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World / Asia / Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Petronas tower

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Petronas tower

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Petronas Twin Towers

      Petronas Twin Towers are the symbol of Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur. They are the highest twin towers in the world; their altitude is 452m. Picturesque architecture along with really giant dimensions of the towers make these skyscrapers ones of the most impressive buildings on the planet.

      It's curious but once upon a time the Americans disputed the pas of Petronas Towers, because their Chicago's skyscraper, Sears Tower, has the altitude of 527m. However, there are 75 meters of TV antennas of Sears Tower's altitude, which are on the roof. That is why, in accordance with the rules which are used in order to determine the highest building in the world, the commission didn't accepted these TV antennas as inseparable part of the construction, and Petronas' spires are seamless and inseparable element of the building.

      If we forget that Petronas are the Twin Towers (the fact is they are two towers standing near and connected with the bridge between them), and take a look at the absolute altitude of the all skyscrapers in the world, then the priority among the buildings in exploitation is the following:

      Burj Dubai - 828m
      Taipei 101 - 509m
      Shanghai World Financial Center - 492m
      Petronas Twin Towers - 452m

      Right now you can see Petronas Towers from outside flying by helicopter closed to them, look inside them, be on the bridge between the Towers as well as observe them from the ground-level.

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My Mom is from Malaysia, and I went there last year. 2018 And I loved it!! I love the Petronas Tower!! If you ever go there I’m sure your trip will be great fun! Have fun!

Erynn Chen, USA

Gracias al equipo de Airpano por estos panoramas tan bellos, se les agradece su dedicación.

Luisa García, Dominican Republic

adore the beautiful Panoramic views so much that should be named as one of them. If I should return i hope to have the the very best one that life can give xxx
My Kindest

unaWinifred omalley, Ireland

Academia Sinica

Xin Cheng, China

Excellent views.

Hugo V#225zquez, Uruguay

It's absolutely precious, amazing!!!! Congratulations Malaysia City!!!

Matilde San Martin Geiger, USA


elsa del brio, Argentina

Wow.... Amazing ! Wonderful Malaysia

Karen Kuan, Malaysia

Panorama view of the Petronas - Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Chai-Hoon Beh, USA

Visitar o Oriente é inesquecível.
A Malásia é sem dúvida obrigatório visitar, tal como MALACA, património da humanidade, nomeada pela UNESCO em Julho de 2008, uma cidade histórica da Malásia. Por esta causa nasceu a Associação Coração em Malaca em 12 de Junho de 2008.
Bem hajam todos quanto a divulgarem

Asociação Coração em Malaca - ONGD Korsang di Melaka, Portugal

روعة في الاداء والتصوير الجميل بداعة في العمل الراقي احس وكأنني في كوالا لمبور، ماليزيا. برج بتروناس بناء وهندسة معمارية خلابة في التصميم

أبو سهم العزاوي, Iraq


Ricky Tan, Vietnam


Ricky Tan, Vietnam

realmete unas tomas estupendas de una verdadera obra de arquitectura, ya las conocia pero felicito vuestro esfuerzo por mostrar al mundo lo que es capáz de crear el ser humano- alegra el espíritu y reaviva la imaginación.-

francisco miguel salgado, Uruguay


rehan ahmad, India

Hey guys the music used in this panorama is Suzanne Ciani-Turning instrumental version...Btw Very nice panorama with beautiful music...hope to see more in future.Thanks You airpano.com

hrushikesh ingale, India


zhao zisen, China

Ahh-mazing! I added to my bucket list.

Anna B, USA

hey anna the name you have told about the music is not matching as i searched it on google and youtube..if you have any link of music then please share it to me i would greatly appreciate...Thanks

hrushikesh ingale, India

good effort, the helicopter view is nice.

Faiz bin Zakaria, Malaysia


joanna jedryka, Vietnam

Amazing, in particular I used to live in KL about fifty years ago.However I wish to go 'deep'into the city and its whereabouts, but dont know how to manege this. Can you kindly and simply (I am 80) explain please. Thanks.
hans kalkman

hans kalkman, Netherlands

Mind Blowing!!!! Thanks for your innovative thinking

Peter Soper, United Kingdom

I have no words to praise you and ur work. Really commendable

vajrapu sriram, India


jacinto ferrus escalera, Spain

i was there last year , it was really wonderfull. i love there:X

elham lashgari, Iran

The money should have been spent building society. No one except dictators, psychotic, conceited and greedy myopic people build these monuments starting from the pyramids to these current day mammoths. Money could have been better spent on education, public housing, libraries or other truly beneficial projects. Look beyond the facade of these structures and you will see corruption, egoism, madness, opulence, starvation of any moral code known to man.

Abu Bhoy, Malaysia

It is fantastic


Excellent photography! Beautiful views! Keep it up

Mathi L.K., India

WOW !!!! What a presentation !!
Please keep it up with addition of more countries.

Philip Pereira, Canada

took my breath away how tidy the place is. well done

Mary weeken/wong, Australia


raman perumal, Malaysia

If it was not for those fricken screems at 04:00 in the morning, I loved the country and especially the food.

Kees Elenbaas, USA

Malaysia truly Asia :)

Am Hazra, Malaysia



Superb views of a superb country.

Muhammad Habib Khan, Pakistan

what an incredible way to travel.... very economical too~! :) great work.. I'm enjoying them all!

hilda andrade, Canada

"Simply amazing!!!.. Great job. Appreciate your painstaking effort. I work in one of the towers... The virtual views are much broader :)

June Ho, Malaysia

Pentronas Towers,Malaysia simply amazing, it's as if you are there, Beautiful dreamy music, enhances the buildings and Engineering..just love the beautiful people of Malaysia...Dot from the U.K.

Dot Maddocks, United Kingdom

...click on Syds and get KL....? what the bloody heck - virus too?

Peter Bras, New Zealand

Hi Peter,
Can you explain in details what do you mean? We honestly don't understand what does "Syds" mean and where did you click it to get Kuala Lumpur. According to our antivirus and other scan there no virus on our site so far.
Best  regards, Sergey


I visited KL fifth times already and happened to stepped foot on the bridge connecting the two towers 2007. Masha-Allah, it was an awesome experience... It is a must to see...

Emran Mohamad, Philippines

We agree with you, Emran. It's really worth to see.

Varvara, AirPano


Rosangela Germani, Brazil

Wonderful! It transports to me another world of
magical things

Radhanath Venkatanaranappa, India

"Fantastic, excellent One Malaysia!!"

Mahathir Barahim, Malaysia

Fabulous. Thank you our ex-PM Dr Mahathir who was determined to build this state of the art building despite all criticisms. It is now pride of the country. Proud to be Malaysian, dulu, kini & selamanya. God bless & protect this country. And also thanks Anna, for posting this picture.

Shima Ibrahim, Malaysia


saeed karimi, Iran

The pictures are stunning. Baie Mooi.!!!

Donald Lim Chin Ang, Malaysia

prachtige beelden

louis renders, Belgium

In deep appreciation for your efforts in bringing the world to our doorsteps.Now, anyone can'go'anywhere and see virtually any place that our planet has to showcase just by a mere click of a mouse.Thank you for the 'third eye'!

Steve Teoh, Malaysia


maznan mohamad, Malaysia

wow, its fantastic...Love it!!
It great to be Malaysian.. I am so proud of Malaysia.. Malaysia Boleh!!
God bless this piece of land always...

Wendy Ho, Malaysia

Fantastic,nice,thanks again.

stevan bachici, USA

Its really wonderful.

Shukriya Shaikh, Pakistan

It's amazing....

Eddie Chan, Malaysia

I am proud of the Twin Towers - used to work there now a pensioner. Truly a magnificent building - exterior and interior. This is the work of our visionary ex-PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. Thank you sir for bravely defending the horde of initial criticism....for what is now a symbol and pride of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Onn Mohd Yusoff, Malaysia

We are glad you liked this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

Witnessed its birth but failed to admire and appreciate its splendour until now. Words alone cannot express its beauty. Thanks. cyc


i have seen 2 times that tower its fabulous.

raju vernekar vernekar, India

i am enjoying the tours around the world

Mohammed Dawood, Saudi Arabia


Bharat Jasraj, India

May i know what is the name of this music? By the way, good job! It's beautifully made. :)

Steph C, Malaysia

Nice to seeExcellent. You have really shown the world

Gohar Sharif, Pakistan

i am so amazed at this wonderful work u put here... may GOD continue to bless yr mission n work ...to bless others who never have a chance to travel at all...his favour n protection n prosperity continue to bless yr work..keep up the good work..congratsss

esdora maj, Saudi Arabia

We appreciate your interest in this pano.

Varvara, AirPano


vahid kalhor, Iran

I have been to Malaysia several time.In fact,I visit Malaysia at least once a year.But I have had no opportunity to go up the Bridge.fantastic work.Beautiful

Terence Jayatilleke, Sri Lanka

We are pleased you visited us and liked this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

i'm speechless... excellent Malaysia!!!!

Fakhr Islam, Malaysia

Wonderfull. Insha allah i will go to Kuala Lumpur next holiday.

tahir kaya, Turkey

very nice. thank you :)

Adrian Lim, Malaysia

Simply fantastic .... no word to describe...excellent piece of work and will help humanity to understand our planet and appreciate to look after it for ever and ever... God bless the planet.

Nagarajan Pachappen, United Kingdom

We are grateful for your comment.

Varvara, AirPano

Wow...!!!! Can't believe my eyes. What wonderful pain you have taken.

Ramanathan sivasankar, India

Excellent. You have really shown the world my beloved Kuala Lumpur (KL as it is affectionately called). Thank you Anna.

Zainul Arshad, Malaysia


RAKESH Last Name, India

Superb. In our group language, kakakapo(kalakiteenga ponga)

Mahalakshmi Natarajan, India

thank u for your massage

patel nayna, India

wow, the views are breath taking. The music very touching. This makes me all the more to love my country more. What a paradise we have in Malaysia, my beloved country.

geok kuan, Malaysia

Thank you for your message. We are happy you enjoyed this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

Extraordinaire, very very good

Aurele Corbat, Switzerland

Thank you for your message.

Varvara, AirPano

Thanks a lot for the excellent views.

Q : How I can save the views in my laptop?

Thanks once again



moldoveanu viorica, Romania



very good but,Be much better

jalil nasirnia, Iran


shahla azarang, Iran

Can I purchase a print of your fabulous shot of Kuala Lumpur. Please advise price & availability. Thanks Alton Smith 706 581-8855

Alton Smith, USA