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San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge


I've been waiting for this photo shoot for a long time... Perhaps even my whole life. Over the past 20 years and despite numerous visits, I haven't seen the Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog. For me, it has been quite an unlucky streak. According to my photography colleagues, they were not lucky either. But why? The location of the bridge is unique: it was built where the frigid water of the Pacific Ocean collides with the warmer water of the bay all year around. Along with the winds and other atmospheric phenomena it should create foggy and cloudy weather frequently. However, it doesn't and it actually happens very rarely. For a Russian photographer, who doesn't live in the city but only visits it time to time, it would be extremely lucky to catch this fog even during the right season.

It was September — the fog season. It took me 10 days to negotiate with a rental company, where I was going to hire a helicopter for an aerial photography. The main reason for their delays was the fog itself — helicopter pilots don't like limited visibility. They prefer a clear sky — a complete opposite from what I was looking for. There was another complication: I spent the entire week before the scheduled flight in one of the Nevada deserts with poor mobile phone reception. I received their confirmation a day before the flight: "We can fly, as long as there is no fog and strong winds :)". We agreed to start an hour before the sunset.

And so today I drove to the helicopter, which was waiting for me 30 miles away from San Francisco. However, evening rush hour slowed me down as I got into every possible traffic jam on the way out of the city, and so I arrived at the meeting place much later than our scheduled flight time, even though I left an hour beforehand.

The pilot didn't look like he was in a hurry either... It seemed to me that everything was moving in a slow motion: here we were getting in the cabin, here the propeller started to rotate, faster and faster, here we were ascending, giving the way to a Boeing plane, and finally the downtown skyscrapers appeared ahead of us... It is a challenge to photograph San Francisco in the evening, because the city is blocked by hills from the west. The hills shelter the city from direct contact with the Pacific Ocean, and this is why darkness descends on San Francisco 20 minutes before the sunset... "That's it, — I thought as I looked at my watch, at the city in the distance and the setting sun. — My photo shoot is over. I am too late..." But suddenly I realized — there was still a chance!

I saw the tops of skyscrapers shining with gold, the bay was subtly lit, and an incredible fog was shimmering with red hues of the setting sun. The fog, which I had been waiting for over 20 years, was streaming down from the Russian Hills to dissolve into the city. I was so mesmerized with this view that I almost forgot about the photo shoot. I asked the pilot to hover as I took a few panoramic shots over the downtown and then told him to head to the Golden Gate Bridge. But nothing happened. The pilot pronounced two magic words "THE FOG" and continued maneuvering above skyscrapers. The bridge was indeed covered with fog; but not completely — luckily, one half of it was still visible.

Golden Gate bridge

Copyright: Allan Smorra, www.ohmsweetohm.me  

"Take me there" — I pointed to the bridge. But the pilot continued saying something about the wind and the turbulence and above all else, passenger safety... I ended up alleviating his concern for my "safety" by paying him an additional $100.00 in cash. "Ok, I'll take you there but you have to shoot fast. And not under the bridge" — that was the pilot's condition. "Under the bridge... It's a good idea! Perhaps I'll photograph it next time. But today I need to shoot OVER the bridge" — I replied as the pilot changed our circular trajectory and headed towards the bridge. 

We finally made it to the bridge. The helicopter was flying over the cloud that was flowing though the bridge's two towers. The top of one tower was lit by the setting sun while the haze covered the rest of it below. The top of the second tower was still visible but already in the shade. All this beauty was surrounded by a mass of shimmering fog rolling from the Pacific Ocean... The sun was almost touching the slope of the hill with only a few minutes left before the final sunset... The helicopter hovered near the bridge; I leaned outside and quickly shot the spherical panorama over the lit tower. But as I started shooting the second one, the sun hid behind the hill. I turned to the pilot, waved my hand up, and shouted, gesturing to take the helicopter higher. He didn't understand me asking something in respond. "Go, Go! Take us higher" — I shouted in Russian, pointing to the place where the sun was a moment ago. Suddenly he understood me and quickly pushed on some pedals — perhaps, gas — the helicopter vibrated and started ascending. And there was a "Wow! moment" — we slowly overtook the setting sun. It appeared again, and even though the whole city and the bridge was already in the shade, the fog was once again covered with gold and shimmery sparkles. I started shooting without waiting for the helicopter to stop, thinking that it might be my last panoramic photo of the day, in hopes that our guys would be able to stitch it later somehow. My camera finished full 360° circle, and with the last click of the shutter the sun finally left the city of San Francisco... I wiped off the sweat from my forehead. I did it! I've been waiting for this moment for 20 years — and now I finally did it!


The third and final panorama of this virtual tour has a different story; it is more mundane but no less intense.

Three years earlier, in May 2008, we shot this panorama from the Golden Gate Bridge. For this purpose we brought a four-meter-long telescopic pole from Moscow to the U.S. Along the way, it went missing twice in two separate airports, but two weeks later, by the end of the trip, it miraculously reappeared. However, that was not the end of our adventures: the moment we packed our things after the photo shoot, three police cars came after us :) Luckily, everything ended well.


So, here is a bit of information on one of the most recognizable bridges in the world — The Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Strait connects the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. A military topographer, John Fremont, is credited with giving this poetic name to the strait; it reminded him of a harbor in Istanbul named Golden Horn. The idea of a bridge across the Golden Gate Strait had been around since the 19th century, but due to limited technical capabilities, it was not possible to bring it to life until the beginning of the 20th century. Engineer Joseph Strauss, who by that time had designed about 400 bridges, came up with the idea to stretch a suspension bridge across with two pillars of over 2.5 km in length. His project received attention but was rejected.

Yet, the city of San Francisco kept rapidly growing, and every year its streets became more and more congested with cars. Experts started to evaluate all the pros and cons of constructing an automobile and pedestrian bridge with a traditional design.  The construction cost of such a bridge was estimated to be an incredible amount of money — 100 million dollars. However, the city did not have sufficient funds.

Joseph Strauss claimed that he could construct a suspension bridge that would cost a maximum of 27 million dollars. President Franklin Roosevelt approved this bold project, and so the construction finally began.

But, that was not the end of the bridge's struggles. The construction was conducted in harsh weather conditions. Frequent fogs, wind, and strong waves made it extremely difficult to erect pillars, to pull wire ropes, and to install bridge spans. Despite the most rigorous safety regulations, before the completion of the bridge, there was a tragic accident that killed 10 men on the spot.

Those who believe in mystical powers are convinced that this "christening" determined the further grim destiny of the bridge. The matter-of-the-fact is that the most recognizable landmark of the city, and for a long time the longest suspension bridge in the world, has gained greater glory as "the suicide bridge". The first suicide occurred in 1937, three weeks after The Golden Gate Bridge was opened.

In the 1990's the number of suicides exceeded one thousand jumpers. After that, it was decided not to keep an official suicide count. However, it is known that about once every two weeks there is a new suicide attempt. There is no good explanation to this phenomenon because The Golden Gate Bridge is not the only bridge in the vicinity. According to some statistics, there are 85 suicide attempts on the Golden Gate Bridge, while there are only 14 attempts on the nearby bridge.

However, this story isn't all tragic.

During the large International Construction Exhibition in Las Vegas in 1999, the Golden Gate Bridge was the only bridge that made its way to the top 10 construction achievements of the 20th century.

There is also an emotional story of a baby deer that ran across the bridge in the 2004. The young deer survived, but the traffic was stopped for 20 minutes.

The color of the bridge, which is bright orange, or "international orange", was chosen by the first consulting architect of the project — Irving Morrow.

You might ask this question: how often is it painted?

The answer may be surprising: the painting of the Golden Gate Bridge is an ongoing daily maintenance job performed by a crew of 28 painters. The total expenses on the bridge maintenance amount to 14 million dollars a year, which includes paint and coverings.

Although the Golden Gate Bridge was originally designed as a highway, everything mentioned above makes it also a unique monument of architecture and culture, as well as a famous tourist attraction: the spectacular view of the city and the strait from the bridge attracts millions of tourists.

You too have a chance to admire it!

Photo and text by Oleg Gaponyuk, Sergey Semenov and Dmitry Moiseenko

2 October 2011

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I Love the view from Hawk Hill. I was stationed there on the hill,a missal site for the Army 1962 to 1964. Grate Duty.Radar Oprt.

Billy Hughes, USA

I went there with a Bud in 1961...
Also watched the Chinese New Year Parade..

Drove My Family there in December 1974. #129299.

Age prevents me from going Again...... SAD....

Bill Dickson, Canada

Byl jsem a San Francisco miluji jako Prahu. Golden Gate Bridge je n#225dhern#253 gigantick#253 pro#353li jsme ho p#283#353ky a m#225me na n#283j kr#225sn#233 vzpom#237nky i fotografie.

miroslav olmer, Czech Republic

Conner Smith, glad your still with us today......

Dave Trovato, USA

i nearly commited suicied on this brigde once.

connor smith, Belgium

i love san francisco as well as the golden gate bridge.

connor tripett, Australia

this is my dad on the picture

connor trill, United Kingdom

I wish before dying could kiss Golden gate and say to all men who made it thanks ,thanks , and thanks to all people that made such this country named U.S.A . happy NEW YEAR to you and all Americans who trying to save Democracy Human rights from Jefferson ..to Obama good look with your own family and Big American people . sorry about my bad English God sake USA

Hossein Aghili, Iran

SF Bridge, is my 2nd favorite bridge in the world, behind the Story Bridge in Brisbane, Australia, but, ahead of the Sydney Harbour Bridge,lol.
We walked across the SFB on a beautiful clear morning, we got to the other side and sat and admired the bridge as the fog slowly started to cover the bridge until you could see it no more. One of the most amazing sight's ever, but, it sure was cold driving back to the other side on the top deck of the Hop On, Hop Off bus, lol. One of the best days of my life :-

Janet Nicolson, Australia

I was stationed at Mt Tampias in 1965-1966. It was a beautiful site to look at the Bridge when the Fog left. Many Memories.

Duane Rapelje, USA

Visited in May 2004, Most beautiful city. Best vacation ever. And as they say, Left my heart in San Francisco

Bobbie Caldwell, USA

I went to Berkeley for a graduate programa during 1970-1971. I enjoyed tremendously. Loved de bay área, the ambiance, the environment, the people, the hippies, CAL, etc. I am looking forward going there before is too late. Best part of my life.

Luis A Montero MBA -71, Chile

When I first saw the bridge, I was horrified by the awful colour. I guess I thought it was painted gold by the name. I also wish I knew how many coats of paint are piled on top of each other and if they remove it or is it an inch thick by now?

linda Blair, Canada



Undoubtedly, Goldengate is enjineearing masterpiece in the world ,tanks fram enjineears who make it , i really like to touch it some day.

kamran nikfarjam, Iran

super !

michel taccoen, France



fantásticas imágenes. . . .SUPER.


Thanks to my nephew and family who lived in SF. I got the opportunity of going through GG in 1994

Chitra de Silva, Sri Lanka

very good scene. I like it.

Albert Sequeira, India

I had the opportunity to visit this engineering marvel,wonderful.

Ramachandraiah Narayanappa, India


mani keyvan, Iran

very goooooood....



mariajose delhoyoesteban, Andorra



Beautiful a feat of engieering.

Roger Lee, Australia


alberto rodríguez, Spain

simply worderful. You made me feel as if I was back in my beloved Frisco.

Loreto Guridi, Chile

Really beautiful I love it

Paul Zappia, Italy

Having been to a lot of places you photographed I appreciate the fabulous job you did with your cameras. I think maybe you will do a lot for tourism. Thank you

Roger Meakes, United Kingdom

Awesome... sakkath,

Arjun Kumar, India


Mathieu van Bezel, Netherlands

Diese Bilder sind so fantastisch, dass ich mich nicht satt sehen konnte. Vielen Dank

Heidi Beuret, Switzerland

As most people who have jumped off the bridge, ALL were facing the city and not the open Ocean and so the city and county placed a wire fence on that railing and so nobody can,or has done, jumped off in a rather long time so once again your facts about one person every two weeks jumping off is WAY off the mark,it has NEVER been known as suicide bridge, who tells you this crap,I have lived here for years and worked as tour guide..The "other" bridge you mentioned must be the Bay Bridge and as far as I know nobody has ever jumped off that as they would be facing Oakland !!.

Andrew Wilson, USA

Your video is great however your facts are somewhat wrong. -- The G.G.B. as we locals sometimes call it is in fact "The bridge that spans the Golden Gate" as this was the gateway to the gold fields,1849, in days gone by hence the name. It has nothing to do with a bridge in Istanbul.

Andrew Wilson, USA

Of course my rating is a plus 5! Born and raised in downtown SF in 1949 - went to Notre Dame des Victoires Grammar & High School (best yrs of my life!)We'e hoping for a 50 yr reunion of Grammar school in 2013 - anyone interested?? Love Sausalito too.

Jeanne Mathews-Schurr, USA

J'ai vu ce panorama depuis un bâteau de croisière ainsi que des bernaches duCanada durant le dîner: impressionnant!

Gilles Léonard, Canada


Gilles Léonard, Canada

Prachtige niet alledaagse opnamen.
Hernieuwde kennismaking , maar dan anders als "normaal"

john hanegraaf, Netherlands

Everyone can rest easy. The cat was in no danger because the cat wasn't really there. It must have been photoshoped into the picture. How do I know? The cat casts no shadow. You can see the shadow of the pipe but not the cat. :)

Chris Hawbaker, USA

I have had the fantastic pleasure of visiting San Francisco and went to the bridge and read the plack at the bottom of the bridge with its history inscribed.Just too marvelous.The U.S.A.is big,thinks big,and acts big because they are wonderful and clever people.

Lou Corbitt, South Africa

la magia de las fotografias son los instantes en que las puede ver y capturar lo demas es s superfulo es el instante

jose maximo sanchez aranda, Mexico

you are a mad russian .....a nut to risk your life for this photo...its not that important

wynn hammer, USA

Wonderful place to view...

pallavi saxena, India

I loved the photograph of the Golden Gate bridge with the cat sat sunbathing so high up. A brave puss.I hope he stayed safe!!!!
Fantastic photography.
Thank you.

Marian Hemming, United Kingdom

what to say? no description req. just fantastic.
when i saw this one,i was in trance. i forgot, that i am looking at what?

drsuryakant vora, India

I grew up across the bay in Richmond. My most interesting experience on the bridge was walking across on a foggy day where in the middle you couldn't see either Marin County or SF. When I visit now I always drive up the hills of El Cerrito and view the bridge from there. When they opened the bridge from Richmond to San Rafael I took a carload of my friends and made the loop from Richmond to San Rafael to SF to Oakland and back home. The bridge is truly a national treasure.

jack repass, USA

I lived in Marin County in the late 60s, early 70s and I commuted into downtown
SF for five years. I played a game with the fog ... would it be high (not
able to see the towers) or low (I'd drive in pea soup). But your photography
is unbelievable! Makes me want to move back west!

Gertrude Sandor, USA

Fantastic. Wonderful What. A. Breath. Taking. Views
Of. A. Big. World. Thank. You

queeniesmalley@bigpond.com Smalley, Australia

the best pano site on the web, with an excellent presentation. KRpano is a powerful tool, the stiching SW looks like PTGui Pro with some minor sky problems - well done guys !

Michael Ammel, France


richard oconnor, Australia

i was in san francisco in 2009 and had the pleasure of crossing the bridge on quite a few occasions,which was very close to my heart, simply because my home town PLYMOUTH ENGLAND has a bridge quite similiar to THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE although no way in the dimensions of this fantastic bridge

ROBERT LENNOX, United Kingdom

This is a beautiful site

Lynn Joseph Stephenson, Canada

Brought back wonderful memories of crossing GG in June 1991 Superb photography, thanks.

John Wood, United Kingdom



"fantastic picture"

Raju Malloocheril, USA

I delivered the Train wash to Cal-Tran for San Francisco. The Train wash was or is like a big car wash, Only for Trains.I stayed in my truck next to the Cal-Tran station yard house. I departed just a couple of hours before the Big Earth quake hit S.F. The Bridge colasped on all of those cars and trucks. I was lucky to have departed when I did. I would have been in the middle of ground zero. Thank the men that worked for Cal-Tran for looking out for me while I was their. jop

Jimmie Pelkey, USA

If a number higher than 5, I would have gladly given it. Please furnish info regarding the kitten.SF is a beautiful city; visited in '97 & would love to revisit before getting too old. It was a trip to remember-the best!

Charlane Stevens, USA

I lived in SF for years in the 80s and worked as a tour guide.The GGB is often covered totaly in fog, mostly in the summer months and this we call California,s natural air conditioning. Also there is no such thing as "Russian Hills", only an area called Russian Hill which sits beside Nob Hill and on the other side of the tunnel from Chinatown. Many times the only part of the bridge to be seen is the two towers. The Golden Gate Bridge is not the golden gate bridge but rather the bridge that spans the Golden Gate and its colour is International Orange, just some trivia for you.. nice shots though but to play Tony Bennett singing I left my heart in SF would have been so much better.

Andrew Blackadder, United Kingdom

When I was stationed on Mt. Tamalpais, we could see the tip of the bridge on a clear day. Memories

Duane Rapelje, USA

you forget mexico but i must say is awosome fantastic pictures congratulations Anna marco from cabo san lucas mexico

marco cota, Mexico


guillermo garcia, USA

The sensitivity of descending through the clouds was missing.

Robert Lambert, Belgium

super, very,very,very nice.excelent,Thank You.

srinivas gundu, India

Lived in Berkeley during WWII and could see the Golden Gate through a bedroom window. Such a beautiful bridge - get a lump in my throat just seeing these pictures. Live in Pasadena now and will always wonder about the kitty on the bridge.

Mary Matthiessen, USA

Great Job. I felt as if I was in Golden Bridge.

Krishnakumar Narayanaswamy, India

superb, u done a great job

hari krishna, India

Wish you might include more of Europe next time - Wonderful experience looking at your Panaromas -Maybe Ireland sometime !!!!

Robert McLoughlin, Ireland

Really fantastic. nice to see such s wonderful and awesom views.

Mamta Sunaram, India

After getting married in 1955, I lived in SF for 14 months. My husband was in the Army, stationed at the Presidio. My heart is still there. We lived at 25th & Cabrillo Sts. 5 min. from Presidio. Still have friends there.

Cathy Wanko, USA

Oops! That is not a Matson ship after all. I looked closer using the zoom tool.Must be a senior moment as I didn't notice the cat until it was mentioned.

William Mitchell, USA

I was born in "Frisco" (1941). Shipped out of there for 40 years on merchant ships (like the Matson ship going under the bridge)BTW only natives can call it "Frisco". Ha ha. Thanks for the panorama. Fantastic.

William Mitchell, USA

Truly beautiful! I'd just like to add that on June30, 2012, my daughter, son-in-law and I sailed a 40 foot sailboat through the Golden Gate, under full sail. The bridge was completely fogged in---we could barely make it out as we sailed under, but just beyond, on the East side, we broke out of the fog bank and there was San Francisco, framed between the dark water of the bay below and a band of fog that hovered just above the tops of the buildings of downtown. The City itself was bathed in soft evening alpenlight, giving it a subtle golden glow.
It was one of the most beautiful sights I have had the distinct pleasure of witnessing.
This was one of the biggest thrills this 78 year-old man has ever seen. Too bad a photographer with real skill could not have captured it. It was truly remarkable, and breathtaking.

Ron Weinert, USA

The cat is just fine, catching some sun rays & waiting for a bird to land :>)

I was born & raised in the Bay Area, now living in NM.

Deborah C King, USA

You have to be a dedicated photographer and a lover of what our world has to show those who cannot travel. Great shots and fantastically beautiful. Keep going and continue giving us more of this great shows. Those of us who have been to some of the places you show are electrified.

Tony Campos, Australia

Really fun to see this view of the bridge
thank you.Now about the cat - can the bridge have rats?? Or is the cat simply a tourist.....

Madeleine O'Callaghan, USA

My cousin Jerry sent this amazing video of my favorite spot in the U.S.A...beautiful and creative. Thank you for your skills!

Grace Ann Scanlon, USA

Had the priviledge of visting just in week-1 of Jluy2012.It is a fantastic wonder of engineering world!!

Ravi Patankar, India

Thank you for this awesome visual experience! Splendid indeed. Keep up the great work and be safe.

Krishna Saha, New Zealand

Abs amazing just visited in April 2012, but had not realized till such time i saw your amazing video what a work of marvel it is.
love you tons for sharing it.

dr. parul Bhatnagar, India

Maybe it's just me, based upon your perfect ratings. But a panoramic view of clouds is not what I want to see when viewing the Golden Gate Bridge. I want to see the journey, the roads, the destinations.

Al Stel, USA

I suppose the cat feels safer where it is rather than on the bridge dodging cars and trucks!
Could someone have put it out there?

Roy Crittenden

Simply out of the world.....so serene and Magnanimous..!! Thank you very much for the wonderful panoramic view.


We spent three days in San Francisco on our way home to New Zealand from Europe. Three years would not have been suffcient and this is the one place in the world I would love to return to.

Joe A.

Great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. All of your panoramas that I have viewed have been awesome.

Dale Myers, USA

As a former San Franciscan, thank you for the most beautiful reverie.

Nancy Collins, USA

I was born in San Francisco in 1935, I was raised in Oregon, but when I was taken to Oregon in 1940 I was cheated, because even then, I knew my heart will always be in "the city", and the bridge is one of the most exciting structures any one will ever travel on. The work you did on these panoramas is wonderful- thank you for sharing and caring.

Ellen Sparks, USA


Ella Roberts, USA

very nice photo ever seen

krishna murthy, India

It's spectacular. It's something out of imagination. Thank you.

Hassan Ghazi, Iran

Mind Blowing! Kermit

Kermit Karns, USA

sail under it many times while in the navy. beautiful sight. great memories.

bob lindsay, USA

Awesome. Been their in 2009. The photography is mindblowing. Thrilled.

Ravi Mehta, India



I'm I the only one to notice the kitty cat...? Below and to the left of the three gentlemen

rogertowles towles, USA

amazing work . . . each pic is enchanting . . . . . . love it!!!! . . . . make some on pakistan aswell . .

mohd shoaib, Saudi Arabia

Amazing.Thank you for creating such masterpices and sharing it with the world.


This is very nice and great job

khan zubair, Saudi Arabia

I walked across this bridge in 2008, it was awsome apart from nearly being run over by cyclists!. I have since watched the film "The Bridge" factual film about suicides over a year. Very Disturbing.I have a picture hanging in my home now so I see it every day. Magic

Annie Livingston, United Kingdom

I was in this bridge when I was in US some years ago. I have picture of this too.



Satish Kumar Nagaraj, India


tania azevedo, Brazil

fantastic picture

masih karimzadeh, Iran

fantastic picture

masih karimzadeh, Iran

شكر لكم

waleed bayrakdar, Iraq

Since I was born and raised in San Francisco and went to St Ignatius'56 this view is outstanding such a beautiful city few can compare. I feel blessed to have been raised in such a great city especially in the 50's.

Bob Barron, USA

I too am a San Franciscan. Born, raised and educated (Lowell High). I now live in New England. There is no place like the city. And those who are fortunate enough to live there should appreciate its sheer beauty. It has an elecricity all its own.

Gary Gansburg, USA

Your photography is magic. My wife and I flew under it and over it by helicopter in 1992 and I forgot to take any photographs so thank you very much.

Max de Mestre-Allen, Australia

Excellent Job. Congratulations.

N.A.V.Prasada Rao Narahari, India


祖良 马, China

view was awesome...v thank russia 4r giving thisz opportunity...congratulations each & every 1 who did thisz g8t job.....

vineela bathula, India

this site is wow,excellent

kumar bugata, India

Wundervoll euere Panoramas.
Danke vielmals für die herrlichen Präsentationen.

Walter Vogel, Germany

Dear Walter, please, send us your message in English. We don't understand German.

Varvara, AirPano

شما بهترین هستید دوستون دارم موفق و سربلن یاشید

میثم قلیچی, Iran

Dear visitor, please, write in English. This is the best way to understand you.

Varvara, AirPano

Dear Russian friends...your work is like magic is A W S O M E (better than excellent) Congratulations, I am a senior world traveler, 76 years old, this is best than the real thing...you guys deserve the Novel Prize in Photography, I will submit this recomendation to the Novel Prize comittee in Sweden...Also Guinnes should give you a prize in Photography...no body in the whole world has made nothing like this...keep shooting the whole world... your friend in the USA Luis F Colon Sr. Please send me a note, If you to translate english to spanish that is me...I am a certified spanish translator.


Thanks a lot for your kind words and proposal. We'll take it in consideration.

Varvara, AirPano

Greatest Bridge in the World. I drove over the GG bridge 1000 or more times.

John Stafford, USA



Es extraordinario. Es para pasar una buenas y lindas horas mirando las maravilla

hector revuelta, Bolivia

Beautiful - but you really need to tell us about the cat....

Cecelia Beam

I was born in SF in 1947 & the site of the Golden Gate Bridge always makes me feel like I am home again. The panoramic view was fascinating & I also hope that poor cat was rescued. Were the people standing above aware of the cat?

Pat Houge

Pat Houge, USA

my favorite city in the world!!....please tell me someone rescued that poor cat,

Jane Futorski, Canada


Leela Parvathi, Italy

I was born in San Francisco (1941), and I must say the golden gate bridge always touched my heart.

Frank Cassady, USA

one of my favorite places...been there twice and hope will be there again and again...coz i left my heart in san francisco...

tess rivera, Philippines


Jorge Rafael, Mexico

It is a wonderful view in summer,I visited the golden gate bridge at the same time of 2008 May,many flowers there and you can see some sealions.

chi weicong, China

Great job. wonderful
Thank You . waiting for you that after to visit

Melanie Lee, USA

thanks for your photo very much.I hope you will come to china and take some here . you can take some photo in YELLOW MOUNTAIN (HUANG SHAN),YANGZE RIVER ,THE GREAT WALL....LI

zhao-hua li, China

Dear Zhao-hua, we are going to visit China this year (November). Check our plans here: http://www.airpano.com/help_to_get_permissions.php

Varvara, AirPano

I love your panoramic photo of the bridge. You have captured the quiet solitude that comes with the fog at my workplace.


Allan Smorra, USA

Fabulous panoramic photos. Just one correction to the San Francisco section. The Panorama from what you have incorrectly entitled the Marine Highlands should be corrected and entitled Marin Headlands. The name of the county across the Golden Gate Bridge is Marin County. Thanks for the great view!

Tracy Phillips, USA

Many thanks! We have fixed the title!


...very nise,romantick andCONGRATULATIONS ! mladen bb.

Mladen BUlat, Croatia

Excelente toate paginile


how we can save these images? please answer..

alireza majlesi, Iran


m vafa, Iran

What in the world is that cat doing? Amazing work on all your panoramas.

Edgar LaMance, USA

Thnks for any works

seyed ja, Iran

hi very very nice i love your site
but i need 3dpic of my country tanks

omid akbar palangi, Iran

This is very nice and great job

siamak afshar

This is very nice and great job

siamak afshar

I was there in 1989..I walked several times through this marvelous bridge..I felt the earthquaker in October, 17..I felt many different sensations..One thing is sure: as the music ..I left my heart in San Francisco!!! ilse maria moraes rego

ilse rego

That is simply astounding, thank you for doing that!

Greg Hansen

Just one note. It's not the Atlantic Ocean, it's the Pacific Ocean.

Joe Smith





It's just breathtaking!!! Dmitry is a true wonder-worker! My compliments!

Natalie Shneider

Thank You, Natalie!


This is the most romantic view of this site despite the bad reputation of the bridge. The panorama makes chillout atmosphere and absolutely good mood. 5 points!

Anna Kniazeva

Just splendid!
Progress has no end.

Serko Berberian

Great job, congratulations!

Ele Samoano

God, I feel like I sohlud be takin notes! Great work

Norm Norm