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Namtso Lake, Tibet

Welcome to Tibet - a region difficult to travel to, known for magnificent nature and an ancient culture, located in southwest China, on the Tibetan plateau, the highest on the earth.

Traditionally known as Tibet, the region has recently been referred to as Xizang. 

One most beautifil lakes of Tibet is Namtso Lake, or the "Heavenly Lake". The lake is 220 kilometres north of Lhasa, at an altitude of 4,718 metres. It is the world's highest salt-water lake! It is another pilgrimage site where Buddhists from all over the world come for a ritual circumambulation. Two tall rocks can be seen on the bank of the lake. For pilgrims, they are an embodiment of Yidam Chakrasamvara and his wife Vajravarahi. When walking between the rocks, pilgrims strengthen their ties with the meditational deities and remember the vows they have made.

Rocks at Namtso lake

The lake spreads over 70 kilometres and is 30 kilometres wide. The Tangla mountain range rises in the south: some of its peaks are higher than 7,000 metres. Yaks are better adapted to the difficulties of living at high-altitudes at Namtso Lake than other animals. The locals bring yaks to the lake and let tourists take a yak ride for a small fee.

Yaks, Namtso lake

We express our gratitude to the Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd company for its organization and assistance in filming and personally our great guide Li Dong. For contact you can email Carol: yushana@enn.cn

The company engaged in the operation of tourist attractions, tourism services and tourism business operations, and is an industry leader with A number of A-level scenic spots in the autonomous region. There are sightseeing cars, cruise boats, hotels, tents, walking and other characteristic tourism products.

Photo and Video by:  Sergey Semenov and Victoria Shutova

Drone operator: Tang Sijia

Drone operator assistant: He RenHao

15 March 2024




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