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Hawaii, Oahu Island Virtual Tour

There are 50 states in the USA. The newest state is Hawaii: these are remarkable islands located in the central part of Pacific Ocean, far away from the continent.

The Hawaiian archipelago consists of twenty four islands and atolls, as well as numerous small islands. These islands became inhabitant in VI century B.C., but for many centuries during the legendary round-the-world travel of the era of Great geographical discoveries, sailors passed either to the south or to the north of the islands. Therefore Hawaiian Islands didn't appear on the map for a long time and no one knew about them.

It is considered, that the first European who set foot on their land, was the famous sailor James Cook in 1778. He died a year later in the same place.

The main places of interest on Hawaii are beaches and the amazing nature: volcanoes, waterfalls and national parks. Besides, you can find a rich and extremely beautiful underwater world here. In general, Hawaii isn't called «paradise islands» in vain — it seems that both weather, and the magnificent nature and the beaches of Hawaii are specially created to awaken people's senses.

At present time the volcanic activity on Hawaiian Islands mainly happen in Kilauea: the attached crater located on a slope of Mauna Loa, the second highest mountain. The ongoing eruption of this volcano has been continuing since 1983.
This volcanic eruption is famous for its spectacular fountains of the lava throwing the heated red magma 90 meters up in the air. Such lava fountain can sometimes reach the height of 500 meters. Leaving the crater, lava flows downhill like the bright-red river of basalt with the speed of 30 and more kilometers an hour. It burns absolutely everything on its way, cuts roads, and having reached the sea, it cools down quickly, sending huge pillars of vapor to the sky. For the tourists visiting this tropical paradise these eruptions are an absolutely unforgettable show.

We have already attempted to photograph the volcano eruption, but it's been only partially successful. The day when we have arrived there by the helicopter, lava pipes blocked up, and for the first time in several years the lava stopped flowing into the ocean. Next day the lava has made a new path, and by the time we found the place where lava was flowing into the ocean, a hundred-meter pillar of vapor was already rising there. By that time our helicopter was gone, and we took pictures only from the ground.

lava meets the sea

This is the reason why our interest in Hawaiian Islands hasn't diminished for several years.

Last year we met with Dean Karamehmedovich, a wonderful photographer who lives on the islands. He has been shooting the islands for a long time. You can find an interesting virtual tour across Hawaii here.

And today we present to your attention his aerial photo tour of the Oahu Island.

hawaii map

Because it is a first Dean's tour on our website, we would like to tell couple of words about Dean.

Like many other graduates, he has changed careers over the years from Electrical Engineer into Web-Developer, from Restaurant Owner to Photographer. Become adventure junkie, marathoner, triathlete, coffee drinker, traveler, new media strategist, self-confessed geek and motorcyclist he moved to Hawaii in 2000, the land of hula skirts, big waves and scuba-diving which is another one of his passions. He soon established VTHawaii.com. He landed his first big project in 2004 for Hickam Air Force base on Oahu and then became a full time professional photographer and the leading provider of panoramas in Hawaii.

In the year 2008 VTHawaii was awarded a contract from largest Real Estate company to photograph 1200 geo coded locations from the main Hawaiian islands, every community, every beach and every attraction and my ride begin..

In the year 2009 travel continue extensively to Canada and USA photographing hundreds of hotels in more that hundred cities beginning with CA, AZ, NM next to NY, MN, MI, NH, MA, then Canadian provinces like OT, BC, AB, MB, SK, QC, NB, NS and up to PEI and Newfoundland. He was also inspired to start doing underwater panoramas and even start his own marine life tribute website HawaiiMarineLife.com taking underwater images of endemic Hawaiian marine species.

Recently, AirPano.ru inspired him and after few trial runs from the airplane and helicopter the first demonstration aerial project was successful and VT Hawaii.com was airborne.

What's next?... There are many places to go!

Panoramas by Dean Karamehmedovich, programming by AirPano

2 December 2011

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thank you for the panoramas

oussama hocine, Algeria

I love the aerial panoramas. I will be out there shooting the aerial panoramas soon. Its an amazing way to view the real estate in the area. We will post the panoramas on PlugRe.com

Jason Trindade, USA

We will be there again in April 2015.

kobra ghiasi, Iran

I have beautiful picture of Hawaii, I virtualy loves all of them.

kamran nikfarjam, Iran

Holidayed at Maui, Kuai, and Oahu January 1997 and Oahu and Hawaii August 1998. Most beautiful Islands for folklore, music and romance. In the Panorama I could not see the Polynesian Cultural Centre Hawaiian village with lagoons attached to the Morm on University ?. Expect to visit again late 2014 !.

Gregory Ratnayake, United Kingdom

Not enough photo spots. I couldn't get to where I could see my house.

Robert Gould, USA

Title and picture do not fit. The volcano and the lava are on Big Island, NOT on Oahu...

Dominique Mary, USA

We will be there again in April 2014.

John Phillips, Australia


Gracie Mowery, Christmas Island


con juelke, USA


Thomas Rodrigues, India

"Just lovely,Very beautiful and amazing place

Smk Awan, Pakistan

Great Tyvm it helped me pick my destination. I'm sure we will like Oahu.

Dan McKenzie, Canada

Muito legal, bom mesmo!!!
Wilson Perobelli

Wilson Perobelli, Brazil


Rebekka Chatzisavva, Fiji

Much mahalo for these beautiful sceneries. A real paradise as far as I am concerned and the people are very friendly, with lots of aloha. I lived in Oahu for 5 years (1983-1988), my daughter was born on Queen's Hospital in Downtown Honolulu in 1984. Relocated to L.A. last part of 1988 but I have been visiting families & friends in Oahu since then. Three years ago, my husband and I purchased a retirement home on the Garden Isle and we could not wait to relocate there. We now have a long list of friends wanting to visit us on Kauai once we are there and the list keeps on getting longer.

Letty Dixon, USA

Congratulations for your work ! Unfortunately , some of us are left with images , will not ever get there ... Thank's !

Emil CRIN, Romania

I am coming back love it love it

Shirley Barnier brown, Australia


merrill sidman, USA



This is a beautiful Island and perfect for photo`s,thank you for this beautiful virtualtour.

Arie van Buiten, Netherlands

All these places are so beautiful! It is awesome!
Thank you!

Alba Sosa, Mexico

I want Boston Harbor

Lela Adams, USA

This is incredible, beautiful and amazing. Brings back memories from when I was there over 30 years ago.

Jann Easton, Australia

Amazing pictures i would like to be there one day

said azizi, USA

I had a short visit to Oahu in about 1960 and am astounded at the difference. We rented a jeep and traveled around the island, stopping for a luaau (sp?) at a spot I can't remember. Had some poi (ugh!)and fresh pineapple (really delicious!)
Thanks for the view. Why isn't the Arizona on the visual tour? I would love to revisit but can't afford the prices now.

Robert Strader, USA


Nilo Garccia-Colon, Puerto Rico

I have visited Hawaii. Stayed on the the big island of Honolulu. I also took a tour and saw the areas on the map. I also saw the volcano which is 'dead" with the war memorial cemetary on top of it. I also visited the Arizona and viewed the Wall of honor. Where I found my cousins name. There was no word of him after the bombing of the Arizona. A truly heart warming experience. I'm only sorry my aunt and other cousins couldn't see it. All I can say is W O W !!!. I'd love to return to Hawaii someday and see the plantations, and other sites.

Patricia Mixell, USA

i love this city...

farzin z.zaman, Iran


george mason, Iran

I never made it to Hawaii while my girls were there, but I'm enjoying the tour now. Wonderful idea. Thank you. I'll be back. Vonnie Jeffers
Puyallup, Wa

Vonnie Jeffers, USA

Thanks for sharing! Absolutely breathtaking!

Ashley Johnson, USA

Lovely! Good job, gentlemen! Getting a feel of the places before actually go there makes this project worths it! Keep up the good work.

Barbara Sian, Malaysia

This brings back beautiful memories of my 3 trips to Hawaii. I hope to be able to go again soon.

Sue Alexander, USA

This is my life's 'dreams come true' experience! Kudos to AirPano Team!

Manoj Tudu, India

Hello,I was born and raised in Honolulu,Hawaii for 19 years before it became a State. Back then there was hardly any large hotels on the Island, and I used to surf and paddle canoe in Waikiki beach. When I left the Island to So. California in 1959 everything was cheap and then in around August 1959 Hawaii became a state. I visit once in a while with family over in da Islands. Im now 72 years old and dont look like my age, cause I am very religious as a Jehovahs Witnesses. I really wanted to go back to live, but it is very expensive so all I do is visit once in a while. Mahalo fo dis shaka program and pictures. Bradda Wendell Abbey

Wendell Abbey, USA



Nagyon szép. Orákig ellehet nézegetni.


Bela Veres, Hungary

Really a new site for me.It's amazing

Broto Ghosh, India

Fabulous to get such a panorama of Hawaii and the islands. We were on Hawaii in '80 and '81, would love to go back again, so much to see, my favorite place for a layed back vacation. Loved it, would even like living there.

Sherry Newton, Canada

It has changed a lot since I was there in 1957! I had seven weeks there on a USAF base in the middle of the island and it is just as beautiful today, by these panaramas! MUCH more built up though in Honolulu itself. Not many people know that it was a British island originally and the national flag (when I was there) featured a Union Flag in the corner. Does it now? Yes, I would love to go back there one day - and to Christmas Island (Kiribati now I think) too.

MAlcolm Powell, United Kingdom



I enjoyed this I have only viewed Hawaii because my son lives there. I do hope to visit soon.

judy murphy, USA

Been and out of Hawaii since 1950. Now days go back to Honolulu to surf at Bellows AFS. Was there in May and part of June. One of the greatest places there is. Anytime I can get on a plane to Honolulu, will go.

Marv Wines, USA

This is awesome the tour of Hawaii reminds me of my trip to Hawaii. Absolutely Amazing!

Marneda See, USA

Looked for Honauma Bay, but could not locate. Trips in 1964, 1970,1979, 1981, 1982, 1984. Many fond memories. As soon as you land, the island welcomes you with its music, breezes, and vistas.

Jean Woody, USA

Amazing. Great place for photography. My dad has been there, but that was many years ago. I would love to go eventually...

Jeremy K., USA

Visited twice..saving for next trip. Wonderful Hawaii..Pacific Beach Hotel..you have great food,
lovely rooms, best patch of beach on Waikiki, and wonderful entertaining aquarium. Gotta return soon. V & N..

Valerie & Norman Grave, Australia

Very beautiful island and i love to live there specially @ the Discovery Bay, thanks SERCO INC.from San Diego Ca.

romeo veneracion, USA

Been there twice,can,t wait to go back,paradise!

Ronald P Moats, USA

Been there 13 times and loved it every time. It is very close to Paradise as far as I'm concerned. There has been a lot of change over the last 35 years but it is still wonderful !!

Jane Smith, USA

Makes me want to go back to "my little grass shack". Been to Hawaii twice and aching to go back again SOON.

R. D. Stephens, USA


Betty Bradshaw, USA

Eden in disguise.

Brenda Kemp, Belize

Espero que algún dia hagan algunos en Cuba, mi país natal

Carlos E. González Castro, Spain

Son excelentes, muy buenos, deseo que me manden a mi correo, de ser posible y si son gratuitos, porque soy un jubilado y con esto me entretengo

Carlos E. González Castro, Spain

Todos son excelentes, me gustaria tenerlos todos

Carlos E. González Castro, Spain

fantastic pictures

ute sipw, USA

WOWEE just beautiful.I had my honeymoon down at the Moana Hotel,1957. My husband was stationed at Pearl Harbor. We left in 1961 with two brand new babies. My son was born at KAPIOLANI HOSPITAL as was our Presiden Obama..grt huh..I will get back soon God willing and wanto stay again at the old Moana Hotel..the smalest I thk with the grt Banyan tree where Robert Lewis Stevenson sat under and wrote..so the story goes..ALOHA

Joan Hesnan, USA

Just lovely, what a way to get in the mood, I'll be there tomorrow evening. This is paradise, the people are so wonderfully friendly, and the sound and the Hawaiian Culture is so Romantic and interesting. Trust I will gathering up my friends to enjoy.

Anastasia Robinson, Canada

Have a nice staying there, in that paradise! Thanks for the comment.

Varvara, AirPano

WOW ... Great job ! Beautiful ... Wonderful
"thank you"

m . gh, Iran

Me cago en tus muelas! Bésame mi brillante culo metlálico y después cuelga Japón!


Your photos are wonderful. After 16 visits to the islands they are getting prettier. Thank you for the inspiration, as I just returned after surgery and need something like this. Thanks!!


I was born on Oahu in 1937, left in 1942 and returned in 1951. I live on the mainland now, but have been back for several visits. I can't believe the changes. I must say I don't like them. The areas around Koko Head, Sandy Beach, and Kahala have been way over developed. Hawaii now looks like Florida.

John Mowat, USA

Thanks for your opinion, John.

Varvara, AirPano

It would be wonderful to see a panarama of our
island, Kauai, the Garden Island before it gets
too built up like Maui. It really is te most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands.
Aloha, Betty Jean

Betty Jean Baldwin, USA

WoW Amazeing Love to be there!

Diane&Greg Jewell, Canada

خیلی زیبا

میثم قلیچی, Iran

beautiful & amazing

abdolsaleh baziar, Iran

magnificent and brlliant and majestic

Norman Corlett, United Kingdom

It's wonferful! Thanks

svetlana radulovic, Serbia and Montenegro

Hope you enjoy.

Carole King, USA

holidays here every year for 5 years from Scotland WONDERFUL

willow smith, United Kingdom


Taha Riyazi, Iran

bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaddddddddd.just kiding its awesome

mango pearis

Great job ! Remind us of ceremony cruise off the tip of Magic Island 2 months ago.

June Uno, Japan

Great memories of my honeymoon there! Thanks for this great job

Pablo Fernández, Spain


paul lang, USA

thank you

Varvara, AirPano

Fantastic Views of Hawaii. Brings back memories of when I was over there in 1990

John Chandley, New Zealand

thank you

hossin mahditabar, USA

Je to úžasné,nádhera super zábery.Ďakujem autorom že nám toto umožnili vidieť

Otto Chur&253, Slovakia

Thanks for sending me these beautiful photos.
I am an old photographer too.

Djamshid Nersi, Iran

It's amazing!

Migel Demigo