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World / Europe / Greenland / Landscapes of Greenland. Part III

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Landscapes of Greenland. Part III

Earlier we have published photo panoramas and two parts of 360° video of Greenlands icebergs. Now we present a third part of 360° video which continue to show us some amazing landscapes of this northern country.

Greenland is the world's largest non-continental island with a territory of 2,130,800 square kilometers. The shores are carved by deep long fjords, reaching the edge of the ice sheet. The glaciation of Greenland's territory began during the anthropogenic period (a geological period that started 2,588 million years ago). Today the ice sheet covers 1,834,000 square kilometers of the island, creating the unique Greenland scenery.

The cold East-Greenland current washes over the east coast of Greenland. Floating icebergs block the entire east coast almost all year round. The water in the north coast is constantly covered with ice, and the only relatively warm area is the southwest coast, thanks to the warm West-Greenland current.

Mouth of ice fjord

The town of Ilulissat is located in the western part of the island. As Greenland is an administrative unit within the Kingdom of Denmark, the town has a Dutch name as well — Jakobshavn.

Tourists come here to see the Ilulissat Icefjord filled with icebergs. It is 40 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide; the thickness of the ice in its lower part is 150 meters. Since 2004 Ilulissat Icefjord has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides picturesque icebergs, Ilulissat is also known as the birthplace of the famous polar explorer and anthropologist Knud Rasmussen. There is also a unique "Museum of Cold". In other words, there is plenty to see in Ilulissat, so we invite you to get acquainted with this amazing little corner of Greenland!

Authors of the video: Stas Sedov, Sergey Shandin and Ivan Roslyakov

24 June 2016

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so good

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Well-done Airpano! Well-done!

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very good -thanks

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Most entertaining ..job well done.


Many thanks for taking a tropical arm chair traveler, who lives in sultry heats of India, to the polar ice caps.
Many thanks.

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Thanks for very nice video. Good work !


Very nice video, thanks

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic

A very joyful journey!

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