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World / Changes of the planet after a solar eclipse

Changes of the planet after a solar eclipse

As we know, a total solar eclipse occurred on Earth on March 20, 2015. After that we have received a lot of messages about strange phenomena noticed by different people from all over the world. They were asking to take photos of these natural phenomena and show them to visitors of our web-site.

Within 10 days AirPano team had to fulfill almost a complete journey around the world to show the changes of our planet as soon as possible. We managed to reach the shores of Rio-de-Janeiro, visit the Indian city Varanasi and the beaches of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. When we reached the Ligurian Shore we were stunned by finding the tower of Babel. What we saw moved us to the depths of our beings. So today we want to share the results of our tough work with you.

But more than that! Today we have also decided to release our first panorama shooted from space. An attentive reader will notice that we have already photographed in stratosphere, so this time we have risen much higher!

1 April 2015

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Is the spacestation pano photoshopped also?

Jordan Folster, Canada

During a solar eclipse,the Moon is in between the Earth and the Sun.The effects of an eclipse can be felt for days,Sometimes terrible natural disasters like Tsunamis,Hurricanes and earthquakes occur.The ancients knew of this and considered it an ominous course changer.Many religions offer special prayers during eclipse.In our personal lives eclipses create cycles within cycles.
Weather variation,changes in sea levels and effects on humans and animals all occur if we want to observe with an open mind and eyes.Thank you for a great show!!!!!

Naznine Qureshi, USA

I never rate a 5
but today I found airpano
wonderful ................absolutely wonderful

Jumptup Smiley, United Kingdom

Amazing,, a view towards a imaginary world.

Abhas Suman, India

very good airpano
Babak morz

Babak Morz, Iran

This picture or airpano of the pyramids is fake
the pyramids are in the desert not in a forest

Ali Mohamed, USA

Dear Mohamed, didn't you notice anything unusual on the other 7 panoramas? :)

Varvara, AirPano

This is incredable. I LOVE this.

Edward Boutin, USA


hosein ali, Iran

I was rather alarmed when I saw the changes in our planet...wondering why these weren't all over the news? Just number me one of the April fools.

Jeanie Greer, USA

Nice one for April 1st. ::::

Fren Bill, India

Just wanted to know one thing.How did you all manage to see greenery around the Pyramids of Giza? It's a barren desert. I've seen it. Do let me know this. Thanks.

Fren Bill, India

Dear Fren, do you know what day is 1st of April? It's an answer to your question.


For me the best site in the net.
Congratulations to all team.
Hugs from Portugal

luis fonseca, Portugal

Perfect presentation, congratulations to all

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic

Ha,ha,very funny.
Good photoshop work!

Martin Hrdlicka, Czech Republic

Big changes, indeed!! :D

Fernando Rapetti, Argentina

Spectacular and most entertaining. WOW

james fabian, USA

I am surprised to see small icebergsfloats near the Beach. Also unusual is the fish in Varanasi and a bear in the viscidity. V.P

V.P. Veluswamy, USA


S.M. Naufer, Sri Lanka

I am perpetually in love with airpano.rus !
I must have recommended the website to at least 25 friends and relatives of mine..!
By now, i must have spent about 40 hrs with your wonderful website...Its a marvellous gift indeed...

Dr Arvind Gopal Kulkarni, India

Always the best !
êðàñèâûé è îòëè÷íûé !!

Narendra Pradhan, India