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Berlin, Germany


We are so delighted with the victory of German national team over Brazilians — the hosts team of 2014 FIFA World Cup. That's why we decided to publish unscheduled virtual tour over Berlin, and thereby to congratulate the German fans and all football fans on a historic victory.

German national team did the impossible yesterday at the Mineirão stadium in the Brazilian city Belo Horizonte. In the semifinal Brazilian team lost with atypical football score — 7:1. Brazilians had never lose so much in the history of the world championships. Great game of German national team provided fantastic result, so we deservedly congratulate Germany.

Berlin Victory Column

And here are few facts about capital of Germany, Berlin.

Berlin is the largest city of Germany. Also Berlin is the second most populous city and the fifth largest city in the European Union. As for the architecture of Berlin, the city has retained some features of medieval buildings. In the 18-19 centuries there were created to outline the correct square, wide streets, grand ensembles and baroque buildings. After World War II in both parts of the city have been restored historic buildings and residential areas.  And some new districts were added.

Urban public park Großer Tiergarten

Today Berlin is a world cultural center. This is a major European transport hub and one of the most visited cities on the continent. Universities, research institutions and museums in Berlin are known worldwide.

Hallmark of Berlin, of course, are the world-famous Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column, but apart from them, and Berlin has another striking symbol expressing the openness and tolerance of the German capital — Berlin Bear.

Author of the virtual tour: Stas Sedov and Dmitry Chistoprudov

9 July 2014

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iraj saberian, Iran

Thanks for your good job. I have a question. Why you don't have any pictures from Korea? I really like this country.

Negin Sajedi far, Iran

Negin, the answer is simple: we can't photograph the whole world, because we are small group of photographers. We'll try to shoot Japan and Iran at first.

Varvara, AirPano

wow..!! what a amazing city!!!It's so clean and natural... i like it very much.Thanks to make it.

Rayhan Alam Badol, Bangladesh

Wow - what a beautiful, magnificent, lovely and precisely planned City! It's just sooo... pleasant and beautiful to look at and admire. A true, and genuinely modern city of Democratic architectures! Bravo Berlin, Germany! And thank you, AirPano!

Bode Osunsanmi, USA

watta good thing !

Zohaib Ali, Albania

thanks. i have a question the country you travel give money to travel or by yourself?

mona hosseinpour, Iran

Mona, thanks for the question. We travel by ourselves. 

Varvara, AirPano

Shame that it was not possible to continue shooting, because in Berlin is a lot of interesting places to see. With great pleasure that I watch your photos. Thank you for your work.

Iwona Kundys, Poland

why did you put only 4 panoramas? i think that in berlin there is more than this

Valerio Castaldo, Italy

Valerio, unfortunately police didn't allow us to continue photoshooting. Therefore we have only 4 panoramas of Berlin.

Varvara, AirPano

Very nice pics

Sarla Gupta, India

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

SM Naufer, Sri Lanka

Beautiful city, thank you for the nice presentation

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic