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Sydney, Australia, 2008

What is common between Moulin Rouge, Finding Nemo, Mad Max, Superman Returns, Star Wars and Matrix? Don't hurry to find it in the list of directors or actors. One of the most beautiful cities of the planet, Sydney, unites these and more than 200 other works of modern cinematograph.

As many people think, Sydney is not the capital of Australia at all, though it is its oldest city. It couldn't become the capital because of its competitor, Melbourne, which is the second megalopolis of the country. In 1901, when they were choosing a capital, both Sydney and Melbourne had a claim on this title refusing to stand down. The foundation of a completely new city as a capital, Canberra, which is far away from the both competitors, could put an end to an uncompromising struggle.

However, precisely Sydney is a visit card of Australia. There are its most recognizable buildings: the fantastic Sydney Opera House and the grand Harbour Bridge.

Sydney is a relatively young city. During many thousand years only aborigines lived there. Even James Cook, who investigated the eastern seaboard of Australia, couldn't reach it. The city was founded by Capitan Arthur Phillip who sailed there in 1788 with a dozen of ships and hundreds of prisoners, who were devoted to found new colonies of Great Britain.

The city that was born as New Albion grew completely from nothing: houses and streets were built, roads and bridges were constructed, fertile soil for crops was searched for and harvests were grown. Some time ago New Albion was renamed in honour of Thomas Townshend who was a British Home Secretary Lord Sydney and who sent the exiles there.

The British flotillas went on to come in Sydney but the main purpose of these expeditions still was the transportation of prisoners from the British jails to the recent founded colony. In spite of the fact that in the beginning of XIX century such a phenomenon as free immigration was formed, by 1820 about 40% of Sydney's population still stayed convicts.

The crucial pint of the colony's history became May events of 1851, when one of its inhabitants found first 120 grams of gold and Sydney's criminal population mixed with gold diggers. Although the gold can't be found there now, for visitors Sydney is still nearly the most attractive cities of the world. People of almost all nationalities live there, but in spite of this fact Sydney is one of the most friendly and hospitable megalopolises of the world.  

Australia is rarely in the centre of public interest because of its geographical remoteness, but after the Olympic Games of 2000 Sydney could attract it and in several years it became a different charts' TOP 10 member from "the Most Beautiful" till "the Most Stylish" cities of the planet.

This city is impossible to be seen for one day. It is the city of architectural contrasts, where modern skyscrapers of business centers are closed to ancient buildings of Mediterranean style. This city is full of gardens and parks, lively beaches and numerous places of interest. It was built chaotically, that is why its streets are of different length and width, and some of them are too close to each other, another have a visible sheer slope. Sydney's relief is similar to a big plane dish with river valleys in the North, in the Centre and in the South. In the times of Ice Age the ocean level rose by more than 100 meters and inundated the valleys with water. These river valleys can be perfectly seen from the height, for instance, on this panorama.

In the opinion of both locals and tourists, the most beautiful place in the city is a coastal harbour. The most visited and closed to the centre is a Rich Harbour. There is a whole complex of hotels, museums, souvenir shops, restaurants and entertainments. Sydney's symbols are the Sydney Harbour Bridge which joins the north and the south parts of the city and the wonderful Sydney Opera House which is seemed to be going under sails.

"I despair of being able to convey to any reader my own idea of the beauty of Sydney Harbour. I have seen nothing to equal it in the way of land-locked sea scenery", — the classical English writer Anthony Trollope wrote about Sydney. It is the truth: what's for to read about Sydney? It's worth to be seen.

18 June 2010

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My family and I live in Sydney and love it. It is a very friendly, progressive, tolerant city of nearly 6 million people from all over the world. The wonderful and very welcome migrants into our city have brought with them their diverse cultures, languages and cuisines into our beautiful city and made it one of the most diverse, multicultural cities in the world with one of the most vibrant restaurant scenes to be found anywhere on the planet. Sydney has some of the world's most beautiful beaches more than 100 separate beaches on its doorstep and the second oldest national park in the world the Royal National Park in the southern areas of the city. The city is surrounded by gardens and parklands and the world heritage listed and breathtakingly spectacular Blue Mountains is close by to the west of Sydney. Some of the most stunning coastal scenery can be found along the spectacular drive to the pristine white beaches of Jervis Bay National Park on the South Coast. Thank you for the panorama and thank you to all those wonderful people who have visited Sydney from around the world .... you will always be welcome! xxxx

Kathy McKenzie, Australia

my son studying at university of technology,Sydney.hope i take the right decision about his study and right place.SYDNEY...


I was living in Sydney 55 years ago, it's still one of the most beautiful city i have ever see and lived in.

nice work indeed



michel Losey, Switzerland


vcff rgdsgf, Haiti

W roku 2005 byliśmy w Australii. Mamy tam córkę Beatę, zięcia, szwagrów. Byliśmy tam miesiąc. Rzeczywiście Australia wywarła na nas niesamowite wrażenie. Byliśmy w Gold Coast, oraz w różnych miejscach, w Melbourne, w Sydney, a to które wywarło niesamowite wrażenie!. Najpiękniejsze miasto na świecie!!! nie da się tego ukryć. Ludzie pogodni i mili. Ta opera, most, zwarta i piękna zabudowa w centrum. Wieża, z której roztacza się cudowna panorama miasta. Zakochani byliśmy od pierwszego wejrzenia w Sydney, jak i w całą Australię. Naturalnie to wszystko nie spadło prosto z nieba, ale widać w tym wszystkim wielką pracę człowieka, a przyroda otoczyła to wszystko swoim wianuszkiem przy wydatnej pomocy
Opatrzności, nie da się tego ukryć!!! Jerzy Perucki. 11.10.2005r.

Jerzy i Barbara Peruccy, Poland

Once I was there, this panorama is a wunderful memory!

Guy Van Rysseghem, Belgium

I would like to see about Queensland (N-E?)
I have friends living there : Sunshine Beach
Thanks for the nice panorama's which I can visit now from home, as I am senior and in bad health...Thanks, Maria

Maria JA LEGRAND, Australia



very nice

ehsan motamedi, Iran

Love this. I miss the city as I moved back to the States in March. It brings back such wonderful memories. I have traveled extensively, and this this the best city I have ever visited!

Gail Rogers, USA

Wonderful Presentation!

Charles Karunambaram, India

سلام.واقعا خسته نباشید سایته بسیار زیبایی دارید خیلی قشنگ بودن..راستی من یک ایرانی هستم
Hello my dear.it was very very beautiful.I'm from iran.
realy don't bother.Good luck.Thank you.

painaz akbari, Iran

Lijepo je nema se sto ruzno reci,zelja mi je da posjetim..

Dragan Mrvaljevic, Montenegro

wasin 1986 en 1987 bij familie in Melbourne op bezoek allebei de jaren voor 3 maanden heb er erg veel gezien ook queensland en naae eiland Manly geweest zeker sidney en Canberra erg genoten van de botanische tuinen en de dandenongs prachtig hoor als ik een cijfer kon geven alleen tot 10 kregen ze mijn hoogste kwaliteit ook overal de bediening vogels kangeroe's het kon niet op reide met pa ook op een olifant ( lachen geblazen ) heel onvergetelijk iedereen aan te bevelen hoor !! dank de persoon die me weer liet genieten van die herinneringen dank ook mijn familie ervoor ook de 12 apostelen rit van Melbourne naar Adelaide wondermooi ga er echt eens heen

Suzan kloosterman, Netherlands

but Melbourne is better than Sidney I know I live here for the last 52 years

jack van Rijn, Australia

We love visiting Australia again and again. We liked it very much, particularly Sydney, Canberra .

Princiapl DrArvind Kalyani, India

Simply superb,the panoramic view of Sydney is really awesome. Who so ever has taken this picture and presented to us for viewing is praise worthy. Thank you Sir for presenting us such an mind boggling exquisite, captivating panoramic view of Sydney. Thank you. Biplab Bhowmick. New Delhi, India

Biplab Bhowmick, India

australia is very good

miler tor, Australia


alejandro belver, Uruguay

great but nothing on the planet is quite a special as South Africa

charmaine klintworth, South Africa

we hebben 10 keer aussie bezocht .Opheel veel plaatsen geweest .En altijd sydney bezocht Thanks voor deze mooie beelden gr j wassenaar holland

jan wassenaar, Netherlands

I used to live in Sydney, at bondi beach, I was there for 2 years, im now back in London,,i think that Sydney is the best city that ive ever been to, it has everything, fabulouse beaches, first class restaurants and bars, great entertainment, plus a great climate, everythink you could wish for.

roy williams, United Kingdom

yes, Sydney has possibly the worst airport on the planet, it's a total joke but not at all funny. Avoid it if possible. in all respects, avoid it.

Damien Mugavin, Australia

I was born here and never ever saw pictures of Sydney of this magnitude. Love Melbourne and wondered if Port Philip Bay might also have some spectacular views to film?
But I finally have to concede Sydney takes a lot of beating.that Bridge, Opera House and harbour are wonderfully beautiful.

Patricia Gringel, Australia


darinka goršek, Slovenia

moved to Oz from USA in 1976--changes to sydney are incredible. a gorgeous city but expensive and congested. how about showing the blue mountains west of the big smoke?

mary cox, Australia

We visited Australia in 1986 on our 25th wedding anniversary.(we have just celeberated our51st) We stayed in Adelaide with family visited Sydney while there enjoyed our time spent there visiting the opera house, stayed for a few nights and walked around downtown. I remember the hills and the park with the statue of Atlas among other things. We visited Manly while there. We stayed a few nights in Melbourne with the friend of a friend of ours here in Canada and were treated to some of the sights there. We took a side trip to Christchurch NZ to visit a long time friend of my mothers. Again we were treated royaly while on that leg of our trip. We also visited Fiji & Hawaii A trip of a life time. One day our hope is to visit more relatives in Perth area Western Australia. Thank you for bringing back those memories. PS. I do remember the history lessons speaking about the "POME'S" (Prisoners of mother England).

Frances Jack, Canada

Great memories. We lived in Killarney Heights (15 minute commute) from 1980 - 1985. Once or twice a month I would take the ferry from Manly to commute just to enjoy the harbor and the view.

Roger Ellickson, USA

I used to live in Kirribilli (North Sydney) and commuted five days a week on the ferry to Circular Quay as I worked down town in Sydney CBD. This daily ritual, to and from Circular Quay, took me passed the Opera house site while the building was under construction.
I watched in admiration as this magnificent structure slowly but surely took shape. I was well aware of the privilege in witnessing the birth on our city foreshores, of what must surely be one of the wonders of the modern world. Sydney has sure grown and changed over the succeeding decades while remaining the beautiful thriving city that she is. Thank you so much to all the crew, for the fantastic shots of Sydney...the skyline has certainly changed since the early 60’s!!

Maria Mazel, Australia

BEAUTIFUL! and thank u for the interesting articles too u have on each place!

Yaelah Gal, Israel

Hope to go there someday. Even more so now!

Sharleen Noakes, USA

In 1964 enroute to the city from the airport an odd feeling came over me and I remarked to the taxi driver that I felt that I had been here before, even though I had not. he told me that many Brits had the same feeling. Hey, maybe, I was a convict in a previous life. Enjoyed living in Potts Point for 3 months and then back to work in Asia.

John Foster, USA

My dream vacation Sydney!! Someday!!

Tere Caruso, USA

a great work ,I enjoyed & wish the best for you all .thank you so much for showing us the world in a nice viwe.

ali ebrahimi, Iran

Been away from my hometown Sydney for 2 years now...this brought a tear to my eye. My career has me Shanghai which is a great city, but there is nowhere quite like Sydney...great weather, scenery, the people. Thank you for such a great pano

Manuel Villalon, China



Beautiful city. And your photography work is extraordinary. Thank you

Ian Upton, Argentina

Sydeny is my most favourite city in the world, just wish I could get the picture off onto the back ground on my PC. Please do more places in Australia, Perth, Adelaide.

Dick Smith, United Kingdom

"Well done thanks so much"

Atul Patel, India

Loved looking at the aerial view of Sydney. Actually gave me goosebumps. Was in this beautiful city in 1971 on R&R from Vietnam. Barely got out Cam Ranh Bay RVN as the NVA blew up part of our runway the morning we left for Sydney.
People very friendly. Opera house was completed but not yet open. Remember going to a wonderful zoo and a park on a Sunday where many took out their soap boxes, stood on them and gave their varied opinions. Also remember it was August, which is Austraila's winter, and we needed to buy coats.
Many happy memories.....wonderful city!!

Rick Small, USA

I have enjoyed all of your panoramas, but touring the world makes you homesick. Coming back to Sydney - the most beautiful harbour city in the world, is always good. As a photographer I enjoy looking at other peoples work for ideas on what to photograph next.

Sergei Skorniakoff, Australia

Sydney is one of most beautiful cities in world,i have been in sydney in 2001 and fell in love with the beauty of nature and the friendly people living in sydney so call a heaven. Miss u sydney ...

Ganesh Narayanan, Malaysia

After watching the pictures of Sydney we know that we have made the right decision to visit the City end Sept 2012. See you soon SYDNEY

Vin Quen Tan, Malaysia


Vin Quen Tan, Australia

Have been to Sydney many times and always had an enjoyable time. My only complaint is that your cost of living is so high which makes it very expensive for tourists and residents alike.

Thomas Day, USA

hermosos paisajes para una colonia inglesa nacida de presos y prostitutas inglesas....nada que no pueda encontrarse en otro pais...lindo si, pero nada del otro mundo

Daniel Cassetto, Argentina

Wonderful! My Dad born in Freemantle.

Rita Arenburg, USA

A 70 y/o Argentine woman,I had the chance of visiting Melbourne and surroundings in 2003...I had not much money to spend but,as song says:"Best things in life are free..." and Incredible Australia has so many of those...! I have tried to take politicians from Argentina to Australia to improve a relationship that would enrinch both countries.I would need more info like this DELIKATESSEN! Anna,would you help me? Thanks!
Josefina from Argentina

Josefina Paz, Argentina

i am enjoying the specrtaular images a real armchair tour of the world from the safety oh your own home many lpaces to visit thank you excellent quality and the sound ,love it.

william tweedie, Australia

Thanks for the spectacular photos. Sydney is my home town and is a Nirvana in which to live. I have travelled all over the world so I am really loving your website and re-visiting all the fabulous places this spectacular world has to offer, eg Iguassu Falls, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Angel Falls. As Satchmo said: Ït truly is "a wonderful world!"

Kate Reading, Australia

Of all my travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Sydney is the place I always said, "I could live there." Spent four days there and loved every minute.

Adelaide Forrest, USA

sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world..one friend actually told me that it is actually more beautiful than it is on the photos..I would love to visit this city soon..thanks for bringing this amazing pano...Congrats

Dev Hanu, India

wonderful camerawork

muriel nish, Australia

In 2006, I supervised a school trip to Australia and fell in love with Sydney and Cairns. The people were so warm and friendly and there were a lot of activities to keep us busy. When it was time to leave, I had tears in my eyes and didn't want to go. If I could live anywhere in the world (other than the U.S.) it would be Australia!

Toni Stark, USA

Heaven of the World..Wanna go there Some day..!!

Oshada Dasa, Sri Lanka

First visited Sydney in 1981 and fell in love with it.Returned for a longer visit in 1988 and followed up with four more visits since. I still gaze in awe at views - harbour - coves- Opera House - parks and places where I enjoyed great sea-food & bonhomie. Jim Donohue

Jim Donohue, Ireland

very nice contected no. 8436805848

jeet kumar, India

I was flying with american airlines and made many trips to sidney in the seventys.This is stunning

cornelius van horn, USA

Our family attended the 2000 Sydney Olympics and were impressed by the beauty and vitality of the city. We got carried away with the chanting of 'Ausie, Ausie, Ausie...Oi...Oi...Oi...! I'm always listening to Dirty Harry's 'Waltzing Matilda' which someone also sang in the Opening Ceremonies. I heard the natives liked that song to be their National Anthem. The Taronga Zoo, reached by ferry from Darling Harbor, is a fine concept. Dining on delicious barramundi across the Sydney Opera House is a very relaxing experience. Thanks to the Indonesian taxi-driver who took us to the Beach Volleyball site (Bondi Beach) even though it was the 2 PM 'siesta' time for them. Also, is there an annual physical fitness exam for the policemen out there? We rarely saw one who was overweight. G'day mate, from Chicago!

Celso Aurelio, USA

Thanks for sharing your memories. Cheers!

Varvara, AirPano

The big red hole in the ground for your Olympic Stadium was the first thing I saw when flying in from Texas, May of 1999.
Beautiful City, your Sydney! Thank you

Julie Carr, USA

Running late on a world cruise, the passengers were only allowed 4 hours in your wonderful city. We told the purser that we would see him again a week later in Perth. Got off and had the time of our life in Sydney,inc. overlooking the Opera House from our 4 Seasons hotel on the waterfront.

Bernard Appleto, USA

WOW!!! What a fantastic view. I went to Sydney on R&R from Viet Nam in 1970 and have wanted to return ever since. The "Ausies" treated us like royalty; they could not have been any more friendly or nice to us! After 9 months in a war zone, Sydney was absolutly NIRVANA!!! As to the beautiful women - - - well, my memory will never fade!!! As Bob Hope always said: "Thank For The Memories!" Well Done!

William Moeglin, USA

my wife, son, and i had the wonderful fortune of visiting sydney for the first time for chistmas & newyears in 1995,it was adream of mine ever since i was achild ln school to go to your wonderful city and i was not dissapointed, of all the places i have been, it was the only place that made feel as though i was home thanks for the memories

larry parkes, Canada

Wow!!!I remember eight days I spent in Sydney three years ago. These wonderful pictures was like going back in my mind. What a beautiful city and gracious people. Thanks for this wonderful site.

William Davis, USA

I think this is so wonderful for anyone who cannot travel. But, it is even more beautiful to those of us who have visited your beautiful country. Thank you so much! Gail

Gail Sanborn, USA

best I have ever seen Ray.

ray Turner, Australia

I visited Sydney with my Best Friend, who was born and raised in Sydney (American War Bride) I have never met such friendly people anywhere. Traveled all over by bus, boat,car,saw the zoo,museums,Kola bear,played chess in a park in the middle of Sydney, chessmen as big as me, lovely,lovely place and people. No other place like it.Thanks you for the trip back. Beverly Woolley, USA

Beverly Woolley, USA

Viewing this beautiful Panorama of Sydney bbbbbbbrough back memories going back to WWll. I was flying with the 5th Air Force stationed in New Guinea and we would get combat leave to Sydney. What a place. The people were so friendly (especially the girls)

Woodruff Benson, Australia

Nice memories ;) We are glad you liked this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

beautiful, if younger would be on my bucket list

warren harris,, USA

Born and bred in Melbourne. Sydney Harbour from any angle is very beautiful. No doubt about that at all. Spent some time there in the Army and have revisited many times. Always love the Harbour scenes

victor dey, Australia

Nice to hear that.

Varvara, AirPano

This is awesome ,I love seeing this beautiiful Country!

Bea Centers, USA

I was born in Melbourne but came to Scotland 57 years ago. I love Scotland But Australia is my motherland so thanks very much for such wonderful pictures. Wish I could go home.

Sandra Frew, United Kingdom

my daughter oved to brisbane four years ago so it is lovely to see pictures of her adopted country she often sends picture of melborne as well as sydey

Pat Lutz, Canada

Splendid beauty

Brenda Kemp, Belize

I did visit this beautiful city 2 yrs ago. Visited the Zoo & when we did visit Opera House it was an Open Day!! Of coz there are other beautiful places to visit such as the beaches etc.
This sort of brought back beautiful memories!!


Enkay N Kunjan, Malaysia

wonderful. could we have some of Scotland, in particular, Glasgow.

jean cure, Australia

I visited Sydney on March 2012. I love this city! Thank you! Perfect work.

Irena PLETERYTĖ, Lithuania

I really enjoyed being able to tour the world, unfortunately no U.K. London in particular, I will still tour about more while sitting in my chair wonderful Many many Thanks.

Rosa Hagger, Australia

Thank you, Rosa, for your comment too. London is planning to be shot in August. We hope, everything will be ok and we can realize the shooting.

Varvara, AirPano

Wow its really amazing I have just climbed the bridge but not on the Air Thanks for the show its really amazing mate keep up the good work buddy!!

mohammed shakeef, Australia

I happened to visit Sydney two weeks ago on a vacation. This article rekindled my memories of the fantastic moments that i spent there. A city one MUST visit during his/her lifetime. No words are enough to describe the feelings but only a visit to Sydney will be able to complete the magic.


Yes, Sidney is a place which is, undoubtedly, must be visited. At least here, on our website ;)

Varvara, AirPano

I read this article, its excellent but i havnt been there, i love to go to Sydney, Australia, pl pray for me.


Oh my goodness how this brings back some wonderful memories of Sydney. I am a proud Canadian who lived in Sydney for 20 years and loved every minute of it. I have been back in Canada now for 20 years and still correspond with some wonderful friends I made in Sydney.

Shirley Hall, Canada

Sydney .... my home town. Your panoramic views are spectacular. How lucky am I to live in such a beautiful place?
Thank you for such wonderful vistas.

Penny Farthing, Australia

I've been to Sydney just twice, for a week or so on each occasion. I live on the western sea-board of this vital and interesting country. Quite as much pleasure can be had when travelling by Manly ferry, on the Sydney water; a vast difference in sensory stimulation when you're able to smell the air, the spray; you hear people and there isall the busy thrum of life and thought and hope and some despair to give context to the beauty. Thank you, Father, for the beauty of Your creation.

Brian DANIELS, Australia

I have travelled to many places in this world but my favorite is Sydney. Two streets have my first and maiden name. Elizabeth and Castlereagh. I have been to Sydney 21 times, climbed the bridge,attended performances at the Opera House, did the hay market, did Manly and Bondi, made lifelong friends and if I could, would move there in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for your awesome photos. Outstanding.

Liz Morton, USA

It's nice to hear that. Thank you.

Varvara, AirPano

From the Central West of NSW this weekend take off for a trip around the Norwegian Fjords and to farewell long term friends in England etc.,- to send such a production to many of our friends is such a delight. Cannot help thing how astonished my long deceased parents would have been and wonder what our 8 Grandchildren will witness when they are my age. Yours is so entertaining ,again Hearty Congratulations.

Shirley Murray, Australia

We are really grateful for your warm message to us. Have a nice day and regards from Russia!

Varvara, AirPano

Well done thanks so much

Jan Sturgej, Australia


hamideh akhavan, Iran

Amazing panorama of Sydney... so many memories for me, I will continue to enjoy this for years to come, having just arrived home from visit to Australia. Thanks guys... this is so special!

Steve Richardson, United Kingdom

As a very proud Australian, born and bred in Sydney let me say I love my home city and am always willing and proud to show it off. I think us Sydneysiders take its beauty for granted sometimes and it's only when we travel, do we begin to just realise how gorgeous and modern and vibrant our SYDNEY actually is.......the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the harbour and surrounds, beaches north and south, beautiful National Parks....all within 1 to 1.5 hrs away.....truly and spectacularly unique !!!

Bernie McLennan, Australia

Many thanks for your patriotic comment. We like it.

Varvara, AirPano

I not seen this kind of product in my life. It's very Excellant photography.

Ramesh Khatiwala, USA

Tranquillity,thy name is SYDNEY.A happy blend of modern ways and old traditions.The proverbial SHANGRILLA where EAST meets the West.Undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world to live.The beautiful song rendered by Andy William several decades ago should now be rephrased into these words, I left my heart in Sydney

Anis Baluch, Pakistan

Many thanks for your informative comment.

Varvara, AirPano

I was sailing around the world and I fall in love with Sydney....Souvenirs souvenirs , thirty years ago, you make me cry ... So nice people and so beautiful way on life in this city.
Thanks for these wonderful pictures.

narejos dominique, France

i love it.it s so beautiful!i plan go there!!

Johnson Wang, China

I feel as though I just visited Sidney what a great panorama.

Thank you!

Jean Kramer, USA


wonky chan, China

I visited Sydney during DEC2008, I love it,Thanks.


i visited australia a year ago, have been in sydney for a few days so we have to run from one place to another to see as much as we could. thank you so much for such a beautiful panoramic view. it revealed it's beauty beyond what i have seen and my camera could capture. thanks

Yolanda Baldo, Philippines

Hello Anna,
Congratulations - great technology!!A beautiful rendition of Sydney from the sky.
Have visited and lived in Austrtalia for a short period. A fantastic country with much else to see outside of Sydney. Encourage everyone to visit.

Martin Barton, USA

Fantastic. sent the link to relies o/s and they loved Sydney and the fantastic shots that they can visit every day. Well done

Darol Cavanagh, Australia

Thanks! We appreciate your interest in this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

Thank You for the exquisite, captivating views of Sydney. You couldn't have picked a more enchanting musical selection to accompany the views. Could we obtain the name of the piece and orchestra or composer, please? Thanks!

Roger Seeley, USA

A1 views, but your choice of music sucks!

Ima Shtirrer, Australia

It's a matter of taste. Anyway, thanks for the opinion!

Varvara, AirPano

Nagyon szép!1xűen fantasztikus!!

Tóth Imre, Hungary

Dear Toth, please, leave your messages in English. Thank you!

Varvara, AirPano

Wonderful.It is great effect.

madineedi narasimharao, India

My Favourite Country.... Do Loving it... Want to visit once in ma life....:)

Hepziba Nancy, India

Excellent city, worth visiting once,

pathik mehta, India

absolutely amazing how beautiful

Venus Rosa, Australia


Praveen Krishan, India


ehab ragab, Egypt

I loved Australia. I went there just two weeks ago and I already want to live there. I am going there as an intern next summer and I cant wait! This is my way of visiting whenever I want!

Sarah beara, USA

Very nice city, Excellent work.I want to visit this city asap.

Mehmet Kandemir, Turkey

I with my family visited Australia in1997.IT is very nice country to see.Especially SYdney,WE have very nice memory on this continent.WE travel with caravan all around Australia,What a madnificence trip it was.WE have lots of filMs and Photos.

FRAnk P Pejsa, USA

I with my family visited Australia in1997.IT is very nice country to see.Especially SYdney,WE have very nice memory on this continent.WE travel with caravan all around Australia,What a madnificence trip it was.WE have lots of filMs and Photos.

FRAnk P Pejsa, USA

Lived in Sydney but we moved back in Italy when I think of it it still makes me cry. I love Sydney and always will

rita luisa florio, Italy

I LOVE Sydney,Australia ,
I LOVE YOU 360° Aerial Panorama ,

See you soon at AIRPANO.RU

behzad AFSHAR, Iran


behnam NABIOUN, Iran

perfect, i loved it, i wish to live in sydney one day!

Roya Hossein zadeh, Iran

I do live in Sydney but i had never seen my city like this before. MAGNIFICENT THANK YOU

HEINZ ZINKE, Australia

I love it

siamak kheirkhah, Iran


amir zamani, Iran


shery donoso, Canada

one word: extraordinarily fantastic !!!

theo soetemans

This product took me back 30 years when I visited during a downturn in the airline economy! I felt 26 years old all over again! Excellent - Thanks

Frank Flood