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World / South America / Brazil / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2008

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2008

It's very convenient to fly over Rio by helicopter.

Unlike most of other big cities of the world, where there are many restrictions and often special flight permissions are needed, in Rio de Janeiro you can fly almost everywhere and at any flight-level, surely, satisfying safety requirements and common sense. The crucial thing is don't make obstacles for the Boeings flying up from the neighboring airport. Also, it's sometimes forbidden to come closely and make photos of naval ships standing at the port.

The pilot was very cheerful; he put the music in my head-set, told me anecdotes, spun and revolved and, in general, executed all my photo-wishes.

However, several times during the hour, when I asked the helicopter to hover in the air and shot the panoramas, the pilot worried and said hard that it wasn't possible to stay long there and we had to fly away very soon.

After we had landed I asked the pilot why he hadn't allowed me to make photos in some places and had flown away, although in other places the helicopter could hover in the air for 5 or 10 minutes.

The pilot answered that he doesn't like the helicopter to hover in the air over favellas (favellas are poor districts of the city) because it's more easier to hit unmoved target with an automatic weapon than the moving one, and he wouldn't like to come back to the base with the hole in the cabin, especially, after one police helicopter has recently been hit in the air.

That is the life in Rio de Janeiro...

And you can see the panoramas which I shot there.

February 2008

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TYVM for showing me this beautiful place! I would love to go there some day!

Erynn Chen, USA

Thank you so much for this Gift!!

Shaantikumar Deshpande, India

Eso fue beautiful.I sentía como si estuviera realmente allí . La música también se adapta y se la dio un efecto wow para ir con ella . ¡Increíble!

Charlie Johns, Australia

It is really amazing. Wonderful job. Millions of thanks.

Liuba Elitas, Moldova


ali bagherpour, Iran


arman ramezani, Iran


taha esmaili, Iran

wonderfull job incredible work congratulation
number one team 360 of the planet ouaaa
cheers from julio

sbardella julio, Belgium


Nysia LEE, Switzerland

Foarte plăcută posibilitatea să revăd locurile pe care le-am vizitat !

Octavian Seracin, Romania

very nice

deepak sutar, India


Joaquim cerejo carreira, Portugal

Rio unha cidade preciosa...adoro a gemte brasileira e ista web faz homenagem para tudos eles antonnogueira@hotmail.com obrigado dende Espanha.

Tón Nogueira, Spain

Just Amazing, Fabulous, can't be rated, Exceptional


do outro lado da baia,de frente pro Pão-de-açucar é onde moro,e é maravilhoso compartilhar minha casa com o mundo!!!!!!!

ana lucia santos, Brazil

It's really amazing.


lindo de se ve

claucio sousa sousa, India

Breathtaken scenery, fantastic photography, spectacular project. Congratulations to all the Airpano team

Jeff Morrissey, Ireland

The Sao Paulo and the Rio de Janeiro is the best citys in Brazil

Loukas Ascan, Philippines

You guys make the most awesome panoramas in the world

Loukas Ascan, Philippines


Ahem ., Australia

i love it, i wish icould do panoramic shoots too.

nellie padilllo, Philippines

verry good|||

stefan tomanov, Canada

Spectacular job, you guys!
I visited Rio exactly 3 weeks ago and I must admit it is everything people have heard and more. It is mesmerizing, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Diana Toma, Romania

Very beautiful pictures
People from all over the world can get to places that may never be able to go sightseeing.
The management of this web site very grateful
Always good luck.
javad namdar

j namdar, Iran

Não conhecia esse magnifico trabalho de vocês,recebi um email de uma amiga apresentando esse espetáculo maravilhoso,principalmente da minha cidade RIO DE JANEIRO.obrigado por me propocionar ver essas lindas imagens.Que DEUS continue Abençoando vocês.

vitor cesar castanho, Brazil


Graça Maciel, Brazil

congratulation you did a very good job

majid zaremoghadam, Iran

Its interesting and exciting.thanks.Iwish that travel to brazil and visit many place.

haniyeh keshavarz, Iran

I love Rio!! When I was there with a US Navy ship in 1958, I met a very nice friend, Lygia Mira, and would like to hear from her.

charlie weber, bigsting@prodigy.net, USA

Thank you, you bring me back to my memories and I love it very well.....

saartje -ank, Netherlands

Beautiful. Appreciate your efforts in making the video. Best of luck.

Narayana Swamy, India

its really interesting and creative site ilke this.

siddharth vaishnav, India

Beautiful, fill terrific looking into such a
great city, miss all my friends in Rio.
Thank you!

Viktoria McDonald, USA

guys, you`re so great!I'm browsing your site for 3 hours and can't stop!Amazing places that i dream visit and with you, guys, this is possible!The journey in every place seems so real that it gives me goose bumps! Thanks! p.s.:forgive my poor english.

kele craveiro, Brazil



Excellent.. Makes you fee that you R there.Thanks

Ashish mahobia, India

Great location for such panoramic views of maybe the most beautiful city in the world ! You choose very good observation points for this city as we saw it a few weeks ago ! We were at the most famous statue & all the time choppers were hoovering above! I would advice to everyone to take this flight at any price ! Thanks for allowing to such wonderful photography ! Spacibo bolshoe :)

Itzhak Solomon, Lithuania



This is amazing. I love the work your doing. All I can say its some very fine Art, well done.

Keep up the great work.
Randolph Weedman St. Augustine, Florida

Randolph Weedman, USA

Amazing, great!!! Beautiful.... good job, wonderful photo and project.

Dimas Silva, Brazil

congradulate you for your nice idia .we have a proverb which says "visiting the world is better than eating it"

kamyar keshavarz, Iran


Helena Urania Stamboulides, Greece

simplesmente fantástico; parabéns e continuem fazendo essas fotos fascinantes.


AirPano has done a beautiful job photographing Rio. Having lived there in the Fall of '82 and Winter of '83, I found your photos devistatingly beautiful. I was working for Reynolds Metals Co. at the Valesul aluminum plant outside Rio. Rio and Hong Kong are probably the two most geographly beautiful cities in the world. The people of Rio made our stay there most enjoyable.


Dear Virtual Tour Team,
I am also brazilian born in Rio. Live in Brasilia for most of my life (a place AirPano should think about touring). But, in fact, I don't want to write about Rio, Brasilia or even Brazil, I want to talk about AirPano. The great job you guys do is priceless and should be recognized worldwide by autorities as you are ofering the best images, without frontier, attracting and enhancing touristic desire in all of us. I visit your site everyday and I also have the same desire. Not forgeting the great high quality music track in each virtual tour you guys create. My best whishes and salute from Brazil to Russia.

Claudia Santos, Brazil

Dear Claudia, we are grateful for your kind message. We appreciate that you estimate our work so high.  

Varvara, AirPano

j'y suis aller en 1962,j'avais 9ans.j'ai vécu 2ans au Brésil'beaucoup de souvenirs .vos images sont magnifiques

martine ballefin, France

Congratulations. I'm just another proud carioca (born in Rio) and I'm happy to say that the kind of problem you reported about some parts of the town known as favelas are finally being tackled by an extensive government program. Several of them are free of the criminals and, overall, Rio is becoming a much safer place. All photography fans, as myself, are very welcome.

Octavio Lima, Brazil

We are glad you visited us. It gives us pleasure to get such messages like yours. Have a nice day!

Varvara, AirPano

That's a great place, its one of the most beautiful cities of the world, congrats for taking this pictures of our country (I live in Brazil too) You should take pictures of São Paulo too, its a great city, just like New York, but kinda better :)

Diego Cesare, Brazil

We are happy you liked this pano.

Varvara, AirPano

سلام من اکثر عکسهای موجود در وبسایت زیبا شما را دیدم،بسیاری از مکانهایی که شما زحمت عکسبرداری را کشیدید آرزوی دیدن آنها را داشتم، خیلی خوشحال هستم از اینکه میتونم از طریق سایت شما و عکسهای فوق العاده شما به این مکان های زیبا سفر کنم و از نزدیک مشاهده کنم. سپاس از شما و تشکر بابت همه زحمت هایی که متحمل شدید. ارادتمند شما مرتضی فلاح

Morteza Fallah, Iran

Rio, my place is a Marvellous City and your site is very very nice!!!

Frederico Cingolani, Brazil

Thanks a lot for your warm words! Come to visit us again.

Varvara, AirPano

Bravoooo:)thank u for this !!!
great idea,great photos...I must post link on my blog and share with my followers

Tina Maxima, Serbia and Montenegro

Just wonderful!
A deep feeling of pleasure invaded me soul! Beauty is expressed through the countryside and music!

Paulo Neves, Brazil

Dear Paulo, we are pleased with your opinion! Best regards from Russia!

Varvara, AirPano




Luiz Carlos Silva, Brazil

..guy this is just amazing, I was always dreaming about going there ... and after I saw those pictures, with that music and those possibilities what to see ... just have to go :)
congratulation you did a very good job :)Eva

Eva Cetlova, Slovakia

Amazing view

C Cesar Medina, Ireland

Olha que beleza eta paizagem...

marlucia cristina jo_figueiro@hotmail.com, Brazil

Very Very nice places. Congratulation to who made it. It is show a small beuatifull places there are here in Brazil. Exist many others

Jorge Lopes

This is best panoramas site I've ever find on the web. Even better than brazilian national sites.
Simply magnificent!

Paulo Weiss

Wonder of nature, we will take care of.

Rogério Couto


Luiz Assis Gonçalves

Hi again! Interesting to know about Russians and Rio... didn't know about it. My father-in-law and mother-in-law went to Russia last year and didn't tell me that :). Do you know Lencois Maranhenses? Maybe would give you good aerial photos, take a look at google. I am only a little sad after viewing your pictures in Foz do Iguaçu... I made some panos there last July, but after seeing yours my motivation to mount them has decreased :)

I am now reading about the NY picture. Learning and having ideas :) You guys have a really very good site. Thank you!

Success for you too!

Carlos Carvalho

Hi, great pictures!!! I am from Rio de Janeiro. Probably many people here don't know about them. You guys have a great objective, congratulations! I do some 360 myself (http://cartola.org/360). Hope I can achieve your quality some day. I am an amateur photographer and I was thinking about a more modest objective, like making 360 from the biggest buildings of the city. From now I am just playing around and registering memories in 360.

I am surely going to share your site with friends.

Congratulations and best regards!

Carlos Carvalho

Dear Carlos, You live in one of the most amazing cities in the world indeed.
Probably, it could be strange for you to know that almost every Russian knows about Rio many things (why so? It is another story :). Unfortunately, it is more difficult to visit Rio than to know about it. And I believe that our panoramas as well as yours will help people to see virtual Rio at least.
You’ve got a good site with the beautiful panoramas and I wish you will succeed in this modern stream of photography art.
It’s much easier to study panorama’s shooting now than 5 years ago. There are a lot of special articles and reviews in the Internet, many studying videos in YouTube. Moreover, the special equipment and software have been invented.
So, good luck to you and success!

Oleg Gaponyuk, AirPano’s founder.