sawacha, Nigeria

We live in such a beautiful world, why we need borders and countries is beyond me. There are so many places I would like to visit but too many reasons why I can't. Thank you for bringing the world to me AirPano.

David Halgryn, South Africa

You're welcome, David! We are happy you’ve visited us. Come to visit us again soon!

Varvara, AirPano

Congratulations. It's really amazing! I didn't know that so many wonderful places existed on our planet. AirPano, you've done a wonderful job. Keep it up.

Reginald A. Pillai, Malaysia

Thank you for the high appraisal of our work.

Varvara, AirPano

An austere but gorgeous place. Thank you for this beautiful image.

S. Quade, Canada

My first choice of visit any place will be this.

Deepak Parekh, India

This is awesome! My wife and I hiked the coastal trail visable on this pano, and looking at it so close makes me feel like we are there again!

Eric Richard, USA

Thanks a lot for the message left and we are grateful for your interest in this panorama.

Varvara, AirPano

its simply awesome

wasf zaman, India

Um dos mais belos e emocionantes passeios que eu tive a felicidade de poder fazer.

Antonio Malagutti, Brazil

This is wonderful. Great, Beyond words. To be able to the LORD'S work thru your camera is wonderful

Josephine S. Cole, USA

Un consumidor bien informado, nunca sera engañado (aconsumar@gmail.com)

Francisco Javier Pareja Vallejo, Colombia

CONGRATULATIONS! All panoramas are fantastic.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit all these wonderful places on our beautiful planet from the perspective from which, I am sure, we will never have a chance to see

Snezana Pavlovic, Serbia and Montenegro

Thank you, Snezana! That is this project exists for. It gave us great pleasure to receive this message from you.

Varvara, AirPano

wir sind selber am cap gewesen.wir müssen sagen wunderschöne videos.ganz super.wir lieben die videos aus aller welt sind wir doch in gedanken wiedr dort.ganz vielen dank.

klaus sputh, Germany

pls show were the 2 seas meet on the panorama view

veni govender, South Africa


mahmoodi mahmood


hame zarif

Wondeful Congrtulation.beautyful airpanoramas.

Szabo Bela Andrei

the wonderful, extraordinary, something really impressive, you photographed in Brazil Rio de Janeiro and Foz do Iguassu Falls, have heard of Serra da Canastra is too beautiful in Brazil
I can send photos or position it on google maps, OK

Edu Chaves

Viewing this is the best way to relax and remember how beautiful our planet is. Tremendous!

Kate Mills

Congrtulation . I have never seen pictures very nice by internet and PC.At firta time I can not readin anything because I don´speak russo but when I discovered tha your work have in english too I could see how wonderful is this panorma. Congratulations. Good Luck!

Antonio Costa Carvalho

Congrtulation . I have never seen pictures very nice by internet and PC.At firta time I can not readin anything because I don´speak russo but when I discovered tha your work have in english too I could see how wonderful is this panorma. Congratulations. Good Luck!

Antonio Costa Carvalho