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World / Africa / Zambia / Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe border

Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe border


"Victoria" — is one of the most spectacular attractions of Africa and one of the most unusual waterfalls in the world. It is created by the Zambezi River that suddenly plummets into a narrow, 100-meters deep chasm. At the same time, Victoria — is the only waterfall in the world that is over one kilometer wide and over one hundred meters deep. 

Its roar can be heard from 40 kilometers away, while the spray and mist from the falling water rises up to 400 meters and is visible from the distance of 50 kilometers. Even the rainbows are incredible here — they are of the "moon" kind: produced by the light reflected off the surface of the Moon.

The falls were discovered in 1855 by David Livingstone, the British doctor and a missionary, who named them in honor of Queen Victoria. Locals called this Nature's wonder "Mosi-oa-Tunya" ("The Smoke Which Thunders") and were afraid to even get close to it. Brave Livingstone was the first European who could cross the entire Dark Continent from the South to the North. His expedition, aimed at bringing Christianity to Africa, was accompanied by 300 warriors from one of the tribes, but only two of them dared to get close to the waterfall.

However, the traveler was not too happy about his discovery. For Livingstone, this wall of water was just an obstacle that prevented the Christians from reaching the tribes in the depths of the continent.

Victoria Falls MapFor a long time the waterfall remained practically without any visitors, until the construction of the railroad in 1905. Nowadays, this place is named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Locals from both Zambia and Zimbabwe have lost their fears of the "Smoke That Thunders" and they have successfully developed tourist business on both sides of the river.

Curiously, during the dry season that lasts approximately from September to December, water level in Zambezi river falls, and one can walk through the most part of the waterfall, jumping between the streams that are running down. However, at all other times, Victoria is a roaring machine, the power of which leaves an unforgettable impression.

One of the peculiar ways of entertainment at Victoria, hardly known to the mainstream tourists — is a natural pool, about ten meters wide, located right next to the cliff, next to the Livingstone's island. Just a narrow strip separates it from the deep precipice. No wonder that his place was called "Devil's Pool".

After getting into this pool the swimmer can feel how tons and tons of swirling water plummet nearby. This pool is closed during the high-water season, as the swimmers can be dragged by the current into the precipice, so the tours to this pool only start in autumn.


Devil's pool

Photos taken from http://exfun.ru  

Victoria is not the tallest waterfall in the world (how could its 100-meter height compare with a 979-meter tall Angel in Venezuela). However, bungee jumping from "Victoria Falls" bridge is a very popular activity here. Anyone wishing to try bungee jumping is tied by the elastic cords, and then he or she plummets downwards, experiencing the thrill of the free-falling for just a few seconds. The cord stretches near the water, bounces back and about a dozen of times, and afterwards the jumper is brought up.

However, the safest way to admire the waterfall would be from the height of the bird's flight, which we offer you here.

 Photography by Dmitriy Moiseenko

26 April 2010

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the only one waterfall in the world with a width of 1km. come,see and go back

brave guwa chitopota, Zimbabwe

thanks 4 photo

jehad qasem, Yemen

mind-blowing !!! Nature's creation superb technique photography --It Is as if you are there !!!!!

Jan Mohamed Shaikh, India

Geat Idea to see the world.

sadayappa durairaj, USA

This is very nice and I am planing to visit the big in December with my wife.

Ronald Chikwasa, Zambia

I stay in Zambia and have visited the Victoria Falls several but I've never had such an awesome view with so much detail as this one. This is beyond great.

Martins Shumba, Zambia

Amazing :

Akash Yadav, India


bob smith, Australia

very nice to watch the video and really enjoyit.


Absolutely stunning view of the area I have visited more than 50 times but never knew it was this mind blowing really! The view on here is terrific makes me wanna go back there tomorrow!!!!

Rold baloyi, Zimbabwe

Thank you for sharing this incredible photography of God's wondrous earth! The accompanying music was also beautiful and so relaxing. What is that..artist and the piece that plays during the awesome tour of Victoria falls? Can't wait to view the rest! Thank you for sharing and merry Christmas!

Sally Conner, USA

Thank you, Sally! Please look at the answer on your question about music here: http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php

Varvara, AirPano



it was impressive.thanks alot.

fatemeh doosti, Iran

This is great we live in Livingstone and run a tourism based company "Elephant Oasis African Bush Dinners" and this a great opportunity for people to understand the beauty of the Victoria Falls and get people excited about coming to see it in person. Well done Airpano! excellant.

Chantal Vine-Jordan, Zambia


Albert Martin, USA

breathtaking scene! simply unforgettable!!

sujay basu, India

Absolutely Awesome. I am a disabled Veteran and have seen some of these places in person but the 3-d tour is AWESOME, How do I download it for my I-pad?

Marvin Hardy, USA

Dear Marvin, you can't download our panoramas. But you can get iPad applications with our panoramas of Kamchatka: http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Airpano-applications

Varvara, AirPano

What a waterfall discovered!!!
I like it so much.

Shishir Mehadi, Bangladesh

save money then go there without hesitation!

QIyv Chen, China

I was there one week ago, and this is an indescribable place! Incredibly large, incredibly beautiful and powerful.

Katherine Griggs, USA

Wow!Beautiful World & Thanks for wonderful photography. My love towards Water Falls , Mountains & forests remains in my heart where ever I visit. Visited Niagara & Grand Canyons amazing & happy to see them , next is this beautiful Water Fall Victoria.

Sumedha Dharmasena, United Arab Emirates

Almost seen the world. But this is different. Superb.

Khozem basrsi Basrai, India

fantastico, maravilhoso

jose montenegro, Portugal

Born and raised in the area desperate to go back. Thank you for this wonderful view of this magnificent place.

amanda van der bank, United Kingdom

I am looking to niagara falls for the first time which chang the picture in my mind about zambia which was zambia is african backwardness country but now my dream that some day I can visit and injoy very very lovely country thank you friends

salah kharboutli, Syrian Arab Republic

We lived in Victoria Falls Village for many years and to see it again in this form brings back many very happy memories,wonder were all the old friends landed up in the world? Love to hear from someone.

Graham and Eve Ingles, Australia

Splendide!!! car les vues d'ensemble permettent de mieux comprendre le phénomene

peyre nicole, France

I grew up in Wankie, 70 miles south of Vic Falls, and we used to travel up there pretty often; in fact so often you didn't even bother to look sometimes, because all you wanted to do was head for the Vic Falls Hotel and a cold Lion Lager. Nice to see it all again though.

Peter Brown, Australia

very very good..wow..

jafari Pouya, Iran

wonderful world we live in thanks muchas gracias estan de maravilla!

arcadio varela, USA


杨 杜军, China

It is really nice
thank you very much

abbas niknejad, Iran

magestic creation of the Allmighty WOW

maymoona khan khan, South Africa

"wah! fantastick,its amazing,

Lundup Landon, China

too wonderful for comment...

Lucia Vulpescu, Romania

Impresionante!!, efectivamente se siente como si uno hubiera estado allí. Felicitaciones por el trabajo extraordinario a quien hizo posible admirar estas maravillas.

Maria Mora, Ecuador

Beautiful,thank you to let us share these nice pictures ! God bless you
jeanne naef, Guadeloupe

jeanne naef, Guadeloupe

Increíblemente hermoso y además didáctico, sin dudas el "mejor" en su especie.

Ulán Arias A, Costa Rica


silvestre alvarez, Egypt

De lo mas importante que e visto Fenomenales panoramicas


Thank you for taking us to such great places.....

Homa Rokni, Iran


xxxxxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Belgium

Que de souvenirs janvier 2008, merci aussi à Onair Helicopters en Zambie pour nous avoir fait survoler les chutes. Merci à vous pour ces photos.

PERONNEAU michel, France


Taís Pereira, Brazil

Wonderful photography! I grew up in Zambia and last visited in 1997 at the end of the dry season. We were able to walk along the edge of the falls from the Zambian side to Livingstone Island. Your panorama brings back the experience of a lifetime. Also, great views of the Victoria Falls bridge and the many downstream gorges where whitewater rafting is done.

Alan Chattaway, Canada

your photos is very good!

chen yang, China

merci de me permettre de revoir ce superbe coin de notre planète, tant de souvenirs , juste extraordinaire, merci à tous

chantal lambert, France

I visited Victoria falls in the summer of 1997 with my family. The scenery is better to be imagine than to describe. It was really breath taking especially the Zambian border side of it where you can actually come face to face with the falls . Yes it is one of the seven wonders of the world.p

Gloria Smith, United Kingdom

Absolutely Fantastic!!

heather bradley, Canada

a must watch for all geography and history teachers and parents should expose their children to things like this and not half the ROT that is there on the net.
Let us start to learn to appreciate the beauty of our world and try to save it for our future generations also.

Revaz Martin, India

I now want to go to Zambia-Zimbabwe to see another of God's creation

Loyle Herdsman, Jamaica

Victoria Falls town is in Zimbabwe and the falls themselves are shared by the two countries.To truly appreciate the falls, they MUST be viewed from both sides where they can be seen from different perspectives especially the Knife Edge Bridge on the Zambian side.

Samuel Shankang, Zambia

Really great shot - beautiful photo.
In the 1989/1990 years I spent on the contract
in NCZ Kafue in the Zambia and I had opportunity
to tour Kariba Dam and Victoria Falls.
The greeting from the Poland.

Bogdan Polit, Poland



I am grateful to all those sho made this report, for allowing to visit such wonders without all the inconveniences of international air travel!
And of course, I praise the Creator of this unforgettable showpiece.

Francis De Pauw, Belgium

I am grateful to

Francis De Pauw, Belgium

Awesome views,what an incredible planet we have.
Lets keep it that way for our children to see.
Dale Amyotte

Dale Amyotte, Canada

Superbes panoramas vous nous faites voyager depuis notre domicile. Merci pour tous ceux qui ne peuvent voir toutes ces merveilles de la avoir publiées.

martine kurtz, France

Wij zijn er geweest op een moment dat er bijna geen water was, er viel wel water maar het mocht de naam waterval bijna niet hebben. Wij hebben toen samen met Bep en Jaap van Barneveld een helikopter vlucht boven het gebied gemaakt dat was wel fantastisch

Rikie en benny oltwater, Netherlands

It was very interesting for me. Thanks for the importance of the natural environment

mohammad beygi, Iran

thanks for reminding me of the incredible beauty that i have to visit

mirjana hrovat, Croatia

Absolutely stunning! Great job.

Maria Pinto, India


Helder Vitoriano, Brazil

wooooow.....GOD, thanks I can see your amazing creation anymore... thanks GOD..

yopy rungkut, Indonesia

ooooooooooh! what a wonderful world, thank you

bill wayne, United Kingdom

What a fantastic creation.

farooque qazi, India


Mohamad amin Mohamadi, Iran

These are really a must see!!

Omar A Aziz, Malaysia

wah! fantastick, amazing, salute to the man who captured in his camera and placed before the world.

rajkumar brahmbhatt, India

No words! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!



Gabriel Leicht, Israel

Dit is buitengewoon mooi en leerrijk

Lou Schaffler, Belgium


debora Tioso, Indonesia

Victoria Falls is in Zimbabwe not Zambia.

Evaristo Wamuka, Zimbabwe

Thanks soo much for these great gifts

Phung Nguyen, Vietnam

May God bless you for creating a such world class photography, on a amazingly beautifull place, thanks for a wonderfull entertainment.

Noshirwan Bharucha, Iran


selim atamer, Turkey


arvin estakhr, Iran


Christos Floros, Greece


Kasey Diba, USA


Neptune Tehrani, Iran

ivisited in 1967=68 when i worked in luanshya i thought it was amazeing

paul barry, Ireland

ceva nepamantean........

dumitru burlacu, Antarctica

its amazing, breath taking,oh!! we don't have words to express , we enjoyed almost all !! my wife sujaya and me were in UNITED STATES,including bahamas CANADA LAST YEAR (28days), in 2009 we travelled through whole of europe!! (28days),the speciality is when u have visited those places !it will be a real thrill !!

vellore shanmugam shiva kumar, India

it's GREAT

sh b, Iran

it is amasing i feel that i visited there

chandrupatla satyanarayanreddy, India

A nice tour-virtually with all by me to enjoy our lovely nature....................
carry on.......................


I was btought up in Livingstone and used to swimm with my mates in the Devils Pool in 1947.

clive goodrich, United Kingdom

ilike to see word


Loved this video WE went to Zambia last year and stayed at a beautiful hotel near rhte falls . It was so spectacular and this brought back lovely memories of flying over the falls in a helicopter. Zikomo

Cynthia McRae, Canada


Abias Huongo, Angola

Very Nice

Yvonne Dewberry, USA

I've been there in 1993 and it is absolutely wonderfull! Yet, view from up, as it is shown here, gives you the real size of this wonder. Because the cliff is so narrow, you don't get the impression of large you get in Niagara. But, as someone said, that impression you get in the bridge side of the river. Fantastic!

Maria Rocha, Portugal

but remember so many people died being a few minutr heroes. Just remember the people who love you and look after your attempt of danger in danger zone. good luck and it is wow

valentina poikonen, United Kingdom

Swimming on the edge of the Victoria Falls is nothing new.
I was brought up at the Falls and used to swin there (1952) on weekends as a teenager.

Clive Goodrich, United Kingdom

u can send more video. It was very very nice.


Brilliant. I visited the falls in 1960 when I was stationed with the UN in the Congo. It hasn't changed one bit. Still beautiful.

Colin O'Callaghan, Ireland

What a experiance, so good and the music of carlos santana matches the feeling of being there, you must try all the different views, i have returned many times. well done AIRPANO.

kevin meadows, United Kingdom

Favoloso. Un fantastico ristoro per l'anima.

Patrizio Santurro, Italy

I had many times visited & enjoyed the beauty of
Victoria Falls during my stay in Zambia,between
1971 to 1977 and I still could"t forget it, after
all these years.
John Chirayath.

John Chirayath, India

I am nearing the end of my life here on earth, but I am still able to travel. The wonderful Victoria Falls and Africa in all its beauty would be my next choice of the 5th continent I would most like to see. I have an Anthropology degree and realize that this area is deemed to be the the cradle of humanization. Please let me know how much it costs to get there, and to explore the wonders of this region. Jerri


inpresionante belleza.

jorge guillermo pastor y gayol, Mexico

Victoria Falls - Fantastic. Takes my breath away. Thank you for the wonderful memories of when we lived there.

Stretch Merrington, United Kingdom

My wife and me were at the falls last month (August,2012) and thoroughly enjoyed the magnificient bueaty of the falls. we had also enjoyed the microlite flight. This is another manificient landmark after THE GRAND CANYON, NIAGARA FALLS, TABLE MOUNTAINS AND THE PYRAMIDS.

Ayno Parmar, Tanzania


Saikumar C Belludi, India

I was able to take a helicopter ride over the Falls and this video brought back wonder memories of my tour of South Africa in 2011

Kerrolyne Zabik, Canada

Fantastic - takes me back to 1985, my husband and I had the most wonderful holiday there, staying at the Vic Falls Hotel (real 'old' and best colonialism, much better than modern stuff!). Those days you didn't pay to go in, you just walked down the path, across the road, and you were in the reserve. Absolutely magical. My husband had recently visited Niagara, but he rated Victoria as stupendous, not commercialised, just the way God had created it - a truly amazing experience.

Dorothy Berry, South Africa



Lydia @ I had our honeymoon at the Falls in 1966 and returned with our Children 1985. Keep up the good work.

Brent Stuart, Australia

wwwwwoooooowwwwwww ,its amazing ,i really enjoy it .i cant believe how our world is beautiful

maral m, Iran

Breathtaking! God is AMAZING in his creations!

Dee Dee Kemmerling, USA

Just amazing!

Umesh Samani, United Kingdom

Looks like the creation of these falls was due to a huge earthquake. Superior photography.

Ethel Shore, Canada

Gr8 stuff.

Suresh kumar, India

I have not visited this beautiful site,Victooria Falls,but I can imagine the beauty of Gods Creation-How wonderful,no human can make it-Great our God, the Creator-Simbly Beautiful....Fr.James.

Fr.James Aerumelikara Thomas, India

We used to swim in the Devils pool in the '60's when we lived in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and so did my late Father in Law and his friends in the late '20's and early '30's when they were working on the Victoria Falls hotel. Brings back many wonderful memories. Thank you!

Mike Mays, South Africa


Anne Kunze, USA

fantastisch!!! Whished it was vidau too!

Rudy Grasman, Netherlands

This is GOD Gift

Thamimun Ansari, India

Very super! God made it for us to admire the beauty of Nature.What a wonderful Go dis He!

Roger/Evelyn Pelayo, Philippines

beautiful and gives an excellent idea of so many beautiful places and monuments one can visit

joe galea cavallazzi, Malta

Excellent work and project keep it up as it gives you some idea of which countries to visit.

Kaushik Gosai, United Kingdom

Unbelievably spectacular!!!!
Keep up this great project!

Art Deters, USA

Fantastic Email

Joseph Zangaglia, USA

it s beautiful

sami shojaee, Iran

Very beautiful, will probably never get to visit but knowing that i got to see such beauty without going is a blessing

ronda weaver, USA

no words to compliments it is very v........ beautiful

vinod rahate, India

Excellent video .It brought back many memories as I was lucky to see the Victoria Falls in 1989 from both sides...Zambia and Zimbabwe.Thanks for this wonderful video.

Ashok Mahagaonkar, India

I have to go there to see such a wonderful place...

Harshal Bahadarpurkar, India

I was born in Mongu, up the Zambezi River, and lived in Lusaka and Livingstone in the 1940's and 50's. Spent much time at the wonderful falls.
These are wonderful pics.

Jen Lock (nee Bennett), Canada

Nature's beauty

Narayan Garimella, India

Fantastic and wonderful.
Lots to see in this wonderful world

Marian Hemming, United Kingdom

Jeto nadherne.

Sedlak Vaclav, Czech Republic

Point of correction; David Livingstone was the first white man to come accross the Victoria Falls. He did not discover them, you cant discover something that was common knowledge in the local area.

And YES, the best views and facilities are on the Zimbabwe side. Thats why SAA has 14 flights per week from Joburg to Vic Falls direct.

Zane Peters, Zimbabwe

Excellent coverage; having lived in S.Africa for 30+ years, the Vic Falls was one of the most amazing places for scenery. The bunjee jump is horrific to even watch, our son bottled out once he was harnesed up and ready to jump. Nobody can imagin the size of the whole area until you have visited. Very very different. Its just a shame the way it has gone.

Lyn Chamberlain, Romania

I have visited the fall in 2001 from both sides, this video is wonderful.


How Beautiful is Africa , albeit their governance is up the pole..or down..more likely...yet not too many places in the World with Gods such natural wonder Awesome ...

Bryan Paradies, South Africa


el bomber, USA

Simply SUPERB !

P R I Y A V A D A N P R A H L A D R A Y M A N K A D, India

I am a south african and have traveled most places in the world but not to this falls i think what i seen will take me on my next visit many thanks for this 2013 here i come your photographer is magnificent

babe. pillay, Australia

never seen such views, magnificent falls wounderful

rashmikant pithwa, India



This Amazing & informative Like a heaven on the earth

chintan ( Lavri) Patel, India

World could be this amazingly beautiful, unbeleivable.

Noorullah Hussain, India



wonderfull, congratulatiosn

Paola Perrella, Brazil

Our heavenly Father has painted so many beautiful pictures for us to enjoy. Please lets keep it beautiful for our children.

femi adesanya, USA

It looks to be just a trailer of heaven

Muhammad Musatafa Jamal, Pakistan

Well done Dmitriy, excellent article also; keep up the great work!!

Jim Vincent, Canada

simply wonderful! I can never see enough.

Jichang Gu, China



"Breathtaking" Thanks.

Sheela Mehta, USA

Beautiful! I can enjoy the photographs more than what I had experienced holidaying there last year with the help of local tour operator "Big Five"

Walter N A Nazareth, India

Beautiful, Thrilling and Informative.Thanks lot.G,RENU.INDIA

Govindasami Renu, India

I visited Victoria Falls back in 1973, when it was located in Rhodesia. Absolutely incredible!! Makes our Niagara Falls look like a trickle of water.

Richard Kaplan, USA

It"s new way to share the history of the world .......................

Jayesh Gandhi, India

Its beautiful.

Kadir DURANLI, Turkey


Mazhar Alam, India

Excellent Photography N Hats off to the team who made this wonderful Video.

Sanal Kumar, India

Mind Blowing Photography. Hats off to AIRPANO Team...


Mind Blowing Photography. Hats off to AIRPANO Team...


I havent taken the time to read it all but this is really neat.

paul Rivais, Canada

As beautiful as I remember it 36 yrs. ago as a young man.......... took me back in space and time! Esp. zoom in onto the little bridge on the Zambian side advising us not to go any further! Good work - let's have more such sites. Well done!

Kalim Noorani, United Kingdom

I grew up in Northern Rhodesia 1949-1959 saw the area well

malcolme Richards, Australia


kavya sri, India

Wow..........Nice one.

Swapnil Patil, India


arul mahesh, India

Beautiful Enjoyed Thanks

Louise L'Heureux, USA

World is so beutiful, it is god's gift and we must thank almighty for all hapiness we got.

digambar joshi, India

I feel so PRIVILEGED to see our amazing world in my living room !! Such FANTASTIC Technology & Photography !!

kenny thompson, United Kingdom


Paulo Cezar Oliveira, Brazil


Robert Brunton, Canada

It takes LOVE to share and divinity is in motion here. Thank you for shaing nature's beauty with so many. Cheers.

Mohana Narayanam, Malaysia

The video was excellent--it brought back many memories as I was lucky to see the Falls in 1998 and stay at Victoria Falls Hotel. I seen the falls on ground as well as by helicopter--truly beautiful and made by our Lord above. Thank you bring back those memories.

Alice Collette, USA

You are welcome! Thank you for the message.

Varvara, AirPano

highly creative and amazing

Dr Dharamchand Choudhari, India

Verry Verry go photography


Beautiful!!!!!!!!! No words to express!!!!!! Nature is more than God!!! Admiring nature is like being with God for a moment!!!

Vandana Shinde, India

A Sambesi "Sundowner" and the noice of the Falls,the drum band at the Hotel,the monky ripping a banana out of my hands,the rain forrest across the falls,the gorge we paddeld in,who can forget this?
We followed the river down streem to the Kariba Dam.This was in 1972 a troubled time in "Rhodisia"

Bill Timsh, Canada

I have been to Victoria Falls in 1990, Today nostalgia has driven me to a WORLD OF fantasy! Indeed, it is a unique gift of Nature ! ! Thanks for reviving the golden memories !

Ateeque Abdullah, Pakistan

I have seen the falls from the air but this is even better. Thank you.

Ken Bowie, United Kingdom

I love the view of the tower of Pisa with your
"Airpano",much better than I saw it in person.

Kino Draghicchio, USA

One of the darest thing to do in life............

Sendil kumar, India

Simple, Truely Fantastic!

Robert Mair, United Kingdom


Lin Fang, China


Petar Govorko, Australia

The presentation is awesome;I have enjoyed every bit of the aerial tour and wish I could visit the falls one day!
Thank you.
P B Capoor, Gurgaon (Haryana) India.

Prem Capoor, India

Breathtakenly Beautiul

Rosalind Johnson, USA

Thanks for the memories - I was born at Livingstone on June 1st - hence my name June Victoria - have not been back in many years, so it is a wonderful gift being ableto "see" it again. Thank you so much for sharing

June "Victoria" Frost, USA

It gives us pleasure to hear from you. Thank you too!

Varvara, AirPano

"Excellent never seen such views, no words to express the beautiful view."

mony mathew, India

This will be the only way that I will view this MAGNIFICENT falls as I dont travel much anymore.

The same goes for Angel Falls.

The only way of viewing these falls, in person, & get the same 360 degree views, is by helicopter. No other way to observe the view even in person.
Thank you to the daring photographer for the great show!!!!!!!

stan cohen, USA

Amazing & informative; tnks so much..

Johney Kunnil, Kuwait

Excellent never seen such views, no words to express the beautiful view.

Uzair Ferhi, India

I was born in Pretoria:South Africa,moved to Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia in 1949 to Qwe Qwe then to Gwelo (Gweru)where I joind the Rhodesian Railways now National Railways Zimbabwe.Left in 1967 then living in Harare (Salisbury)Whent to Belgium Hoboken (Antwerpen)and it took Me and My family some time to go back on holiday to Gweru,and that was in 1972 after living in Zimbabwe : Rhodesia that I and family saw the Vivtoria Fall for the first time:they say that You never go to these places when living there?.But do when You return on holiday been there 2 times since then?.Then the Falls where and still is a graete natural display of the wonders on this world We live in.Graete work this Panoramic display.My heart is still in Zimbabwe.P.S have not seen all of it will not delete it in e-mail box.

Botha. Douw., Belgium

It's Beautiful :-) Superlike! Thank you for such an awesome Video:-)

Archana Gite, India

"Yeh Kaun "CHITRAKAAR" Hai!
Your Heart is the only Canvas where there is no limit for the GB storage.

Vilasraje Patil, India

I was born in Livingstone 1954. Have treasured memories of 'Vic Falls" and the whole area,last visit late 90's,can still smell the Mopane.Wonderful photography.

Merv Kluckow, Australia

I give thanks to God for all the gifts He has bestowed upon us.

Peter J james, United Kingdom

thanks for bringing beauty of the unseen world

sudharma liyanage, Sri Lanka



Beautiful place. I was born in Livingstone in 1954. I met my husband there when I was 16.Sadly our family were murdered and farm taken away in Zimbabwe. We would love to visit again from the Zambian side.

Rosemary Layard, South Africa

very gd Panorama.................


Excellent butiful never seen like this before
that too without going to this place.

hiren vora, India

I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1944 and six months later moved to Victoria Falls with my family. My mom, now aged 94, my sister 70 and all her family still live there. What an amazing place to be brought up in. I am extremely fortunate to go back every year for two months to experience the magnificent sight. It is absolutely awesome and I never get tired of it.

Graham Andrews, United Kingdom

Thanks for your memories and high appraisal of our work. Regards!

Varvara, AirPano

Enchanting.Beautiful.Feel being there actually.Thanks for the wonderful experience.


simply superb. I am sure I will not have a chance to visit the place in my life.So Thank full to the People /Team or whosoever it is, to gave the feel of visit from my seat at home.

thakns and cheers



Wow ! Its Amazing. I have been there four years ago. I have no words to describe its beauty,

Hilma Roach, India

This is simply amazing....m spell-bound by its beauty!!!

Dark Angel, Nepal



Shankerprasad S Bhatt BHATT, USA





Simply ahmazing!! Completely tongue-tied!!

Upansu Shah, India

It is wonderful. I can send the same to all my friends and relatives. No words to describe the beauty.

Ekambaram Krishnamurthi., India


Nirmalie Bopearatchy, Rwanda

What a photography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot

Ramanathan Ganesan, India

it is too good

surinder tony, India

Rating of nature is always highest! No words to say any thing. "Nature is ready to give up its secrets if we only know how to knock, how to give it the necessary blow. The strength and force of the blow come through concentration."-Swami Vivekananda

Pankaj Vaja, India

Great job! It takes me back to 40 years ago when I used to overfly this gorgeous area every day.
A rainbow was my companion.

Alberto Gagliardi, Italy



Praise the God who has created this, imagine the creator of this beauty in the nature and how lovely God is.

J Abbasi, United Kingdom

Spectacular, but what has god got to do with it?
Natural phenomena that's what it is.

Alan Birmingham, Australia

Fantastic ! Amazing!!

We viewed the panorama before we went on our tour to South Africa and Victoria Falls (5/20/12 to 6/06/12). We were there in person on May 30, 2012 and with other tourists from across the world. It was so fabulous to be there in person after viewing the panorama and now revisiting today. It shows the power of nature and blessings to that part of the world - so simple and so innocent and one cannot refrain from appreciating the beauty of nature. Keep it up. Thanks a lot.

Madhusoodan Bhatt & family.

Madhusoodan Bhatt, USA

We appreciate your interest in this pano. Thanks!

Varvara, AirPano

Awesome, brings back such wonderful memories. Thank you.

Diana Herring, Australia



no wonder this is also God one of the creation among many.

Ranjith Amerasinghe, Sri Lanka

I have seen and witnessed such a wonderfull and awesome ceations of Allmighty several occasions.If God permits we intend to visit and sitdown there for sometime so as to realise and feel the nature so close.

Amrit Kumar Kar, New Zealand

his is one of the best views that I have seen of Victoria Falls



Philip Salmon, India


浩 哲, China

Always different, but always beautiful, whether in flood or drought, through the mist at dawn or shroud by rainbows in midday sun or glorious moonlight. The rainforest surrounds and minimal thorn-branch barrier (no rails or concrete) make this the most natural view in the world.Kee it that way - please!

john petheram, Zimbabwe

My father was a Railway man, so we were granted a free pass and we would leave Bulawayo in the evening, have the next day at the Falls and return the next evening and be back in Bulwayo.
This is absolutely fantastic what GOD created for us All.
From your comments the say to me that WE ALL love what the Creator of the Universe left for US and we all share the appreciation.
So sad that we have the same love for beauty, yet the politicians have forced wedges between us.

Vernon Graham Roberts, USA

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

My family lived in Livingstone from 1937 - 197. As a child growing up we had no where else to swim except in the river and the Armchair the Devil's Pool and the Candelabra Pool. In the late 1930's my grandmother had a tearoom on the sight where the Royal Livingstone Hotel now stands. My thanks for the revisiting of our childhood playground.

Athal Jones, Canada


Petra Strong, Australia

'Smoke does really explode' which is what 'Musi (Smoke) 'oa Thunya' (that explodes) really means in Tswana and Lozi !

d'Albert Matlhoko, Australia

Wonderful , almost as fascinating as Igwaso in Brazil.

jalal sheikhani, USA

Thank you. Many, many years ago while studying Egypt I heard about these great falls. The early writing I read said the original Garden of Eden was on a flatland near this great fall. Gold was gathered near here and shipped to Egypt. Gold became more plentiful than copper in Egypt and the top of the Great Pyramid was capped in gold. Now, today I see Victoria Falls in 360º, Life is good, God is good.

Don Jusko, USA

it is just a lovely world thanks to god and you i saw some thing more wonderfull

manohar vachhani, India

So enjoyed seeing the panorama of Victoria and hoping I will get to physically see it before I die. Also enjoyed the comments from around the world.

Brenda Baker, USA

Brought back memories of visiting Victoria Falls. Beautiful and amazing! I was born in Southern Rhodesia now (Zimbabwe). Been down to the
falls quite a few times. Left there in the 1960's. No other falls as beautiful as Victoria Falls.

Fiona Ashby, Canada


arumughom pillai, India

Very eye catching. We are stunned after seeing the panoramic view. Could not imagine that nature can be viewed in this direction.

Suresh Kadu, India

Thanks for incredible information .

Mithlesh Kumar +91-9818204740


Mithlesh kumar Singh, India

Awesome The panaromic beauty is a visual treat .Thanks a ton for posting such incredible photographs in 3D.Watching it is therapeutic.Hope to visit the place some day.

Hema Rengarajan, India

I was fortunate to visit the Falls in the 1980s.
If you look at the view directly above the Falls you can see a path leading to the point where the Falls become the Zambesi River. I stood on that small point of rock and videoed the Falls right across and over my feet. How I didn't take a big dive I don't know, but the experience feeling those Falls is unbelievable.All that raw power.

Max de Mestre-Allen, Australia

Thank you, Max, for sharing your memories.

Varvara, AirPano

thanks i can see beautiful world

mangalika jaya, Sri Lanka

great photography!

narayanareddy mudiam

My wife grew up at the Falls her father [Eddie Fairbairn ] worked at the power station for many years . Your vidio bfought back great memories for her . Thanks
Dave Young

Dave Young, United Kingdom


Lin mao-sen lms, China

Brought back many memories. I grew up in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and my first trip across the Falls bridge was by train in 1941 when it was floodlit and guarded by troops. Going to boarding school later we would get off the train in Livingstone (Zambia) and take a taxi to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and sight see on the way stopping on the bridge. Magnificent photography.

Harry Gray, Canada

Been there, at ground level, in the late 60's. Incredible. Nothing can get close to reality, but this gives an amazing impression of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Brilliant.

Ian Courtney, South Africa

Thanks to God ,fantastic.
it is a great job
5 from 5
Nagah Rashad Mahmoud

Nagah Mahmoud, Egypt

Its beautiful.Many many thanks for this wander full panoramic view.

Badrul Alam, Bangladesh

chi come me con le gambe nel vuoto strabagnato x meglio godere di quanto Dio mi donava,accorgermi poi di essere seduto in una piccola sporgenza di roccia ricoperta di scivoloso muschio che fatica alzarsi e che paura poi. ora settantenne lo rifarei? forse .si meglio dietro la recinzione.

bernardo seminara, Italy

Grew up in the Rhodesias (as then) and was a regular visitor to this wonder. Learnt to fly from Kariba to Vic Falls as you could see it from 50 miles away (the smoke). Had our honeymoon there in 1971. Last went back about 15 years ago..was so dry I was able to walk on the top almost to the middle. Must get back there again..a bit past bungee jumping off the bridge. Wonderful memories!

Cliff Budgen, United Kingdom

We are happy that we could bring you back to these memories.

Varvara, AirPano

Nostalgia for my home for 40 years - beautiful Zimbabwe and your pearl - the Victoria Falls. It sure beats anything manmade. Thanks for the wonderful panorama

Bernie O'Shea, Ireland

A masterpiece of photography. Another magnificent creation of God Almighty, exhilarating,refreshing and sweet to the eyes.

Roshan Khan, Guyana

Thank to God. I had the opportunity see physically this fall back in the year of 1994 being a member of UNOMOZ

Hashim Khan, Bangladesh

wow! what a beautiful pictures i saw here. i have save so hard for my retired holiday and have not make any decision what i want to do. you have help me make my mind up and that is exactly what i love so see and visit. thanks so much for helping me make my mind up so easily. well done. please keep up your good work and i pray there are others who will carry on the good work for many more years to come.

chowtee low, Malaysia

We were on the island and the view was spectaular.
We loved every minute of our trip to Africa.We can't wait to go back next year.
Gerry and Jacki Mongeluzo,New York USA.


Wow ! Breathtaking !!! Lived in Zambia & visited 3 times but it never fails to amaze me. Love it. Best time to visit is end April just after the rainy season. The Zambezi is swollen & the water comes rushing at full force, cascading down the falls creating what is known as the smoke that thunders. This is when the sprays rise really high & from certain angles one can enjoy the rainbow that is seen on the sprays. Magnificient! Simply love it!!!

Molly Blonde, Belgium

We agree with you Molly. The waterfall is amazing. Thank you for the message left on our web site.

Varvara, AirPano

In the beginning God created.(Gen.1:1). All what He created was very good.(Gen.1:31)
The site of this panorama is a wonderful thought on Gods creation. We have to admire it and give thanks to to him.

Nimal Leanage, Sri Lanka

My childhood home was Livingstone, in the 1950s, and we used to pop down to the Falls on our bikes, and swim in the river. Some (not me) swam in The Armchair, which shows up nicely in your BRILLIANT panorama. Aaahhh... Nostalgia... ain't what it used to be ;-) Thank you.

Robin Clay, United Kingdom

Fantastic Fall! How beautiful our world we live in!! Thank Your God. Thank you Sagheer showing me on this Earth Day, how beautiful is our Earth we live in.


These are really beautiful. It took a real photographer to take these, and make them so wonderful. Thank you for the time taken.

Mike Wilson, USA

super, wonderfull, morvoless, fentastic and i have no words to explain .

Rathnakaram ranga raju, India

My wife is not keen about internet and gifts like this thru internet. This one charmed her. The word Wonderful needs some superlatives to be befitting for this panaroma.
Partha Pratim Chakravorty

Partha Pratim Chakravorty, India



We are glad to have your opinion here, on our web-site.

Varvara, AirPano

Truly amazing! Almost like being there, and in some ways better. I never knew what exotic topography this was! Thank you.

John Toth, USA

very nice.

Thank you,
Syed ahmed basha

syed basha, India

Simply heart touching.THE Panaromic view as presented with a background music has deeply touched my mind.Thx to all who have put teir effort to present people like us with best nature gifted creations.
In 2008 while visiting Johnsberg I tried to visit this beautyful place but could not do so,Today I feel Iam standing there and enjoying the beauty of the nature MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE

mosharraf hossain, Bangladesh

Thanks a lot for your sincere opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

Superb............nowords tosay

janakiraman anbazhagan, India

Awesome, beutiful!

yuyang GUO, China

Absolutely beautiful! Appreciate the efforts behind this capture!

L.K. Tam, Hong Kong

All the superlatives will be exhausted in describing this fantastic creation!!

CGN Menon, India

Nature is beautiful, we must take care.Thank you for your beautiful work!

Andras Vízy, Hungary

This view is nothing in comparison to the real thing, although it is a wonderful panoramic view. Go and see it, hear the thundering noise. Feel the water spraying on your face. Take a boat ride alongside the falls and the hipos.

Cosette Hamilton, Australia

Amazing ! Wonderful........

Apurba Kumar Dutt, India

It's amazing!

Oring Gao, China

Fantastic. I could never have imagined seeing this from home, without any of the hassles of Visas / Passports (- and the expenditure!!).

GREAT JOB AND GREAT GOING. Please keep it up.

K.C.S. Sinha, India

Thanks for your attention. We appreciate it.

Varvara, AirPano

You are guide for me to the world tour really!

Umamahesh Joshi, India

very very khuoob

vahid zamanpooor, Iran

realmente ESPECTACULAR!!! hay que verlo...excelente!!!

IRIS APONTE, Venezuela

You have done a good job for mankind, especially those who do not have a chance to visit the place. Thank you

Andrew Ng Kim Seng, Singapore

Good job. Many thanks for doing it. It is amazing. Tourists have not very often the best weather conditions for views like this.
Also many thanks to my friends from Canada for sharing this valuable presentations with me. Jana Polackova, Slovak Republic, Europe

Jana Polackova, Slovakia

We are glad, Jana, that you found this work valuable. Have a good day!

Varvara, AirPano

Always envision Africa as a Jungle populace. How little we know. Thank you.

Diana Lee Avallone, USA

Well !!! It was really wonderful to e tha great water falls again on the screen.I am fortunate to visit Livingstone and the Great Falls during my business visit to Zambia. Thannks and please continue your great hobby.
With warm regards,

Harshad Patel, India

We are grateful you wrote us these kind words. We'll go on for sure.

Varvara, AirPano


sharon liu, China

Thank you for capturing God's amazing creation on camera!It's breath takingly beautiful! Keep up the great work and be blessed!My parents went on tour to Zim.during the late 80's and loved the experience.

Lorna,Mathilda Forgus, New Zealand

Simplemente Creativo y Exelente.

josé toro, Venezuela



it is indeed grand !my nephew did some bungee jumping here.it is wonderful ,he says.

ramaswamy shankar, India

wow! it's great work! it looks very impressive

haresh patel, Zambia

For a moment I felt I was in Zambia- Zimbabwe border taking bath in the Victoria Waterfalls: Exquisite photography'

vasudevarao Nagarajan, India

Fantastic work .... Technology is changing day by day really impressive ...

Asif Khan, Pakistan

Always wanted to see.

Babbke On, USA

We have been there but seeing this video is surreal. GREAT

Anil Chitale, India

Excellent work!Kudos

Durgam Sampath, India


Ramesh Singhal, India


jayaraman. sivaramakrishnan

beautiful to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ajay pandya, India

it is awesome

minu thakkar

This kind of photos make people all of the world know more each other and enjoy the nature beauty as well!You have done a great job.Sent from Beijing China

Huibin Liu, China

awesome !!! :DDDD

Xhili Sulka, Albania

Manificent for this best view, very appreciated by someone who loves the real nature!! Wonderful

Samra Rachel, France

We are grateful for your attention.

Varvara, AirPano

Manificent job. This view is in my bucket list.

Jia Jie Huang, Canada

as a photographer i say simply wonderful- beauty of nature

mohankumar dodecha, India

This is amazingly wonderful to feel happy about & praise Lord Al-mighty.I certainly admire the location....It is awakening towards the happiness & freedom towards taking fresh breath...I feel very unusual sensation about it as I feel about such places in Australia.One can certainly feel content with a little,but enough and as good as a feast.Thanks for sharing it with all.F.Lakhany(Sydney-Australia)

Farida Lakhany, Australia

You are welcome! We are happy to be useful.

Varvara, AirPano

This is the most comprehensive display of the beauty of these falls I have seen. When I was 16 years old in 1947 I walked with my younger brother along the edge of the gorge opposite the falls and got sopping wet from the spray that pours down like heavy rain. It was a wonderful experience, and it has been wonderful to see it all again, and I found what I think is the hotel we were staying in with it's red roofs. We were on our way down from Tanganyika as it was then, to Capetown.

Philip Kidner, Australia

It's wonderful! Thanks for a job well done.Congratulations .

Thanhy Le, Canada

Thanks a lot!

Varvara, AirPano


jaime valdelomar y de la vega, Spain

Integrated and nature is my pursuit of the realm

兴华 温, China

Marvallous. Nature is Nature. No one can control it.



raj sankar, India

I need not visit The Fall only viewing your
camera shots reveal all
Thank you giving such a wonderful experience

Michael Teo Teo, Singapore

We are happy you liked this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

it relay interesting

Hadi Daem, Iran

this is something un-imaginable... great.. suc a lovely and beautiful nature. loveable.

advani lal, India

I re-lived my visit to this wonderful place. We can show this to the deprived ones who can not visit such places.viz. to the senior citizens who can not travel and those who can not travel due to resource constraints.

Suresh Pai, India

wo kao! bu neng shuo zhong wen !zai fa yi tiao!

haihua pan, China

We'd appreciate if you left your message in English, please.

Varvara, AirPano

this is amazing animation

sanjay gupta, India

Its really a very nice job

Parkavy Nagarajan, India

It's so beautiful that words fail me, magnificent!

Suzi Borges, Brazil

Thank you! We hope, you’ll visit us again soon.

Varvara, AirPano

awake arse and stop not till the goal is reached

pathik mehta, India

very beautiful shown nature

shahin irannejad, Iran

very beautiful shown nature

shahin irannejad, Iran

God's Creations are wonderful

Visva Shan, Canada

Muito show

Fábio Borges, Brazil

Bravo airpano

Patrick ZANETTI, France

There is a god only he could createthis. So blessed to have seen this ln the dry season & rainy season when it gave its credentials as Mosi O Tunya ( The smoke that thunders)

Ajay Patel, Zambia

There is a god only he could createthis. So blessed to have seen this ln the dry season & rainy season when it gave its credentials as Mosi O Tunya ( The smoke that thunders)

Ajay Patel, Zambia

A spectacular 360 degree view of God's presentation.

Peer Mohamed, India



We are grateful for your message.

Varvara, AirPano

Nature is beautiful, we must take care ,,,,,

Praveen Krishan, India

just fantastic.beyond imagination!!! dr.aravind

aravind naayak ammunje, India

Thank you very much for the opinion left.

Varvara, AirPano

truth is beauty and love is external flow,such your beautiful collections is spirituality nothing else

anil kaikini, India

Thank you for the compliment!

Varvara, AirPano

felt so close to nature....a big WOW!!!

mahesh m, India



An extraordinary effort to capture the nature's beauty in such a beautiful panoramic view. I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you for your wonderful presentation.

Vethaiya Balasubramanian, India

We are very glad you liked it. Hope, you'll visit us again soon!

Varvara, AirPano

Having lived near Victoria Falls for over 25 years I can appreciate the beauty and your efforts in portraying it beautifully

Pervez Nakvi, United Kingdom

Thank you for appreciation!

Varvara, AirPano

Having lived near Victoria Falls for over 25 years I can appreciate the beauty and your efforts in portraying it beautifully

Pervez Nakvi, United Kingdom

This must be a wonderful job to catch those sceniery in some height position. I'm really enjoyed on this picture.
Again sent my best compliments to you on paying such big effort to take picture.

Chaeil Lee, Korea

Thank you! We do appreciate your attention!

Varvara, AirPano


傅 芝, China

Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Thank you for your beautiful work.
Estou encantada, adorei.

Ilda Fuchshuber, Brazil

Really very beautiful

Khan Moiz, Pakistan

You deserve Kudos for splendid video.Nature is beautiful and specialy when projected nicely.



Rajkumar D, India


JiaLiang Wang, China

Simply wonderful...Love to be there..whats a miracle..whats a surprise..whats a mind blowing...wonder...love to be lost within it..Thanks unlimited..for a great exposure.
apelmusa, Bangladesh

apelmusa musa, Bangladesh


محمدنصر برى, Egypt

We are actually calling it the Musi-o-tunya. The name though not gazetted yet sounds more original because indeed the falls is breath taking especially now that the rainy season is almost over. Please visit Zambia and experience the culture that goes with the Musi-o-tunya. falls.Musi-O-Tunya simply means the smoke that thunders.

faith kandaba, Zambia

Your message is informative enough. Thank you for it!

Varvara, AirPano

Thank you!

cheng jianzhong, China

It is so exciting to view it and really make us wonder how the nature has created so many beatiful scenaries which we are able to enjoy with the help of advanced technology, though we may not be able to personally visit.

T.V.Madhusudhana Murty, India

Yes, the nature is very generous. Thank you for the comment!

Varvara, AirPano

Beautiful. The music fit perfectly too. Kudo's to the producer!
Is this the same Livingston that the old quote comes from - Dr Livingston I presume? Can anyone answer this. I know it won't be Tahir! hehe

Charles Turnage, USA

The Victoria Falls are amazing.The way the gravity pulls the water down,it looks like spaghetti.It looks like the Grand Canyon when it was a river.It is so beautiful and green.I can't tell if it is a forest of a jungle LOL.This is one of the things I want to see before I die

William Cullen, USA

We wish your dream comes true!

Varvara, AirPano

Very Good.

Celso ds Santos, Brazil

Wonderful pictures Tempts you to visit.

gopalan sriraman, India

simply took my breath away.The view is amazing ,so peaceful I wonder what it would be like to actually be there.Hope to visit the great wonder of the world soon.Thank you for the wonderful 3D experience.

Farzana Bandukwala, Pakistan

excelentes panoramas, cuidemos nuestro entorno, es hermoso no lo dejemos perecer

fidel perez, Mexico

Muchas gracias! Estamos de acuerdo con Vd.

Varvara, AirPano


Sellés Botet, Spain

I was born in Livingstone but grew up in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. Never ever got tired of the great Victoria Falls. Nothing like it any where in the world.

Lukshmi Bhakta, USA

Yes, it's very beautiful place. Many thanks for the comment!

Varvara, AirPano



You are welcome, enjoy viewing!

Varvara, AirPano

Oh! This is like being there. Such an exhilarating experience.Thank to whoever did this for us.

suresh purohit, India

We lived in Zambia from 1953 as Northern Rhodesia, and from 1964 till 1976 as Zambia.
Rhodesia became Zimbabwe after Independence.
Visited the Falls on numerous occasions.
Before Zambia's Independence we used to cross the bridge that linked Zambia with Zimbabwe.
Very happy to see this beautiful presentation, and recall the memories.

Surendra B. Naik, Zambia

We are glad you liked it. Come to visit us again!

Varvara, AirPano

This is beautiful.

Franka Andelic, Croatia

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon rainbow is the most perfect refreshment you get right at the falls. The Smoke that thunders is purely music to one's ears. The cold waters are so refreshing when you pass on the knife bridge right across the water falls. Truly its a wonder of the World.


Very impressive. Have not been there but sure would be worth a trip.

larry androsoff, Canada

You are right, the trip can be wonderful. But if it is not real, travel with our site ;)

Varvara, AirPano


Filippo Serra, Italy

I remember Keats wrote- 'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.'



abi bikaran, Iran


rosario ramos, Spain

It's a wonderful video. We lived in Zimbabwe for about 10 years and visited Vic falls from both Zimbabwe and Zambia sides. It is worth visiting. There is a Boabob tree in the nearby which is said to be 800+ years old.

Raj Tripathi, India

Your comment is interesting enough. Thank you!

Varvara, AirPano

My apologies in my below appended post It was LIVINGSTONE across the bridge where my sister was living and NOT Lusaka - sorry for the error!!!

Tahir Ahmad, Canada

This Place is One Of The Wonders of The World - I Have Been There In Person when My Sister Was Living in Lusaka - Zambia - just across the bridge - Got drenched from the Spray Mist of The Falls Quite a Few Time - Great Fun!!!!

Tahir Ahmad, Canada

great job

anser naqvi

great job,thanks alot!

Ahmet N. Davran, Turkey

The falls are both in Zimbabwe and Zambia. These countries were once one country called Northern and Southern Rhodesia. I grew up in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and visited the falls on a day trip by air. Nobody can imagine this incredible miracle of nature. One has to see it to believe it. I have no doubt that Victoria Falls is the most spectacular falls in the world.
A lot can be said about these countries but that is another story. Thank you Zimbabwe for the memories. You will always be in my heart. You were magnificent.

Calliope Skoumbourdi, Greece

Very impressive!Amazing

Romain Manssens, Belgium

So beautiful we went back three times. Took our grandchildren also!
Is it still possible to see the Falls from th Zimbabwe side?

Suzanne brillant, Canada

Very impressive as well as beautiful!! Just loved it!! Thank you!!

Dina Toulaki, Greece




Antonio Carlos Ferreira, Brazil

extra ordinary i enjoyed thanks alot

mitra ishan

Very good .tanx

mehrdad ba, Iran

hi 100
khili khob !

rasoul salehjazi, Iran

wow,I can't breathe anymore,just want to be there
thank you thank you

abir momeni, Iran


THEB BOBIBIRD, Netherlands

Wow!it was extraordinary.thanks a lot.I hope to travel to zambezi in the future and see this natural panorama.

pourandokht daneshvar, Iran

Thanks a lot. It was very beautiful images. Wait for the other pictures are from other parts of the globe, including Iran. Thanks again

shahla niroumand, Iran

The photos were beautiful.

mohamad ghajar



Fantástico! Parabéns!

Ricardo Augusto

Simply great, I have no words to describe such a beauty!

Stefan Bagyura

WOW!!! It's amazing, impressive, beautiful! There is not enough word to describe the beauty.

Britt Ohra Wolf

Espectacular visión en 360º de este impresionante lugar de la Naturaleza. Una extraordinaria forma de conocer lugares de este maravilloso planeta sin movernos de casa y gracias a los medios tecnológicos actuales. ¡Sólo le falta el ruido natural y el movimiento del agua al caer!

Javier Millán

It's a fabulous place and it is shown very well! And even better :)

Andrew Hedgehog

Truly amazing and with the rainbow how awesome!!

Debbie Stentz

It looks impressive...Beautiful!

Rob Jaycobs

Wow! It's amazing! You could show the beauty of Africa and power of nature. Thank you!

Gloria Mendez