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AirPano smiles

We congratulate the visitors of our web-site on April Fools' Day! Today we want to present you our selection of humorous panoramas that were created over the year in between the shootings. We invite you to take a funny trip to New York, the North Pole, on board of a helicopter and even to space!

1 April 2015

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Tesekkureder#305m cok cok guzel b#305 cekimolmus Basar#305lar#305n#305z#305n devam#305n#305 dilerim.

Nusret Kaymakc#305, Turkey

Thank you for sharing. Especially for someone that is too old to travel me.

Lady Mary Ann Chatterley, USA

Those are not real penguins basking in the sun surely?

Heather Donovan, Australia

Marvelous! Thank you!

S.M. Naufer, Sri Lanka

When I said can't read because is in another language, I mean that when I click in one of the window It took me to some country that the name of the place and everything writing was in their language, not in English so didn't know witch country or place was , but it was amazing view. Only an input. Like I said before overall is a very good job.

Carmen H Beeching, USA

Thanks to take me around to such magnificent viewa. Only thing sometimes I can't read their language and make me sad because don't know wich place is showing. Overall Good Job!!!

Carmen H Beeching, USA

I beleive it's hightly educative all these recordings that you supply, desregarding, the quality of the shots videos. Thanks for all your work.

juan riera, Spain

please explain meteorite

kenn hutton, Australia

Beautiful, thank you

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic


Shakir Siddiqi, Canada