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Virtual Tour of Dubai City, UAE

The origins of Dubai trace back to the VII century, however few people associate the largest city of the United Arab Emirates with ancient times. Dubai is best described as "the City of the Future": nowhere else on the planet you will find so many incredible architectural constructions that are ultra-modern and even ahead of our times.

Here is just a short list of Dubai's attractions: Burj Khalifa skyscraper that looks like stalagmite or a desert flower with thin petals; Seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, shaped like a sail, rises on a special artificial island (hotel room prices at Burj Al Arab start from one thousand dollars per night!); 150-meter musical fountain that lifts 83 thousand liters of water up in the air while performing Arabic and international musical hits. Breathtaking group of artificial islands: Palm islands (a gigantic tree built off the coast of the Persian Gulf) and World Islands, shaped as the Earth's continents.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

All this is just a beginning! Besides its attractions, Dubai is known as a shopper's heaven. The largest shopping and entertainment center in the Middle East — "Dubai Mall" — also features one of the world's largest aquariums. "Dubai Marina" is the largest and the most exclusive yacht harbor in the world.

Note: all interesting things in Dubai either hold a world-record title in size or are pioneers in its areas. Sometimes, both things are true. For example, Ski Dubai, the indoors ski resort is not only the largest in the region, but the first one in the entire Middle East where one could enjoy skiing. One can enjoy skiing in the midst of 30 degree heat in the center of the desert — isn't it impressive? This is exactly what Dubai intends to do: to surprise, impress and bewilder with its novel ideas.

Palm Jumeira, Dubai, UAE

Even the weather in Dubai participates in this race for the "best of the best" title. Due to its average temperature of 35,5ºC, Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world. Finally, beaches of Dubai have made this emirate one of the most popular resorts in the world.

Turning back to its history, a long time ago Dubai started out as exporter of pearls, but at the end of XX century it couldn't afford to act on such a small scale. Nowadays the Emirate holds a leading position in gold jewelry manufacturing, and gold prices in Dubai are such that very few can resist the temptation of bringing home half of a suitcase filled with jewelry made of this precious metal...

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most amazing countries in the world. Millions of tourists come there to see its places if interest, however, almost all of them are man-made.

The Emirates can't boast of either impressive mountain relief like the Alps do, or of water zest which is fiords located in Norway or of great forests with the richest flora and fauna of Amazonia...The desert, sea coast and oil, perhaps, are the only wealth of the UAE. That kind of wealth is quite enough in the neighbor country of the region. But exactly the Emirates are famous for their landscapes. Why so?

Dubai, UAE

The answer is evident: the landscapes have been created artificially in order to overtake and surpass as well as to eclipse and impress as much as ever possible. The aim has been achieved. And the most outstanding project in that sphere is the artificial islands of the Emirates.

The construction of the biggest in the world archipelago named Palm Islands began in Dubai Emirate in 2001. Millions of tons of both sand and stones were being put by the workers imitating a palm which is the most honored and popular tree of the East. As a result, close to the Emirate's coast "three palm trees" grew: the Jebel Ali, the Deira and the Jumeira.

The Jumeira is surrounded by a crescent which is both Islamic symbol and simultaneously a breakwater. The island's size is 5 by 5 meters; the total size is comparable with eight hundred football fields. The island joins the mainland with the 300-meters bridge and the crescent and a palm top are connected with an underwater tunnel. And there is a monorail on the bridge — the first one in the Middle East.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

On the Palm Islands there is a super luxurious hotel Atlantis as well as other chic hotels; most mansions and apartments have already been acquired by the richest people of the planet or are still waiting for their turn to be bought. And the rest world population can admire this beauty for free, for example, from the bird's-eye view that allows understand its size and forms.

Not far from it there is another largest artificial archipelago — the World. The idea of its creation appeared two years later. By that time Dubai had become very popular among the tourists all over the world and there was an extremely beach shortage. At the same time, in the UAE they can't just put sand into water; sand should be of any unusual form.

As Arabian sheikhs have the habit to implement grandiose plans and, therefore, they decided to create... all the Earth continents at the coasts of Dubai. But right in the process of this idea's realization it became clear that it would be hard to sell such huge territories. That is why the continents were divided into number of islands in order anyone could buy the Island of France or any state of America which is also surrounded from all sides by water. Besides, the World includes not only continents or countries but also cities or such sphere like fashion: there is the Island of St. Petersburg or the Fashion Island (Isla Moda).

Finally, now the island sizes vary from 14 to 83 thousand square meters, the width of the straits may be from 50 to 100 meters and their depth — from 8 to 16 meters.

The World archipelago, Dubai, UAE

It wasn't also easy to find a place for the future project of artificial islands. By that time the coast line had already been occupied by the Palm Islands. They had to put sand and make islands 4 km far from the coast. And they are really islands, not like the Palms: the World doesn't join the continent with a bridge. All 300 islands are available only by sea or air transports, regular ferries and private yachts or boats. The getting time will not be more than twenty minutes.

Nowadays, more than half of the World's ready objects have already been sold. The construction works still have been going on. The highest price for an island reaches 38 billion dollars. It can vary depending on location, size and distance to other islands.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are among the most famous buyers: they chosen Ethiopia. And one of the islands in Antarctica estimated at 7 million dollars became a gift of a sheikh to Michael Schumacher...

Dubai Marina

In short, Dubai is a paradise city, a page from a science fiction book, a true picture of how even the most bizarre and ambitious ideas may be implemented into reality. We hope that the panoramas and photos of Dubai will transmit the incredible greatness of the unique and the most famous city of the United Arab Emirates.

Photo by Dmitry Moiseenko

19 December 2011

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It is Amazing

Daniel Teshome, Ethiopia

Most értesültem a térkép helikopteres megjelenítéséről, szerintem nagyon szuper!
Dubai és környéke lenyűgöz engem, a szigetcsoportok és a palm- szigetek...

Csaba Uhercsák, Hungary

The Best place for holidays to watch everything from the sky.
Feel like god watching from heaven..

Satish Karde, India

It been a great Job..........Many Thanks to Engineer Abdul and Team....Halwal..Halwal...Halwal

John Kinder, Australia

burg khalifa

muhammad ijaz, Pakistan

Killer amazingly beautiful

Tameem Khan, India

Really very beautiful Panorama work..

Yantram Studio

Maria back, USA

Amazing panoroma! Just can't imagine to finish such great work! Thank you for giving us such great view of the world!

Fann Gao, China


Ginka Zhekova, Bulgaria

spasiba thanks ok

nenad simonovic, Yugoslavia

We're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable information to work on. You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

Nila Falcon, Wallis and Futuna Islands

Amazing work i like your idea how you discuss each and every thing related to this blog.
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Custom Essay, USA

Realy Its a Dreaming City, Firstly Eco-Environment in Main City, No carbon No Polution. Everywere happy-happy face move here. Its a Model in the world For Civilized. So... Go on.....

shofique zzaman, Bangladesh

Ia fasciated by this. Last year they moved to S.A.and love it. He works fo ARAMCO. Very intereting article.

cathie morse, USA

Desde allá mateix sembla imposible que existeixí un entorn com aquet,les avingudes son com cualsevol gran ciutat,mai et don la sensació d´estar envoltat d´aigua.molt ben treballada la vostra filmació.

Josep Rovira, Spain

such a nice work! Happy to find this great work keep it up. Thanks for shearing.

Cheap Essays, Pakistan

A M A Z I N G ! ! !



Eric Murphy, United Arab Emirates

so beautiful...my ream is to go there..

Zenny Lacumbo, Japan

Onde estão as outras músicas do tour? Eu gostava muito das outras opções de músicas, elas dão um clima diferente e não deixa o tour ficar cansativo. Parabéns pelo site!

William Silva Lima, Brazil


Cedomir Hila, Croatia


Alberto Sendino, Spain

its awesome guyzzz good job keep it up

samir giri, India

I never watched video like it. it is great and a wonderful job.

Mohammad Ayaz, Pakistan

Zaista je ovo FENOMENALAN sajt!
Cestitam tvorcu istog, jer ste nas OBOZILI njime.
Cika Barba

Dragoslav Barbaric, Serbia and Montenegro

I personally fell in love with Dubai. Btw, does anybody know where i can find the soundtrack in it's entirety that was playing during the presentation? I would appreciate that very much! :)

Joseph Fornazaric, Canada

Joseph, you can read how to find name of the song here: http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php
After that, it's easy to find this music in the Internet :)

Varvara, AirPano

No comments its very beautyfull

Yeslam Saeed, Yemen

no puedo abrir la pagina de dubai



Abujar vajir Tadavi, India

I love this website and UAE. I been there many times and Dubai never disappointed me, I love the high quality tour over the Palm Island. Dubai is the place to be!

Scott Kornfeind, USA



very good sity

mojtaba nabatzae, Iran

Nice to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Akhter Abbas, Pakistan

what about antartic piramids,please ....

c torres, Mexico


leila HA, Iran



The best view beautiful places ,good

Rachmatullah El Sultan Rachmat, Indonesia

this panorama of dubai is awesome

Wahaj Khan, India


yogesh shelke, India

IRAN is very Beautiful!

Mohammad Mirmohammadi, Iran

May Yahweh bless your country and bring his word to you all !

James Baugh, USA

I had the opportunity to visit Dubai twice in 1998 and 2004 all I have to say is that is a very beautiful city and is the pride of the Arabs and Muslim countries , the great results of developmemts and prosperity is due mainly to the ruler of Dubai ,the President of the UAE without the tremendous work done for many years by the Dceased president Sheikh Zayed Bin Soltan AlNahyan, God great him in his paradise.Long live to Dubai and more and more development Inchallah

NourEddine HEMSAS, Algeria

I just returned from your fabulous country, a place I have longed to visit. Now I know why. It was an experience in every way and with the assistance of my well informed, eloquent Pakistani driver/guide I was privileged to feast on some of the best features. They were extravagant and opulent and I hope will be a work in progress. I look forward to returning to the Paris of the Middle East sometime soon. Thank you UAE.

Richard MITTRA, Australia


Adelino Pereira, Cuba

very nice and biutifull. please get some panorama pictures from my dear country Iran

mousa mehdizadeh, Iran


Kat Savannah, USA

I m a Police Official but my dreams are living in dubai. Perhaps I go.

Mudassar Awan, Pakistan

very good

juzar vohra, India

Ole,chapeau,fantastic,good job

javichu bichu, Spain

I was in Dubai over 3 years ago,and the it was hard to find a hotelroom.Since about 10 years I came back once a year and I see the annual change for the good ! I can only admire what they realise,and regret that to do this in dear old Europe you need so much time !

geert vanhulle, Belgium

Dear MdAli Akbar, from Bangladesh. If I'm right this is done by Jan De Nul and/or DEME, both Belgian companies. Visit the contact page on www.jandenul.com and www.deme.be. Best of luck

Bruno R, Belgium

i want to know the dredger conpany who madeup this wonderfull island.If they are not working in any where they have an oportunity to work in Bangladesh coastal area. we are searching a big dredger company who can dredge 30000 cum from a depth of 16 meter.
if the dredger company want to work please send an e-mail mentioning mode of contract,rate, the covenity we have to provide,.We have no objection to make a joint venture in need.

MdAli Akbar, Bangladesh

Why can't we respect and recognize Mother Nature too as universal culture of mankind ...Thank you

Ahmad Ayyash, USA

I really like the websit

Anthony Crew, United Kingdom

amazing super structure

varun prakash, India

Conocer Dubai es ingresar al futuro. Todo deslumbra por ser grandioso, moderno, y sobre todo futurista.

shirley dadone, Argentina



사진촬영기술 과 정성이 최상급 입니다. 두바이의 여행기억이
새롭게 정리되여 감사드립니다. Thank's Too Much!!!

Lim Joonsang, Korea

we both Dubai City n Me are elegant but in same problem ie financial crises n hope that will overcome very soon.
Best of luck for me n Dubai!

lavesh pyakurel, Nepal

i like photografy

imran pervaiz, Pakistan

good. updation required regularly

suseelan padmanabhan, India

Ich bin begeister von den Aufnamen.Habe noch nie so was schoenes gesehen

Peter Schulz, Germany

Las fotografías virtuales 3D impulsa una cultura para conocer el mundo, y nos estimula para visitar estas ciudades hermosas del futuro como el caso de Dubai.
En mi país Ecuador tenemos muchos sitios turísticos, favor ver a través de internet. Saludos
Rafael Valdez R.

Rafael Valdez Requena, Ecuador

Amazing photography of an incredible city

Bruce McDonald, Zimbabwe

Amazing photography of an incredible city

Bruce McDonald, Zimbabwe


Sunil PARIKH, India

This is great website your airpano and i like your photography and video very very thanku for make this site.

durani mulla, India

very beautiful!

nilofar amiry, Iran

thats fantastic

marziyeh rezaie, Iran



very beautiful. please get some panorama pictures from my dear country Iran.

saeed askari, Iran

I have been in Dubai from last 5 days, my first visit to this amazing city of the world.I am impressed with every thing, love it and like to come and visit more often.
Your presentation is so exciting and I was looking for something like this to share with my family and friends, beautifully done now my collection of over 400 pictures taken by me is complete with your virtual Tour of Dubai City.
Thank you with best regards,
Syed Ahmed
Toronto Canada

Syed Ahmed, Canada

thank you for this pictures and vieo you make wounderful job. congratulations!

luis faber mora, Colombia

am fost in dubai de cincizeci de ori cu afaceri incepand cu anul 1997 am vazut cum s a construit acest oras iubesc aceste locuri de fiecare data merg cu multa placere

tanase ioan, Romania

thanks for airpano. I really like this website.

sriram godavarthy, India

awesome pics

sriram godavarthy, India

This site is awesome but it would be completely awesome if you could include Metro Manila of the Philippines. because its more fun in the Philippines.

ernie gabo, Philippines

Speechless!!keep it up!!

Mohammed Rahman, Bangladesh

good contriy

filmon brhane, Ethiopia

My son Stephen and his wife Sandra live and work in Dubai and I have been there a few times and seeing this wonderful view brought back happy memories of the whole area. Quite spectacular view

Richard Leslie, Canada

It's really good one. free sightsee

Dipak Jadhav, India

It's really good one.

Dipak Jadhav, India

Spectacular site and the most unbelievable concept ever! Would like to go soonest. Take Care and keep cool. Best wishes from CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA.

Zainab Harris, South Africa

Lived in Dubai for 6 years. am amazed about all the changes. .

Hans Georg Wurche, United Arab Emirates





No words to say its very beautiful,iam very amazed and very impressed,thank you very much to bring the world in front of me.Your team shoul get award for this.All the very best

Karthik gilchrist, India

Hi Thanks for images.I will happy if get some panorama pictures from Iran and publish them

Ali salimi, Iran

very very gooood.

osama rigi, Iran

Simply Fantastic;no words to tell.
Thank you camara man,god bless you,to show us gods creation so beautiful,in my life I can go & see all the places or not.
once again thank you for your Creativity".


espectacular por la imagenes, y espectacular por el poder economico de un pais que se ha superado por la venta mundial del petroleo. sin embargo las riquezas de la tierra, deberian haberse distribuido en forma equitativa, y ver progreso en aquellos lugares donde las personas buscan un carton, una lata de zinc, para poder construir sus pobres casas. esto no es justo para cualquier religion que ose decir ser la mejor.

olman roberto castro padilla, Costa Rica


REZA s, Iran

I am amazed with your work! Thank you very much for bringing the world to me. Please, continue filming new places.

Christina Claunch, USA

this site perfect.

alireza babaii, Iran

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Ali uneci, Iran

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mina farzaneh, Iran


Frank De Clercq

Thank you so much. It's wonderful.

anne mai, Hong Kong

I'm so interested in seeing all of Dubai. Have not
had time to pursue places as yet - but plan too!!
An incredible e-mail.

Beverly Pearsall, USA

you made a fantastic viewing of Dubai city, i give you a rating of 5.My first time in UAE way back in 1976 October involved in constructing Sharjah Intercontinental Hotel Now is Holiday Inn Hotel.My second time in 1999 assigned in Ruwais city for the construction of Ethelyne Plant, just imagine what a big differences for a short period of 36 years Dubai become the legend of developing city in the Middle East ahead of time . I salute with high respect to His Excellency The Ruler of Dubai of his excellent planning, management, implimentation of his creation , genius Planner and above all we give thanks to all Rulers of the seven Emirates.God Bless

rogelio bolivar, Philippines

"Fantastic job,keepit up and thanks for this effort"
I am also proud for being a member of Engineeing group during construction of Palm Jumeirah Dubai from 2004-2009.

Mirza Riasat Baig, United Arab Emirates

Excellent!!! Thanks for showing what wonderful our planet is!!

Stella Telis, Uruguay

You guys are doing outstanding work , i really appreciate your hard-work.

Ramesh Guled, India

Really enjoyed your outstanding work.

Mike Christnacht, USA

TRANSLATION to the Portuguese comment:
The men and women of the world, in peace and with total freedom, with education and courage can do wonderful things, large projects where everyone Without exception can live with dignity.

M M, Perth, Australia

Thanks all talented photographers have been giving us amazing pictures.
Best regards


INFORMATIVE.SEVEN 7*Star,Panorama Rate.
When Practical,We All Will Love 2 Tour Our Real Awesome & Wonderful World-with Great Appreciations.Rajveer.

RAJVEER Chandarana, United Kingdom


reza goli, Iran

love this site, we lived ai u.a.e for 12 years , Dubai to alain was, a one track camel walk, largest building the trade centre, when it loomed out of the dust we knew we were nearly in Dubai

stephanie duncan, Australia


ismail ali, India

fantastic work wel done


Fantastic - but I would have loved to see some of the old part of Dubai again

ingrid schultz, USA


Vinoth Kumar, India

Enhorabuena al Emir gobernante de los emiratos arabes unidos, tiene visión para el futuro de su pueblo.

jesús iglesias sainz, Spain

Love u....

Farrukh Alvi, Pakistan

...i'm still in AWE!!!...not to mention OVERWHELM!!!...an absolute tremendous workmanship...hope i will be able to make a trip to DUBAI!!!...i thank you immensely for giving me the opportunity to see your country!!!...

R.D. Weedin, Guam

ohhh trickshot

wesane 9, Japan

Great site.

Glenda Findley, USA

so beautiful,but how go to the street?

nancy Ma, China

tnx for posting....send me more....

Wuelma Reas, Philippines

You are to be congratulated for such a magnificent creation as this. I could not believe my eyes as I viewed your website. As a photographer I can only imagine the inner beauty of such a creative group of persons whose dream has culminated into such a place as this. I only wish it were possible for us to witness it in person.

Gregory & Diane Weldon, USA

We are very grateful for your comments as well as for your appraisal.

Varvara, AirPano


Debra Jenkins, United Arab Emirates

Exeptional photography and presentation. I would not call it 'Dubai City' since unfortunately it only shows a fraction of Dubai . May I suggeest instead of showing so many impressions of the World and the Palm it would be fantastic if you would be able to add the exiciting areas and views around Burj Al Arab and especially Burj Khalifa and additionally the original old part of Dubai around the Dubai Creek. Then people would be blown away by the beauty and diversity of architectural masterpieces and the original historic Dubai. Thank you for this incredible positive experience of beautiful impressions around our beautiful world.

Anita Du Preez, United Arab Emirates

Hello, Anita. Many thanks for your opinion. Regarding your suggestion, unfortunately, it is forbidden to fly over Burj Al Arab and especially Burj Khalifa. Regards.

Varvara, AirPano


Muhammed Sadique, United Arab Emirates


srinu vasu, India

Best constriction ever seen

Nitin Ghadi, India

Realy So Good only just Amazing.

Maheshwar Dwivedi, India


晋皇 王, China


Anshul Jain, India

"Its beyond awesome!!"

Nikhil Y, India


Rasheed ali, India

Great job highly appreciated keep it up.

Muhammad Maqsood Qureshi, United Arab Emirates

Awesome..........such an experience watching these Panoramas. Gr8 Job! and excellent effort to show us some of the best locations in the world ....Way to go!!!

Lakshmi Suresh, India

I had an office in UAE under auspice of Bin Dhahi -the best safest and enjoyable time of my life.No need to lock your car, hotel room, no radicals, midnight safe as lunch time, cooperation of government unbelievable, my ideal instantly realized (Im an architect) Working people (mostly Pakis) are totally different from those in Pakistan, no taxes, free health, tolerance to everything. I would change/vote in Australia for UAE any time despite I don't particularly like Islam.

Radovan von Winterberg PhD, Australia

fantastic!!... I had been to Dubai in Jan, 2008, but could not see the place properly because of illness. Dubai is my favorite e city,I always get a buzz whenever I hear about it.

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Moinuddin Syed, Canada

The panorama was exquisite. Thank you for sharing your work. Will you ever do Italy and especially Venice? 5* for this segment. Mary-Suzanne kelly

Mary-Suzanne Kelly, Canada


小泽 梁, China

Most of the money used to build these building did come from iran, these lazy Arabs could not lift a finger, let alone make it this far. And these same lazay arabs blackmail google to call Persian gulf, fucking arabic gulf.shame on google. it has been sold cheap.

John A, Bahrain

Amazing work!!!!!!

I really want to the song played at background please can any one help i love this song

Hamed Hussain, India

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Thank you! You are, undoubtedly, very kind to us. Good luck!

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Shweta D. D., India


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Lea Osorio, El Salvador

Hello My Friend
All are very nice and number one .

cyrus Akbari, Canada

to be even more complete, I give an idea:
passing the mouse trought the buildings, plains and monuments one could read the names them...?
What do you think?
Elizabeth Fiorini - Brasil

Elizabeth Fiorini, Brazil

This is an amazing project and would like to congratulate everyone involved in it. Besides the technical aspects the choice of places and the musics picked in the backgrounds fits the characters of the panoramas and creates a perfect combination . Thnx again for this amazing experience"

ashok kadam, India

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Lilly Ramgarib, Trinidad and Tobago

Marvelous Work : Giving Wings to Human Beings !!!

Mani Singh, India

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rin pelmo, Bhutan


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S.M.Hasan Hasan, Pakistan


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This is an amazing project and would like to congratulate everyone involved in it. Besides the technical aspects the choice of places and the musics picked in the backgrounds fits the characters of the panoramas and creates a perfect combination .
Thnx again for this amazing experience

Emre Burnaz, Turkey

Thanks a lot for a high appraisal of your project.

Varvara, AirPano

Amazing Guys..i am dubai since 1989 and seen the growth but never realized till i looked thru the panorama created by Airpano.a great job indeed in presenting the aerial view of dubai.keep it up guys.i wish you most and more.God Bless.

Prakash Lalwani, United Arab Emirates

I'm happy and proud that i was a part of the crew that create this project,with the vessel James Cook.
A hopper dredger from the Jan de Nul company in Belgium.

Yves Bogaert, Belgium


saman lakani, Iran


Kassim Al Boughbaghi, USA

Beautiful panorama view.
I Wish this Panoram view from Doubaï Arabic country should be mixet with Arabic best music .
I rated 5 for the picture & 3 for the music.

Malo Aboude, Canada

Dear AbouYoussef, thank you for the message left. We'd be grateful if you sent us slow Arabic music.

Varvara, AirPano

I like it very much
it was so intresting

phani Rohith, India

This is very very beautiful very amazing! I love this website

ali moulali, India

You have got a very smart people in your country to make so wonderfully nice things, congratulation.

Jaroslava Netousek, Czech Republic

very nice!
would someone be so kind as to tell me what kind of technology it is made of? thanks and have a nice day

Daniel Yoman, Hungary

Dear Daniel, please read FAQ. You will find there the answer to your question http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php?set_language=2

Varvara, AirPano

Excelente.! Gracias.

Pablo Mancuso, Argentina

fantastic, Really good one !!

Ramakant Kadam, United Arab Emirates



We stayed at the EL Arab ,the sail,Hotel and saw so many wonderful things it's hard to remember them all,needless to say we loved our visit.
Gerry & Jacki Mongeluzo


beautiful! Please, tell me what is this soudtrack in this panorama photo in low resolution? Thank you!

Pablo Arregui, Argentina

Dear Pablo, the answer to your question is here http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php

Varvara, AirPano

Amazing - Exallent

Vijay Ramagiri, India

LINDO ,quem sebe um dia eu compre uma ilha dessas.


Thanks for the govt of UAE for their ideas putting into reality...

Rakesh Kumar, India

These Panoramic Views are awesome, it's really great and thanks for sharing us your talent as a Photojournalist. Keep it rock, the people around the world we're happy to see all your works. God bless all of your team.

ANDREW GALANG, Philippines

We are glad you liked this pano. Many thanks for your good wishes.

Varvara, AirPano

this is very good

ashok kumar, India

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Thank you! We hope, you’ll visit us again soon.

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Really the leaders of UAE are the best and real leaders. I hope that always continue and go ahead achieve advanced development.

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How amazing!

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Amazing skilled photography to feel as if I am flying above the sky high structures. thanks on behalf many people like me.

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Woh!!!!Its Superb,You guys are doing very good job,Keep up the good work. Thanks to Airpano for bringing up the things which we never see live.

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Many thanks for the warm words, Sunitha.

Varvara, AirPano

and in response to John Lee's comment - That's not all of Dubai, only part of it; there are trees in other areas!

Gloria G., Canada

This is incredible that not a single tree in the whole city. Without trees this city will be one of the worst air pollution city (country) in the world.

John Lee, USA

Thank you. We appreciate your opinion.

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gud awesome i like it very much

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Os Homens e as Mulheres do Mundo, em Paz e com total Liberdade, com Instruçao e Coragem Podem fazer coisas Maravilhosas, grandes Projectos onde Todos Sem excepçao possam Viver com Dignidade.

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The Hard Work and the effort put in to create a place like this and Most of all covering and getting it noticed to the person far away from that location is above appreciation, Hat off to the total team work and keep going
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We are grateful for your interest in this panorama. We are glad you enjoyed it. Regards!

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Wonderful job done. Palm Jumeirah is close to my heart. Only a few months ago, I visited this beautiful place. The Atlantis hotel, its surroundings, its parking space, the pools, the long road by the sea - all these come back fresh into my mind seeing your panoramic view. The write-up is also informative. Everyone who loves travelling will find this a very useful addition to tourism information. Wishing your team success with addition of many more beautiful places.

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As a romanian travel guide I visited Dubai(and I like it so much!), but the images are really breath taking!

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Awesome, excellent - both the construction and the effort to cover it in this panoramic view.

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Walked by the future beach in 2010.

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Please just tell me what is this music in this panorama photo?

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Many thanks for a high appraisal of our work. The information you are interested in is Abdulla Qurbonov "Gozal Yorim". It's easy to know by moving you mouse cursor to the Sound Button on the screen (it's the 3-d icon from the left).

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Amazing photos, amazing WORK! thx for sharing this with us. I need your help, where can i download the music Dubai dream?

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Wow! A very good beginning to a very beautiful end. Where we'll see a map of Dubai to find anything we want. Just Zoom out from where you are and Zoom in to where you want to go. Fantastic!

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coolness! very nice virtual experience of Dubai.

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Dubai is an amazing city!! Dubai and its Ruler has proved to the world that the word impossible is not there in their dictionary!

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It's awesome----mind blowing...particularly for those who are unable to visit this beautifull emirate which explicitly portrays H.H.Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's vision and self confidence.I sincerely wish HIM a very long life to fulfill his dreams.!!

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The panorama i saw was Dubai.
It is the largest city in UAE also it is called the city of the future. They have ultra modern buildings. Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper that looks like a desert flower. Burj Al Arab hotel is shaped like a snail. Dubai is a amazing, paradise-like city.

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رائع فكرة جيدة للتجول وانت في بيتكك

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Espetacular!! Parabéns à toda equipe pelo execlente trabalho e, que nos mostra o verdadeiro mundo em que vivemos! Venham a Natal/RN/Brasil, a cidade do Sol os espera de belezas expostas para suas lentes maravilhosas!

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i wish to know the name of the artist and song from the soudtrack

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Cristi, this is Dubai Dream (Chillout Collection).


EXCELLENT,Thank you very much,
Please send to my email some nice image of Moscow ,
MEISAM from Qeshm island(persian Gulf ) -IRAN


amazing city

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Est ce qu il est possible telecharger le panorama 360 de palm jumeirah...

BOIS clement


Est ce qu il est possible telecharger le panorama 360 de palm jumeirah...

BOIS clement

The OAE is a unique country with a wise government. They could found the country in a desert and fantastically developed it. Now it is an oasis and very rich modern state. And the pano is exciting!

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It is very interesting for me, because I intend to visit this country within in a very short time.

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