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World / 1st of April. Best unpublished panoramas

1st of April. Best unpublished panoramas

There are more than 3,000 panoramas represented on our website. For the years of our work, we have gathered a huge amount of material, some part of which has never been shown to our visitors for some reasons.

Today, April 1, AirPano reveals a selection of the most curious and unusual panoramas captured at the different time and at different locations of the world. For instance, during our expedition to the Maldives we could witness the influence of the global warming with our own eyes: with these changes, now the polar lights can be seen even in this corner of the Earth. For the same reason, not only white polar bears inhabit the Antarctic territories, but brown bears as well.

In 2016, a terrible earthquake occurred in the central part of Italy and the aftermath flowed through the country, from Rome to Pisa. One of the most serious impacts was a greater inclination of the famous leaning tower of Pisa. While the scientists investigate the possible consequences, AirPano is ready to show it in details.

In 2017, the Moscow Kremlin celebrates the unique date: 700 years since the first mention of the word "kremlin" in the chronicles (1317). In honour of this historic event, there will be a surprise for the citizens and visitors of the city: the restoration works will take place in order to retrieve its initial historical appearance. AirPano photographers had a look behind the scene of this ambitious project.

Nepal Airlines helped us to organise an absolutely unique underwater shooting. To have a closer look at sharks near the reefs of Jardines de la Reina in Cuba, an exclusive Aquapano Airlines cruise was launched. Another animal species that appear in our tour is the flamingo, but of rather unusual colours. Evidently, the pink colour of their coat is the result of a diet consisting of small red krills which contain carotenoid. In rare cases, when there are not enough red krills in some areas, flamingos can eat other crustaceans, resulting in a rather unusual effect.

The appearance of a pterodactyls near Angel Falls in Venezuela and a UFO near the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia turned out to be not the less unexpected and thrilling phenomena. The reaction of AirPano team was immediate allowing to capture all these events.



And finally, in order to show you how seriously our photographers prepare for the creation of every panorama, we invite you to have a look at how they conducted experiments on the mysterious Easter island in the Pacific ocean.

1 April 2017

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