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World / Africa / South Africa / Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa

Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa

This sphere was shot in Cape Town in the beginning of 2010 over the Green Point Football Stadium which was being built that time and is devoted to the World Cup Football Championship. There are still bulldozers on the project site in the sphere, but now the stadium is completely ready and on June, 11 of 2010 the first match between the football teams of Uruguay and France took place on it.

The new stadium’s construction began in 2006. Before, there was an arena where both sport and cultural events took place. One of the most famous events held there was a charity concert in the frameworks of 46664 Campaign devoted to help people who infected with AIDS. In the show which united 30 thousand people and lasted 5 hours, the well known artists such as Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel, Queen, U2, Robert Plant and many others took part. Owing to this fact the stadium is known as the Most Artistic Football Field.

The new Green Point will be able to allocate 64 thousand people, so, except of territory of the legendary arena the stadium had to occupy the former golf field.

There is a one big stadium in Cape Town more – Newlands, but its specialization is a rugby championship.

11 June 2011

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magnifique angele belgique

angele deseure, Belgium

Many many thanks for sharing

Ram S Pejawar, India

GREAT WORK!!! Thanks for posting.I am sure many people will enjoy the view.Do you have to have financial help to do this?

karenkim Low, USA

Thank you, Karenkim! We don't have financial problems now, but if we will need help, we will let you know.

Varvara, AirPano

Wife and I enjoyed our visit their in 1997, when their was a Convention their of all the Grape Growers from all over the World. A beautiful City, enjoyed the ride on the Cable up to Table Mountain, fantastic view of the Beautiful City of Capetown. Best Regards, Andrew Zaninovich.

Andrew Zaninovich, USA

To wspaniałe miasto,byłam tam w listopadzie 2012.Warto zobaczyć te wszystkie cudowne miejsca.Wprawdzie bardzo jest wietrznie,ale to nic...pyszne jedzonko i ten klimat miasta rekompensuje wszystko.Polecam do odwiedzin.

Maria Koszalka-Bylicka, Poland

Absolutely brilliant. Lovely to revisit places we have visited and to have ideas for the future

Erica Cockbaine, United Kingdom

Incredible photography, maybe you can make the world a better place by showing all such beautiful world sites.

Marlene Hasz, USA

Beautiful journey ...at least on that vitual way....

Gordana Matisic, Croatia

Wow the city is so beautifull ,i wish to visit again and it is a good city to retire in ,


Cynthia Ndlovu, Belgium

Bloody excellent, you guys have done the world good in bringing this to peoples home to explore.
an yes i remember USA navy ships coming and going, spending my weekends exploring all the ships that sailed
Pat on the back Guys, done well.
Craig Smith
Ex Cape Town
South Australia

Craig Smith, Australia

Cape Town,Is a most beautiful City set on the slopes of Table Mountain and area, exotic sunsets with glorius Sunrises when peeping over the Eastern mountains. Friendly community with amusing musical Coloured nation. Yes, my family and I lived there before re-locating to Australia.

George Pollock, Australia

Many thanks,Peter Smith for your valuable input.I
think Cape Town is awesome and I spend a lot of time exploring every aspect of this beautiful City
thru my computer.

Linda Burrows, Australia

Cape Town - Very , very, very Beautiful

Marco Dutra, Brazil

Absolutely fantastic thank you but it is such a great pity that the Green Point Stadium is now fast becoming a 'White Elephant'!

Mike Mays, South Africa

Fantastic! Love the place - have been going 3/4 times a year for last 8 years - World Cup was brilliant - have made loads of friends there - always leave with a heavy heart and just can't wait to go back - 4th November!!! Love to everyone there!

sue delaney, Spain

Fantastic! Carry on with the good work!

Carlos Santos, Portugal

I was aboard a navy vessel that went in/out of Capetown back in the 60's, beautiful city then an more so now, the people there were beautiful an it would be a gret place to retire, if I hadn't retired earlier here in the good ole usa..

Joe Jordan, usn ret, USA

fantastic views, used to live there so can fully appreciate what you have done Great ,thanks

gary dickinson, United Kingdom

good work special congradulation


Very very ingenious. The Human Brain is so fantastic that we can discover so much more.The picture is clear. Thanks.

Andrew Letchumanan, Malaysia

Fantastic but so much more to see,Cape-Town is a unique place.

Raymond Southwell, Australia

Thanks so much . The peoples of the world need to know each other better.
I am from Oakhurst California ( its 14 miles from the south entrance to Yosemite Natonal Park.

dave johnston, USA




This brings back so many memories in 3D.
It is fantastic

Michael Campbell-Young, Indonesia

Joseph Arnold, typical liberal, So many hospitals in South Africa but all equipment including beds have been stolen and there is no point building more hospitals. But the liberals don't think that the well and living are entitled to some fun. Thousands of unemployed received jobs in building the stadium plus the position of the stadium enhanced Cape Town and is bringing millions of tourists and jobs to South Africa.
Like all liberals, they don't have the brain and imagination to see the positive sides of things.
I can see why all the socialist countries are in a big mess, bankrupt feeding their people with endless entitlements and not creating jobs for their large unemployed citizens. Teach to fish and don't keep feeding them with free fish!!! Nothing is free, someone is paying for it.

Vic Levy, USA

Just think how many hospitals and schools could have been built when another stadium excisted in Newlands

Joseph Arnold, Israel

What a wonderful way to see the world for those of us who cannot afford to travel.

My sincere thank you to those who put this together.


Arlette Beaudette, Canada

How did they keep the developers off that hill?

Richard Hickethier, USA

very very good

suresh ajmera, India

The mother land, the whole continent. Birth is always beautiful.

Brenda Kemp, Belize


basil saad, United Arab Emirates

A wonderful panoramic aerial photo, which helped revive happy memories of our visit to Cape Town a month ago.

Suggestion though: while the photo is titled Green Point Stadium and the article concentrates on this, the photograph includes much more. Why not edit the article to include other noteworthy points of this beautiful city?

Paul Gardner, Australia


mayava daran, India

Wow! Virtual Holiday on your desktop.It cant' get better than this!

lachhman karamchandani, India


Tejash Patel, India

Great idea

Wanda Badowska, Poland

Excellent photography. Amazing work. Congratulations to all concerned.

Abubaker. Hashim, Pakistan

Great Job

Shaji Verghese, India

oh what a view it is. saw it last year for myself --2011. just fantastic. loved it.

nazira sinkovits, Canada

Thank you, Nazira!

Varvara, AirPano

Very nice view. Great job

Frasina Ovidiu, Romania

It is great.
thanks a lot

negin sadat