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World / North America / United States of America / Millennium UN Plaza Hotel New York, USA

Millennium UN Plaza Hotel New York, USA

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Excellent photography.

Mahmuda Hamid, Bangladesh

Beautiful and interesting presentation, thank you

vimal Nagar, India

"thank very beautiful.lovely.nice.pretty .photography .plus my country morocco good luck."

Ramesh dhawan, USA

thank you it was great

sadegh nademi, Iran


Lisandro Velasco, Mexico

thank very beautiful.lovely.nice.pretty .photography .plus my country morocco good luck.

mostafa amine, USA


antonio yelo molina, Spain

Realmente increible e impresionante.Te transporta a esos hermosos lugares.ojala se amplie el repertorio.felicitaciones...


superbe panorama, j'y étais en octobre 2012; de merveilleux moments, merçi encore et j'espère y retourner bientôt

René Hautekeet, Belgium

This made me very home sick, now whenever I want to escape this crappy hell hole I'm in, I live in another state, I now have this to go to lift my spirit.

Thank's for putting this site up.

Timothy O'Neill, USA

I could not tell if this was before or after the world trade centers were hit, RIP to those who died on 9.11, I was hoping that this site could check and see if they have anything with the world trade centers in it, it would be so nice to see again. thanks. this was, unbelievable.

Christel Platt, USA

I don't think there is a word to describe this work.Awesome, amazing,le creme de la creme! What is there to say!!

Marilyn Kyle, Canada

I noticed the music you picked to go with the views, especially the piece of "Hello". I am so touched.

Qi Chen, China

Thank you for sharing your art of photography! You bring us pleasure and joy!

Helen Riff, USA

It was awesome.It was one of the best view I saw.EXCELLENT

delaram montesana, Iran

Awesome view never seen anything like this before

Sumita Ghosh, India


robert lowery, USA

Thank you so much . Absolutely amazing .

jason middleton, New Zealand

This has brought back so many wonderful memories, of my time spent in New York. I was always a visitor, with the great love of my life. He was born, and raised in New York, and knew the city well. I am now, 78 years old, and he has passed on, so to me, this is just the next thing to being there. I love New York, with such a passion, it sometimes overwhelms me. The happiness we shared there. The Windows on the World, fine, fine restaurant. We always had the table near the grand piano, and the window, right there. So thank you, for the memories, I cherish.
Please, can you take pictures of Lake Louise, Canada? Another place, with precious memories. Gratefully, trish

Patricia Delgado, USA

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Varvara, AirPano

The second best part of this web site is I don't have to get airsick to enjoy the view.

Mary Dennis

Where in the world can you afford to see the World So closely and So Cheap. Thanks

Dilip Bhatia, United Arab Emirates

These are absolutely stunning! Brilliant work

Santosh Pamanundh, South Africa


beverley bodnar, Canada

Check this:


The photographs are top shelf, hope I can relay them to facebook friends on the "net", good job.

Adrian Crump, USA

Wonderful! Thank You, your work is so dramatic.Let me know if you have any more.

Catarina Grace Hardy, USA


mohammed ilyas, India

Useing my Matrox 3 to go I am spreading across 3 22in. monitors It is the most beautiful thing I have seen on my compuer. I will keep it for ever!!!!

Petr Donald Smerdon, United Kingdom

the greatest photos I ever seen, how do you do it?What a pleasure to just sit there and watch.I will keep this on my computer and when I'm blue, and down or unhappy I will watch your photos

Heidi Andersen, USA



very good

saeed enteshari, Iran

Magnificent. Wonderful work.
wish I could meet you someday.

Kitty Mitchell, USA

KITTY Mitchell, USA

woooooowwwwwwwwwwww...good job

vik ram, India

Sencillamente excelente!!!! Felicidades

connie del valle, Mexico

Thanks I recieved that wonderful panorama e-mail.
It´s simply hors concours.
I would like to recieve more e-mails.
So long! NINO


Fantastic - just amazing. And what song did you use for the Millenium UN Hotel Plaza one? Loved the music too. It fit so well.
Will look at your other projects now. Please let me know about the song for the Millenium UN Hotel Plaza.

Rosie Landau, Canada

Dear Rosie, please see FAQ and you'll know it. Good luck!

Varvara, AirPano

very superb photography, pls give chance for me , i whould like to work with u are team, i am from india Banglore and i am a photographer

sri ramu, India

these beautiful 3D photos simply bring me back to NYC where I spent one year of fellowship in 1989. I love New York and I love you guys for such a magnificent work.

Muh-Yong Yen, Taiwan Region

fantastic and excellent photograph and i never saw

such a photo with lighting decorating.

kannan venkataraman, India

Thank you for the message and your interest!

Varvara, AirPano


maria carvalho, Portugal

This Magnificent Photography at highest level possible, I am totally overwhelmed, I enjoy immensely to watch this work, god bless you guys.
This is art of photography.

Hossein Alimadadian, USA