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World / South America / Venezuela / Angel Falls millions of years ago

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Angel Falls millions of years ago

Millions of years ago our planet was young and its image was just forming up: continents combined and broke up, ice caps stepped back, leaving behind new types of terrain. Eventually, the Guiana Highlands appeared on the territory of the modern South America: wavy plains with even, as if flattened tops.

Angel Falls millions of years ago

When a river reaches the edge of such a mountain, a wide and powerful stream falls of the flat cliff. That is how the famous Angel waterfall in Venezuela was born. Falling from the height of 800 meters and before reaching ground, the water disperses in smallest particles and turns into a fog, that can be seen from several kilometers away. Being 979 meters high Angel is the highest waterfall in the world.

Angel Falls millions of years ago

Angel is situated among the jungles of the Canaima National Park, which has almost no roads. Today you have the opportunity not only to enjoy the view of the world's highest waterfall, but also have a look at how this monument of nature looked like millions of years ago, when no man had ever been here and the picturesque landscapes were observed by prehistoric animals and birds, such as pterodactyls.

Angel Falls millions of years ago

We are thankful to our friend Champ Lein and his studio LookingMercury3D for the great reconstruction of these prehistoric birds.

Video operators: Stas Sedov, Sergey Shandin

18 September 2018

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Very beautiful documentary and landskape. Congratulations and thank you.


great shots!

kenwongseattle@gmail.com Kenneth Wong, USA

Nice and interesting video, thank you

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic