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Chicago, Illinois, USA


One of the most famous cities in the world — Chicago — got its name from the word «shikaakwa» which is Indian for «Wild Lily». Indeed, the city resembles a beautiful flower, though its present look has been forming for more than the last century.

Chicago has its own soul and individuality. In this city one can admire three different periods of the world's architecture simultaneously. Actually, that is very unusual for such a young country like the USA. We can ‘thank' for that the famous 1871 fire, which almost wiped Chicago off the face of the Earth.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Now it is impossible to determine the cause of the fire. There were various versions of what had happened: from a cow that overthrew an oil-lamp to a comet. Whether or no, the fire was raging as many as three October days. Having devastated the southwest, the fire ‘overstepped' the southern branch of the Chicago River and continued destroying the entire 38-year history of the city.

But after that Chicago was built practically from scratch, making it possible to turn into reality the boldest architectural experiments of that time. By the way, the first skyscrapers in the USA appeared in that very city: the land price was very high, so the city had no other choice but to grow up. 

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Nowadays, 3 of the 60 tallest buildings in the World are in Chicago; the 442-meter Willis (Sears) Tower is among them, it is the second highest building in the USA. Chicago also takes the second place by the number of skyscrapers in the USA: 114 buildings with height of more than 180 meters. New York City takes the first place with 216 skyscrapers.

Along with this, you shouldn't think that Chicago is just a city of strict skyscrapers with the tiny people-bugs. The main part of it consists of 2-3 storey buildings including those of a completely classic style with their propylaea, porticos and arcades. There are beaches and parks in Chicago including famous Grant Park and Millennium Park. The city sculptures are also represented in all the genres of art: from classics to high-tech.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

And besides achievements in urban planning, Chicago has another thing to be proud of. Walt Disney, Michel Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ekaterina Yushenko, Ernest Hemmingway, Anastasia and many others are in the number of its famous natives. The classic American author Theodor Dreiser called Chicago ‘Florence of the Western States' and ‘Literary capital of America'; now Chicago is considered to be a theatre capital of the country.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

While walking along the quay (or having a bird's eye view of the city), it can seem that Chicago is situated on the seashore. Water spreads out in every direction as far as the eye can reach. However, it is not a sea, but Michigan — one of the Great American Lakes; its name is Indian for ‘Big Lake'. It is 500 km long and 190 km wide, its total area is 57 750 km² making Michigan one of the 5 biggest lakes in the World.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

And there is one more interesting thing about Chicago. There is the only river in the world that flows in the reverse direction. It is the Chicago River. In 1990 its flow was completely reversed because of a very common domestic question. In the end of the 18th century, at the time of the urban growth, the city suffered a great problem because sewage was dumped into Lake Michigan, so it resulted in the lack of pure water. The problem was solved through complete reverse of river flow along with the construction of sewage treatment plants towards the Illinois River.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

It would be endless to talk about Chicago but there are no words to describe the charm and splendour of it. The city that subdued nature and didn't contradict it; the city that said a new word (and not only one!) in architecture; the city of records and famous people — it is worth seeing, not simply talking about it.

Photo by Mike Reyfman

27 January 2015

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Ed Nelson, USA

WOW, Amazing, wonderfull city, #304 like it

batu bayar, Mongolia


Iwona Kundys, Poland

Very nice views and very good work as usual!
You have some broken bridges or stiching problem on pano 7, nadir point.

Eric Malherbe, France

Thank you, Eric! We've corrected the image.

Varvara, AirPano

Asombroso Amasing

German Porras, USA

Beautiful.The heart of USA. Please shoot London.

Wish you all best

Edin Mujezinovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Very beautiful presentation beautiful city, thank you

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic



Estudié en Loyola en esa inolvidable ciudad. Amo a Chicago y a su gente.

Fernando Diaz del Castillo, Colombia

I was born and raised in Chicao's west side at Lake Street and Cicero Ave., in the Austin District. Great transportation and many things to do, always something to do. Moved to suburbs when married and to Florida when I retired. My oldest son lives in a suburb and I still come back to visit. Austin High School Reunions have drawn me back, too, and I've been to wonderful Navy Pier and a Chicago River architectial boat ride. Finally made it to the top of Willis Tower/Sears Tower my last visit in 2012 with a granddaughter and her son. What a marvelous view of my great city from the observation deck.

Jimmie Jo Hixon, USA

Belo, lindo, maravilhoso.


estuve en 1997 y espero volver y subir otra vez al sky line,y visitar toda esta maravillosa ciudad,que me dejó encantado,y esto lo dice una persona que es de una de las ciudades mas bonita de Europa.Sevilla.

antonio guerrero escudero, Spain

Chicago.. una maravillosa ciudad. The Beans para no olvidarlo... una obra maravillosa.

Luis Chiang, Peru

I did love looking Chicago where I was there 3 years. Very nice city.Until now I miss Chicago.
Ani Wrublewski

Ani Wrublewski, Brazil

He estado alli varias veces tengo una hija viviendo muy cerca.
He viajado por el rio tiene unos edificios espectaculares lastima que el invierno dura mucho y hace mucho frio

ascension Silveti SWorazu, Spain

Chicago, wait for me...

Harsh Malik, India

chicago...i will com soon with DV viza...I Love CHicago & peoples

kourosh sm, Iran

One of the most beautiful cities i've seen. I've been in Chicago 1997. I love Sheed Aquarium, History Museum and Michigan Lake, I'll neer forget. Amazing ! Miss Chicago !

Luciana Jacob, Brazil


pauls kim, Korea

My kind of town. Awsome job.

Anna B, USA

very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

ibrahim mohamadi, Iran

jest przepiekny .Moglabym tak ogladac godzinami,byleby tylko nieznizac lotu.

danjol42843 barbaruna, Greece

exciting view from Chicago!...so pretty!...what about Washington D.C??? is it possible to watch it in the near future???... as always...in one word JUST WONDERFUL!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Marta Tobar, Chile

Wish to see Timber Pass Mundelein.

R N KAPIL, India

I have traveled to many of the wonderful cities listed, but there's no place like home---Chicago. Thanks!

Sondra Chesler, USA

Wow, great job !! I had the chance to stay many times to Chicago the last four years, and fell in love with the city. Forever in my heart !

Jerome Lienard, France

My wife and I visited Chicago 4 years ago. We loved the city, the people and the music. We will be back someday to hear those blues again at Legends Bar.

Paul Bosas, Australia



Chicago....Well, just as Frank Sinatra says in the song....! Chicago is my kind of Town...! Gtreat Place.. At lot to do...Good Restaurants..And above all Great People of Chicago....!

Joe Surowiecki, USA

Chicago is the best, most beautiful, fun city in the world. I have traveled to many big cities of this world and non can compete with my home town. I do not live there anymore but do visit often and get my fix on the great city of Chicago!

Joan Cook, Mexico


nivaldo duarte de oliveira, Brazil

Its nickname "Windy City" got its name from the politicians, not the wind. Although it can be quite windy especially on the Michigan Ave. bridge. Millenium Park and the river walk along the Chicago river are two of my favorite places.

Josette Carpenter, USA

I love this city!!always gonna be in my heart!i love u CHICAGO!!

chinbat chinbold, Mongolia

Wonderful Chicago panoramas. I needed to explore this city because of my work and this site with its magnificent air panoramas is the best I could find. It helps much better than just street view. Many thanks.

Igor Semenov, Russian Federation

Oh I'm not that rich to think about visiting wonderful Chicago! so all of you guys when looking at those beautiful flowers and nice places, don't forget me please!
Thank God for giving us the great opportunity to live in this beautiful and majestic world.
with best wishes for you all, Darush.

Darush Rad, Iran


pegah alavi, Iran

Nice job! Only two comments: Chicago gets its name for the very smelly wild green onions that used to grow all over. I was always told that its name means 'stinking onion.' Secondly, to the old sour pusses who can't stand their old feelings about the city: A lot has changed on the last 20 years, and it truly has become a beautiful, cosmopolitan city.

Rob Johan, USA

The beautiful flowers everywhere. The beautiful hotels especially the Drake where we stayed. The troly took us around the city. The spectacular view of the city and Lake from the top of the Signature restaurant.Walking around the pier was great and great food. Also eating at the Weber restaurant. Gret food. Will go back some day.

Christina Carson, USA

Was born and raised on the west side of Chgo., left the city when I joined the USN during WW 2 and never returned. I miss most of my old friends from the St. Mel's parish area. The people in general were quite special, gifted and loving. What else is there in life?

Jim Henry, USA

Wow......that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this amazing city for the first time. That feeling still remains in me every time I see her. What makes this city the best is the people, the food, the culture and the skyscrapers. It is the best city that I had lived in. The smell of the city and the wind gushing through its roads would still stay in my mind for ever.

Balaji Sudarsan, India

i love Chiggo. Began writing to my penpal sandie in 1957. Have visited her 3 times and I still find somewhere new to see. I love the music and the people. Have met some of the great musicians and artists, met up with them in England. Architecture is my passion. Chicago has it all. Ist time I saw the city, it was a dream come true. i will be back

susan dodds, United Kingdom



Even our famous cities in Europe cannot compare with the architecture of The Windy City. Having relatives in Downers Grove, IL, my family and I fell in love with Chicago and spent 4 vacations there.

Roland Kern, Austria

Truly amazing.

sanath akmeemana, Sri Lanka


Bill Cary, USA

Amo Chicago desde la primera vez que la visite y desde entonces he estado 10 veces a traves de 20 años, encontré lo que me encanta más en la vida, arte, buena comida, jazz, blues, arquitectura, gente amable, etc. no te la acabas nunca!!!!


Nice City . Weather is lousy (too hot, too cold, too wet, etc)

Ed Gould, USA

Superb photography, taken at the right time of day ( afternoon, with the sun coming from the West.)
I lived and worked in Chicago, ( at the Drake Hotel) ) in the 60s, for 6 years. As much as I liked it then, the winters were just too much to bear. I now live in the most fabulous city in the US ... the beautiful City of Saint Francis of Assisi. There's NO comparison.

Otto Lissfeld, USA

It didn't let me do any thing!

Lavender Brown, American Samoa


Jayakumar Venkat, India

Moved from Chicago 44 years ago and I don't miss it a bit. Stinkin dirty city, back stabbin, people. I went back 3 times why I don't know.

Dick Haase, USA

Was born in Evanston, Illinois 85 yrs. ago and moved to Georgia in 2000 because my husband was sick. He passed away 4 months after I moved. There is no city in the world like Chicago now nor ever will be. This city has every thing you could ever see or wish for. Riding along the lake front is like Heaven. The diversity is great.

Minnie Choice, USA

We visited this wonderful city in May, this has certainly rekindled memories of our stay and whetted our appetite for a return.

Mervyn Phipps, United Kingdom

Am 82 and other than the Navy for 4 have lived in the area. When I went overseas and admiitted being a Chicagon I was tagged a gangster by folks.
The wife and I travelled this country from coast to coast and were alwaya glad to get back home!

John Holly, USA

Wow, wow, & WOW!!!! Yes, this is Chicago & I just love it! My daughter did her Masters at the University of Chicago in 2004/2005. She was offered a job by the university & had been working there until recently she was offered a more challenging job in a corporate company. I travel to Chicago to visit her every year from the time she graduated. Whenever I step down from the plane, I just feel so excited to be back in this beautiful city, more excited because I am able to visit my daughter. Normally I would stay with her for about 3 weeks. When she goes to work, I would spend my time exploring the Windy City. Am always overwhelmed with the unique and iconic architectural tall buildings along the Magnificent Mile. Just love everything in Chicago - the sight, the food, the people & of course, the shopping! This year, my husband & I will be bringing along 2 friends to the Windy City in September for the first time. Yeah, Chicago, here we come!

Jackie Chan, Malaysia

I loved this city and everything in it.

Monika Kerschl, Canada

I had been to Chicago, Illinois 15 years back. I stayed with my sister and her family at skokie. What I still remember is: Lake Michigan,fantastic O'Hare International Airport and friendly people with their great culture. It is a fantastic city!
Avinash Joshi
Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Avinash Joshi, India

Great city and nice people. Was in Chicago in 2000 (have relatives there), when driving the old Route66, starting in Chicago and finished it in LA (Santa Monica).

Ed Van Ham, Netherlands

Though adverse effect to windy-city is predominant, there are thousands of Gujarati who makes their dream of life come true !

vikesh vimawala, India

hai guys u did such a great job...
i am school principal and also very fond of photography....
i saw all your panoramic photos it is wonderful work u did for us.
we may see all the best images of d world at home.
thanks 2 u guys...

plz keep continue..

katarmal bharat, India

Me facino vivir en esta gran ciudad. El destino me llevo a texas y extraño sobre manera esta divina ciudad.
Argelia de Saltillo Coahuila

Argelia Vera, Mexico

I went to Chicago for my honeymoon we like the city and the people so much that decided to stay, move to Houston after 35 wonderful years in the Windy City, I miss Chicago

Argelia Vera, Mexico


I used to live in the Gold Coast area near the Oak St. Beach. Jazz was my thing then and even tho I went to school and worked at Carson,Pirie,&Scott I was in and out of most of the jazz joints. Brings back wonderful memories. Thanks a bunch. The tallest building then was the Merchandise Mart. Now the skyline is replete with skyscrapers. Time for me to go back. Catherine


I really enjoyed your views of Chicago. It is truly a wonderful city. I live now in St Louis, a close neighbor to the "Windy City"

Ron Fennell, USA

I was born near Chicago. Maybe 1 1/2 hours away.

Angel Beats, USA

Chicago was the first city I visited in the USA and it is beautiful. The architecture is just amazing and the peopl friendly and helpful. I will be back again.

Jo le Cheminant, Australia


Johnny Miu, Canada

I'm a born and raised Chicagoan and though I moved to the South (Charlotte, NC) I always long for my home of 51 years and never fail to go back to visit family and friends a couple times a year!

Steven Caliendo, USA

I love Chicago, absoluteley fantastic city, any time I visit it (my son lives there) it is like coming back and now having this virtual tour I just felt I want to be there right NOW!! but I have to wait till August patiently :((

Ela Gabriel, United Kingdom

I have been all over the world but no city can match Chicago for natural beauty and numerous cultural offerings. The friendly people are one of Chicago's greatest assets.

Mary Kay Fleming, USA

Having been born and raised in Chicago, left when I turned 62.... now 75 and am really ready to move back. I miss the beautiful city and more importantly, I miss the people!

Phyllis Fontana-Boex, USA

I visited Chicago twice and stayed with my doctor daughter and her husband, and I overjoyed while living there,particularly the Millenium Park,and the high rise towers.

Anshu SINHA, India

Having lived in Chicago practically all 56 years of my life, I would never live anywhere else. I totally love this city. Awesome people, great food of different ethnicities, museums, theaters, hanging out at the lakefront, awesome clubs trust me, there's always something to do so you can never get bored in this great city. Plus Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Bears, and Hawks oh yea baby!! Ya gotta love it....

Maria Corbine, USA

Nice ad of Chicago, Maria. You are a real patriot of your city.

Varvara, AirPano

I have lived in Chicago all my life (81 years) and would not want to live anywhere else though I have seen a several other cities. Chicago has such wonderful things. The first skyskrapers in the world. Great architects over the years. Fine museums. Great food. I appeciated your observations and views. Thanks!

Ed Mann, USA

We are thankful for sharing your life experience.

Varvara, AirPano

Chicago presentation is fantastic and tempts me to make a visit. But getting visa for USA is more cumbersome, laborious and painstaking. Hence people like me to get satisfied such virtual tours by visiting your nice presentations

parthasarathy kothandarfaman, India

Thanks! Your words are not deprived with the sense. Sometimes it is really the easiest way to travel.

Varvara, AirPano

Magnificent photografic technique and skillness into handling such!
A honor to the great city Chicago to be showed off in this impressive way!
Makes Me wish to visit Chicago ;-)
Great work!

Ole Soerensen, Denmark


DON GREGORY, Lithuania


定华 汤, China

We wish we could understand what you wrote here...

Varvara, AirPano

I am from Chicago, having been a U.S. Marine, I have traveled widely and I haven't found a city with the heart of Chicago. People here welcome you warmly, most of us are down to earth and we enjoy the art of living. Please visit my home, wishing all of you peace and great travels.

Antonio Ramos, USA

Lived there about 9 years. Been back several times. Lot of good memories. Been to top of Sears Tower, museums, zoos, etc. Went on the Sailboat couple years ago from Navy Pier. Rode down Lake Shore Drive before we were married and many times after.

Bettye Abrahamson, USA

Also known as Windy City. Remembered seeing almos the same 360 deg. view when I was up at one tower around 5-6pm. It was turning from day to night. Imagine when the natural light takes over by the buildings, streets and home lights as they were turning on. Wonderful and good memories.

Edmund Chan, Singapore

Ihavelivedin chicago for forty years. Our children were born there. Nodescription no camera nothing canreally capture the beauty the grandeur or theheart of this great city of chicago..asiir says inthe famous song. ileft my heart in sanfrancisco. Ialso left my heart and soul too in chicago.
Thankyou formaking me home sick.

Bangalore n. Jayaram, India

We are glad to have your opinion. It will give us pleasure to hear from you soon again.

Varvara, AirPano

i like

kasi sharma, India

I was to go my son in IOWA, so my port of entry was Chicago. I thought of spending couple of days in Chcago and it was then I got the oppertunity to go about the city. It was really beautiful and I can not forget the city. The roads, buildings and the people stayed with me in my memory permanently.

Yadagiri Reddy, India

We are glad you liked this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

cosmopolitan city. I am giving this message right from Chicago.

manikyalarao uddanti, India

Excellent places and nice people.I love Chicago.

Woody phondecha, Thailand

A really state-of-the-art presentation.It was easy to recognise the Hancock - & Sears Tower.Our appartment in front of the Drake htl, was exposed in every detail.The Mc Cormick expocenter was also easy to recognise...


Chicago is so Beautiful and Wonderful. I have been trying to save up my money to move there someday. I lived their for work for 2 yrs a couple yrs back and i cannot get it out of my mind. What beautiful and fun things and great people.

David Harvard, USA

We are happy for you and many thanks for your comment!

Varvara, AirPano

Beautifuly concieved.You can try and expand
presentation with the use of pointers to highlight
the prominent landmarks and tag them. Well done.

jerry petigara, India

Thanks! we appreciate your comment.

Varvara, AirPano

Tambien esta el Salto Angel. Te gustará. Besos

Carlitos Boy, USA

chicago is wonderfool.

osvaldo Bergo

excelent iwould like to si niagarafals and madrid

sima vassef

Talented. Fantastic. Fresh and marvelous!

Vlad Genin

Thank you, Vlad!


Fantastic i was here.



Luis Morgado

Excellent...I have seen two superb panoramas: 1)Iguazu Falls and 2)Chicago, IL

Monica S. Oclander