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Langtang, Nepal

In Nepal, north of Kathmandu, lies Langtang: a mountainous district and national park of the same name. The highest peak of the mountain range, Langtang-Lirung, reaches 7,234 m (23,734 ft).

Dorje Lhakpa, a 6,988-meter (22,927-foot) mountain, divides the park in half from west to east to southeast; and to the north and east, Langtang is connected to the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve in the Tibet Autonomous Region.


The mountains, lakes, and valleys spread over 1,710 sq. km (660 sq. mi) are a truly majestic sight. The park was established in 1976 to preserve the unique flora and fauna of the region. There are 14 types of vegetation in 18 different ecosystems, ranging from high-altitude rainforest to alpine shrublands to perennial ice.

Everest view from Langtang

Among the animals that inhabit this natural resource are yaks, monkeys, snow leopards, 250 species of birds and even the rarest red panda. The famous Himalayan bear, distinguished from its congeners by a bright white patch on its chest, is also king of these places.

Langtang view from Kathmandu

Langtang is considered part of the Sacred Himalayan Landscape, a transboundary area in the Himalayas that includes not only Nepal, but also India and Bhutan. There are many Buddhist and Hindu shrines in the area that still attract pilgrims today, and in August a religious festival is held at Gosaikunda lake (4,380 m / 14,370 ft above sea level).

Langtang mountains

Langtang-Lirung is not very high by the standards of the Himalayan "eight-thousanders" (26,247 ft), but the mountain is admittedly very difficult to climb due to frequent avalanches and icefalls; and climbers rarely choose it. Although the first climb was made in 1949, the total number of successful ascents to date does not exceed two dozen.

Mountains view

Langtang National Park is especially interesting for trekkers. There are a number of trails available for them, which can take anywhere from three days to three weeks to complete, depending on the level of difficulty.


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Photos by Sergey Semenov and Ivan Roslyakov

April 14, 2023

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