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World / North America / United States of America / Sunset and Dusk Time View of Manhattan, New York, USA

Sunset and Dusk Time View of Manhattan, New York, USA


In 2006 I shot our very first spherical aerial panorama, from which the AirPano project started, in the beautiful place of the Colorado and the San Juan rivers confluence (USA):

The result was overwhelming – by looking at the large screen one had a total illusion of flying over the canyon. And so we decided to continue our experiments.

The next attempt was made in 2007 above the island of Manhattan. I remember this photo shoot by one funny detail: there were no headphones for passengers in the helicopter's cabin. I had to shout from the back seat (while trying to overcome the engine roar that was coming from the open door) to let the pilot know where to go. He didn't hear me anyway, so in order to change the shooting position I had to tap on his shoulder and then – after he looked at me – I had to point the direction with my finger where the thumb down meant moving lower. And guess how I showed him to go higher :) It was fun.

Manhattan after storm

After that incident, when hiring a helicopter I always ask: Do you have passenger headphones in the cabin?
And pilots are always surprised: But of course! Is it possible not to have them?
Yes, it is possible, — I answer — In New York :)

Despite of all the difficulties, this photo shoot was accomplished, delivering world's first virtual photo tour above Manhattan.

There were many more flights after this one, and many like-minded people joined AirPano project in the process. As of today we shot around 100 spherical panoramas of the most interesting and beautiful places in all the continents of our planet. Except for Antarctica. We also made virtual photo tours over the world's most beautiful cities.

In 2011 we returned to New York to once again photograph Manhattan: this time making it much better technically and artistically. Enjoy the sunset nd dusk time aerial panoramas of Manhattan now. Recently has been published the virtual tour of Manhattan at daytime.


New York is the most famous city of the USA, and Manhattan is the most famous part of New York. It all started 400 years ago when the most famous and profitable in human history real estate deal was made: the Native Americans sold this 'not so useful' piece of land to Europeans for 24 dollars.

Since that time the island has changed dramatically. For 24 dollars one can probably buy a ticket to the Empire State Building. 

Present day Manhattan is the most populated island on Earth. The land itself costs about 40 billion US dollars, and the cost of the entire Manhattan, including its real estate, reaches over 3 trillion US dollars.

Brookline bridge and Manhattan bridge

This remarkable part of New York City is best to be discovered on foot – not only because of the infamous New York traffic or cost of parking in New York. There is a joke in New York that only wasteful people can afford driving in New York, because the time one spends on finding a parking spot sometimes equals the time it takes to drive from one side of Manhattan to another.

New York is known to be a financial capital of the world, and the island of Manhattan is where all the banks, offices, largest insurance companies and corporations are located – literally one on top of another. Basically the rest of New York, and eventually, the rest of the United States, work for Manhattan, making sure that this gigantic «city inside of the city» continues its mission – processing the wealth of the whole world.

Besides a large number of museums, almost every building in Manhattan has a historical value. Old buildings harmoniously coexist with the best examples of the modern architecture. Most famous New York attractions are located in Manhattan, including Empire State Building mentioned above, Central Park and Times Square. There is also colorful China Town and bright Broadway – they are all located on this island. It is a shame not to bring a photo of Manhattan from your trip to New York!

We also made our modest Manhattan photo album. These panoramas were photographed in the summer of 2011.

Text by Oleg Gaponyuk, photo by Dmitry Moiseenko

24 May 2012

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hikaru kam, Brazil

very beautiful pictures.

Ratan Bairwa, India


Anil Savare, India

Great pictures

shamir saha, Bangladesh

the photography is perfect! but the best thing is the beauty of that God Blessed place and people who keep it clean.. we can only enjoy and see the beauty if we and our hearts are clean..and u.s people shows it all.. love west!

carl sandman, Poland


hossein rokh, Iran

these are awsome and i have never been there and i fell like i am there

andrew erchinger, American Samoa

Brings to life memories of my short visit I had and I hope to go there again one day. The Drakensberg range in my country was also beautifully done. Thank you

Alma Torlage, South Africa

The most wonderful thing I have seen! I could watch for hours listening to Glenn Miller!

tracie fulce, USA

This site is really super and thanks alot to make this site.... superb

Suri babu, India

I viisited on our honeymoon in April 1947 and enjoyed viewing Manhattan once again...yhan you so much,,,,they were happy memories

Doris Mason, USA

Imagenes deslumbrantes...

gracias ...

Graciela Huca

Graciela Huca, Argentina

i love new york

bogdan strzezek, Poland

thats very good . i like this sit.

ana davary, China

I spent a wonderfull 4 weeks in New York.
Thank you for the opportunity to relive my experience

anne payne, Australia

ce spectacle , je le verrai en septembre 2013 , et mon coeur bat très fort en voyant ces magnifiques photos .merci

marie-claude alligier, France

Fabulous! I was in New York for 3 wks in August 2001. Best place in the world to live, it's expensive, but worth it.

Mar Ina, Canada

thank you so much please upload iraqi images


Very very nice thank you
Please also put pictures of Iran

sajad asadi, Iran

excellent job. thank you for your efforts

Mohammed Lardhy, Yemen






liu sharon, Taiwan Region

very very nice....i love new york....very beautiful.thanks

anese ahmadi, Iran

Your way is the only way the world can see what a magnificient city is! Thank you for sharing such grandeur!!!

Anne Mackenzie, USA

really beautiful

Reza Shokrollahi, Iran

thanks very much my frind

mohamad shahbazi, Iran

WOOOoow,i cant bleave it.so wonderful.so beautiful.
so nice i cant speak bleave it.just in one word your work is exelent.thank you very very very much.

maziar mohamadi, Iran

I deeply appreciate to all of Russian guy that made this site.thank you very very much

mehdi bayat4488, Iran

verygood thank you

homan kh, Iran


ahmad *, Iran

It's so interesting, thank you very much.

Meraj Shabanpour, Iran

nice.it was really good.thanks.

milad yousefi, Iran


Murthy PLN murthy, India

i like to visit new york

karwan raouf, Iraq

Great work

Andrea ibiza360, Spain


Ivy G, USA



Nice place

Rais Ahmed, India

I visited Manhattan 4 times but never been able to enjoy the views the way I can see here!I enjoyed the story of what happened in the helicopter! Great work,very informative too. More reasons to thank our Creator!

Jose Joseph, India

Awemsone pictures!!
And great view!!

Georgescu Cristian Sergiu, Romania


Sheila Patel, USA


Edilberto Londono, Colombia


Daniel Růžička, Czech Republic

Awesome !!!!

rajesh koul, India


Kawal Gaggi, India



Mind blowing

Kuldeep Sood, India

There are not enough adjectives to describe your work! WOW!!!!!

Neil Chatterton, USA

Tuyet voi , Cam on da chia se .

Phuong Do, USA

I watched the panoramas of New York, I love seeing my home town from aerial view. So many memories of happy times in the Park and streets of this beautiful city.

Patricia Sachs, USA

just wonderful...I have a fondness for NYC you brought back why!! Can't wait to see them all!! Thanks to yoi and my darling Richard that MADE me slow down and enjoy the views!!

stevie doughty, USA

waouhhhh!!!! very wanderfullll . Super enorme grandiose bravo

diop ramata, France


shivang gupta, India

its really ausmmmm views.....

sudeep telang, India

Magnificent as always! Excellent choice of music, as Jorge pointed out.

Meryl Wieder, USA

Many thanks!

Varvara, AirPano

2012 is the world olympics plus the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth of UK. It would be most exciting if London where all the events will be staged and one of the most beautiful cities in the world would be viewed just like the Big Apple.

Nilmoni Sikdar, United Kingdom

Espectacular trabajo!!!! Se aprecia la estetica la musica todo!!! son excelentes.en lo que hacen yo lo comparto siempre con mis amigos de facebook

JORGE jorgeaquin66@speedy.com.ar, Argentina

Gracias por visitarnos y su comentario. Saludos a los amigos de facebook!

Varvara, AirPano


Alba ArevalO, USA

Thank you.

Suzi Borges, Brazil

Excellent work. congratulations, really appreciate a job well done. Thanks for sharing
Adolfo from Argentina

Adolf Aspri, Argentina

Thanks a lot for your interest and attention.

Varvara, AirPano

Congratulations, those are awesome. Excellent work
and a lot of determination.

Dulce Rosado, USA

Thank you!

Walter Vogel, Germany