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Underwater Maldives. Stingrays


This sphere shot in warm waters of the Maldives Islands continues the series of our underwater spherical panoramas.

It's curious but fact: there are no civil helicopters on the Maldives and in order not to waste time lying on the beach I decided to dive with a camera. My first training classes took place in Moscow, in my apartment, in the bath full of water where, for the first time in my life, I, with great horror, have put the camera down...

Two days long I was moving between the bathroom and computer but, unfortunately, everything was in vain. The time had come to leave for the airport. As soon as I arrived on the Maldives and within a couple of days more I was training in a shoal standing waist-deep in water near the beach closed to my bungalow. 

I knew all the local fish and all the stones at a distance of 50 meters. I was running from water into the room, to my notebook, then back to the sea and again to the notebook. The neighbors were tanning, drinking cocktails, looking at me and smiling. My head top and right palm, which had held the camera, sunburnt.

As a result, after two days experiments I changed the objective, methods of shooting, camera's adjustments and its handling principles. Afterwards, I rented a catamaran and left for the nearest coral reefs and exactly there, swimming with a mask, I tried to shoot the real spheres.

I succeeded. I made a few corrections more and understood that the time to dive into the deep had come. I attended a local diving club and signed up for a coming diving. 8 years had already passed since my last diving and I remembered almost nothing. But the instructor encouraged me: "Put the oxygen cylinder on and jump into water. There you will remember everything." And I jumped. In the beginning I felt fear and it was difficult, I had to give the camera to the instructor but later I, more or less, adapted and began to shoot independently.

Here it is the result. 

22 January 2012

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Most spectacular thing in the world ! #9786

Mubeen Haroun, South Africa


nely morralla, Argentina


Îëåã ÊÀÐ×ÅÍß, Belarus

Nice Job nice to look around to pass time with a few love it.

Henry Whitehead, New Zealand

Wow, what to say.. ?!? Fantastic! Thank you for hours of dreaming :)

Pavla Konupcikova, Czech Republic

Excellent. How do you stitched the images into one big panoramic view? What software?

zaide zainal, Malaysia

High-resolution glory and it was beautiful. thank you very much

ameneh daliri, Iran

very beautiful . how i can download theme ? please help me .

hadi mojarad, Iran

Dear Handi,

Only online view is possible. You can't download them.

Best regards


I just had a holiday without going anywhere, what a treat, thanks.

Ernesto Montoya, Canada

no coment

vladimir popovic, Yugoslavia

Hi there! Id like to know what kind of music is the one used in one of those project. http://www.airpano.ru/files/Maldives-underwater-cramp-fish/start_e.html Awesome! Composer.. artist... Thanks

Andrea Lin, Spain

Please read our FAQ http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php?set_language=2


No doubt, all the views are awesome but I still feel that the blinking of lights, flowing of water, moving of clouds will definitely add more life to the mind boggling scenes.....

Debasish Paul, India

Thanks a lot for your interest and attention.

Varvara, AirPano

Wow! That was just great!

Mirunalini Manickam, India


Petr Cenek, Czech Republic

This is fantastic !!!

G. D. Nair, India

veramente bello.
very beautifoul

gianmarco marco, Italy

Excellent work wonderful & amazing ...congratulation. I Think you'll do amazing work in the Red Sea too ... KSA-SCTA-MAS

Fahad AlWadie, Saudi Arabia


A.baset Asalam, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Some of the most prettiest pictures I have seen in my life. Well done! You deserve a 6 but 5 is the highest rating there is.

Amaya Gonzalez-Mollmann, USA

We are happy you liked it.

Varvara, AirPano

excelent documentary ,

Kristo Attila, Romania

Many thanks!

Varvara, AirPano

mi linda ciudad

daisy lopez, Honduras

iam sorry not good enough
and boring. nothing to do of Maldives.

Irene psarri

Thanks for your truthful opinion! The world is different. Someone likes Maldives, someone don't. C'est la vie :)

Varvara, AirPano



absolutely amazing...
really enjoyed the oportunity to your panorama videos.
Thank you so much.
Traute Tramonto

Traute Tramonto, USA

We are happy to share this material with you!

Varvara, AirPano

Very very nice!!!

Stanley Huges, USA

Very Nice :)  Have you seen some of Marcio Cabral, Jason Bucheim, and Richard Cheser underwater panoramas.  Maybe you could do an artistic piece with models similar to what Mick Geisner does.



Stoney Vintson, USA

Fantastic!! thank you very much.

majid zare moghadam, Iran

Great shots -- and I wish to see more of your shootings say -- Iguazu Falls ? Congratulations -- and thank you .

Paul Yih, USA

Excelent. What can I say more?

Best whishes

Erico Rocha

Erico Rocha, Portugal