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Kiev, Ukraine

The capital of Ukraine — is a big European megalopolis with its rich cultural life and all the advantages of modern civilization. It is buried in verdure and has kept a great number of unique monuments.

Kiev's architecture has become a monumental architectural standard for all the Eastern Slavic lands. Only after St. Sophia Cathedral had been built (sphere 1), the giant stone-made churches were started constructing in antient Russia (Rus'). Before, there had been only small wooden churches in Rus'. St. Michael's Monastery (sphere 2) became the first temple with a golden dome and later that specific tradition spread all over Kievskaya Rus'.

There is another outstanding architectural monument of the city — Kiev Pechersk Lavra (sphere 3), which is one of the oldest monasteries in antient Russia. The complex of Lavra includes both its overground part (the temples and other religious constructions) and the underground part (the caves). First, the caves were inhabited with the monks, then, they served as a place to bury died inhabitants of the monastery. Among those inhabitants were such outstanding people like Nestor the Chronicler, who is the author of The Primary Chronicle, and Ilya Muromets — a hero of Russian folk epic poems (byliny).

Not far from the Lavra there are St. Andrew's Church (sphere 4) and the same named slope which is one of the ancient routes connecting Verkhniy Gorod (the city on the hill) with the commercial district Podil. Today this sleep slope which goes round the historic hills and, according to the legend, had been visited by Apostle Andrew who promised God's grace to this city is, indeed, a visit card of Ukrainian capital.

And now the story of our pilot (radio controller) Stas Sedov:

In Kiev the process of shooting was full of impressions. It was the first time I have shot spheres in other country. The local photographer Dennis Philippov assisted me there.  

I had bad luck with the weather: it was raining in the morning and I had to shoot in the afternoon when the strong wind was blowing. While shooting I practiced many new techniques.

I was pleased with the locals' attitude to the shooting. Nobody disturbed me, the curious people were not coming close to the helicopter model, just were watching from aside.

Several curious moments happened there: while we were arriving to the square of St. Michael's Monastery, we understood that there was no place to park our car and the police officers stood everywhere (some special event took place in the city). I asked the officer:  

— We'd like to shoot there and can't find a place to park our car near the square. Could you recommend us anything?

— Do you see that "Do Not Enter" sign? Go through that place, right to the square.
— Will there any consequences for us?
— No, take it easy, I'll take care of your car.
— Shall we shoot here with our model?
— With a model? Well, ok, go ahead...
Having fallen into a trance as a result of our conversation, I took the equipment and directed to shoot the monastery.

Then, near St. Sophia Cathedral we were attacked by a crow. And while we were fighting in the air duel, the sun disappeared in the clouds. We had nothing to do but land our model and wait for the light. It was good luck for us when by the moment the light appeared the crow had already been bored to wait for the flight of its unknown competitor and had flown away.

16 August 2011

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Hermosas vistas me gustaría de Estonia Tailli

Roxana Acevedo, Peru


aissa hamoumi, Algeria

How come no mention or view of Babi Yar. Although the monument is not the location for the murder of 100,000 Jews. The monument doesn't even mention the murder of Jews.

Jay Rothschild, USA


Hugo Chavez, Venezuela

Really Kiev is one of best cities. My best memories is in this city. Kiev!never i don't forget you & hope to visit you again for third time!

Ahmad Nilforoushan, Iran

Correction to speling: it should be "PecherskA". "Lavra" is feminine gender and preceding adjective takes its gender from the noun. Could someone also please fix Wikipedia?

I Ivaniw, Canada

Yeah, yeah. "'Kee-yeff', 'Mother of Russian Cities'"(KE-yiw, Mother of Slavic cities maybe, not 'Russian'), "Russian 'borcht'" (Ukrainian borshch, "o" as in "hot", rrrolled "r"), "Russian Cossacks" (presumably a reference to the Tsarist/Red/Soviet army detachments strutting around like oversexed roosters in silly fancy dress)(Ukrainian, there were no such animals as 'Russian Cossacks'), "the great Russian writer 'Gogol'"(Ukrainian, Hohol (short "o"s, soft "l" as in "William"), "the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky" (originally Chaikiwsky, Ukrainian Cossack(genuine) descent, his family came from Poltava region; "chaika" is the Cossack double-ended (to obviate the need to turn it in contsricted waterways) longboat the Cossacks used); and thousands of other similar examples.
Tsar Peter "the Great" pinched the name Rus from what is now Ukraine when he discovered to his discomfiture after his European tour that the sun didn't shine out of his arse and his Moskovshchina was not the centre of the universe but a primitive fourth-world irrelevant backwater; pinching the name also automatically pinched the history, an understandable confusion for uninformed foreigners very convenient for Russia and most Russians (the honest, educated ones know the difference and acknowledge it).
Most of what you will find (left) in the Hermitage museum (much the best stuff has been stolen and sold off since perestroika) has been plundered over the centuries of Moskovshchina's/Russia's foreign policy of conquer-rape-and-pillage which they adopted from the Mongols (which is probably where the saying "sratch a Russian and you will find a Tartar" comes from, although Tartars would probably object to being connected with Russians; no East Europeans / Central Asians like Russians) (just look at what they did to Chechnya), and most of that was plundered from Ukraine.
Happy Learning.

J Piper, Australia

The panorama is fantastic! I was in Kyiv and walked on the Khreshchatic. Why do you take my birthplace history from me? Kyivan Rus is the same place where the Ukrainian people originated and stayed. Kyiv is its capital. Russia has its own proud lands and history. More power to them but let the Russian people take their hands off Ukrainian lands, treasure, and people. Let my people go. Irena from Komarno, Ukraine near Lviv. Please spell Kyiv correctly. Thanks you

Ire pyskir-bilak, USA

very nice , i like. plz send me some good links

padma senan, Armenia

wonderful work!
My grandmother: ulia Kascak emigrated from Kiev because of political uprisings. She claimed we were Russian. In talking with our priest once he wasn't clear about whether we were Russian or Ukranian. Seems the controversy still exists.

Mary Ann Lake, USA

Dear Ana, Russ is not Russia. Russ people were considered people from different cultures such as Belorussian, Ukrainian and so many others cultures. There wasn't Ukraine as a country, but it was and is Ukrainian land and Ukrainian people and some of them later call themselves Russian and moved farther north.
Wal Pyrih, Australia is absolutely correct. It looks like you interested only in the history which you want to believe in. History books have been changed so many times especially after communists came in power. However, if you would read old history books and make some fact researches, you could find the truly Ukrainian-Russian-Russ history.
History :)

Book History, USA

You have a great name by the way! If I was writing a PhD in Russian history I would give you some foreign sources with some useful facts. But because this project requires a lot of time you need to improve your education yourself and find information about at least 300 years of Russian history. By the way I love all nations: Ukrainians and Byelorussians, Americans and Australians. The only other thing I can suggest you is to come to Novgorod and see yourself this "mud settlement" architecture (earliest is from 1050 year)


There is one problem here - referring to Kyiv as an old Russian city is incorrect. Russia did not come into existence until the 15th century it was known as MOSKOVIA. Kyiv was the old Ukrainian city Kyivan Rus. The Russian are very good at stealing others history and culture.

Wal Pyrih, Australia

Dear Wal, I'm afraid your accusation is false because historical facts state that before there was no Ukraine as a country but Rus, Kievan Rus. That means that the country was Rus (Russia) with its capital in Kiev.

Varvara, AirPano

Excellant photoshoot :D Would definitely like to visit Kiev and enjoy the beauty firsthand. Are their tour operators who speak in English ?

seetha krishnan, India

We sure they are, but you'd better look for this information in the Internet.

Varvara, AirPano

Could not see some of the buildings in the back.

Pat McCamey, USA

The pictures are beautiful, my family comes from the Ukraine, I will have to plan a trip. If you take more photos, please email, would love to see them.

olga Hryhoruk Pridham, USA

Beautiful city portrayed well in the panorama and the music background is enchanting.
Visiting shortly to see for myself.
Thank you.

Warrick Bain, New Zealand

What you show is exceedingly beautiful. Kiev looks like the place where I would like to spend my last days. OK to dream, no?
Your views of Machu Picchu are extraordinary, like so many others at AirPano.
Gracias! = Thank you!

Jaime Urquidi, Bolivia

Your photography and selections are fantastic biography detail is very, very good.

Ed Nelson, USA

Many thanks for your kind opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

Excellent work! Many many thanks. What is the best time to visit Kiev? After seeing your panoramic view of the city, the cathedral, the monastery, and some of the friendly comments and invitations, I am tempted to visit Kiev which I never considered!

Udayan Mandavia, India

Thanks for visiting us. The best season is summer, we suppose. It's warm and beautiful outside.

Varvara, AirPano

AirPano the capitals you (second after Novograd)mention are somewhat misleading to me in that you still seem to indicate that Rus was Russia by putting the Rus in brackets after Russia whereas this is not the case.
AND OKSANA you say helps foreigner to undersand Russian soul BUT we're talking about Kyiv - UKRAINIAN NOT RUSSIAN!!!
Can both of you get it right please.

John matkiv, Australia


dhia alshather, Iraq

wonderful .

lea lee, China

We are pleased you liked this work.

Varvara, AirPano

Kiev Pechersk Lavra is in Ukraine not Russia as this article states. Kiev has been russified enough!

Olga Wilchowy

Kiev used to be the second capital (after Novgorod the Great) of ancient Russia or so called Kievskaya Rus'. That days there was no Ukraine or Rusian Federation. So the famous Kiev Pechersk Lavra and other monasteries are the perfect example of the early archirecture coming to our days from the Kievskaya Rus'. In western literature "Russia" is commonly used insted of "Rus'". But we have changed "Russia" to "antient Russia" and "Kievskaya Rus'". So hopefully it satisfy you.


very nice & beauty.
zooming is not powerfull

majid shahab, Iran

There is something special in this view... Old traditions, ortodox religion... This pano has its special spirit, I'd say.

Maggy Right

Using this site, I invite you to visit Kiev in reality. It is wonderfully shown here that Kiev is one of Slavic ancient cities, which along with Moscow, Sergiev Posad and other ancient cities of Old Russia, helps a foreigner to understand better enigmatic Russian soul :)

Oksana Tikhonova

Thank you for your comment and invitation, Oksana!
next time when some of our colleagues go to Kiev we will let you know to get a chance to share other mysteries !)


Adorei este site.

Luciene Maria da Silva