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Halong Bay, Vietnam


Halong Bay (or Ha Long Bay) in Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on the planet. In 1994 it was added to the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites. In 2011 the magnificent landmark of Vietnam was declared one of the "New Seven Natural Wonders of The World" beating serious "competitors" like Vesuvius Volcano in Italy, Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and even Baikal, the deepest lake in the world.

Local people have a very colorful story about creation of the bay. It is told that once upon a time, when ancestors fought with the Chinese, Gods sent dragons to help Vietnamese warriors. Trying to make a barrier, these fearsome creatures spitted precious stones that turned into islands. These islands created a wall that protected Vietnamese people from their aggressors. Dragons liked the rocky islands and decided to leave them behind after the war. Vietnamese named the place, where Mother Dragon landed, Ha-Long, which means "a place where the dragon descended into the sea".

Halong Bay

Halong Bay area is not just the bay, but also 120 kilometers of a shoreline, as well as over 3 thousand islands bathing in the emerald water. Over a thousand islands have their own names.

Almost all islands of Halong Bay are rocky, and there is a countless number of caves and grottos of all sizes and shapes, filled with small waterfalls, stalactites and stalagmites. Some of the caves became a tourist attraction. Lit up with colorful lights, they look like fairy tale underground castles.

This peculiar shape of the mountains is caused by rainwater working its way through the limestone. Year after year heavy tropical rains washed out limestone, carving magical shapes and creating caves and grottos. Geologists call this phenomenon a tower karst. There are other tower karst formations around the world, such as in Madagascar and in China near Guilin city. However, unlike any other place, land formations of Halong Bay are standing in the water, and ocean waves continue carving the shoreline, deepening caves, and changing face of cliffs and grottos.

Inside the cave

Hang Dau Go cave is one of the most famous sites of Halong Bay. Exactly 90 steps make a stairway to the cave entrance, where one can find numerous rocks of most peculiar shapes. A narrow wall divides the cave, creating 2 chambers. At the end of the cave, there is a well with a drinking water surrounded by ancient walls. Khai Din, the penult emperor of Vietnam, visited this place in 1917 and left his autograph on one of the walls.

Another cave called Kuang Han sets a new record in depth — it is 1300 meters deep. No wonder that it is called "the tunnel cave"...

One of the grottos is famous for its acoustic phenomenon: when the wind is blowing through numerous stalactites and stalagmites, one can hear distant drums from the inside of the cave. What if it's the echo of the ancient war between Chinese, Vietnamese and the dragons?

Stanislav Sedov will tell you a few words about the photo shoot.



It is impossible to photograph Halong Bay from the shore. This is why my colleague Dima hired a boat tour in advance. One of my childhood dreams was to sail away in a junk, so here we were — making my dream come true.

There are several travel agencies who offer boat tours in the bay. Halong Bay and the islands are "privatized" by these companies. Depending on the length of your trip (one or more nights) and a boat company of your choice, you end up going to different parts of the bay.

Halong Bay

The boats vary in size and occupancy. The smallest one (they are really not that small) can take only 2 passengers and a crew. A larger boat can take 20 to 140 people. What a "cruise ship"! We didn't want a crowd, so Dima was looking for a small boat for two. Those type of vessels are usually reserved for newly weds, so it was very hard to find accommodation with separate beds. Well, Dima found it :)

After a short preparation, we finally sailed out of Hon Gai port and set our course to the Halong Bay. I was slightly disappointed by the fact that famous scarlet sails of all junks were a fake. However, every time we needed the bright spot in our photo, our captain asked nearby boats to open the sails and they did.

A two-day boat trip includes caves, sea kayaking, visit to the floating village and romantic dinner for two on the uninhabited island. Highly recommended! You won't be disappointed.

However, the main attraction of this trip was a sight of thousands rocks of all shapes and sizes, emerging from crystal clear ocean water hundreds of meters high.

Sunrise over Halong Bay

We invite you to fly with us over this natural wonder!



It goes without saying that Halong Bay is main and most beautiful landmark of Vietnam. To tell you the truth, there is a story or a legend about every corner of Halong Bay. This is why it's time to stop reading and turn our eyes to the legendary Dragon legacy, famous natural wonder of Vietnam from a bird's eye view.

Photography by Stanislav Sedov and Dmitry Moiseenko

26 June 2012

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vanshraaj jain, India

Brilliant Halong Bay Cruises - we enjoyed these photos so much, you did a great job ever and we also visited Halong Bay few days ago and it was brilliant.

Katie Fox, USA

This is AWESOME! Halong Bay is at the top of my list now.

Grant Duan, China

Thanks, i love it

Bikts Tinh, Vietnam

Sem dúvidas este é um dos lugares mais lindos deste planeta !

Walter Ortlepp, Brazil

We booked our cruise through "Brilliant Halong Cruises". We stayed overnight in Halong Bay for 3 days. it was incredible. Relaxing on the sundeck, kayaking through the grottoes and floating villages. This is a must-see place so far

Alax Chew, Singapore

Thank a lot, great job for great place... I am proud of Vietnamese, live in this country, a beautiful country

Tinh Lee, Vietnam

waw i am going to halong this febuary and from what i can see i am not going to be dissapointed

grace buttigirg, Malta

i love such places!

praveena chelladurai, India

Beautiful job:-) what is the title of the amazing asian music playing in the background?? Thank You for sharing this !

A K, Poland

HaLong đẹp nhất là vào giữa mùa thu hoặc vào đêm trăng sáng cuối mùa Hè. Hình ảnh trong trang này bị mờ vì sương , hay do tác giả muốn cảnh hiện ra như trong mơ chăng ?

Binh Minh, Vietnam

maravilhosooooooo!Deus foi generoso com esse lugar!!!

ana lucia santos, Brazil

Brilliant Halong Cruises, Brilliant Halong Photos, Brilliant Halong landscapes, i am wondering how you were so brilliant with incedible photos ? did you use fly-cam?

Anna Hatton, United Kingdom

HaLong Bay is so beautiful and majestic. According to legend, thousands of years ago when Heaven and Earth are One, fairies and celestrial animals such as dragons ascended from heaven and lived at HaLong Bay.

My McDonald, USA

One of the most beautiful places I've travelled!
It really takes your breath away...Been there this February. Thanx to you I'm there again!!!

Sotiris Alexiou, Greece

hi . tnx a lot for usefull site ... i have a suggest
pls put on ur site download link (direct) for download amazing music in site ... this musics is memorial ... cuz for first time is that i see this pics ... and listen this musics with images ... this is memorial ... and wanna have this musics with best quality .. pls give me to my emails :) and sorry for my bad english


Simple beautiful. Many Thanks.

Fred Feuerstein, Germany

Beautiful need I say more.

liz seager, Australia

Amazing stuff of dreams!! Please inform how to download . Million thanks !

Susan D, India

Dit wordt mijn volgende reis: zeer mooi en rustgevend!

jeannine schraeyen, Belgium

I've had the good fortune to visit Halong Bay and while seeing its beauty from the water, the perspective you have provided has added to my joy of seeing this wonderful heritage area. Thank you to the team for all their hard work.

Coral Callaway, Australia

Thanks Airpano for beautiful images and wonderful music.

Vitor almeida, Portugal

Thank you so much for have shared all these beauty around the world!
Really an extraordinary work. Made me feel more connected with all humanity.

Isaura Mashiko, Japan

Este lugar é simplemente fabuloso... obrigada por nos darem a conhecer estes lugares maravilhosos... muitas pessoas não tem possibilidade de viajar, com o vosso site é como se estivessem a viajar constantemente:) Parabéns pelo vosso magnifico trabalho... continuem a fazer-nos sonhar...

Paula Cardoso, Portugal


saizayyar tun, Myanmar

great work.only very few can do this.thank you for showing the beauty of this world's beautiful places.thanks again,marykutty

marykutty thomas, USA

grazie per queste stupende immagini, ho volato per tutto il tempo anche io.

nicoletta rezzonico, Italy

What a wonderful and mystic place. I Love Mother Nature.

Ivo Marques, Portugal

Es un lugar increiblemente maravilloso!!!!

Jesica Cabañas, Mexico

I love it.

zhang jiayi, China

Absolutely Amazing! I'm fixated on this! Spend hours watching this. Thank you so much for your contribution and your technology to share with the world! Thousand Thanks!

Soon Ja Tice, New Zealand

Exquisite photography of a beautiful part of our world

Gayle Levy, South Africa

Absolutely lovely! I was a chaplain in Vienam in 1968-69 in I Corps [Quang Tri, Phu Bai, Hue, etc].
I returned in the late 1990s with my wife who is improving the quality of nursing care and education in Vietnam. We visited Ha Long Bay and were just breathless...the spiritual quality of such natural beauty cannot be matched.
Thank you for your exquisite photography!
We recommend everyone to make Ha Long Bay the first priority on your trip to Vietnam...then go to Hue and Nha Trang.


This does not look like the VietNam that I visited in 1968 and 1969. What part of VietNam is this? Considering that when I was there I was in 1V corps. Better known as the Mekong Delta. I have often thought of returning but for some reason have not.So much for time healing all wounds.

mike thompson, USA

Great work..Thanks for sharing..

Dev Hanu, India

Very nice

jarka noskova, Czech Republic

What an excellent job of capturing the amazing images of the world we live!

Thanks for sharing.

Tom Soon, USA

I had been in Halong Bay. It's simply amazing. Thanks to AirPano for this beautiful presentation

Faisal, Bangladesh

Amir Faisal, Bangladesh

un souvenir pour toi ,ma grosse tante chinoise

petit robert grosse tante, Belgium

excillent very good job so keepet up

jeet kumar, India

Terrific images by Stanislav Sedov and Dmitriy Moiseenko!It seems few music comes from mainland..balala~

david tsui, China

Breathtaking views, great photo work as well. This is the next place to visit in my list

Anachal Rajkumar, Bahrain

Very beautiful

vedashree G

The images were interesting and attractive .Please keep Iran from producing these images interesting and beautiful place we have here

saeed m, Iran

We just ret'd. from Viet Nam and did the junk trip on HALONG BAY. Due to severe fog, we were limited to time on the bay. I did get some wonderful photos in the fog.. They look surreal. These are so much more colorful..Thanks

Kay Preston, USA

Simply marvelous. Just back from Hanoi and Halong Bay last week. Your videos captures the 2000 islands in the best of angles and timing of the day. There is only so much we can captures the pix from the Junk. Thank you for bringing us the Best.

Edmund Chan, Singapore

Many thanks!

Varvara, AirPano


christian ravi, India

What an amazing place and wonderful photography. This one will go on my bucket list!

alison bass, Australia


homayoon memari

Breathtaking; you should receive support from the entire world for your project. I had no idea these places were so beautiful. Thank you so much.

Doris Pavelich, Canada

Absolutely breathtaking. The music was a perfect selection, Hoa Tau Dan Nhi. Thank you so much.

Dori Naerbo, Norway

very nice photos

krishna murthy, India

I was there a few years ago. Just beautiful

david coombes, Canada

its excellent, great pictures i feel i am in HALONG BAY.Hats off to u.

milind karnik, India

Thanks for your kind comment.

Varvara, AirPano

Saw Halong Bay on a Top Gear special and thought it a magical place. Now thanks to Airpano, I know it is magical. Brilliant!!!!

barny miller, United Kingdom

I watch with admiration work.
Music been very good with.
I congratulate you.
What is the name of this music?

Yusuf Cantali, Turkey

Dear Yusuf, thanks for your kind words!
There are control buttons in the left bottm corner. Put your mouse over the "sound" button or over the "change melody" button and you will see the title of the melody and its author http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php

Varvara, AirPano


huhuhi jnk, Albania

Wonderful photos of the Halong Bay. Would like to visit the place with family and friends soon.


Salute to Airpano for beautiful photographs of Halong Bay. Great memories (1994) of Vietnamese friends.

Anupam Singh, India

great sight. salute you and mother nature for the bounty, keep up the good work.

jemboonath muralidhar, India

so beautiful and nice explanation ,

Mahdi Hashemi, Iran

You have refreshed so many outstanding memories of Vietnam and the people. The peace and grandeur of Halong Bay that you have shared is a signature from God.

Joseph Lone, Canada

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József Nagy, Hungary

As always, your panoramas never cease to amaze. Beautiful photography accompanied by beautiful music; an almost blissful experience. Bravo!

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Morteza Fallah, Iran

Nice images and music


Beautiful. I'm glad the long war did not (appearantly) upset this prestine area. The historical data was very interesting. Well done.

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