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World / COVID time best panoramas from AirPano

COVID time best panoramas from AirPano

The new coronavirus, dubbed Covid-19, was not contained in 2019: the pandemic has been lingering for almost two years now, and no one can predict when it will end. Although it has affected literally everyone, making them adjust their daily routine and plans, luckily, life is still going on. The AirPano team has been especially challenged because our mission is to travel and capture scenic landscapes.

But as it turns out, nothing is impossible! Despite all the enormous challenges, we have been able to create many interesting panoramas from various – so different and beautiful in their own way – places on Earth.

Chara Desert, Russia

The diversity of Russia's nature is illustrated by several stories. The Chara Sands are an amazing array of dunes surrounded by snow-covered rocky ridges, a dense larch taiga, water bodies and swamps; a true wonder of Transbaikalia. Sakhalin Island, located on the eastern borders of the country, is fascinating not only for its nature, but also for its man-made sights. This is, for example, the Aniva lighthouse: a complex engineering structure and a historical monument. Kunashir and Iturup Islands, part of the neighboring Kuril Archipelago, are known for their volcanoes, fumaroles, and other unusual geological formations. Here, basaltic lavas have created broken, piling rock formations; fanciful hills are cut through by grottos, and all this splendor belongs to seals, bears, and other fauna.

Kizhi, Karelia, Russia

The Kizhi open-air museum in Karelia is a unique example of ancient Russian wooden architecture, stunning beauty of northern nature and a reminder of the spiritual heritage of Russia. Lake Baikal is the largest natural reservoir of fresh water. In winter, it is covered with piles of crystal-clear ice, and in summer, you can admire the bright colors of the sun-drenched body of water. And finally, the aurora borealis – you can see it in different parts of the world, but it is especially beautiful on the Kola Peninsula. There are no people, no "light pollution," and the sky in front is blooming with fantastic flashes.

Northern lights, Kola peninsula, Russia

Another symbol of the north is winter, and AirPano illustrates it with Lapland landscapes. Here, snow is like material in the hands of a sculptor who transforms ordinary hills and trees into a fairy tale setting. And those who prefer a warm sea will enjoy the panoramas of Marlon Brando's atoll in Polynesia, the beaches and sharks of the Maldives, the jellyfish and underwater world of exotic Palau.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Africa is one of AirPano's favorite filming destinations, and the compilation tour includes two completely different locations. They are Cape Town, a vibrant, colorful metropolis surrounded by mountains and the ocean, and the southern Sahara Desert in Chad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sahara Desert, Chad

The Fann Mountains in Tajikistan have also earned a place on this prestigious list. The amazingly beautiful region of lakes and snow-capped peaks has preserved stone fortress towns and other historical sites. Armenia can also boast many ancient monuments, including the Sevanavank Monastery on the northwest shore of Lake Sevan. This monastery is on the UNESCO list as well, representing the centuries-old way and architecture of the country.

Sevanavank Monastery, Armenia

But a place doesn't have to be world-famous to shine in beauty! You can see it for yourself if you take a virtual tour of the small Hungarian town of Paks, located on the banks of the Danube. It features charming European architecture and the grandeur of the largest river in the European Union. The town of Thira on the Greek island of Santorini appeared after a volcanic eruption, but now it has nothing that can remind you of the natural disaster: it is a peaceful setting with picturesque sunsets and the boundless warm sea.

Danube River, Hungary

We hope you have enjoyed this journey to such different and interesting places! While the global travel restrictions remain in place, we can still admire the whole world through modern technology!

21 January, 2022

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