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Lulang, Tibet

AirPano offers you a series of walks around Tibet - an amazing destination that attracts many tourists and still remains mysterious. We will begin our excursion from the high mountain village of Lulang, located 80 kilometers from the city of Nyingchi (Linzhi).


Lulang is an exemplary holiday destination, which has received the unofficial title of “Tibetan Switzerland”. The temperature, which usually remains below +20℃ in summer, makes it an ideal place to escape the noise, bustle and heat of the city.


It is located at 3,700 meters above sea level and offers the best views of Namjagbarwa, a 7,782 meter high mountain.

Namcha Barwa and the moon

It is the 28th peak in the world and also the easternmost peak over 7600 meters.

Namcha Barwa

Lulang's forested landscape is renowned for its beauty. It is attractive all year round and looks different in each of the four seasons. Blooming azalea is the main note of the color scheme of May and June; lush green forests and meadows are a sign of July and August, and from October the bright colors give way to snowy whiteness. In combination with hills, waterfalls and valleys, the picture becomes truly fabulous.

In the recent past, the village lived from logging, but when it was estimated that tourism brought higher incomes, the economy reoriented towards the hospitality industry. Particular attention was paid to caring for nature, and, at the same time, comfortable European-style houses were built here, preserving Tibetan traditions.


A virtual walk is not able to convey all the charm of this cozy corner of Tibet, but we hope we were able to show its uniqueness and attractiveness.


We express our gratitude to the Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd company for its organization and assistance in filming and personally our great guide Li Dong. For contact you can email Carol: yushana@enn.cn

The company engaged in the operation of tourist attractions, tourism services and tourism business operations, and is an industry leader with A number of A-level scenic spots in the autonomous region. There are sightseeing cars, cruise boats, hotels, tents, walking and other characteristic tourism products.

Photo: Sergey Semenov, Victoria Shutova


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