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Manhattan at Night, New York, USA

In early 2011 we developed a method for filming and editing 360 video shot by 4 Canon DSLR cameras and posted an article with technical details on our website.

Something that was impossible for many years is now happening on your screens.

Recently we released the unique 360 video of the Plosky Tolbachik volcano eruption, Kamchatka, Russia which has been taken in December 2012.

Today we present another 360 video: Night flight over Manhattan, New York, USA

Manhattan, New York
Manhattan, New York

911 memorial
9/11 memorial

Chrysler building
Chrysler building

Times square
Times Square

Authors of the video: Sergey Semenov, Dmitry Moiseenko, Ivan Roslyakov

29 May 2013

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Its very beautiful view...

Sanjay R Panchal, India

Awesome... I just stunned on seeing your 360 Degree panorama

Real Estate Image Editing Service, India

Manhattan a selva humana do mundo ocidental .

Jos#233 Antonio Silva Cerqueira, Portugal

Really good.Hmm...In fact,it hples me finish my homework

Mike Ann, China

Gert W. Pichlbauer, Austria

NYC is the Best City in World

Farhad Diba, USA

outstanding...no word to say. i want to download all of them.pls anyone suggest me how??

Peter Parker, India

Mam, C'est ma s#339ur Michele BERNARD, tu as vu comme tu #233tais toute petite #224 cot#233 des 2 cascades du M#233morial? A notre prochain voyage, nous visiterons la ONE TOWER. je t'aime.

Martine CARBONARA, France

Magnificence de NYC Merci

Michele Carbonara - Bernard, France


Juan Cuyutupa, Peru

I have my dream is to go to the most beautiful country in the world is my dream to go to America I really love my freedom I love my country, America.

sahand hamrang, Iran

I have my dream is to go to the most beautiful country in the world is my dream to go to America I really love my freedom I love my country, America.

sahand hamrang, Iran

It's so amazing.
How can I download these videos and pictures?
Please answer me!!!

sam samy, Iran

Dear Sam, you can't download our panoramas and videos. You can view them online only. But if you have iPad, you can download our application: http://travelbook.airpano.com/

Varvara, AirPano

Wonderful video, beautiful panorama, awesome technology. Great job guys, I will keep following you!

Paolo Z, Netherlands


rainbow dash, USA

I would love to watch this video on oculus rift.

V R, China

Exceptional video and editing, stunning to watch. I do have a couple of questions, how did you mount the pole to the helo and minimize all the vibration? How far was the pole sticking out?

Tim F, USA

Very good job! awfully captured, I cant blink my eyes for a moment. truly beautiful.

Ibrahim Quadri, India

New York is the most fantastic city in the world

José Luiz Soares, Brazil

would like to see in day time as well ....... !!
aug-sep 2013 spent time on the riverside, cycling on saturday in august .... free as a bird from 12 to 1pm ...... way to celebrate our life .. being human

Sumendra Jain, India

Splendid, thank you.

khosro daryaei, Iran

absolutely wonderful!

Roger Cheung, China

very good.thank you.

keivan keivanfar, Iran


Cesar Aguirre, Argentina

Espectacular video!!! y mas cuando está prohibido volar Manhattam, magnifico trabajo, este video me a traido los mejores recuerdos de mi viaje a New York, Un saludo amigos

Rafa Hernández, Spain

Nos han dado la oportunidad de poder ver con todo lujo de detalles algunos de los lugares más preciosos del mundo, sin tener que desplazarnos, ¡Muchas Gracias!. Un trabajo fabuloso.

Miguel Robles Gómez, Spain


Stanimir Apostolov, Bulgaria

New York is beautiful

Jure Bandalović, Croatia

tres beau mais trop grand pour moi ..ca me donne le vertige a voir ...mais c vraiment sublime

trop grand pour moi ca donne le vertige que de regarder ,beau bademis sylvie, France

Soooooooooooo wonderful!!! Thx.

Heinz Horak, Austria



verry good in contery usa.

saeed abbasi, Iran

Thank you :)

Ender Guleryuz, Turkey


claude cassard, France

How did you capture video? did you use 6 cameras and what type ?

komy A, Bosnia and Herzegovina

You can find answer to your question here: http://www.airpano.com/Articles-AirPano.php?article=101606

Varvara, AirPano

The video was absolutely fabulous. Extremely well done...

Marie Shannon, USA

I really like this website ,although my english is not very well ,i watch it carefully. And i have a dream of going there. I can not express my heart in english. anyway i love the city ,i love the pleace.

zhang sherry, China

Nadhera(beautiful),I hope, I see realy, in future.......

Milada Kramlova, Czech Republic

Byłem tu w 1996 roku. Piękne wspomnienia. Zdjęcia

Waldemar Sawlański, Poland

tankeyou air plano.IAM ECSTASY...

mohamad amin MOSAVY, Iran

Veeery nice.amazing!thank you.

mahdi eftekhar, Iran

it was so perfect.but i have a problem and i couldnot see that.have agood time

jack miller, Italy

Amazing photos,amazing New York.

Aleksandar Andjelkovic, Serbia and Montenegro

amazing :)

media beter, Iraq

Einfach grossartig und fantastisch

Peter Schluep, Switzerland

no chinese cities?

ryan hebe, China

einmalig,coole seite!

wolfgang fischer, Germany


Kildare Lee, Korea



This is the most amazing thing in the last 21 years of my life!

Ryan Hadi, Indonesia

if i want to be honestly . i should say it's very very amazing

mohammad jamshidi, Iran

yes very nice

maryam ebi, Iran

veryyyyy nice

Ebrahim-e Majidi, Iran

usman ghazanfar, France

Fantastic pics !!!

Skylar Young, China

absolutely A M A Z I N G ! great job ! beautiful photos...1000 like

filip bronka, Poland

Fantastické super je to nádhera !!!!!

Hana Muronova, Czech Republic

Many aerial photographers have come through our doors at PegasusFlight.Com but we have never seen this type of work before. I was truly amazed the way you can change the pan of the video while still watching the video. I wonder how this was done? It's almost like there was a second aircraft was tagging along in order to do this. Very nice job!

Louis Maldonado, USA

Dear Lois, thank you for your kind words! We recommend you to read the article about 360 video: http://www.airpano.com/Articles-AirPano.php?article=101606

Varvara, AirPano

absolutely amazing pictures...beautifully done!

Rickie Orchard, USA

So incredible.
I'm really hope one day I could go to New York even one day, watch this is just like dream comes ture.

Tommy Lin, Taiwan Region

Extraordinario trabajo, espero tengan siempre la colaboración internacional que les permita seguir cubriendo el mundo.

Rafael Montilla, Venezuela

Many do not realize just how unusual this ability is. I am a pano photographer, but would love to be able to take moving objects, aerials, etc. Can't wait to discover the technology behind all this. Fantastic job.

Mike Willett, USA

como verdadeira selva de pedras, vale nota mil. Como lugar selvagem, um.

acrizio carneiro ferreira bonitão, Brazil

I appreciate what you've accomplished in putting these photos together in a video format. Well done.

Ed Nelson, USA

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Iran


alireza pournaghi, Iran

خیلی زیباست

Morteza Fallah, Iran

very very important website
hope to stay conecting

saad khshiboun, Israel

realy it is amazing photo
hope to be contacting with this website
lote of thanks

saad khshiboun, Israel

Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to discover the world from the comfort of my home.

Xavier Larrea, Peru

Sensacional. MORE PLEASE!

Enrique García-Arenas, Spain

Simplemente espectacular

Rodrigo Barriuso, Chile


Marinho Neto, Brazil


Paulo Rattes, Brazil

Bolshoye spasibo!
Vsego nailuchshego!

Hasta muy pronto con un nuevo trabajo.

daniel Nestor Garcia Rusca, Argentina

Yes.I like it.

Marty Hrd, Czech Republic


Rajendra Prasad Gulyam, India