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Grand Canyon, USA

We invite you to a journey to Grand Canyon, one of the deepest canyon in the world. The width of the canyon ranges between 20 and 6 kilometers. However, there is one spot where it narrows down to 800 meters. As it narrows down, the walls pull closer together reaching 100 meters gap at the rock bottom.

The canyon has been in the making for 10 million years. 4 different geological eras of Earth are represented in the canyon. Underground forces pushed the Colorado River bed up, forcing the water to gradually cut into the plateau and wash out the canyon's soft rocks. We have already published photopanoramas of this most famous US tourist attraction. Now we represent you 360 video over Grand Canyon, USA.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Authors of the video: Dmitry Moiseenko, Sergey Semenov and Ivan Roslyakov

3 December 2014

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my mom rafeded there

m l, USA

How earth looks like and we should keep it safe

Fernando Aparicio

The video was amazing and the clouds over the Grand Canyon were unique. I want to visit one day when I'm older.

Tyler Hayward, New Zealand

Take care of the earth for it can look even better

Fernando Aparicio

Wankyu Lee, Korea

C'est Formidable.J'aimerais bien voir des paysages du Maroc. Merci.

Andr#233 BARNES, France

Thank you very much for your beautiful photos and video. What you are doing is really amazing !

Ariel Valensi, France

Amazing! I had no idea this was possible. :

N P, United Kingdom

I love earth

Rasuol Mohammadi, Iran

Mojtaba Rahimi, Iran

Well done--I live in Arizona and you captured the beauty of Grand Canyon splendidly..

Ed Nelson, USA

The video fatal error. Nedd repair. Thant a lot.

daniel garcia rusca, Argentina