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World / Asia / Maldives / Underwater Shooting on the Maldives. Divers

Underwater Shooting on the Maldives. Divers

This sphere shot in warm waters of the Maldives Islands continues the series of our underwater spherical panoramas.

It's curious but fact: there are no civil helicopters on the Maldives and in order not to waste time lying on the beach I decided to dive with a camera. My first training classes took place in Moscow, in my apartment, in the bath full of water where, for the first time in my life, I, with great horror, have put the camera down...  

Two days long I was moving between the bathroom and computer but, unfortunately, everything was in vain. The time had come to leave for the airport.  As soon as I arrived on the Maldives and within a couple of days more I was training in a shoal standing waist-deep in water near the beach closed to my bungalow. 

I knew all the local fish and all the stones at a distance of 50 meters. I was running from water into the room, to my notebook, then back to the sea and again to the notebook.  The neighbors were tanning, drinking cocktails, looking at me and smiling. My head top and right palm, which had held the camera, sunburnt.

As a result, after two days experiments I changed the objective, methods of shooting, camera's adjustments and its handling principles.  Afterwards, I rented a catamaran and left for the nearest coral reefs and exactly there, swimming with a mask, I tried to shoot the real spheres.  

I succeeded. I made a few corrections more and understood that the time to dive into the deep had come.  I attended a local diving club and signed up for a coming diving. 8 years had already passed since my last diving and I remembered almost nothing.  But the instructor encouraged me: "Put the oxygen cylinder on and jump into water. There you will remember everything." And I jumped. In the beginning I felt fear and it was difficult, I had to give the camera to the instructor but later I, more or less, adapted and began to shoot independently.

Here it is the result. 

29 June 2011

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Very nice

keelapavoor c piramanayagam, India

owesome and really pleaseant place to make one feel more relaxed.

jairaj sachdev, India

It's wonderful,from the beginning to the end.Thank you. Australia is so far,l'm feeling as real(actual) visitor.

branka gostovic, Australia

Oh it is really awsome..I am still curious to watch all of them..

Gopinath Amrutha, India


islam tarek, Egypt

Thrilling experience! An Extraordinary venture! hats off to the divers and the one who filmed it.

velusamy gounder manohar gounder, India

Great photography and it also brought back memories
of my time in the RAF when I spent a year in the Maldives 1961/62 and we had the pleasure of a visit
From Lea Kenyon a Colleague of Jacque Cousteau and showed us some underwater photography of his experience in the Maldives.Thank you for showing
a more modern version of the Maldives!!!

Tom McGrath, Ireland


kcjgirhir kdghur, Aruba

This is absolutely breathtaking, surreal to say the least!!Racheals song is haunting and apt for this.
Far out,
How the heck was this filmed?
Was it not dangerous?
Regards and good luck in future endevours.

Jennifer Samuels, India

hi guy, Great job! I like this very much, Thank you.

Gim Hoo Ow, Malaysia


elver francisco carreira, Brazil


kandlekar moshe, Israel


krishna murthy, Jamaica

I am astonished at the remarkable video tech.What an innovation in 360 degrees. Superb job guys!
I am getting the chills. Once again I am seeing Maldives beautiful under water world since 1972 (I lived in maldives back then for three and a half years). Thank you for reminiscences.

Farah Bangash, USA

Thank you. It's great that you like this pano. See you here again.

Varvara, AirPano


Jose Valdes, USA

Awesome,Amazing,Interesting,very good. I can only reccomend it.

thomas jones, Australia




Antonio Calado, Portugal

I'm proud of you,anna. You are so cool. I will visit Maldive in a near future.

wanli Woo, China

It'simply wonderful

massimo de benedictis, Italy

I have dived in Cape Verde (my home land) and Mozambique for many years and recently I have been in the crystal Red Sea, Giftun, Hurghada, very nice diving and uw photo w/D70 & Nikkor 18/70, no flash. Your shooting 360 degrees is simply outstanding superb extremely DOF and sharpness and natural colors. My congrats and thanks a lot for this opportunity to enjoy your great work.

Carlos Loff Fonseca, Portugal

We are grateful, Carlos, for your message. If you want, you can dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Good luck!

Varvara, AirPano

simply superb!!!

Saleem Merchant, United Arab Emirates


dog old, Taiwan Region

there is no words to describe the efforts of you guys its gives the reality to us like we are there thank you so much

Gokul Shanmugam, India

You are welcome! Thanks.

Varvara, AirPano

Really nice...

Gajendra Saykhede, India

OMG it is just as I saw them myself when I lived there.

avinash bhalla, India

Absolutely stunning! Thankyou so very much!

jane haydon, Canada

We appreciate your opinion.

Varvara, AirPano


Ratko Golubovic, Serbia and Montenegro

Your work is beautiful, thank you so much for your art.

One question, what is the title & author of the beautiful song in this panorama?



Kacper Pie, Canada

Thanks for the comment you left! This is "Rachel's Song" by Paul Oekenfold & Vangelis.

Varvara, AirPano

Congratulations for 360° Aerial Panorama works.
All of these are perfectly. Thanks a lot.
Yours sincerely...

H.Tahsin BAKAN, Turkey

Hasan Tahsin BAKAN, Turkey

sorry about my english, congratulation and thank&180s very much by those work. thank&180s


A little motionless. Such situation supposes movement and liveliness but anyway this view is not ordinary and deserves attention.

Andrew Hedgehog

It's nice and unusual panorama as well as the story ;)

Victoria Saymoor

Holy sizhnit, this is so cool thank you.

Kaden Kaden