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Four Seasons. Summer Forest. Relax Flight

Throughout human history, the sequence of the seasons has always served as a source of inspiration for artists. Antonio Vivaldi and Joseph Haydn composed the cycle of concerts dedicated to the seasons while Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Claude Monet created the sequence of paintings, and these are only a few of the most known names of those inspired by the seasonal changes.

Nowadays, we can also share the atmosphere of these seasons through photography and video. As for us, we have traditionally chosen a 360° format.

In front of us, there is a truly summer composition: the purest rivers and lakes together with islands covered by dense forest: the endless expanses of the untouched nature of Russia in all its splendour.

Four Seasons. Summer Forest. Relax Flight

Lush green land of all shades contrasts with the blue colours of crystal clear waters that reflect clouds and bright blue skies. Everything is flooded with soft sunlight, and nature rejoices in the warmth that has come. Holiday and serenity are the two major overtones of the warmest season.

These bright but subtle colours are typical for central Russia and the northern parts of our vast country. Such landscapes show the grandeur of nature, which can create a picturesque scene in every corner of the Earth.

Take a journey through the seasons together with AirPano!

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