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World / North America / United States of America / New York. Remembering 9/11

New York. Remembering 9/11

The expression "Ground Zero" has several meanings. Previously, this phrase had only a general meaning — it meant "an area where any explosion took place", "the epicenter of an earthquake". However, after September 11, 2001, the expression "Ground Zero" became associated with the tragic events of that day when terrorists hijacked four airplanes and directed them at several major US structures, including the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers, located in the southern part of Manhattan in New York.

Nowadays "Ground Zero" is considered to be a new beginning from when the world started living a different reality. This expression also has a direct meaning — the level at which construction of the World Trade Center first began and the level at which it ceased to exist as firefighters and first responders continued to clear the rubble and debris in search of survivors...and the dead.

The original World Trade Center was a complex of seven buildings, designed by Minoru Yamasaki, an American architect of Japanese descent. It was officially opened on April 4, 1973. The two Twin Towers were the architectural dominating structure of this complex. Each tower had 110 stories: The North Tower (417 meters high, 526.3 meters high including the roof antenna) and the South Tower (415 meters high). For some time after the completion of the buildings the WTC Twin Towers were the highest sky scrapers in the world, even taller than the Empire State Building. Oftentimes, the towers were referred to as "the symbol of the US world domination" and one of the reasons why they became the terrorists' targets.

For the past ten years, the construction of a massive Memorial has been underway. However, the construction will continue past the proposed opening date of the ten-year anniversary, as "Ground Zero" is a very sensitive subject for Americans. Every idea associated with this memorial is the subject of lengthy discussions. As a result, the plans for the "Ground Zero" museum construction in place of the World Trade Center couldn't be completed for many years because of the criticism from the family members of the perished. The construction of the museum will not be completed by September 2011 but the opening is planned for next year.

There was no consensus to place the cross where the tragedy took place because the representatives of other non-Christian religions were against it. Furthermore, Christians belonging to different denominations joined the discussion and began debating about the type of cross (Lutheran, Catholic or some other type) they wanted placed where thousands of people of different denominations lost their lives.

Nevertheless, the Memorial Complex will officially open its doors to visitors on the 10th year anniversary of the Nine Eleven tragedy. It is known that it will have waterfalls, when listening to them one will remember about the perished people and think about the short duration of life. These water cascades are going to become the largest man-made structure of this kind in North America. After going through different levels, the water will finally fall into the pools situated at the locations where the World Trade Center towers once stood.

Here we present two panoramas: the first one was shot in May of year 2011. The second panorama is digitally reconstructed and showcases the view of New York in year 2001. With its help we can imagine how Manhattan looked before 9/11 when the World Trade Center towers still stood there.

5 September 2011

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ioannis boul, Greece

very best photo in my life

wenli wu, China


Thulani Phillip Mahlangu, South Africa

Kudos ! All your panoramas are very breathtaking, excellent, awesome photography including this one!!!

Thank you very much for your amazing, super hard work and best efforts for creating these experiences!!!


This is very exciting. Thank you

Floriana Alleyne, Italy

This is very exciting. Thank you

Floriana Alleyne, Italy

very well

annie volpe, France

so cool how did you film them?
so pretty always wanted to go to new york!

Philippa lantel, France

enoyed v much!

uson wong, Hong Kong

its amazing. sometime its difficult to believe it. its before my eyes.. but it has an severe impact in my mind. many a thanx..



SAM MALBI N, South Africa

Great idea! Well done. Congratulations!

tomas kenedi, Brazil

es fascinante ver las fotos que quedaran en el recuerdo de las personas que aun pueden ver. felicitaciones

alejandro vargas hostos, Colombia

cannot say more, . . . ; I am out of words.

Johann Mayrhofer, Austria

Straordinario lavoro, complimenti e grazie di cuore

maria luisa re, Italy

thank for your great work

rostam mondegarian, Iran

I am awestruck. I used to live there, and wanted to guide it uptown to my old neighborhood but I couldn't. The music was haunting and so appropriate to the subject. Thank you for this awesome work.

Sunbringer Geroulo, USA

Amazing...and sad...

cristina siegel, USA

just stunning no other words to say

paul stanley wood, Australia

Stunning photography, can't stop looking at the wonderful images that you have here

Peter Adley, United Kingdom


david buzzell, USA

Thank you by the extraordinary and mervailhose work.

Luis Sousa, Portugal

It was the best

Rohan kh, India

Wonderful panoramas - you are to be congratulated! Particularly love one of my favourite cities in the world - NYC - the city that never sleeps! Was there 3 years ago - post the tragedy of WTC - actually went to the site, which was so moving! Said prayers for all those affected in St Patricks - an incredible church so close to the site! God Bless America - and NYC.

Toni Woodward, Australia

Years ago I would take visitors to top of tower and tell then we will have a drink at River Club in 10 minutes and DO IT !!!!

Daniel dineen, USA

hey bros i wus luving in nyc in the mid 90's eh ind ut wus awsome, top place but the biggirs drove me nuts eh!! uf i ivir cetch the swines thet dud those bed thungs i wull personally smesh them eh bro!!

iki takahumani, New Zealand

I have only watched the panaramas of Moscow and Manhattan and I am absolutely gobsmacked! They are wonderful examples of what can be achieved by those who have the verve, patience and passion. And you have displayed all of these qualities. I will enjoy experiencing many more of these panaramas. I am also green with envy at your success. Thanks for the pleasure!!

Edward A Brett, United Kingdom



I like to enjoy by sawing every things in beautiful world.

ranjith nandana, Sri Lanka

Wow!! This Photography is so Awesome, very Spectacular and so Amazing to View Manhatten NYC I have Satyed in Manhatten back in 1997 and saw The Twin Towers, and it broke my Heart to not see them again in 2007 on my last visit only to remember those that lost their lives on 9/11. May God Bless America and Her People, The Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave. In God We Trust.

Barbara Cotter, Australia

Many years ago I wrote a poem on Manhattan so much I love NYC and always will. Congratulations on this marvelous movie!

Jeannine Poler

Jeannine Poler, Netherlands Antilles

There are no words. I am a Proud New Yorker and I will NEVER forget that day... Let us all pray daily for Peace.

Donna Carroll, USA

incredible! i lived & designed greeting cards for an american company for 6/7 years - when the first twin was finished,
they allowed to go to the top floor - see the view. i did go up.it is heart breaking...

cyla menussi, Israel

Fantastic web site and photography.
Being raised and educated in NYC--attending my high school reunion four days after the towers came down--looking at those before and after pictures brings back bitter sweet memories. Keep up your excellent work.

Doris Helveston, USA

Words cannot express the feeling of grief and sadness at the awful site of those beautiful buildings collapsing and, worse still, the appalling sight of people falling to their deaths. How can human beings be so cruel to each other. We in the United Kingdom have had our fair share of terrorist tragedy and feel for all who are similarly suffering. The video is outstanding and wonderful. My congratulations to those who produced it

Bob Flower, United Kingdom

I do miss the site of the WTC, tallest building in the world. I always say a prayer when I remember Sept 11, 2001 and can't help being emotional about it. I look forward to seeing the new structures replacing the what used to be WTC. It must also be a beautiful site to behold and to remember the loved ones who perished. It will be a very emotional experience, I can imagine. Thank you for the beautiful video.

Mariemel Nierras, Philippines

Grateful for your message.

Varvara, AirPano

Hi, it is fantastic, NY is a greate town,regards from Warsaw !

Marek Jaworski, Poland

Very touching. Thank you for preparing this. Everyone needs to be able to see this, so heartbreaking. I didn't see how to save this. I guess I will carry my lap top around open. More people need to see and remember. God bless you.

Eileen Hughes, USA

It nice to hear that. Good luck.

Varvara, AirPano


arvind patel, India

In my home country I used to wonder wats all the gr8 things of Manhantan and WTC, but after visiting NY in June 2012, I was amazed of the beautiful tall structures constructed side by side. I imagined myself what WTC was before and now, with the coming up of the Grand New Structures. My sympathies to all those who fell pray to the dirty people of razing the towers down. Another beauty was the Empire State Bldg. Every street, shop, restaurants, the Wax Museum the theaters, very very nice to see them both during the day and night. Night life in NY with the glaring lights is marvelous. Given another life to live I wish I am in NY. I pray God that Man's action should be only of construction and not destruction in any manner. May God punish the bad. Dima thanks to U. What I missed seeing while in NY I have seen it in your photographs.

Sunku Shunmuga Sundaram, India

Thanks for sharing your opinion. We appreciate it.

Varvara, AirPano

Fantastic idea, Amazing, truly fabulous, good job done who created this!!!

Shariq Anees, Pakistan

I loved the view from internet. Thank you for sharing. All the best to all who came up with this idea. Keep up the good work!
Mrs. Soni,

illa soni, USA

Thank you so much to the one having the ideal to creat this.The 9/11,never can we forget.

Lan Truong, USA

Thanks for superb photo of my favorite city.
We need to keep 9/11 always in mind. Please see www.AE911Truth.org. 1700 registered architects and engineers call for a proper investigation of buildings brought down by controlled demolition. Also see www.patriotsquestion911.com. Retired American generals, colonels, U.S. Navy captains, etc. call for true investigation. The NIST report is a fraud. You and I helped foot the bill!

Stanley Beattie, USA

What would we all do without computers now? some of the emails I get are just soooo amazing, but this one tops them all. Thankyou to whoever did this, the world is wonderfull.

Josey Griffin, Australia

thank you for your pictures,i have been visiting new york since the 1974 and always rushed to the observation level of the world trade centre ..have not been able to visit ground zero ,,too sad ..god bless all the people who lost their lives god bless america for their courage,,i will visit NYC this dec.. and say a prayer at ST.PATRICKS

warren hanneman, Australia

Many thanks for your interest in this pano! It's nice you'll visit the city that never sleeps in about a half of year. Have a nice trip there!

Varvara, AirPano

He said it all"I had a dream".
One day we will have them both "Peace and Freedom"
God willing.

Ralph Ross, Australia

Thank You! God Bless America !

Florin Torsan, Romania

Utterly and profoundly poignant!

Kathy Colvin, USA

Excelente, gracias por ayudarme a recorrer y ver esta imágenes!!!

Ana Maria Grossi, Argentina

It's really amazing!

Claire Tsai, China

Very special, we will never forget

Darren Green, Australia


ramo gh, Iran


Ben Yang, Australia


Ben Yang, Australia

very beautiful..

kanchuda nogbin, Thailand

your presentation is nice,during my visit to usa i saw this place and shocked to see the mindless damage done by evil elements. my sysmpathies to all those who lost their lives, but i appreicate the courage and calmness the americans have shown in the hour of tragady. we dont what this to happan again.

suresh bagiah nakka, India

Neither do we. Thank you for the comment.

Varvara, AirPano

wow wonderfull fentastic amazing morvaless brilliennt super

Rathnakaram ranga raju, India

What a man made disaster? My heartfelt sympathies to all the bereaved, maimed and the parents of SHREYAS from Banglore India

subbarao kunigal, India

The panorama is absolutely breathtaking.It makes me feel as if I am physically present,as I nostalgically remember touring this beautiful city,with its incredible vigor and vitality.
Please ensure that the cross is installed,to let the world know that we are a Christan country,tolerant of all religions,with the freedom to worship.

Bob Neeff, Canada

We are glad you enjoyed it.

Varvara, AirPano

Fantastic experience despite having traveled the world many times over. This is unique experience indeed. As a photographer for fun, it is something special. Thank you those who made it possible.

Navin Mithal, India

Many thanks for your comment. It moved us.

Varvara, AirPano

Wspaniałe foto i wiele wrażeń.Pozdrowienia z dalekiego Gdańska.

Jan Możejko, Poland

Overwhelming to experience Your uploads!
The fantastic 3D-view of Manhattan, N.Y., The Twin Towers-, Ground Zero of 9/11-, is remarkable and recalls both the stupid, idiotic and fanatic, most cruel and evil attack on The U.S.A. and The Free World as a whole and how the times were before 9/11-2001!
May the vitims R.I.P. and God bless them and their relatives, beloved ones!!
Let´s stand united and work and fight for a better and FREE World !
Thank You VERY much for showing of the possibilities by utilizing the most modern online photo techniques!
I´ll follow You with greatest interest.
Thanks a lot and best Regards from Me here in Denmark.

Ole Soerensen, Denmark

Thank you for your frank and kind comment. It moved us.

Varvara, AirPano

Islamist Terrorists made a big mistake when they attacked us on 09/11/2001. They did not destroy the symbol of our free world, but they make us unite and stronger more than ever.

Ron Tran, USA

Thanks a lot for your sincere opinion left on our web-site.

Varvara, AirPano

No More Terror on this World.

Steve Jhee

I am very much happy in viewing the map of 9/11 in

360 deg.People in the world will never forget this

event and disaster.Beautiful view.

thanks for showing panoramic view.

kannan venkataraman, India

I was born in Manhattan in 1927, we didn't have this technology when I was growing up, unreal what can be done today. I'm just getting in panorama photography with my new Canon 5D Mk II, won't be able to equal your work as I don't like to fly.
Thank you for your wonderful panoramas, please continue to astound us.

Jay Holmes, USA

Dear Jay, your comment is very important for us. Thank you for visiting our site! Come to us again. We place a new pano each week. You'll find many interesting views to spend your time well. Good luck and regards from Russia!

Varvara, AirPano

I may never get to NCY to observe first hand all that is to be seen of the attacks and the rebuilding. But your panorama has deeply touched my more than news reports on TV

Louise Murphy, USA

The world will remember the cruelty of terrorism and thi site will warn anybody not to side any terrorist for whatever cause

siripala D. Dias, Sri Lanka

I Love it!

Joe Theer, USA

thank you for the interest!

Varvara, AirPano


Mohammad Karami, Iran

Really Moving in many senses!!!

Frank Scaringi, USA

FELICITACIONES (soy asiduo navegante de esta maravillosa pagina!!!


It is sad but interesting and genius. Thank you!

Elizabeth Green

extraordinarias imagenes. Felicidades

joan Gonzalez

Good idea. I think, few people can be indifferent to this tragedy and sorrow.

Kelly Smith