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World / Europe / Russia / Soyuz-AirPano rocket launch

Soyuz-AirPano rocket launch


Five, four, three, two, one, lift-off! You hear the roar of the boost engines and in a second the space ship is on its way to the open space...

The AirPano team has always set up very high challenges for itself. We have already published  virtual tours of the North Pole, Antarctica, the Mariana Trench. We have even launched a space balloon into the Stratosphere and shot a panoramic view of the Earth from the altitude of 30 km.

But it took us a long way to take an airscape of a spaceship launch. And finally, today, on the 1st of Aprill 2014, the launch of a space rocket called "Soyuz-AirPano" took place.

The launch was executed according to plan. We were able to photograph the moment of lift-off which is here for your observation.

Soyuz-AirPano rocket launch

Photo by Dmitry Chistoprudov

01 April 2014


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Wery nice.
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Hamid Safid, Iran

omg I love it but to all of you myst players out there did you notice anything familiar about the song? well if you did not look at the title

myst12345 AKA GUNSMITH100, USA

Âñåãäà 5*!!! First of all I always wonder how you guys were able not only to make a breathtaking site, but to link an entire planet to a boundaryless place: "Airpano". No wonder, Airpano and the friendly russian people you are make deserve it. Anyways...how come that fellow is hanging out that rocket??? ...And I am very anxious waiting for Brasília Airpano images (my hometown). ß æåëàþ Âàì åùå áîëüøèõ óñïåõîâ!!!
Brazil on line.

Claudia Santos, Brazil

first of all the idea of taking panorama shots all over the world is amazing . you must come to Chennai,india. its amazing over here you must visit chennai.i am an actor in kollywood.

Surya Shivakumar, India

Uma viagem pela terra, ou pelos seus limites, graças à vossa equipa! Obrigado.

Emocionante, a saída do homem para o espaço! Manuel Ferreira, Portugal

Amazing photos..

Branko Matosevic, Luxembourg

Very nice.......

Kaikobad Khan, Bangladesh

To wspaniałe co robicie! Brawo!!!
Oglądam te panoramy z wielką przyjemnością.Jestem pełna podziwu dla ich realizatorów.Gratulacje!

Halina Zawrzykraj, Poland

Amazing it! I am great satisfation with Air Pano
I Always put same code to my site.

Elma Gort, Brazil

To good to be true!

Lukas Bischoff, Switzerland

Very great! Thank you so much for sharing !

Mohamed Naufer, Sri Lanka


Narendra Pradhan, India


dhanakoti rao, India


gladys velez, Colombia

I dread April 1st, not a fan of all the tricks.....but completely enjoyed this one! It got me, I was wondering how you did it and afforded to do it and did not notice the unusual extras in the image until my second look :> And I was thinking that was a strange location for a launch.

Bob T, USA

Thank you for your comment, Bob. We're glad that you enjoy our April Fools' post

Varvara, AirPano

Maravillosas apreciaciones del planeta en su dimensión real

alvio zelada, Peru

The rocket looks like that one Julio Verne wrote about! Ha, ha, ha! Great! Congratulations! Does it belong to Airpano Inc.? Happy April Fools as well!

Isanulfo Cordeiro, Brazil


Herminia Miscalenco, Argentina

Fantastic,AIRPANO go up to the top!, so good at CASTELLANO too !.

German Porras, USA

Just a fantastic PIC! Very good work.
Please continue . . .

Jose Peres, Portugal

nice April fool hoax... very well done! ;))

henning sauer, Germany


karthik Reddy, India

Ha,ha, very nice and VERY CLEVER !! ;-)

Martin Hrdlicka, Czech Republic

OMG!!! I'm very interesting.

TON C, Thailand

A nice April fool.

Nadir Ede, Turkey

it is really a good news.

Wu-cheng Yen, Taiwan Region