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World / Europe / Iceland / Inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano, Iceland

Inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano, Iceland


Iceland is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world, with eruptions occurring every 3-4 years on average. It´s mostly due to its location on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the Eurasian and North American plates are moving apart — and therefore literally opening the earth's crust. In the center of this ridge sits Thrihnukagigur volcano.

Thrihnukagigur volcano is dormant — it last erupted over 4,000 years ago. There are no indications of it erupting again in the near future. The volcano's name is directly translated as ‘Three Peaks Crater'. The beauty of the crater mostly consists in the various colourations found inside it and its enormous — and to some extent intimidating — size. To put it in context, the ground space is equivalent to almost three full-sized basketball courts planted next to each other and the height is such that it would easily fit full sized Statue of Liberty into the chamber.

Photo from the top of the volcano

The magma chamber is often referred to as the heart of a volcano. It's there that the liquid rock waits to find a way through to the surface, causing a volcanic eruption. In most cases, the crater is usually closed after the eruption by cold, hard lava. Thrihnukagigur volcano is a rare exception to this, because the magma in the chamber seems to have disappeared. It's believed that the magma solidified in the walls or quite simply retreated to the depths of the earth.

Inside the Volcano

An open elevator system carries you down to magma chamber. It's speed is very slow to provide the opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenery. Elevator stops at 120m depth, where we were shooting our panoramas.

We want to thank Inside the Volcano company for organization of this tour.

30 August 2013

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One more time I have again impress with technology....this is really superb feeling to just watch inside....Thanks a ton as it won't be possible without your help.

Nishant Bhosale, India

Bellissimo! Meravigliosa Islanda! I Always wanted to visit Iceland and sooner or later I will catch the flight! Northern Europe colors and athmospheres are just Awesome!


Notre nature est belle, ne la détruisons pas. Vos images sont fascinantes et superbes. Merci

Our nature is beautiful, let us not destroy it. Your images are fascinating and magnificent. Thank you

Bernard Pot, France

Thank you for the views of places that I will probably not be able to visit personally.

Richard Rubicam, USA

azamata barasti jouana

sherkoo naghshi, Iran

quite amazing !

Samuel Chiu, Taiwan Region



Bosi Stefano è semplicemente incredibile impressionnte bello anche l'ascensore che scende lentamente grazie Islanda ci sono molti vulcani qui.


Beri gudi

André Luiz Mazzorana, Brazil


Susana Farias, USA

very beautiful thanks

behrad parsa, Iran

awesome thing saw this for the first time...totally loved it .....

akhil massey, India


Dorairajan Rangadorai, India

i like to go to beautiful place that you show but i can not go because i will die because i have gone cancer

mehdi hadi, Iran


Alireza Arabzadeh, Iran

Who could imagine,few years back that a very special group of people would bring the best of the world to their finger tips and eyes.Quien pudiese haber imaginado,poco años atras,que un grupo muy especial de personas,les traería lo mejor del mundo al alcance de sus dedos y ojos. Keep the good work!

JOSE MUJICA, Venezuela

***** E X C E L L E N T ***** as ALWAYS !!! Could not be better !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!! from ARGENTINA/USA!


very good...but...
where's the panaroma of IRAN....??

mehran mirdamadi, Iran

thank you
very good

reza karbalaei, Iran


radman tavakoli, Iran


Bojan Mehle, Slovenia

I really love the color! I visualize that6 I am inside a Golden Planet! Isn't it perfect?!

Olga Etneiler, Philippines


vcente cinos, Spain

Very beautiful and wonderful

leila zandi, Iran

Wonderful fascinating images, thank you for the excellent presentation of images from inside the volcano.

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic

Just "beautiful" !!

Ed Nelson, USA

Maravilhoso, sensacional!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paulo Rattes, Brazil

Adventurous! Lucky guys to go there and experience mother earth from outside and inside...
Brave photographs, shootings and off course nice music too....
Pl keep bringing such beautiful mother earth to our eyes so that we too can see its beauty from inside and outside.
Good work and thanks to all of you there!

Naren Pradhan, India

When we sleep we forget that there are many more things to know and observe than our hunger and sex which may fury of nature like last days Pompei or Tunguska explosion of Siberia.

D P Bhattacharya, India

Un autre de ses beaux survols par AirPano

Dominique Mailhot, Canada

Imagens sensacionais , que nos fascinam
Parabéns pelo trabalho

Benjamim Pereira, Portugal


anna obrtlikova, Czech Republic

It's just awesome.......

Sarabjeet Dhillon, Canada