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World / Europe / Russia / Flight to stratosphere above the Caucasus Mountains

Flight to stratosphere above the Caucasus Mountains

We are pleased to present you with our new flight in stratosphere, this time over the region of the Caucasus Mountains.

Stratosphere is the layer of the atmosphere situated between 11 and 50 kilometers above the surface. In its lower part the temperature can reach 60°C below zero, and at the altitude of 45 kilometers the temperature gradually increases to 0°C. The upper layer of stratosphere is often referred as ‘near space'.

Flight to stratosphere above the Caucasus Mountains

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— The first in the world night panoramas taken from stratosphere.

Flight to stratosphere above the Caucasus Mountains

Photos by Denis Efremov

9 July 2015

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Anyone with a brain should be able to know that the second photo above of the spherical earth with the sun is not real, it's an animation but the one above where the horizon is flat is real because that's what we observe daily at any elevation.

Philippe Rockholt, USA

Do you realize that by using the word stratoSPHERE you actually validate the idea of a spheric planet right...?

Robin HAY, France

Beautiful work...but drawing a straight line across the horizon shows the it IS in fact curved...doesn't that undermine the idea that this panorama/image representing a flat earth? Can someone please explain this?

Brett S., USA

Would it be possible to get a flattened image with a distortion map overlay? Or at least the area of correct perspective when looking at the image in the 3d viewer? I see the objects are very distorted on the edges of the image so I would like to know where does this distortion start at?

Sagam Ethas, Botswana

Draw a straight line across the image.

Shakira Smith, United Kingdom

I am now Confused!
Thank you

sachidanandam thiruvengadam, India

Please don't consider me an idiot for asking this but the Moon is such a mystery to me. I live in the uk and we have very cloudy weather a lot of the time so tracking the moon is very difficult. I was lead to believe that the Moon orbits around a globe however I now know this is just rubbish but the thing that does make me curious is ...... does the moon circle the Earth every day like the sun or does it travel a different radius than the sun follows therefore it will take longer or a shorter time to encircle us. I am not looking into a technical explanation just prolly an obvious oversight of mine, please.? Awesome footage by the way.

Christopher Napper, United Kingdom

Christopher, thank you for your message. I think you can easily find the answer on Wikipedia or on other sites in the Web. We don't want to give you wrong info.

Varvara, AirPano

Great work - pity chemtrails are everywhere to ruin the shots.

Eman Resu, United Kingdom

This is one of, if not the best project you've ever undertaken. The people want more undistorted, full angle photographs of the planate earth from the stratosphere.

Q: what tools cam, c. were used to capture this ?

Thank you

Hisham N9nee, Belgium

Fantastic. You told the truth. I want that. I'm proud of what this project is all about our world. Flat earth is good. Need to see what's beyond Antarctica. Expose the liars.

Augustine Kow, Malaysia

Bang!! The moon and the sun at the same time.. Copernicus go s...w yourself!! Spectacular!!

Flat earth FTW!

Jan Schlossar, Czech Republic

You guys helped prove the earth is FLAT. Though you may not have realized it at the time. The Sun and Moon in the SAME SKY.. at NIGHT is impossible on a globe. And the Horizon is without curve minus the fish eye effect of the lens. Can you share the lens size please. That you for an awesome PANO! Also.. the music is awesome. What's the artists name?

Joshua Stargaze, USA

Thanks for the info but for the purpose of the study of the moon and sun's positions at that time it would really help to know the hourminute time frame where these taken.

Thanks again!

Jordan Folster, Canada

The project we are working on needs data like exact day, and time of dayas accurate as you know Do you have that information?

Jordan Folster, Canada

Nice photos! What was the location and date these photos where taken? Thank you

Annebelle Louw, Costa Rica

It has been take near Sochi, Russia in August of 2014. You can click the map icon in the left bottom corner to see the exact location of each panorama.


I love these photos. These photos depicts a flat earth. Can you please provide dates time and province please? Me and a group of fans are anxious to get more details from you. Can you please provide more details? Thank you in advance.

James Pullman, USA

It has been take near Sochi, Russia on 28 January 2014. You can click the map icon in the left bottom corner to see the exact location of each panorama.

Varvara, AirPano

Where were the pics taken. I mean over what country or state and the time and date please! Great pics by the way

Jose Hernandez, USA

And possible the directions each stillflatimages were pointing?
Thank you, absolutely amazing work!

Jordan Folster, Canada

May I please ask the datetime and precise locations these images were captured @?

Jordan Folster, Canada


Ginette Fullarton, Canada

Outstanding photogrphy


Very beautiful presentation, thank you

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic


David Thompson, Canada