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Angel Waterfall of Venezuela - The World's Highest Waterfall

In March of 2011, Dima Moiseenko flew to Venezuela to shoot Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall. Due to extremely unstable weather conditions that covered the region, a long distance and technical difficulties the photo session lasted for two days. However, all of these difficulties were overcome. Dima managed to shoot Angel Falls and two other waterfalls that flow from the Tepui. He also managed to shoot some spherical panoramas while flying over the gold mines.

First part of the photo shoot (near the waterfall) can be seen here

Now we invite you to a virtual tour: Angel Waterfall of Venezuela — The World's Highest Waterfall

During last several years we have shot aerial panoramas of the world's most famous and exotic waterfalls: Iguazu Falls in Brazil/Argentina; Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe; Black Waterfall in Iceland...

Naturally, when I came across discounted tickets to Margarita Island (the Mecca of windsurfers and kite boarders) in Venezuela, Salto Angel (Angel Falls) seemed an easy target. It is a well-known fact that Angel Falls is the highest in the world!

The highest point of the falls reaches 979 meters, with water falling from a height of 807 meters. The height of the falls is so great that by the time it reaches the ground it becomes tiny particles that turns into fog.

It should also be mentioned that Venezuela is a unique country. In addition to having Hugo Chavez and the unusually cheap price of gasoline (it only cost 100 rubles to fill up a Jeep), it is also home to the Tepui Mountain formation.

Tepui (or Tepuy) is a strange-looking mountain with a flat top called a "table-top" (because it is flat like a table). These unique geological formations are found mostly in the Venezuelan Guiana Highland in South America.

The word ‘Tepui' comes from the language of the Pemon Indians. Tepui means ‘house of the gods'. The Tepui formations are completely isolated from each other. The Tepui towers over the jungle making it a home to unique plants and animals.

According to the article in Wikipedia the Angel waterfall was discovered when American aviator Jimmie Angel flew over Tepuy on 16 November 1933 on a flight while he was searching for a valuable ore bed.

Returning on 9 October 1937, Angel tried to land his Metal Aircraft Corporation Flamingo monoplane El Río Caroní; atop Auyan-tepui, but the plane was damaged when the wheels sank into the marshy ground, and he and his three companions, including his wife Marie, were forced to descend the tepui on foot. It took them 11 days to make their way back to civilization,via the gradually sloping backside but news of their adventure spread, and the waterfall was named Angel Falls in his honor.

Here you can also find some of the highest waterfalls in the world. Imagine kilometers-high mountains with steep vertical walls and flat tops in the middle of dense jungles. On these, water accumulates after even a slight amount of rainfall, eventually coming down in numerous waterfalls.

Angel Falls is just one of the waterfalls but it's the highest one since it is almost a kilometer tall. This attribute gives Angel the status of being "the highest waterfall in the world." Other affluent rivers descent from the same Auyantepui mountain, but they are "only" 200 — 300 meters high.

Since mountain waterfalls are fed by rain, travel time needs to be planned carefully. During the dry season, Angel is just a trickle of water. In the rainy season, it is a full-fledged waterfall. However, the weather is so unpredictable that it is possible to not see it in all of its glory, even in as much time as a month...

Although the current season turned out to be dry, our informers reported a recent heavy rainfall. This would yield a full-fledge waterfall — we had to hurry up!

While in Moscow, I researched that there was no helicopter service near the waterfall at the Canaima National Park. Small airplanes that successfully served tourists in this area wouldn't have worked for us. With this in mind, I started searching for transportation on the first day of my arrival to the island of Margarita. Angel Falls is located in the jungles of Venezuela, so anyone can only get there by air or river.

After 3 days of searching, I called a company that services the gold mines with a Bell-206 helicopter. The company is located 100 kilometers from the waterfall. It very well could fly "dear Russian guests" to the coveted Angel Waterfall in the first part of the day.

It took two planes, the Orinoco River crossing, and 8-hours long jeep ride to get from Margarita Island to the company office... But we are ready to go through all difficulties. So soon enough I found myself standing next to the yellow helicopter ready to take off.

The first day we took off at 7 am and arrived at the foot of Angel Falls at 8:15 am. The helicopter landed near the camp, from which a hiking trail led tourists to the waterfall. Our informers did not disappoint us: there was a full-fledged waterfall coming down from the mountain top. Even at a considerable distance, Angel made a strong impression on us. After falling from a kilometer-high distance water is broken in the particles at the foot of the falls. It leaves you standing in a cloud of "water fog" wondering where is this river coming from... It was down there, under a shower of a million tiny water droplets, at where it seemed that nowhere else could one feel the grandeur of the surrounding nature.

So, the final preparations for the flight were made, we removed the doors and the helicopter was ready for takeoff. Although the sky above the waterfall was clear, it was heavy overcast above Mount Auyantepui (from which flows Angel).

I decided that we should just fly to the mountaintop and wait there. We barely found a landing site among the "forest" of rock formations covering the top of the mesa.

It is only from a distance Tepui seem smooth, but in fact it has multi-metered crevices and steep walls ranging from a height of ten floors. It slightly limits your ability to move around the "table" surface. Within an hour blue gaps would open up in the clouds, only to close again. Unfortunately, they happened far away from the waterfall.

Suddenly, within about five minutes, an ascending cloud engulfed us, and we were in dense fog. Within hours, the fog was so thick that the pilot not only refused to do the photo-shoot, but also did not even consider taking off. This kilometer-high cliff and the clouds emerging from down below would excite us at any other time. But now, unfortunately, we were seriously stuck on top of the mountain. The pilot's words didn't encourage us either: he mentioned that fogs like this could last more than a day.

However, we were lucky. By lunch time, the fog started to thin out, so we took off. The pilot found a gap in the fog and we quickly and joyfully flew down to the camp. Throughout the descent I felt something surreal — we were flying through a tunnel of fog that formed around us. I managed to get one shot before the top of the mountain completely disappeared from our sight.

When we reached the ground and started to hang the helicopter doors back in place, the waterfall, as if it were laughing at us, suddenly appeared in all of its beauty. The dense wall of fog had completely dissipated in ten minutes!

Although the high clouds over Auyantepui persisted, I decided to shoot spherical panoramas with the available light. As a result, I was able to capture all the targeted locations during the first day (but with remnants of clouds and fog, and no sunlight).

In the evening, I put together previews of these panoramas on my laptop: unfortunately it didn't give me satisfaction.

I decided to fly back to Angel on the second day. This time we flew out from a village of gold miners simply called "88 km". One hour ride to the waterfall. The sky was overcast. What was the weather like at the waterfall? It is over 90 kilometers away. No one knew.

When we landed at the base camp at 8 o'clock in the morning, the waterfall was not visible at all. Even Auyantepui mountain walls were completely covered with constantly growing fog. 

At 10 o'clock, about half of the waterfall became visible. By 11 o'clock, the top started to appear. I decided to go ahead and take off to shoot the cloud in the middle of the waterfall.

I set my second camera with a telephoto lens on a tripod to capture the helicopter with Angel Falls in the background. The camera was programmed to automatically capture the waterfall (shooting in 5 second intervals) with my helicopter in sight.

The sky above us was grey. As we took off and began to ascent, the top of the waterfall disappeared once again in the fog... Never the less, I shot one spherical panorama... On the second lap around, I felt like there was something wrong with the camera. It turned out that my shutter was malfunctioning. We had to go down, change the camera, and once again... wait.

The sky suddenly became clear and by 12:30 it was almost completely blue, but... as ‘Murphy's law' would have it, both Angel waterfall and the top of Auyantepui were still invisible.

So, for the sake of not wasting time, I decided to capture the nearby waterfalls. We circled around a magnificent 300-meter high waterfall with a scary name "Dragon". Then we moved to "Salto Cortina" with two cascades of 200-meters each. Still Dragon waterfall was my favorite — located in a very beautiful place and surrounded by the cliffs on three sides, it made one of the best panoramic views.

At the end of shooting the Dragon Waterfall, I saw that the cloud above Angel had lifted. We then immediately flew back. Within just a few minutes the fog was completely gone, and I started shooting Angel Falls from above.

It was one o'clock in the afternoon, only the very top was in the sun and the bottom of the falls was covered in shade. It lasted 15 minutes. I managed to get a helicopter to fly 800 meters from the mountaintop along the falls down to the ground and shoot about a dozen spherical panoramas. It was particularly difficult to shoot at the bottom of the falls. Water vapor completely enveloped the helicopter, so much so that I had to clean the lens after shooting each panorama. While shooting my next spherical photo, I saw that a low cloud at the top of the waterfall was only slowly moving in; however, I made it. On the ground, in the camp, while our pilot fixed the removed doors, I looked back only to see that the cloud had completely covered the waterfall... This is how nature treats us: she gives us 15 minutes in 2 days!

On our way back we spotted surreal red and green colors down on the ground. It turned to be the gold mines!

After a bit of quarreling, the pilot agreed to hover over the mines with a removed door for a small tip. But he warned us that if locals see a man with the camera, they might start shooting. The prospect of running into an angry gold-digger was not the ‘gold at the end of the rainbow' so to speak. At the same time I remembered how the pilot exaggerated about spending the night in the fog at the top of the mountain, and decided to risk it.

The most popular association people make with the gold mines is the city of El Dorado. According to the legend, the Spanish explorers of South America encountered many people that wore gold jewelry and used gold products in their daily lives. There arose a myth of a gold city, which according to the legend, was located somewhere on the border of modern Columbia and Venezuela. This story of El Dorado drew the Spaniards deep into the heart of the continent. Although El Dorado has never been found, variations of the legend can still be heard across the land of Venezuela.

Only upon our return home, we found out we were circling over one of the major gold mines. They have open-pit gold mining here, which explains its bright red clay. Gold miners live in the village, located directly at the borders of the mine. It's called Ciudad Dorada. Sounds very much like El Dorado, doesn't it?

And although I did not see the Golden City, I am glad that the flight over the mines went well. Perhaps the miners were tired of working at the 40-degree heat and the humidity of the jungle, or the rain scared them off (the rain that came with a rainbow). Or perhaps our pilot did his job well to earn the tip. But no one even paid attention to us, so we finished our photo shoot in one piece.

On our way back, I finally had that feeling of satisfaction from my finished work. Everything went well. The mission to shoot Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, as well as its beautiful surroundings, was now a success.


Photo and text by Dmitry Moiseenko

12 November 2011

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Great !! Please continúe calling it Ángel Falls or Kerepacupay Vena. Those are its legitimate names both un Spanish and Pemon. It is located in Canaima national park, World Heritage Site. Sadly Hugo Chavez carried gold mining into its heart All miners and foreign forces must leave!!

Surumoni Yekuana, Armenia


Daniel Chirinos, Venezuela

Rất đẹp, hình ảnh rõ nét và công nghệ chụp ảnh rất tuyệt vời. Cám ơn thông tin của bạn. Chúc thành công :

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El Salto Angel no solo es una maravilla de Venezuela, est#225 declarada como una de la maravillas del mundo. Es una maravilla de todo lo que DIIS le ha dado nuestra tierra. No debemos permitir ning#250n tipo de avecinamiento a #233l, es un PECADO MORTAL haber hecho un lugar tur#237stico cerca. Debemos protegerlo y conformarnos con este bell#237simo reportaje pero no permitir que ninguno se acerque ni mucho menos realizar ning#250n tipo de construcci#243n es un PECADO que el hombre destruya una obra del Se#241or como esta.

cynthia ofelia oviedo cardona, Venezuela

kudrat ka nayab karishma!!!

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Excelente calidad de fotografia ! Por favor mas nunca aterricen el elicoptero sobre el tepui ! Por que se muere cada vez que lo tocan ! Lo pido en nombre de mis ancestros los indigenas Pemon ! Observen sin dañar ....gracias

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Morales Diana Fernanda, Mexico

I could feel the pressure of the fog closing in around your helicopter and on your bodies as you descended the mountain in the mist. Fantastic and courageous photos that will enable many people to travel virtually to the magic places you've been. Thank you!
May I suggest you go to Ouro Preto and surrounding towns in the state of Minas Gerais, Brasil? 'Ouro Preto' translates to 'Black Gold' because when the Portuguese explorers 'discovered' the town they were seeking gold, but they only knew it was gold they'd found in Ouro Preto after taking samples of shiny black stones back to Portugal and realizing that Brasil's gold had been 'hidden' from them in two ways... first through the gold being covered with the black iron that is also found in the region, but also due to the fogs that hid Itacolomi (the mountain that became their reference point for relocating the gold they finally realized they'd found! That was only after they'd cleaned the iron deposits from the gold they'd brought back to Portugal.) Itacolomi, like Angel Falls, is also shrouded in fog (sometimes for days), and so the mine was protected until one sunny day when the fog burned off early, and the reference point of Itacolomi could be seen.

Today Ouro Preto is pretty much a tourist town, steeped in the legends and realities of its earlier days, and in the Catholic heritage of the Portuguese bandeirantes, as well as the Portuguese architecture and so many other rich expressions of days gone by... not to mention the language of Brasil (which many people in other countries still seem to be ignorant of... we do not speak Spanish... In Brasil we speak Portuguese!).
There are too many wonders and discoveries to be made in this rich country to put in this message... In fact, I suggest any trip to Brasil to be as long as possible... Like China, this huge country has secrets that can only be discovered by those with time and patience, courage and sense of adventure (and oh, yes, money).
Happy traveling and thanks for a beautiful trip to Venezuela, a place I've not yet been (physically), but thanks to your photos of Angel Falls feel as though I've at least been there... I have been in a helicopter from Machu Picchu to Qosco in Peru... What an indescribable sensation! It would be like trying to describe Foz do Iguaçu after 'discovering' it by walking to it on a foot trail in the national park that is shared with Argentina. INTENSE is the best and shortest way to talk about these natural wonders. I urge everyone to travel as much as possible while young and strong enough to really appreciate all the wonders they'll find.
Good luck to all of you! sincere appreciation, irene linda.
P.S. After first living in Ouro Preto, MG for 6 years, I now live in
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In Nov. 1977, I had the priviledge of visiting the Canaima falls for 4 days--While on the way to the falls, flying in a DC3, the pilot banked sharply and flew adjacent to Angel Falls which we viewed in panorama--
While at Canaima I had the priviledge of accompaning the native guide in his dugout canoe--going up under one of the falls--where he had hidden his soap, and showering with him in the waterfall---Your article brought back very vivid wonderful memories

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What a treat! Thank you so much for your pictures and your commentary. I don't know much more about W.H. Hudson's locations but I almost feel that I've visited Angel Falls.

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I was astonished when I came across Airpan site. What wonderful gift to web surfers. Thank you so very much!!

Joy Morrison, Canada

A Natureza é sábia. Ela põe tudo ao nosso alcance para sermos verdadeiramente felizes. Com a ajuda preciosa da AIRPANO, que me proporcionou este vislumbre e me transportou para este magnífico lugar através da encantadora melodia que a acompanha, senti-me filha legítima de um Deus Maior. Viajar é o meu passatempo predilecto. Assim que reúna condições necessárias para o fazer, quer em termos temporais quer em económicos, não excluo a possibilidade de visitar este magnífico País, Venezuela.
Encantei-me com o que li no site.Obrigada.
A todos os que me permitiram esta partilha um grande, grande BEM HAJA.
Rosa Costa, Sintra. Portugal

Rosa Costa, Portugal

Nature's wonderful creation

jagadisan coimbatore swaminathan, India

wonderful with gods creation of beauty and mystery with lovely music.
I love it!

Narendra Pradhan, India

I have been living in Carcas from 1957 to 1973 but have never go to visit much far from the capital. Just the north of the country, the wonderfull coast. So this was the happy chance in the last years of my life, to admire Angel Falls. I'll never forget Venezuela. It is my second country and I felt very happy to see so beautifull sights. Thanks to who made so magic work. God bless you.

Fernando Marçal, Portugal

so beautiful,so great of the work

ice ren, China

thank you for.....very goooooooooood

javad sharif, Iran


Sabir Ali saifi, India

Fantastic high definition pictures and 360 degree videos. Absolutely wonderful and very enjoyable.

Sat Paul Gupta, United Kingdom

Precioso, pero falta posibilidad de traducción al español.

antonio blanco alvarez, Spain

Thank you for refreshing my fond memories of this most spectacular natural phenomenon.Even after seeing most of Sth America and all of it's grandeur previously, the first sight of Angel Falls literally took my breath away. Again, thank you.

Sean Downey, Australia

Breathtakingly brilliantly beautiful
- felt I was in the plane with you. Thank you! So grateful for this chance to get close up to the waterfall that has always fascinated me.

sally cedar, United Kingdom

veyyyy nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amir amiri, Iran

Maravilloso y mágico lugar, el fotografo excelente!!!

Milagros Sananes, Spain


Madushan Adithya, Sri Lanka

Beautiful photograph of one of the greatest locations on this planet!! What a beautiful world we are all living in, let us not spoilt this beauty. So serene, so majestic

Ram Ananthraman, United Kingdom

One word I can say FANTASTIC photography


Amaaaazingg....!! I feel like asking that does such photography really exist..!! :-) Great job..!

Shruti Dewang, India

very very good

Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, Iran

the old guy from up moved there (:

alexandria king, USA

The most beautiful breath taking images ever seen.

Glynis LeBlanc, Canada

breathtaking!!! how beautiful the world is...

sara lotfi, Iran

great than ksforall those who work behind it

kuttiyantavida mamootty, India

I spent Christmas, 1957, in Canaima while teaching for Creole Pretroleum in Adaro. and was privileged to see Salto Angel. I remember Rudy Trufino well and have often wondered if he was still alive. I knew he married and had a family. It was a wonderful time in my life, and I thank you very much for the memory.

Barbara Dickerson, (now Porceddu although divorced, USA

speechless .... :):)

gagan bali, India

i would like to see angel falls in my life time

pavan sadhu shetty, India

It is a spectacular and awesome view,thanks to the souls behind this effort.

velusamy manohar, India

Its awesome. GOD has bless this entire world with beautiful things for man to enjoy. Looking at the different pictures one can feel how comforting and peaceful especially with the music playing. I really enjoy all. It a God's Gift to man I know just as how I am enjoying others will enjoy. My sister Linda Bonaparte send this to me I have to thank u for sending this to us. Thank u. God richly bless U Vilma Deane Rocke Trinidad & Tobago West Indies

vilma deane rocke, Trinidad and Tobago

Exellent photography a real joy to look at..well done.

Michael Gale, United Kingdom

From my reading of Conan Doyle's Lost World as a young person I have had a lifetime fascination for Mt Rorima. I've read histories, travel adventures and some geological accounts of the tepuis and would so love to visit: but if I cannot do so in this lifetime, I have now had a "peak experience" at Angel Falls. I am glad you had to struggle to acheive your stunning aerial panoramas-- it makes the result even more inspiring!

Gary Rees, USA

Bedankt om ons mee te laten kijken naar dit mooie wereldwonder. Mmijn dochter Barbara, die in Caracas woont, is nu de Angel Falls aan het bezoeken. Hopelijk heeft ze ook enkele mooie foto's kunnen schieten.

Colette Cappaert-Truant, Belgium

Absolutly stunning. Well done and thank you for sharing this beatifull experiance.

gary edwards, United Kingdom

absolutely stunning vista, what an amazing person you are, thank you for sharing this beauty

Susan Lett, Australia

Fantastic photograph

ravindran nair, India

The most beautiful pictures of places I will never see otherwise. It was totally enjoyed and will be visited again and again.

Thank you to 'you' that did this.

Sharun Houston, USA

Meh, OK I guess

Paul Brett, Venezuela

thank you for giving someone who will surely never travel to Angel Falls this magnificent opportunity to "experience" it.

Jo Anne Sanger, USA

Thank you. That's very beautiful.

mansore forghani, Iran



A beautiful landscape that offers my country Venezuela. Mother Nature left a beautiful work of art planted in this blessed land.
Thank you all for your comments to our beautiful land.

Ibraim Piñango, Venezuela

Excellent! Your panorama has inspired me to add Angel Falls to my bucket list!! Thank you very much. Dheeraj Chauhan. Mountain Guide India.

Dheeraj Chauhan, India

it should have been a running film , FANTASTIC.


Thank you so much what a treat, read the article wonderful site I will pass this on to others

jeannette johnston, USA

it really amazing or just beyond of description i cant find any words to describe my feelings.Thanks a lot

narmin muz, Azerbaijan

wonderful work by your guys. why don't you work on water resources those countries suffering from water scarcity and how the natural rivers water turns to useful purposes instead of wastly going into the oceans

suresh siddha, India

Though born in Honduras, Central America; I was raised in that virtue of nature called Venezuela. As past of a hydrological study team, I was blessed with the possibility of travelling through all the river courses in La Gran Sabana and the LLanos Centrales.... We tried once to escalate the wall but the weather was unforgiving and we had to cancel....
What AIRPANO has done with so many places is simply breathtaking!!!
Thank you so very much for bringing back wonderful memories and for sharing your art and work with the world.... Saludos Cordiales

Arturo Varela, Venezuela

What can I say! I lived in Caracas from 1954 - 1962 and in December 1957 I was invited by my good friend Rudi Trufino later called "Jungle Rudi" , his daughter is still managing his base-camp in Canaima), to take part in his first official trip to Angel falls
together with 2 other fiends and 2 Pemon indians.An Pemon canoe and a small aluminium boat with a small outboard motor was our transport to carry us and all our food for 7 days,hammocks,cameras etc.I always will remember the 4 days crossing many rapids up-river to come close to the falls, spending a "Happy New Year 1978" on the banks of the Churun river. next day we started our walk on
a long path along the river to reach a point to sea the falls.It took a while, then the fog lifted and with admiration we admired this natural
colossus of the Auyantepui and the veil of the the falls! Back to the camp, next day again to the falls and the next day shooting the rapids all the way back to Canaima.I thank you so much for the most beautiful pictures and they brought me back to this most unique part in the world. Having seen many places in the world, but Canaima/Salto Angel was my greatest adventure I ever had!Photography was always my hobby, and I salute you with heart-felt "Smile" Hanns Reiter, California, USA

Hanns Reiter, USA

Many thanks for this informative comment!

Varvara, AirPano

Its beautiful and breathtaking. Felt as if I have been there.

Parwin Kamaludeen, India

Great work full marks.. I loved watching this..

Manu Emmanuel, India

Awesome work!!! I REALLY enjoyed looking at this panoramic picture! Thanks for sharing such beautiful images and your talent with the world! I'd like to have a wallpaper of this image. Could you set that option in your webpage?

Carolina Alvarez, Venezuela

Superb superb superb !!!! Good and hard work nice

Jayesh Soni, India

Out of this world :)

Vaishali Pande, India

Beyond imagine! Simply great.

paresh shah jayantilal shah, India


Thiruvengadam soora, India


svannie svanidze, Georgia

Wanted to choose 6 stars for the rating.Brilliant work! It is so magnanimous of you to share it with everyone. Merci Beaucoup.

Sridhar Neelakantan, India

Grand merci ;)

Varvara, AirPano

Thank you verey beautifull.

maryam sharifi, Iran

Its got be the best photography ever, you can spend time looking at this beutiful world we live in, Only to be spoilt by war's, thankyou for letting everyone taking a look. Jack

jack stamper


I forgot all other words to express my feelings.

Rajasekaran Annamalai, India

EXCELLENT...."i really loved this panomara .it is so amazing and wonderfull waterfall that ive seen it since now.... thanks alot Congratulations"


Awesome pics.....recently I visited Victoria Falls...it was awesome too....

Mohammad Arifur Rahman, Bangladesh

All the coverages are extraordinary.This is one of the amazing job done by you Guys....Carry on.... and on on on on


Such stunning photography. Thank you for this trip! In 1979, I was flying a 1966 Cessna 182 around Venezuela, largely in support of my husband's work at an institute for water and forest research in Merida. A Canadian brother in law invited me to take them to Salto Angel...and so of course, we flew over the top and dropped down feeling like tiny flies against the immensity of the tepui face and the height of the falls. Unforgettable and I so enjoyed viewing these pictures. THANKS for the memories!

sally dickinson, USA

Masterful work! I last studied Salto Angel in 1978 to determine the origin of the waterfall. Unfortunately, very heavy rainfall so swelled the river that we were unable to reach the base and the geological study was never completed. Your photography has provided great insight, and I believe we now can understand how the waterfall formed and why it is there. I still need to sample rocks at the base before writing the scientific paper oroginally planned for 1979. I hope to return soon.

Patrick Gisler, USA

Feel sorry for anyone who can look at your wonderful pictures and not believe in God. A truly wonderful experience from an old man who knows.

H.L. Payne, USA

Simply Mesmerizing, awesome and Thanks to AIRPANO team for providing viewers such a great oportunity to view the heritage as well as natural sights in a 3-Dimensional never before experience.

Vinamra Trivedi, India

Visited the falls in August, 1998. It was wonderful including the boat trip from Canaima to the base of the falls, the hike up to near the top of the falls. We left our sailboat in Puarto la Cruz. Took the Exutivo bus to Ciudad Bolivar, where we stayed in a hotel overnight. Then to the airport for the flight to Canaima & canoe up the river to a base camp sleeping in a large pavilion in hammocks overnight. Then by large canoe (like the one in the photograph) to the base of the falls.

David & Joyan Rehberger, SV Madrigal, USA

Just breathtaking photos,excellent innovation on the part of team work.Keep up the good work,mother nature always the most beautiful.

Jagdish Khatwa, Thailand

Sir, The IDEA and the Photography is really really Amzing-Fantastic-Marvelous-Faboulas. Really enjoying the things....getting real bird view by best photography. Hope will get some more places. Thnx.

viren sheth, India

Your photos and panoramas are stunning!!! Many thanks for sharing these marvels of Nature and taking the trouble to write this making-of posts! We really appreciate it! The team at AirPano is awesome :) --- Best regards from Portugal, Ricardo Nuno Silva http://www.google.com/profiles/ricardo.nuno.silva

Ricardo Nuno Silva, Portugal

I loved the pics and the way they are captured from every angle.... Really ammmmaaaazing...Thanks a lot for giving me a wonderful experiance Airpano Team....Thank you...

Rashmi Devaraj, India

Than,s for all pictures and I visited and enjoyed. I would like to see more different picturs.

Mehran Aslani, Iran



"Excelent work. congratulation Airpano..."

shailendra mishra, India, India

Speechless, awesome, great photography, thanks a lot you guys.. my last word "He Is Great!" for being the creator of the universe.

Mawar M Muhidin, Malaysia

Thank you. Your opinion is very kind.

Varvara, AirPano

Its truly splendid job :)

Nagh Raj, India

I visited the falls in Feb.1999, flew from Margarita Island to the falls in a Rutuca Airline DC-3 and we made a big loop in front of the falls and like you were at the mercy of the clouds as we just finished the second loop in the canyon and the clouds closed in. Beautiful country, but dreaded the thought of the plane going down in that thick jungle, would never have been found. Seen Jimmy Angel`s airplane at the Cuidad Bolivar airport when we stopped there to refuel.

Gordon Meyers, Canada

I found this website by chance and I am so glad that I found it. Great photos, surreal experience and while reading the story I felt like I was there. I have never been to Venezuela, but I visited Colombia back in 1998. The photos of the Angel falls and the surrounding landscapes reminded me of the great landscapes and the emerald green colour that I saw in Colombia landscapes. Thank you Dima for being so generous and for sharing these wonderful photos with all of us. Keep up the great work.

Slobodanka Matakova Lakinska, Macedonia

ameiiiii...lindo lugar, sem comparação!!!

Cleidiano Trentin, Brazil

Great photography... We went to Angel Falls in 1999 and trekked up to the bottom of the falls, where we got spray from the falling and splashing waters.. Took a day up the river to base camp,day at the falls and day back... Had to fly in to get the dug out canoe.... After the visit, we barely got back to base camp and it rained cats and dogs. Filled a 50 gallon drum in 20 minutes and I counted 13 falls coming off the tapue - all over 2500 feet.... Wonderful trip... Highly recommended..

Gerry DeVane, USA


I-Fan Wu, Taiwan Region

Irada!!! Um dia chego ai!!

Bruno Carvalho, Brazil


Fabricio Maseto, Brazil

eu quero esta nesta paraiso.

luis luis carlos de oliveira, Brazil

Parabens! Lindo visual, lindo lugar, emocionante, curti muito.
Obrigado por compartilhar esta sensação com todos nós.

Cristiano Miranda, Brazil

SEM PALAVRAS...em breve estarei neste lugar!! A VIAGEM DOS MEUS SONHOS!!

Debora Peres, Brazil

Thank you for this wonder .. gorgeous gorgeous ... perfect .. god only god .. same .. glory

anderson lima, Brazil

excellent. wonder God`s creations. At least we have the opportunity to view from the computer when we will never be able to see in this world!!!!

ligoury fernandes, India

absolutely fantastic and stunning

shuja mumtaz, Pakistan

Excellant photography i have ever seen on any other site so far.

Dr Savji Patel, USA

Obrigada por tamanho presente - Bem haja - Que Deus VOS compense com tamanha partilha.

Emilia Maria Mateiro, Portugal

Best WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!

Rene Nortje, South Africa

Oh, dear! Can a country be so green as this?
However, it pains to see bald patches as in pictures 15 to 18.

Viswanatha Karanth, India

Amazing, Breath taking...

Mallikarjuna Raju, India

This is awesome...it is good to know that Angel Waterfall is the highest one in the world..your other coverages are extraordinary..Great work guys !!

Pradeep Bobby Bhatnagar, Australia

Fantastic job , I would love to thank the team which has done such a wonderful work to inspire us
Asutosh Sharma
New Delhi, India

Asutosh Sharma, India

excellent.very gooooooooooood job.thank you

sina hossein pour, Iran

Wonderful photography. Just like being there myself. The music chosen fits the beauty of the world.

Jody King, USA

This is absolutely incredible. The views are breathtaking. The quality of the pictures combined with the story you tell makes me feel like I went with you on your journey!
Thank you.

Tom Parshad, USA

good job man
i like it aloooooooot it,s cool pic.
i really loved this panomara
keep the good work

nasser dohan, Saudi Arabia

Too good.. simply amazing.. You people are doing great job.

Vishal Vijayvargiya

Incredible energy of your work,it is sublime, thanks

Maritza Olmos, Venezuela

Realmente sensacional.lindo.


Ildeu R.Silva Pará de Minas - minas Gerais

Ildeu raimundo da silva Silva, Brazil

Je suis tombé par hasard sur votre site et j'en ai eu le souffle coupé..;Ces vues sont merveilleuses et je voudrais les conserver très longtemps. J'ai vu quatre continents du monde (Amérique de Sud exceptée) mais n'ai jamais vu en quelques moments de telles beautés naturelles que je n'imaginais plus. Merci pour ces rêves offerts.......René DOLHEM

Dolhem René, France

Very beautiful! Great job! The music you picked to go with it goes right to my heart, I feel like I'm right there. Could you please tell me which song this is and the musician? Thankyou,Gina

Gina Stass, Canada

Hello, Gina. It's easy to know following this link http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php

Varvara, AirPano

Its Realy Beautiful. if i get a chance for go to venezuela i never missed Angel waterfall

Alstan Yohan Fedrick, Sri Lanka

This is my favorite place in the world! Strangely enough, i only know about it through the Heliamphora ,a type of carnivorous pitcher plant
that lives among the Tepuis. For the longest time however, i never even knew what the Tepuis were like! Through some pictures i finally got an understanding of scale and i learned of Angel Falls. But these extremely high resolution pictures made it feel like i was actually there! Five Stars!

Ethan Shankar, USA

It is beautiful

Gangadharan Kazhungil, India

Awesome, I'm very very like your app. When I watch your panorama pic and listen your sound, it make me imagined like I standing in this place. Cool guys.

Som Tan, Thailand

بسیار زیبا ودل انگیز



shivang gupta, India

Interesting story and These shots are 6 out of five.

Richard Miketon, Canada


amir fallahpour, Iran

Beautiful, beautiful photography. amazing falls.

polly holland, USA

10+ Finest Photography I ever had the pleasure of viewing. I'm looking forward to viewing and admiring your other works of arts.

Armond Cannella, USA

I really loved the photos, but most of all the story of your journey, great work.

I think this photos are a great way to feel so close to this wonderful place

Jessica Salamanca, Venezuela

While recognizing the beauty of these falls, my main thought was how did he do that? Incredible photography.

Herman Borkent, Canada


pkd dalai, India

My congraulations to involved in the Airpano Project, especially the photographer. Having lived in Puerto Ordaz, Ven. for 5 1/2 years while working at the Alcasa aluminum plandt in the late 70's and early 80's I was fortunate to have taken a charteer flight to Angle Falls amd Canaima.



杨 宪, China


林 红锦, China

Excellent work, Keep up the efforts, respect the nature & local customs/names etc.

Nitin Bartakke, India

مناظر تحبس الأنفاس وتشهد على عظمة الخالق
شكرا لأنكم نشرتم نلك المشاهد الرائعة على الملآ فيطلع عتيها
الناس من مختلف أنحاء العالم
Merci d'avoir publié ces prises de vue incomparables qui tiennent le souffle et qui montrent la grandeur du Créateur.

Elias MAKHOUL, Lebanon

Dear Elias, could you, please, write your messages in English because we understand neither Arabic nor French, unfortunately?

Varvara, AirPano

muy bellas fotos y un lugar bellisimo pero muy poco conocido turisticamente hablando,los felicito y gracias

luis galker, Argentina

Estoy profundamente asombrado de que haya personas capaces de hacer un trabajo tan completo y tan hermoso como este. Y que además tengan la generosidad de ponerlo a disposición del público de forma tan desinteresada.
Un cordial saludo con mi admiración y agradecimiento. J.Pozuelo (Madrid)

Juan Pozuelo, Spain

Le agradecemos, Juan, por su mensaje. Saludos!

Varvara, AirPano

wow wonderfull fentastic amazing morvaless brilliennt super

Rathnakaram ranga raju, India

Ojala en venezuela cambie la cultura de no valorar lo que se tiene, para despues extrañar lo que se tuvo. La Gran sabana necesita una recuperacion urgente, ya no es la misma, el hombre la esta destrozando!

Luis Valladares, Venezuela


jaffer tajdin, Rwanda

incredible in the world......

abdul gafoor k

That's the only word that comes to my mind after getting through this,Mother nature is amazing!

Thanks a lot for this wonderful work.

Shashank Suman, India


a min m ery, Iran


Dominick Critelli, USA


Eliana Daniel, Brazil

Simply amazing. Keep it up!

V GOPI, India

Thanks to your collaboration, I placed a link to the Angel Falls (Salto Angel) panorama in our Natura digital Magazine www.natura-digital.com.
It has been visited and seen 1378 times until today, April 5, 2012
I must post this note, in order to remind some readers to read and study the history of Angel Falls. It was Jimmy Angel a small mining plane pilot who discovered the fall in 1933. Local indigenous tribes have always had the belief or tepuis being homes of the demon, thus the name Canaima, which means that this tabletop mountains are the land of the devil. That is the reason for the local indigenous tribes never entered the Churun river valley and could not reach the fall site which is partly hidden by a dent in the side of the tepui. They do not want to climb up these mountains either for the same reason. There is no way to see angel falls from the distance. Only when an American female reporter wanted to measure the real height of the fall, actually hired a group of pemones from Kamarata, located south of the Auyan-tepui, to take her there by canoe. Only then, the pemones were able to reach the site and see the fall for the first time and then gave a local name to it. I would like to know why is it objectionable to use the name of its original discoverer just because it was a north american native? Do we have to change the name Bolívar in every plaza in Venezuela because he was not an indigenous person? What about Pico Bolívar, should we also change it? Thank you all, and to those who do not like the name Angel Falls please read and study before writing erroneous facts.

Carlos Rivero, Venezuela

Thank you for your message, Carlos. We are impressed by your comment and grateful for the link.

Varvara, AirPano

HOLA, la belleza se clasifica con la máxima puntuación, viendo las fotos te metes en ellas y vives una aventura hermosa, felicitaciones ¡

lucila jimenez, Venezuela

es una belleza pero tenemos que cuidarlos nosotros mismos los estamos destruyendo con nuestro descuido con incencios yla basura claro que es lo mas bonito ayudemos aconcerbarlos

veronica juarez, Mexico

Thank you. Muchas gracias.

Varvara, AirPano

Hvala, prekrasno!

biljana facini, Croatia

Increible!! No hay palabras para describir tan hermosos y màgicos escenarios y lo mejor es que esta en nuestra amada patria Venezuela!! Excelent... There´s no words to describe how perfect is Canaima... The Lost World... These pictures are amazing... Thanks for sharing and let's know the rest of the world about one of the most beautiful places in my country and the whole planet...Wonderful natural beauty !!!, Excellent job for worldwide. I am very proud of my country !!! Venezuela has magnificent lansdcapes that we can not find in any other ! I Love my country ! God blesses who promote the best of this beautiful place. Excelent work...thanks again

Moralba Monasterios, Venezuela

We are glad you visited us and we are happy you liked this pano. Good luck!

Varvara, AirPano

I could give this Panorama a solid 10.

Sadly I went 19 years ago, I don't live any more in Venezuela and I regret deeply that I never went back to that mystical place. As a photography aficionado, I love these panoramic pictures. As a nature lover, I hate seeing those damn open pit mines damaging the beauty of my country.

The helicopter pilot was right usually those miners will shoot anything with a camera that moves, they don't want anyone to know how they are ripping apart the jungle.

Thanks for the beautiful panoramic pictures, keep the amazing work.

Axel Cortez, Venezuela

Thanks a lot for your sincere opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

Excelet work, Thanks to God for creating like this,Thanks for sharing.

tomchilambil chilambil, India


Susan Fortuna, Australia

To all of you: friends of the wonderful Kerepakupai-Meru, Canaima, (Original Name) called mistakenly 'Angel Fall'. I am a Venezuelan. In November, 2011 visit Canaima. I share with all of you this beautiful feeling that is born in the soul when there is visited this indescribable place of Tepuy Canaima and its majestic fall of water, Kerepakupai-Meru, or 'Jump to the deepest Place, if you preffer to said it in English. We, the Venezuelans, do not accept to change the original name of this cataract into the personal name of a north american stranger called Jimmy Angel, who in an ocación visited Canaima and for that reason it has dared to change the original name of the above mentioned cataract. Although this marvel in Venezuela is for the enjoyment of all those who want to visit it and go there to obtain these beautiful images, and the memory of those who with so much love and professionalism guided us for the rivers and the ways of the Big Canaima, refer to the Natives Pemones, They, the natives of the Canaima, they were that for all its years of existence in this area gave him the original name of Kerepakupai-Meru to this cataract, which meaning is in Spanish 'Salto al Lugar Mas Produndo and this way it must be known in the world, with its original name.From Venezuela I make come my deep gratitude to all those who have made possible the diffusion of this comprising video of the incomparable Canaima. And For all those whom want to visit Canaima, do not hesitate to do it. Here we are waiting for all of you with open arms, you will be always welcome.

Vicky Gonzalez, Venezuela

Many thanks for your extremely informative message, Vicky. We are glad you visited us. Hope, you’ll visit us again soon. Good luck!

Varvara, AirPano

1xűen lenyűgöző,fantasztikus,lélegzetelállító

Tóth Imre, Hungary

very beautiful. please send me music 1.

faezeh yasi, Iran

Perfect perspective, a mysterious beauty in front of surface.

兴华 温, China

I visited Angel Falls in 2010; 7 hours by dug out Canoe along the river from Canaima. Climbed up to the base of the falls through the humid jungle. Luckily weather was great from time to time. In Canaima there are 3 wide falls where one could walk behind two of them with an enormous curtain of water in front of you. Canaima Lagoon too is beautiful with unusual reddish coloured water. Thanks for the super presentation with wonderful background music. Otlichno!
Nobel Peace Prize should be given to persons like you for unifying the aspirations of the peoples of the world, instead of the war mongers.

Chandra Wijayatilake, Sri Lanka

muy cierto es que el salto Angel es un paisaje muy hermoso,unico en su estilo al igual que Canaima,pero tambien es muy cierto que es grotescamente muy caro,excesivamente muy costoso,tanto que los precios son en dolares aunque estos se paguen al cambio preferencial de 4,30,pero que siguen siendo absurdo al igual que ir a los Roques,demasiado caro,por lo menos en nuestra ciudad de Maracaibo comprar un paquete de 3 dias y 2 noches para viajar a estos lugares es tan brutalmente costoso que es preferible ir a Buenos Aires o algun otro lugar fuera de Venezuela,aquel Venezolano que este de acuerdo conque vale la pena pagar lo que sea por que es nuestro pais y hay que apoyar lo nuestro,entonces sencillamente apoya la corrupcion,estoy mas bien de acuerdo en que se tome control de este exsabruto de precios

Erwin Duarte, Venezuela

Thank you very much for the opinion left. Could you, please, leave your messages in English next time?

Varvara, AirPano

¡Muchas Gracias!
Excelente labor la que hacen por dar a conocer las maravillas de nuestro planeta. Sigan con su excelente proyecto, disfrutenlo haciendolo y esten seguros de que su trabajo motivará a mucha gente a tomar decisiones de viaje, entre muchas otras, y a disfrutar de hermosos lugares como éste. ¡Saludos!

Michel Spadari, Venezuela

Great views of the Angel fall! I've felt in love of our earth and her beauty. With respectful thanks!

Vinh Nguyen, Vietnam

We are happy you enjoyed this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

En regardant et en lisant vos commentaires je me disais que la magie de Dieu etait au rendez vous, vous donnez au gens lenvie de se deplacer daller voir, admirer cette merveille de ses propres yeux.Merci

Nancy Ais, Haiti


Paul Porter, Canada

Najlepsa hvala za to estetsko prekrasno in tehnično dovršeno predstavitev izjemnih lepot dela Venezuele. Posredoval bom velikemu številu prijateljev, da se tudi oni naužijejo lepot tega cudeza narave.
Keep up the excellent work

Dusan COTAR, Slovenia

Amazing photography, beautiful scenery, great website

Joy Killeen, Australia

I have been to this wonderful part of the world.
It feels like going back into a lost world.
It is a shame that such a beautiful country has
fallen into the hands of an unfriendly government
that hurts tourism and its people.

Juvenal LLanes, USA

Wonderful natural beauty !!!, Excellent job for worldwide. I am very proud of my country !!! Venezuela has magnificent lansdcapes that we can not find in any other ! I Love my country ! God blesses who promote the best of this beautiful place !! :-) :-)

Virginia R, Venezuela

Many thanks for your kind opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

Muy Hermosas las imagenes que tomaron de Nuestro Salto Angel, los Venezolanos somos afortunados de tener estos paisajes milenarios unicos y tenemos que hacer mas por conservarlos... Felicitaciones por su trabajo, desde Puerto Ordaz Edo. Bolivar

Ada Guerra, Venezuela

very beautifull

vahid tam, Iran

Soy una Venezolana radicada en USA, y aunque le estoy muy agradecida a este país por abrirme las puertas no puedo dejar extrañar y de emocionarme al ver una vez mas la imponente belleza del Churum Merum. Gracias por compartirlo y lo lindo es que entusiasmo a otras personas a ir a conocerlo. Excelente trabajo!!

Sara Espinoza, USA

Great Images! Just as I remember them from my long-gone travels in the area. Keep up this work. PS. I would like to include a link to this site on our web site at www.losaltosdesucre.com

Gorgias Garriga, Venezuela

Thanks  for your opinion! As for the link, sure, you can use it.

Varvara, AirPano

Churum Meru una maravilla de la naturaleza!

José María Lucas, Spain

Hey guys I wanna use a couple of your photos only for facebook timeline but without the logo, can I get those? I would understand if not

Jose dd, Peru

Dear Jose, you can freely use the links or the screen shots. Have a nice day!

Varvara, AirPano

I just came from Venezuela,(January 2012) where I have been in the Angel waterfall...and will never forget such a beauty !!! I'm not a religious person but if there is a place where you can feel an spiritual experience is in this magic place.Unforgettable

cristina soler, Spain

Me lleno de emoción por tan maravillosa creación de la naturaleza que injustificadamente aún no ha sido catalogada entre las siete maravillas del mundo.Siento verguenza, pero reconozco públicamente como venezolana, que no conozco aún en persona ese enigmático lugar.De igual manera, desapruebo como ciudadana y con mucha tristeza, el daño irreversible que la cultura del oro ha ocasionado a esa parte del Amazonas venezolano y que se extiende junto a todo tipo de explotaciones suicidas a través del territorio amazónico de este continente Suramericano, pulmón del planeta!!! Que Dios bendiga y llene de luz, a quienes realizaron de manera tan mágica este valioso trabajo audiovisual.

Beatriz Pérez Noguera, Venezuela

Otra vez gracias, Beatriz, por su mensaje. Es muy informativo. Le agradecemos por sus palabras buenas y agradables.

Varvara, AirPano

Just one word - Magnificent

Marzia Rajabali, United Kingdom

Excellent job ! Well done guys and THANK YOU so MUCH for showing the entire world this Venezuelan jewel. Mother Earth is surprisingly BEAUTIFUL.

Marly Suarez, Canada

But for your perseverance, I'd not ever known of this Avatar-like landscape. Thanks for sharing of it.

Nancy Landry, Canada

Excelentes panoramicas y que buen trabajo, una bonita forma de recordar mi país. Bravo Venezuela.

Ricardo Rampazzo G, Panama

excelente y hermosa mi venezuela grande.

barbara serrano, Venezuela

Yes, we agree with you, it's truth.

Varvara, AirPano

Thanks for this work on my country, to make it known to the world. Excellent! Congratulations.

Anabel Fuentes, Venezuela

Very,very beautyfoul panorama!
Thank you! good day!:)

Herbály Tamás, Hungary

Thank you for sharing your extremely excillerating wonderful photography Awesome!!

Sal Dorion, Canada

Amazing panoramas. I'm just getting in the the hobby of taking landscape photos, and this is a great inspiration! I'm going to be whistling Lonely Shepherd for days now, thanks a lot :-p

Bill Martin, Canada

Thanks, Bill, and have success in your new hobby!

Varvara, AirPano


MENIEM ALMSMARE, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Gyönyőrű és egyben fantasztikus is. Nagyon jól meg lett csinálva ez a panoráma funkció is.

Peter Vécsei, Hungary

Dima, congratulations, beautiful images, a wonderful job! cheers Laszlo

Laszlo Kollar, Hungary

Köszönöm ezt a fantasztikus felvételeket. Gratulálok és remélem lesz még más szép felvételeket látni Tőled !!! Sok Sikert és Szerencsét !Üdv : Tihi Budapest ( Magyarország )

Tihamér Poszlovszky, Hungary

My partner who is living abroad in China just shared this with me. Thanks for bringing two people who live thousands of miles apart to the same beautiful place!

Loba Art, USA

This is the key point of our project - to share such Earth's beauty with people like you ;) you are welcome!

Varvara, AirPano

My partner who is living abroad in China just shared this with me. Thanks for bringing two people who live thousands of miles apart to the same beautiful place!

Loba Art, USA

In two words..... Thank You!

Michael Burton, Australia

Ez annyira fantasztikus!Örülök,hogy rátaláltam.Gratulálok!Még nagyon sok szép élményt szerezzenek nekünk!

Gizella Hlavácsné Bódi, Hungary

Excelente images and music (George Zamfir -romanian nai interpret)


muy buen trabajo.. lo voy a compartir... lo que considere malo es la mineria ilegal... dejan un vacio muy grande e irrecuperable a la flora y la fauna...

williams santacruz, Venezuela



Thank you very much!

Varvara, AirPano

Que buenas fotos excelente calidad pero esto para para ELISOL ALCALA.

Primero no vengas a mezclar aqui la politica con esto tan bonito que tenemos en el estado bolivar.

Segundo SI ES CHURUN-MERU!! por que antes de que tu,ellos,yo y todos nosotros estaban aqui los INDIGENAS! y fueron los que la descubrieron asi que por antiguedad y tradicion deberia!! de llamarse churun-meru solo que SALTO ANGEL es mas comercial tienes que leer mas sobre algo para poder escribir algo asi.

Pido Disculpas airpano pero es que tenia que responderle mi condicion de venezolano me obliga hacerlo! muy buenas fotos saludos.

Harold mata, Venezuela


Robert Morán, Venezuela

i just want to thank you so much for the god job you do it, it is amazing to see the hole world from your home, i will be thankfull if you come to saudi to take some shot in the real desert, that will be good for the world pepole.

Please if you need my help. I will.

Thanks again.

Naif Almoammar, Saudi Arabia

Dear Naif, thank you for interest in our project as well as for invitation. We'll think about it. Have a nice day!

Varvara, AirPano

Adoro a mi pais por su gente, su clima, sus riquezas naturales, su estabilidad politica, economica y social, ademas de estos lugares como el salto Angel (ahora Churu Meru, que es su nombre indigena original, el Pico Bolivar, los medanos de Coro, sus paradisiacas playas y sus selvas virgenes... Les agradezco y felicito por este excelente material que es obra de verdaderos profesionales como ustedes.

Mario Rodriguez, Venezuela

The world is beautiful just because of the people like you who display your best to explore and describe it. Congratulation for the excellent work.

Jagpal Patwal, India

We are doing our best for you. Thank you for a high appraisal!

Varvara, AirPano

Superbe, magnifique ! Je connais bien Canaima pour y etre allé 4 fois depuis 35 ans. Nous sommes allés al Salto Angel en pirogue depuis le campement. Mais nous avons dû nous contenter de le voir d'en bas. Merci à vous de nous montrer aussi le sommet inaccessible. Félicitations pour votre réalisation. Cordialement. Guy

Guy BARNOUX, France

very nice pictures. Thank you very much, and you receive your eye health.
Greetings from Turkey

Mennan Özdemir, Turkey

Thank you for the greetings from Turkey! The eye health, undoubtedly, will be useful ;)

Varvara, AirPano

¡¡¡Should photograph the entire planet would be so beautiful ... For example, Maracaibo, the city where I live!!!

George Miquilena, Venezuela

Saying excellent is not enough to describe your work. Congratulations!

Enrique Arteaga, Venezuela

Your words are very kind. Thank you!

Varvara, AirPano

Très beau travail - Les vues sont superbes , magnifiques . Toutes mes félicitations !!!!!
Je vais passer des heures sur votre site .....!!!!
Michel Ménard - France

Michel Ménard, France




Varvara, AirPano

Change the name of the Angel Falls or Salto Angel (name in spanish)to Churun-Meru is other stupid and ridiculous decision of Chavez. The Angel Falls is and will always be El Salto Angel for the Venezuelan people. So, please AirPano, do not call it Churun-Meru, no one will not what you are referring to, not even the Venezuelan. Excellent job! Congratulations and thank you so much for bringing us this part of our country to the Venezuelan who have emigrated to another country.

Elisol Alcala, USA

Excelente trabajo que permite dar a conocer al mundo una de las maravillas naturales de Venezuela. Ojalá puedan hacer lo mismo con bellezas como el pico Bolívar, Las cuevas del Guácharo, el rio Orinoco, el lago de Maracaibo, los médanos de Coro, etc. Muchas gracias

Luis Miguel Canosa, Spain

the best pics that ever be seen.
really good

Mohammad Karami, Iran

Gracias mil por facilitarnos conocer las maravillas de la Creacion

Berrio-ategortua y Pagadigorria, Carmen de, Spain

Gracias a Dimitri y Airpanoru por este excelente trabajo.Tanto la lectura como la visual son excelentes. Felicitaciones y gracias de nuevo por ver con ese lente maravilloso a nuestra querida Venezuela

Myna González, Venezuela

Dear Myna, we are very content with your opinion. Many thanks to you!


Excelente trabajo, felicitaciones. Solo a titulo informativo, el conocido Salto Angel, yo no es tal , oficialmente se llama, Churún-merú. De nuevo Felicitaciones..

José Manuel Hernandez, France

Thank you, Jose!


Congratulations beautiful work

alex ferdez, Venezuela

impresionante!! a pesar de que desde pequeño nos hablan de nuestro salto ángel... verlo así de cerca y de esa perspectiva es algo único.!

emanuel alvarado, Venezuela

este vídeo es;un verdadero regalo ha los ojos y al alma:si amas el planeta aquí tienes un motivo más para amarlo y cuidarlo!!!

olga laufer

Dear Olga, thank you for the comment! You are right, we share your point of view.



olga laufer

las tomas son fabulosas,ver esto,es un verdadero regalo ha los ojos y al alma!!!

olga LAUFER, Venezuela

Congratulations to Dima Moiseenko and Airpano.ru's team!!!. You have done an excellent job!. Amazing and very nice pics. Canaima and Salto Angel's Fall are unique and beautiful!!!

Damari Chan, Venezuela

Thank you! We appreciate your opinion!


Excellent pictures!!! WOW!! ! Hats off to you!!! I LOVE THEM!

Sofia Figueroa, Venezuela

Beautiful! Thank you for bringing nature's beauty
to us who are not able to travel to these magnificant countries.

Annelize Sagner, Namibia

Hello, Annelize! That is what we are working for :) Thank you!


¡Que grande eres, naturaleza! Bendita eres Venezuela. Excelente trabajo AirPano.Ru

Beatriz Pasos, Venezuela

Gracias mi Dios por tanto derramamiento de tu infinito Amor.. Venezuela grande y majestuosa en todo su esplendor.

Neuris José Palmera, Venezuela

 I have taken the liberty to put a link in our Natura magazine:


Excellent work, thank you for the effort. Beautiful and unique panorama. It proves one important thing for me: only from Jimmy Angel&180s plane after it entered the valley it was possible to see such marvel when he discovered the fall.  Indians living near this tepuy never entered the valley since they feared and still fear the tepuis as hell's places.   That is why the original and first name ever is the one giving the credit to Angel. Any supposed indian names as Kerepacupai vena are a lie. it never had an indian name until many years after Angel entered the valley by air.

Carlos Rivero, Venezuela

Dear Carlos, thank you for your interesting comment! It's rather informative.


Parabens e obrigado por realizarem esse magnifico trabalho, atraves dele conhecemos essas maravilhas que siquer imaginavamos que existissem.
Otavio Schefer - Brazil

Otavio Schefer, Brazil

WONDERFUL!!!thanks alot

majid zare moghadam, Iran

Thanks for showing us this wonderful place, being there is amazing and you allow those who have not been there see Angel Falls. congratulations on your excellent work. greetings from VENEZUELA. thanks for your dedication. look for new scenarios. need to qualify highest mark 10


Dear Jaime, thank you for your kind opinion!


Sublime! You showed us the Angel Falls in a way that only a few has seen it before and now its available for the world! You guys are very dare and this is a breathtaking project. Keep up the amazing work, Venezuela supports you!

Richard Aponte, USA

Amazing.Thanks alot

Stefan Anghelina, Romania


Carlos Quintero Venezuela

Carlos Quintero, Venezuela

Thanks AIRPANO for showing to the world the amazing beauty and greatness of one of our symbols, awesome job guys!!!

Gabriel Alfaro, Venezuela

Dios nos miro con amor al darnos tanta belleza... nuestro deber y de todos quienes visiten el Salto &193ngel y el Parque Nacional Canaima es conservarlo y cuidarlo...Gracias a quien realizo tan excelente trabajo visual.

Nena Cat

excelente trabajo felicitaciones

angel leal, USA

Great Job...

Dana Abreu, USA

Great job !!! Excelente trabajo !!!

Mariela Rutherford, United Kingdom

Canaima,salto Angel, cuevas de Kavac. es unamaravilla de exhuberante naturaleza viva, donde te reencuentras contigo mismo,es un lugar m&225gico, majestuoso, imponente, donde no te importa nada m&225s que estar ah&237. amigos no dejen de visitarlo tanto los locales como extranjeros. para mi eso es turismo de primera.!! los invito como Venezolana y que he ido varias oportunidades.. es adictivo!!!

sara Navarro, Venezuela

It's the paradise

Franklin Dibri, New Zealand

Viví 5 años en Venezuela y tuve la suerte de visitar con mifamilia, esta belleza natural. Los felicito por la presentación. Es magnífica.

Julio Ceitlin, Argentina

I'm from Venezuela, Canaima ever and gone, unfortunately it is cheaper for tourists from other countries than for the Venezuelans themselves. Do not lose hope one day to go and see the amazing Angel Falls in live action. Excellent work you have done, congratulations and continue to show the natural beauty of the world.

Andry Colmenares, Venezuela



Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bellisimo.
Extraño mucho toda la belleza de Venezuela, hoy dia vivo en US desde 1981. Me papa era piloto fui a Canaima y tube el placer de ver el Salto Angel dos veces. pero nada como esto. En avion es un poco mas dificil de ver completo y tienes sole pocos minutos para verlo... Excellent JOB....
Thank you

Jacqueline Oquendo, Venezuela

ESPAÑOL: Excelente trabajo, mil gracias, que orgulloso de ser Venezolano y no Bolivariano, lastima por los desarrollos mineros, pero ojala nuestro pais se enrumbe de nuevo y pongamos orden en todo indole de cosas, FELICITACIONES Y GRACIAS !!!!!!!!!!!
INGLES: Great job, thank you, you proud to be Venezuelan NOT Bolivarian, sorry for mining developments, but hopefully it steers our country back and put order in all things indole, CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! !

Guillermo Lagos, Venezuela

Amazing shots!

Ciro Urdaneta, Venezuela

A kind of miracle this amazing job over the first natural wonder of the world for all of us Venezuelans. Thanks a lot

Juan Solorzano, Venezuela

I highly appreciate airpano work. I should visit Venezuela again. Really amazing country, one which Simon Bolivar loved.

Faktor Miroslav, Slovakia

Increible!! No hay palabras para describir tan hermosos escenarios y lo mejor es que esta en nuestra amada patria Venezuela!!

Federico Puche, Venezuela

Excelente, poderoso,unico, gracias

Marcos Daniel, Venezuela

Excelent work

arman amiri, Armenia

Gracias por recordarme que bella y maravillosa es la geografia de mi amado pais

Jaizkibel Trujillo, Venezuela


Miroslav Mojsej, Slovakia



Magnífico... esplendorosa creación divina unida con brillante creación humana... gracias por recordarnos que el país vale la pena...

Miriam Cardozo, Venezuela

Exuberantly beautiful! Thanks for making this pictures public!

Juan Sarmiento, Netherlands

Excelente trabajo. Gran profesionalismo. Uno de los paisajes mas bellos del mundo puesto al alcance de millones de observadores. Gracias y éxitos.


No cabe la menor duda de que Venezuela es el pais mas bello del mundo! Tenemos que valorarlo, quererlo y defenderlo! mi patria querida te llevo en mi corazon a donde quiera que vaya! La patria de Simon Bolivar!

doris genatios, Venezuela

Excelent... There´s no words to describe how perfect is Canaima... The Lost World... These pictures are amazing... Thanks for sharing and let's know the rest of the world about one of the most beautiful places in my country and the whole planet...

Eloy Briceño, Venezuela

El mundo es maravilloso, es la creación divina.

Nancy Idering, Sweden


betty herrera, Venezuela

Hi, Thanks to all of you, It's was in my Dream to see Angel waterfall with this technique.
Very Very thanks.

Mahdi Rostami

Muy bello trabajo. Gracias por mostrar y dar a conocer las bellezas naturales de venezuela.

Orlando Ugueto, Venezuela

Magnificas fotos. Nos hace tener conciencia sobre lo bueno y bondadoso que es nuestro pais y el daño ocasionado por la mineria. Aunque con lo tupido de la selva ese daño aparente es temporal ya que la selva reforesta eso en una decada. y vueve a ser inpenetrable

Juan Carlos Da Silva, Venezuela

Fotografías de singular belleza. Una región muy cercana al lugar donde me crié. Felicitaciones para AirPano.Ru y a quienes trabajaron imágenes y textos. Photographs of singular beauty. Very good texts. I grew up near of this region. Congratulations to AirPano.Ru and all workers.

Herbert Luna, Puerto Rico

i really loved this panorama .it is so an amazing and wonderful waterfall that i've seen it since now.... thanks alot
This is a great website,Congratulations*

Sama Atrian, Iran

i really loved this panomara .it is so amazing and wonderfull waterfall that ive seen it since now.... thanks alot

sama atrian, Iran


isabel saureque

Maravilloso!Mi paìs es tu paìs.Queràmosla mucho màs.

zeidel garcia


Rosanny Carolina Canelon Merlin


josé llanes


Claudiana Alves

we want to go in dec from los angeles.this was amazing picture and information. guide us more again .thanks

mina Saraiya

we want to go in dec from los angeles.this was amazing picture and information. guide us more again .thanks

mina Saraiya

Congratulations. That's amazing! I've been there and i could remember it like today. Thanks.

Antonio Silva

Unbelievable how clever these views are presented.
I hope that this will be known by as many people as possible that loves beauty.

Raimond Coppieters

Excelent work. congratulation Airpano...

Juan Peña

very interesting story. thanks alot.

Hanan Berman


ali etemade