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World / Europe / Germany / Virtual Tour over Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Virtual Tour over Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Germany is the land of fairy tales that gave the world Wilhelm Hauff and The Brothers Grimm, for example. Germany is also home to the most magical castle on the planet, Neuschwanstein Castle, the name of which translates as «The New Swan Cliff». It was built in the second half of the nineteenth century by Ludwig II of Bavaria, or as they called him, «The Fairy-Tale King».

Ludwig II holds a special place amongst other German rulers. What set him apart from his stringent and warrior-like predecessors was his romanticism and dreamy character, so much so that he channelled all of his statesman's passion (alongside with state funds) towards making his dreams come true, dreams of magical countries populated by fairy-tale creatures.

Disillusioned by the daily routines of Munich, Ludwig II was not interested in its problems. Instead, day by day he became more and more submerged in his own dream world. This gave the world several castles — Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein, each one is a masterpiece of world architecture, enchanting us with its weightlessness and fairy-tale silhouettes with magnificent mountains as a backdrop.

Wartburg Castle was chosen as the model for Neuschwanstein as it is the only remaining castle from the feudal period in Bavaria. Ludwig the II's creation surpassed the original. At the time the King was very deeply moved by Richard Wagner's opera «Lohengrin», he saw himself in the opera's main character, the noble white swan-knight, a fairy-tale hero of the ancient legends. And with the help of architects he created his own «Swan Castle».

The walls of the castle depict the magical world of «The Song of The Nibelungs» («Nibelungenlied»), medieval legends of Przival, Lohengrin and Tannhäuser, The Holy Grail, Tristan and Isolde... The masters spent a long time working very carefully on every hall and every panel painting, with every detail a true masterpiece. This is also the reason why the building work took so long and failed to reach completion even in Ludwig's lifetime. As an example, the wood carving in one bedroom took 14 carpenters 4 and a half years.

Yet the King had the incredible ability to combine fantasies with reality, and despite the castle's heavenly appearance, it was equipped with all the modern technology of its time. The rooms in the royal residence were fitted with hot air central heating, toilets were equipped with an automatic flushing system, electric bells were in place to summon servants and some floors even had telephones!

Neuschwanstein is first and foremost a true fairy tale made of stone. It became the prototype for the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland Paris and a source of inspiration for Tchaikovsky's ballet «The Swan Lake». But in the end it drove the King insane, and instead of attending to the urgent duties of his country as a ruler, he went on expeditions, following the footsteps of Wilhelm Tell or had dinner with the spirit of Louis XIV. Night became day and day became night for Ludwig II and for that he was nicknamed The Moon King.

According to Bavarian law a king can be removed from power if found unfit to govern. It is not surprising then that eventually (in 1886) he was deposed. He was transported to the Berg Castle and died the next day in a lake under mysterious circumstances together, with the psychiatrist who diagnosed him as insane. These mysterious events have contributed to the intriguing image of the castle. Just two months after the King's death, the unfinished Neuschwanstein was open to visitors!

And it was the right thing to do. No stories or photos of Neuschwanstein can possibly depict its beauty. Once you have admired our aerial panoramas, we strongly recommend you see the fairy tale for yourself. Getting to Neuschwanstein Castle: there are trains and taxis available from nearby towns.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Autumn

Neuschwanstein Castle https://neuschwanstein.de/ 

There are several other famous castles in the area surrounding Neuschwanstein, namely Hohenschwangau, Füssen and Schwangau. For the convenience of tourists, a special "romantic road" was created (Romantikstrasse), a special tour popular with visitors to Bavaria. The surrounding area also boasts ski slopes and special lifts to take skiers and tourists to the top of the Tegelberg Mountain. In general, even a whole day is not enough to fully enjoy the beauty and diversity of this place.

And now Sergey Semenov and Stas Sedov speak. They will tell us abour their trip to Neuschwanstein Castle.

This four-day trip had only one purpose — to shoot the famous Bavarian castle surrounded by colorful autumn trees. We waited for the precise moment, when leaves turn red, green and orange for the short period of time. 

Technically the photo shoot of this type shouldn't take more than two days. However, we decided to give it some extra time... As it turned out, it was a wise decision. Mountains stay mountains (even if it's just low foothills of Alps in Southern Bavaria), so the weather is rather unpredictable there. It is also worth mentioning, that the only time when the castle is perfectly lit for the photo is that short 30-minutes window in the morning. Afterwards the sun travels leaving only the sidewall of the castle in light.

We arrived. But apparently the weather didn't want to cooperate. Day one —  it was raining all day; photo shoot was canceled. Day two — the same thing.

On the third day the weather tricked us again. The thick fog covered everything from the very morning. Regardless, we were full of optimism, so we climbed the mountain above the castle, and then descended into the valley, hoping to find a clearing. No luck. Finally after three hours of waiting we decided to shoot the castle at any cost.

However, there are no good shooting spots when the visibility is 30-40 meters. Except for one — right from the center of the castle! Although it's rather risky to fly and shoot in the castle...

Anyhow, we took our chance. Thank God that all the tourists were asleep at such an early hour. The take-off was very difficult due to heavy fog, which was in reality 100% humidity. It condensed large drops of water on the equipment, so we had to be quick. There was no time to go back and correct mistakes.

Our RC helicopter took off and quickly disappeared into the fog. All we had was the screen of our laptop with blinking control lights and short beeps of the height sensor in Stas's headphones. The time passed very slowly.

In a few minutes, here it was — our helicopter returned from the white foam of the fog, all wet, as if it was in a shower. Everything was covered with large drops of water: the helicopter, the camera, and the lens. Nevertheless, the equipment did its job just fine, and we immediately returned to our hotel room to dry it.

So this is the story of shooting this spherical panorama.

We spent the following day waiting, and only on the forth day did nature smile at us. The weather was wonderful and we shot, and shot, and shot...


Filmed in 2011. Neuschwanstein Castle https://neuschwanstein.de/ 

Photo and text by Sergey Semenov, Stas Sedov

2 April 2012

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Simplesmente maravilhoso O Castelo de Neuschwanstein fui com meu marido de trem de Munique a Fussen. Belas imagens .O castelo parece um conto de fadas .Ao seu redor as paisagens são lindíssimas.

Beth Martins, Brazil

Wonderful place. I plan to make my love to visit there. Thanks for the beautiful images.

Laszlo Matlo, Hungary



Muchas Gracias por estas panóramicas de Excelencia! Es como que estamos viajando a esos lugares y eso es imposible por los costos. Nuevamente Gracias Millares!



stefan dibdak, Czech Republic

My late wife was from Donauworth, Germany and we visited family there and in Munich a few times. Visited almost every castle in that area at one time or another. They are beautiful. Visited a Monastary in that area also, also the walled city.

Richard Lapine, USA

We visited all of Ludwigs castles in the 70's, but this was my favorite. It is as beautiful as the pictures and I would love to go back!!

Janis Williamson, USA

here all about Hohenschwangau area
Neuschwanstein castle
Hohenschwangau castle
Mary Bridge

Hohenschwangau Expert, Germany

We have taken our family to visit the splendid sights of Germany on a couple of occasions. These fairytale castles of King Ludwig II are absolutely spectacular. It is believed that Ludwig's death was no accident as he was understood to be as mad as a hatter expending countless millions on his castles. It cannot be denied he had a great eye for beauty but his extravagance met with resistance. His love of the music of Richard Wagner (and very likely his love for the composer himself) was evident where he built the beautiful Grotto (attached to one of his other castles, Linderhoff) in which the acoustics were flawless to listen to Wagner's compositions. Unlike the incomplete Neuschwanstein, Linerhoff was fully completed and is spectacular inside. Germany is country with so much beauty and Bavaria is one of the most spectacular areas of this lovely country.

Kathryn Byrne, Australia

I have visited Neuschwanstein in person and loved it. This is the best possible substitute. So wonderful and shows it off as well as possible. thanks for a superb job! Randy

Randy mith, USA

A wonderful place. You captured the true spirit of the location. I was there the first time in 1954.My wife, Ilse and I took our four children there once again in 1971. A third visit was in 1989 with our youngest son. Aw inspiring. Thank you very much for bringing back such wonderful memories. Germany is a very beautify country. Best regards, Ed Burk

Edwin J Burk, USA




David Beale, USA

Do you sell prints of the Neuschwanstein castle in panoramic? I'd be interested in purchasing one

Alana Faber, Canada

El CASTILLO DE NEUSCHWANSTEIN-GERMANY...CON NIEBLA, FABULOSO, parece un castillo de cuentos de hadas... realmente es como estar soñando...BELLO!!!SIN DUDAS

PERLA DAGA, Argentina

It significant moment from me at Year 2012. It's Wonderful place.

Anetagama Siswo, Indonesia

AMAZING JOB..... i like so much ..
Who is the composer of the music ?

Danilo Gamez, El Salvador

Dear Danilo, you can read how to find the author of music here: http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php

Varvara, AirPano

Just about a month ago together with my wife we visited this Bavarian splendour and we learned about tragic life of Ludwig II, the Mad King. He lived in the castle only half a year or so, and at 41 he died drowned in the lake nearby. In 2012 Bavaria Pictures produced a movie - "Ludwig II", very interesting and so tragic. This remarkable architecture of the castle, the landscape, the creek and rapids, the mountains and the dense forest are giving a mysterious atmosphere to all region of Fussen. Thank you for your pictures guys. All the best to your team.

Alex Ugron, Australia

this is so fantastic

adam bartos, Hungary

I've been to bavaria but not to this castle!!!what a pity...I love to go there again..but thanks for this amazing virtual tour..I was fascinated by that! Thank you!!!!

shiva omrani, Iran


L J, China

Sehr gute Darstellung Photos und Texte
Das ist meine Heimat. Ich bin Münchner

Gotthol Dr Tippner, Germany

pictures would suggest. Thank you, gigi. Dolly

Dorothy Lawrence, USA


Belinda Mace, Honduras

Germany, always captivating me from last 2 years.. Love to live in Germany..

Hosen Rabiul, Germany

Hi! ^^
Your work it's amazing! This website is my favorite,I have no conditions to travel so thank you by make me can travel around the world in other way. Congratulations ! :)
I'm from Brazil and I used your Neuschwantein Castle text, to my university's study.
Can I ask for a post date ? I didn't find it.
Thank you again !
Sorry about my english, I'm still leaning ! I hope you can understand me ! :)
Thank you ! In portuguese - Obrigada !

Leticia Shimabuk, Brazil

Beautiful! I visited this castle some years ago with my husband which now has passed away. Happy memories and yet sad.

diana vella, Malta

This is extraordinary stunning view.. Thank you guys for sharing...

Branko Matosevic, Croatia


rayehe hp, Iran

We visited the Castle years ago and your pictures revived these wonderful memories. Vielen Dank

Edward Diehl, USA

i have never seen anything so beautiful.thank you and may god keep you safe. jeannette demers

jeannette demers, USA

Beautiful. We were there 2 weeks ago and gratefully we had a beautiful sunny day. Your project is amazing and it is wonderful to look at so many of the places we have travelled.

Linda Taylor, Canada

Thank you for waiting for the weather and taking the risk to capture Neuschwanstein Castle in this stunning panoramic view! I had the blessing of visiting there in '76 which took my words and breath away...I'll never forget it!

Donna Montgomery, Canada

In 1996 and 1997 I had the opportunity to sing in the singers hall at the beautiful castle Neuschwanstein as Gurnemanz in 'Parsifal' and Hans Sachs in 'Meistersinger' during the Wagner festival celebrated in September. My experience is quite unique and will wear out the ears of all my grandchildren.......Thank you Koenig Ludwig und Herr Wagner....

Greg Ryerson, Australia

When my friend sent me the link to this site, Neuschwanstein was the first place I wanted to revisit. It has been over 40 years since I was there. Thank you for the outstanding photography that allowed me to enjoy it all again. The music was as lovely as the photography. Our planet is quite a place with many awe-inspiring locations. Keep up your good work.

Gay Lynn Greninger, USA

I was in Bavaria during the late 60's, and had the opportunity to travel thru Hohenschwangau in early 1968. I can easily understand why Disney chose this castle as the basis for his 'fairy prince castle'. I loved Bavaria then, and wish that I could return and stay this time! I have really missed it since I had to leave in December 1969.

Jene Farmer, Canada

Hi..I visited Germany in April 2000 coming from Holland by a train. I can't describe how much I loved this heaven on earth place. I was so impressed how could they built this castle and the other one in the same area. I loved the timber bridge between the top of mountains; the valley; the freezing cold river; the lake; the village...It was Awesome; Nice, unbelievable experience. I will come back one day ..


I love germany

daniyal khani, Iran

I visited Munich this July and was very blessed in being able to visit this Castle along with a couple others in Bavaria and I must say that it took my breath away, the view was amazing. The castle was amazing.....Your panaramic was amazing...

Karen Kemp, Canada

thank you veryyy much.

fatemeh mousavi, Iran

I have been there in 1950 and again 1990.It is no doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Robert Denison, USA

We visited Castle in 1992 for second time.

Robert Denison, USA

I was stationed in Vienna, Austria and spent severl weeks in rehab in 1950 in Garmisch-Partenkichen and one of our side trips was to this castle. This was and still is an outstanding sight. Thanks for the wonderful views.

Glenn Brunner, USA

very well captured

Parminder Kaur, India


Raymond Lee

WE visited the castle in 1953 while stationed in Germany. Thanks for the wonderful revisit.

Jewell Greer, USA

Amazing view, very nice place. I was there.

Simona Stancuta, Romania

Stunning! Can't wait to visit in 2014

Sandi Bonenberger, USA

Absolutely gorgeous and amazing!!!

Mimi Lee, USA

I was stationed in Fussen in 1950-51 with the 70th FA Bn and visited the castle several times. Back then you could take interior pictures.

kenneth smith, USA

My husband and I visited this castle in 1986 and Schloss Linderhof in 1990 when we were back to see the Passion Play. It is a beautiful area.

Lucy Larson, USA

A most beautiful castle - I remember my 2 visits once in 1971 and again with my son when he was 21 in 2003. Also remembering the catle being used for the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Enchanting.......

John Hurst, United Kingdom

This brought back so many memories, went to this castle in 2005 & 2007, would dearly love to see it again, maybe one day.

Hannah Delconte, Australia

Great presentation. Like all the fairy tale castles you dream about. Now I will have to look up the history of it. I appreciate all your hard work to photograph it.

Marlene Craig, USA

J'adore! It's really really fantastic!!Thanks for presenting so excellent view.

Congxia Wang, China

Thank you so much,My Daughter and I visited the Castle in 2007.and stayed at the Hote Muller,taking the Horse drawn cart up to the castle.At the age of 85 I climed to the top , all 350 steps and back again. it was the most wonderful day of my last visit to Europe. Would love to return and do it all over again, but at 90 I fear that I will have to repete your show when ever I want to return to see Neushwanstein

Cliff Campbell, Australia

Lovely photos - they took me back to my visit to the castle in 1968.

Linda Ironside, Canada

While I am aware of the weather conditions that prevail around the castle, I think you should have considered staying a few more days, perhaps venturing a little ways north to Oberammergau, giving the weather a chance to improve. The Schloss Neuschanstein is a very beautiful sight, especially from the footbridge in the rear, and it deserves every opportunity to show its beauty.

William Forte, Germany

I think the pictures are marvelous with the music
that sets the mood. I have religious sisters in Waldbreitback, West Germany.

Sister Mary Antonice Delury,osf., USA

I admire it really! A wonderful Castel and View and the narrated histories also. I am proud to visit it! that was a trip arranged by my respected chie,i am also thankful for that.

Kebede Hailu, Germany

Very nice - my wife and I rode the bike path that runs from Wurzburg down to Fussen - about 400km - a great experience. We found a B&B with a great view of the castle and spent a few days there.

Bob Block, USA

Beutiful! Outstanding! The music made everything heavenly!

Paige Preston, USA

Made me homesick for my beautiful Bavaria, my place of birth.

Kristina Beecroft, Australia

Thank you for taking me back to my birth country -even if only in spirit. My first visit to Neuschwanstein was also on a rainy, foggy day and your fabulous pictures remind me of happy childhood days. It's beautiful - rain or shine!

Elisabeth Oehler

I wish I were younger than my 82 years. I have admired this castle all of my life. The pictures are great! I wish that someone could go through the whole castle and take more pictures of the whole inside for those of us that can't make the trip!! Kittos!

Curtis Jacobs, USA

The foggy one from directly above the castle is breath-taking! A perfect light and mood! I am a photgrapher myself (simontoplak.com) and live in Fuessen.I know the place well, also from the aerial view by flying with the hangglider over it. As you better should not try flying through the fog you never have the chance to get that amazing perspective. All your other pictures are also really well done!

Simon Toplak, Germany

Just returned last week from a self-drive tour around Germany, and Neuschwanstein Castle was a highlight for us, on a crystal clear May day. Although they don't allow pics to be taken during the tour of the castle, we managed to get some great pics from outside. Be sure to leave the bus terminal with an hour to spare, and catch the bus or horse and cart up the hill, as it is very exhausting racing up if you are running late. The interior artworks are simply breath-taking and awe inspiring. Well worth the visit.

David Birch - Ausralia, Australia

Beautiful !!! the most outstanding collection of photographs I have ever seen. Outstanding!! Âû

Paul Ratzlaff, USA

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

Belle Sullivan, USA


John Nabet, USA

I had visited Neuschwanstein Castle when i was in Germany years ago, thatz where I fell in love with this place and my Husband (we were not married then). This place is till day my fairy tale. and thanks to Anna and team for such a wonderful view which is extremely good and brings them to life again.
-Kanchana Rathish.

Kanchana Devi, India

Again very good and evoking so so many fond thoughts of days that have gone by. Thank you this.

John Arthur Thomas, India



My recently deceased husband and I were so very thrilled to see and tour(the part that was permitted) this beautiful castle. I can't even begin to describe how we felt as we stood there and tried to take in its beauty and that of its surroundings. Germany is an exquisite country and the people were all so gracious to us. I'll forever treasure the memory of my late husband's thrill as he took picture after picture. Thank you for some fantastic memories.

Rita Lawrence, USA

We are pleased with your message, Rita. Thanks for coming here!

Varvara, AirPano

Wonderful! Germany, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with its beautiful nature and of course, the castles! I hope one day I can visit this castle! You must also make photos of the Black Forest! Keep on the beautiful job! :) Greetings from a brazilian who lives in Curacao, in the dutch antilleans!

Gisele Menezes van Sermondt, Netherlands Antilles

Thanks for the greetings! It's nice that you visited us and we are thankful for the comment you left.

Varvara, AirPano

I grew up in GERMANY and have visited the CASTLE 3x in summer & winter...it is simply breathtaking!
Your panoramas are amazing...thanks for sharing.

Christel R Phillips
Green Valley, AZ

Christel Phillips, USA

I visited a few years ago and although the photographs are wonderful and bring back so many memories you really have to actually be there,it is unbelievable how this castle was even built and I wonder why the King needed so many rooms!I loved the Grotto,and swans everywhere.Thanks to the photographers.

Vivien Nahmias, Israel

It is nice to get this message from you. Thanks!

Varvara, AirPano

so beautiful!!And the music is also good,let me feel that like a dream!

August Finger, China

it's so beautiful. thanks for sharing

mila edrada, Philippines

very beautiful view.hope one day there would be a Chinese mainland city

Kexin Liang, China

excelente obra, bellisimo paisaje, entorno natural espectacular, gente hermosa que nos recibió - año 2001, menencantaria regresar

graciela Rachi, Argentina

Guys you are really amazing....Incredible work. Thanks for sharing.

Sachin !!



Verry good. I like it

sovia yuli astuti, Indonesia



estuve ahi en l981.Me hicieron revivir maravillosos momentos.Gracias....

maria fricke, Chile


Kinjal Shah, India

MY,MY what a dream, spectacular,I first read about this schloss many years ago, I first saw it in the 50's with my husband, been there several times , hope to revisit this year ,I complement you on your artistry ALL your photography is magnificent,WELL done excellent work schloss Herrenchiemsee, is also one of Ludwig's

Elizabeth Kubicek, Australia

In 1991, when our German-born son-in-law, our youngest daughter, and their 2 yr old Kandace, were stationed in Worms, Germany, we left Kandace and their little Yorkie with her grandmother in Landshut and our kids took us to visit this castle. We walked all the way up the hill and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also visited a couple of other castles built by Mad King Ludwig. Best 3 weeks of our life!

Wilma Curtis, USA

Thank you! We are touched by your opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

maravillas y emociones es lo que tu nos das dejandonos ver cosas tan hermosas q muchos no podriamos aunque quisieramos llegar un dia a poder observar gracias mil por permitirnos soñar

Maria Elcy Correa, Colombia

Estamos contentos que podemos regalarle estos momentos alegres.

Varvara, AirPano

Maravilloso, muy hermoso, lo he visto 3 veces, y lo he mostrado, es muy bello su trabajo felicitaciones.

alonso rodriguez, Colombia

This is gorgeos,thanks for show us the beautiful of this planet

Amparo Echeverry, Colombia

beautiful pictures .hope to go there one day.
by the way what is name of the hauntingly wonderful music being played ? thank you

peter valdez

We are grateful for your message left. As for the music, follow this link http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php and you'll know.

Varvara, AirPano

Que bonito lugar, que gran paisaje, que envidia a las personas que pueden viajar a ese lugar y más a los que viven en ese pueblito... :)

Mario Portillo, El Salvador

Muchas gracias por todas estas maravillas de panorámicas virtuales que podemos disfrutar, viéndolas gracias a Usted.
Muchas gracias

juan rodriguez, Spain

It's amazing.
Obrigado por compartilhar!!!

Fabiano Becatini, Brazil

grandiosas todas las tomas,gracias por compartirlas.

felipe fajardo, USA




dhanakoti rao, India

sharon liu, other...

It is just MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!

3li il-mulla, Kuwait

How wonderful it would be if we all lived in peace
to enjoy the wonders of all the beauty in all the
countries and the people.

Gordon F. Snider, Canada

Wspaniałe foto.Pozdrowienia z Gdańska

Jan Możejko, Poland

I wish there was someone in my life. Who will take me to this place. It is a virtual paradise. If I had been living at the property. I will practice Dharma. Until my life would perish from this earth. Thanks for sharing the good things to human consumption.

Aunnada Panbubpha, Thailand

Excellent Website about aerial view of various places Thanks for sharing this link



german porras, USA


patriciacorina caravalho, Brazil

Es el castell de fades més impressionant del món.
El vam visitar fa 14 anys i ens va enlluernar tant el castell com l'entorn.
Ara si que es veu amb tot el seu esplendor i sense boira.
Us felicito per les magnífiques vistes!. Enhorabona airpano!.

Jordi Cunill

you make my dream comes true - my fairytale castle I wanted to visit but not likely for my age.This is heavenly beautiful at all angles. Thanks for sharing, you are fantastic.

Mary Wong, Malaysia

Thank you. We aprreciate your opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

Thanks for this, it's awesome. I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. My wife (Marijana) and I visited Neuschwanstein twice...first in Winter 1994, in the snow, and then again in the Autumn of 2010. The second visit was just a few weeks before she died, so this is the last place we visited together. Thanks again.

Deon Reynders, Australia

It's nice to hear that. Thank you for visiting us.

Varvara, AirPano

i like this very very much

karthik reddy, India

les quedò espectacular, gracias por esas panoràmicas.

eider roa ramirez, Colombia

I think if requested a special permission of the United Nations to photograph the World Heritage it should grant

Juan Quiles, Spain

Oh, it would be great

Varvara, AirPano

Very good. hugs. Claudio antonio

Claudio Antonio, Brazil

very nice place ... thank you !!!

Morteza Fallah, Iran

So pretty!
I'm always anxious for the next e-mail.

Suzi Borges, Brazil

I know the Castle. Impressive not so colorfull as one we have in Portugal: Palácio da Pena.
I hope you some day come to Portugal!

Best regards and continue your good work,

Érico Rocha

Érico Rocha, Portugal

Sheer beauty and fantasy in the stills. What Magic! The style of the photography itself reminds me of 19thc Romantic Art paintings. I loved the fly-over in order to get perspective and setting. The castle was also featured in an old American movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Dick Van Dyke.

Meryl Wieder, USA

Thanks a lot for your comment, Meryl. We appreciate your interest in this pano.

Varvara, AirPano


Chiara Pampo, Italy

good. but not best. Matcho picho was best. thanks for you for your top Idea and site.

boheira Tavakoli, Iran


Stephen Senio, USA

I grew up looking at this castle from our living room window. I went to school at Hohenschwangau Gymnasium and made my first money acting as a guide in that castle. I was so afraid that visitors would ask questions about history, but all they wanted to know was where the washrooms were and when the next tour started. Well some wanted to hear more about mad King Ludwig, but that was easy. Does anyone know that there many more interesting castles nearby, such as the one Ludwig II grew up in (Hohenschwangau). It's within walking distance. There is another one he built not far away, called Schloss Linderhof, well worth a visit.
BTW, when I entered the working world and moved away, I was amazed that there are flat areas, with no mountains and no castles and wondered how people could live without any scenery.
Thanks for taking me back to my childhood hometown.

Edith Huber, USA

Many thanks for your informative message and it gives us pleasure to have your opinion here.

Varvara, AirPano

I have, since I was a little girl, been dreaming to go to a castle like this!! For financial reasons I dont think I will EVER go there, but now at least I can see it up close and personal. Thank you so MUCH!

Margaretha Grobler, South Africa

We are glad you enjoyed it. Regards!

Varvara, AirPano

mil felicidades,con ese don que DIOS le dió y el ser tan bondadoso de compartir tantas bellezas que DIOS le ha permitido admirar y disfrutar gracias por este gran regalo para tanta gente que solo así puede viajar y disfrutar. DIOS LO SIGA BENDICIENDO


We are grateful for your interest in this panorama.We hope, you’ll visit us soon again.

Varvara, AirPano

My favorite castle! The King Ludwig II would be happy to see these wunderfull pictures...

Michèle Isaac, Belgium

when i visited my homecountry germany,my sister and my brotherinlaw took us there,it was absolute fantastic,and your pnoramas are just wonderful,thank you so much,wonderful,keep the good work up

doris esser, Canada

We are happy you enjoyed it!

Varvara, AirPano

Hej Guys,
I would like to thank you for these wonderful images, for all the efforts you spend on them. And many thanks to make them available for the Internet community.
Keep motivated!

Werner Feilner, Germany

Thank you too! We are motivated by your interest and kind attention.

Varvara, AirPano

Excelent job.
Like real life, but in sunny days is more wonderfull...

Juliano Fraga, Brazil


James Wynne, USA

I cannot pick a favorite. You do our planet a great service by showing its beauty in all its glory. What a sublime and even spiritual inspiration you all had to come up with such an amazing idea. Bravo!

Karen Nichols-Rexwall, Sweden

Thanks a lot! We liked you liked ;)

Varvara, AirPano

fantastico, hermosos panoramas gracias

alfredo nieto, Mexico

Peut-on partager ces vidéos sur Facebook ?

claude cascio, France

I've been there 2-3 times but never get such a beautiful views like this. Thanks...

Prakmard Suwanasing, Thailand

yes, we aimed at unusual panoramic views. enjoy them!

Varvara, AirPano

Beautifull. Your pilot is darn good. I fly RC planes because I am unable to master the helicopter. Keep up this good work

George Brejnik, Slovakia



It's nice to hear that from you. Thanks a lot!

Varvara, AirPano

Χριστίνα γειά σου σου το στέλνω να το δείς και εσύ και να το ψάηεις και από μόνη σου.Κάνε κλικ στη παραπάνω φοτό για να δείς και μετά θα το βρείς και εσύ.Εντάξυ;Καλή συνέχεια και καλή σου μέρα να έεις.ΛΗΤΩ ΚΑΡΝΕΖΗ.

Christina Konstantatou, Greece

It would be better if you wrote in English, please.

Varvara, AirPano

Hi.Its beautiful foto.Very i like this airpano foto .L.K.


Sencillamente...fabuloso!!.- La niebla le da un toque maravilloso.-
Fantásticas fotos!!

Roberto Zúñiga, Venezuela

Muchas gracias! Agradecemos por el comentario!

Varvara, AirPano

Hi ur work is a great
feeling that I saw yet THANKS A LOT

iran irani, Iran

Your film is really great and the fog makes it look even more beautiful and dream like. I also love the stills.

Christine Kitchen, France

gracias, el sueño de mi vida es viajar y ustedes me brindan el mejor regalo al compartir esos bellos lugares

irene gomez, Mexico

Neuschwanstein: super ,Ik ben vele keren geweest.
fantastische fotos

warner Deuling, Netherlands

I should go,wow

abir momeni, Iran


Majid Akbari

Gyönyörü képek,szinte megnyugtató ,gratulálok az elkészitöinek.További sikereket kivánok,és köszönet érte hogy részesei lehetünk e földi csodáknak......

Ildiko Martinsky

Csodásak a képek,kár a nagy köd miatt.Igen,tudom,hogy fent a hegyekben milyen hamar leül a köd.

Martina Fischer

PARABENS!!! Espetáculo!
Nunca havia visto a cidade que existe na base - muito lindo, imagine quanta história esse lugar tem pra contar!

I had never seen the city that exists at the base - very beautiful, imagine how much history this place has to tell!

Basileu Azara

stupendo: sono rimasta a bocca aperta

olga pigatto

Your pano's are just amazing ... congratulations!

Johan Thoen

S U P E R, AMAZING, i'll buy this castle.

Greetings, Pierre, Roeselare, Belgium.

Pierre vergote

Fantastic! I was amazed!

maziar Abbasi