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Virtual tour of Iceland

Iceland is a far and mysterious country with a legendary history.

Once upon a time, Norwegian captain Floki Vilgerdarson was going to sail and took three ravens with him. On the tenth day he let the first bird fly and it flew to the East, back to Norway. Next day captain let the second raven fly but it flew back: it was too far from the shore. And on the third day the bird flew to the West. Here it was a long-awaited new land! But captain''s joy lasted not much: the land was a desert, unfriendly and ice covered isle. Floki called that place Iceland - a country made of ice. This story let people know about the far and cold land; where earlier there wasn''t a human foot.

Even nowadays it''s rarer to see a local inhabitant foot than a foot of a tourist: Iceland is a country with the lowest population density in Europe. On the territory of 103 thousand square km (12 thousand of which are covered with ice) a little more than 320 thousand people live there. Particular this helped to save Icelandic nature in its primeval and majestic beauty.

By the way, it''s curious that in 2007 the UNO recognized Iceland as the best country of the world to live in. However, the crisis of 2008 hit the country so much that in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, even both fast food restaurants Mc Donald''s were closed.

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Iceland is the most beautiful country in the world. Views here are amazing but personally is much better ! I truly recommend visit Iceland because is the real paradise on earth !

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Mohammad ghorbani, Iran

very nice !!!!!

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I wich to visit this country "ISLAND"

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As fotos em 360graus do airpano.com são excelentesm melhor não há!

Gostaria de ver Istambul em 360 graus.

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Marvellous !

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It has been a life-long dream to see those places. Thank you a million times.

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Linda tomada de imagem!!!!!!!

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