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Our first aerial panorama :)


This test panorama can be jokingly referred to as the first aerial panorama created by AirPano, but technically it is not really an aerial panorama, because it was created in May 2006 from the window of a Moscow flat.

A long time ago, shooting spheres was the destiny of enthusiasts, and the process was very laborious. Now, however, it is easy enough to create a panorama - you simply have to place a tripod with a panorama head on the floor, and after a few minutes, the panorama is ready.

How is it possible to shoot the sphere at a height of 50 meters in the air if there is no foothold?

After several thoughts and experiments, Andrey and I found the method that allowed us to do it, and here is one of our first spherical panoramas shot in the air out of the window. Among other things, this panorama is curious because it is possible to see me sitting as a model in the window :)

Our attempts were not futile - it was simply preparation for the next stage. About a month later, I went to New York and stayed at the Millennium UN Plaza. At that time, I already knew that the view from the windows of the hotel is beautiful, and I went to this hotel specially to create a spherical panorama. Taking photos at the Millennium was very unusual at that time, and it made us famous in the world of spherical panoramas. Many panoramas' websites asked to utilize this particular image. It was even shown in the news of one of the German TV-channels. But, as I already mentioned, before we left for New York, Andrey and I had perfected this photo technique many times here, in Moscow, and now you can see the result of our first experiments.

Photo and text by Oleg Gaponyuk

May 2006

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I Pin a lot of Airpanos to my Boards on Pinterest. Amazing photos, history, see a beautiful cities, I am just amazed what a beautiful world God blessed Us with. Again all photos, slideshows, photos are amazing. Great captures! Joe Capra drone man...I received his emails.

Helena Kins, USA


patrick ondernard, France

Great job! And it gave a very good start for such a wonderful project with so many admirers. Thanks a million!

Anton Lukmanov, Russian Federation

A wonderful presentation

Robert martini, USA

I wish you could come to Canada to do the aerial on the oil industry what we are doing in the province of Alberta and then of course the beauty of Northwest Territories beautiful work keep it up

Rick De elespp, Canada

me interesa estar en contacto gracias Celia

celia jaitt, Argentina

I was hoping you can put one more picture on city of Hong Kong.

Robert Lee, Hong Kong

Fantastic & just Awesome......loving it & using this site almost every-day to check new cities....

Keep up the "GREAT WORK" Air Pano!!!!!!!

Prajwal Kashyap, India

Fantastic work.Please expand .Good luck

Koos Du Toit, South Africa

Jaw dropping work!!!!
Whats next?

Aaron Martins, India



Congratulations! Your work is definetely perfect.. Would be really nice to see something from Turkey.. ;)

Secil Yesilagac, Turkey

Hi, this site is absolutely fantastic ! Amaaaazing, simply brilliant. I would love to talk about your project on http://russie.fr Would you be up for it ? Thanks

Thomas Béguin, France

Hi Thomas, thank's for your warm words about our project! Of course you can talk about us. The only think we ask is to follow our citations rules - http://www.airpano.com/citations.php?set_language=2


nice view...! But, yes, something from Greece... Santorini view Caldera is perfect... or Acropolis or
Zakinthos... So many amazing places

JohnDRMS Cajonista, Greece

My friend , you have done very good work.
If you can , to uploand samething from Greece.
Christos from Greece

Christos Zafiropoulos, Greece

Congratulations! It was great, instructive and beautiful.

Rosane Cavalcanti

Òâîè Ïàíîðàìè ïðîñòî çàìå÷àòåëüíèå!
Ìîëîäåö òèé!
Èçâèíè äëÿ îøèáêè! :-)

Mimi Pet