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Its really great website. Looks like a dream come true which can not be fulfilled by in flight or any aiborn vehicle. Great combinatio of Technology & Creativity. Thanks for creating such a worderfull land of dreams... which are reality...

amrish oza, India

hai guyz
it s amazing keep going

afsal pp, Qatar

Wishing makes it so ---- I could not have wished for a more lovely trip around the world -- Thank you so much ! You people are marvelous ! I hope you had fun doing this, as it is such a wonderful treat !
Who are the singers of the song ? And good choice of music !
Just thanks so much ! What a wonderful site !

Janet Noall, USA

Would love to come visit again, loved it..need more time to explore.

Jo Lutes, USA

I vacation in Honolulu on waikik beach this spring absolutely beautiful there..you have given me alot more to see and love

Geraldine Martin, USA

Thank you for giving me the chance of seeing places that I as an older person will never be able to visit.

Jacqueline Hollis, Australia

Thank you..

Greg Giles, Australia

marvelous job, keep up the good work, absolutely beautiful

Roger Lemke, USA



Absolutely fabulous! You folks are an armchair traveller's dream come true!

Pete D'Onofrio, USA

Thank you so very much for letting me see parts of the world in such a beautiful display.
Your photography is absolutely stunning. You guys ROCK.

Normand Hetu, Canada

What....Nothing from Canada, yet?? We do exist, we are not part of the USA!! But great work on what I have looked at so far.
Thank you.

Merle hayes, Canada

Thank you, Merle. We have the pano of Toronto: http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Toronto-Canada. In general, you can use a search service to find a place you wish to view or look through all the panoramas which we have up to now on our site: http://www.airpano.com/List-Aerial-Panoramas.php.

Wonderful experience.

Ravindranath Patil, India

Schitterend opnames van een mooie land.

annet nieuwenhuizen, Netherlands

Un trabajo maravilloso, digno de admirar. Gracias por propagar la belleza de mi patria. Felicitaciones.

Marta Falkner, Peru

Love it, remember we used to drive down from alain, the biggest structure was the trade centre, rising ou of the dust, still glad I have seen the changes in the u.a.e., wish I were there now instead of Cottesloe perth

stephanie duncan, Australia

very good

Asif G D

Thank you, all of you show me the world I never seen before.

Welmin Wel, Indonesia

Beautiful images! I applaud your efforts to do this and wish I had connections. You are preserving these beautiful places for mankind! Keep it up!

Kelsey Escoto, USA

How beautiful, I could just get lost in these...
I'd love to see Pisa, Italy; The Rhine/Mosel Rivers in Germany & most of all the Alhambra in Granada...
Thanks for bringing the world to my desk, you've really brightened my day.

Ramona Taylor, USA

Dear Ramona,

If you look at our first page http://www.airpano.com/ - you'll find Pisa on a third place.
All other panoramas can be seen here http://www.airpano.com/List-Aerial-Panoramas.php

Best regards, Sergey

I have had much enjoyment from your site. What a great idea and way to share other countries treasures.
Thank you!

Melissa Granzotto, USA

Beautiful, thank you for doing this, chance are that most people including myself will never have the opportunity to visit these places but you have now changed that to a degree anyway. I would like to make a suggestion, you should come to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada and go over the Highland Park which contains the "Cabot Trail". Maybe the Rockie mountains. Niagara Falls. Keep up the great work!

Diane Gillis, Canada

Thank you so much. I have always wanted to travel to Egypt. You hve shared some of the pleasure for a trip I will never make. Thank you again and good luck.

Rosaria Zarro, USA

"Its fantastic!

Dasun Wanigarathne, Sri Lanka

The graphics & the decoration are both mindblowing.....hats of to the creation

Arkadip Basu, India

what a fantastic way to see the world's treasures... Bravo on this great enterprise...and lots of luck with other ventures!!!

celeste singh, India

Its fantastic! Congratulations to you guys for undertaking this project. This should be included in every school!!

Shreepad P, India

Thank you for the beautiful view of our world. I really enjoyed the panaramic view of Egypt and the Pyramids and Zambia. Leatrice

Leatrice Tanner Brown, USA

I have had the opportunity of flying by air to Vietnam, France, on to Cuba, and then South Africa and Malaysia. The one view in the early morning when we were over France was breathtaking when we could see the beautiful lights shining like jewels. I thought that was the most beautiful sight a human being can enjoy. But then a friend sent me a link via email of Taj Mahal India. I dont have the words to describe how I felt and am still feeling after seeing it. Your team has done a fantastic job and your photography, and sequencing is very unique. Your team has my best wishes and my prayers go with you to help you continue what you are doing, with so much enthusiasm and your creativity really shows. Honestly, though I am an Indian, I am yet to see the Taj Mahal up close and in person. Thanks to your team I have seen more than what an actual visitor to the Taj could have seen!!! Thanks for sharing and caring...

Austin Wilson, India

Thank you, Austin, for all. Your comment touched us.

Words can't articulate the beauty of this project of our planet. I wish everyone in the world could see this and then they would realize why do we humans want to destroy such a perfect place.

Tim Buttrum, USA

Guys u r doing humanity a great service! Heartfelt thank you

Rafi Shaik, USA

It is all awesome! The photography, the music and especially your generosity in sharing it with everyone. God Bless you.

Susan Barton

I like it, but I can't figure out how to close it. The music keeps playing.

David Macmaster

Dear David
Press button SOUND OFF in left low corner of panorama screen
To close the panorama just close the window.

Best regards
Sergey Rumaynstsev

Absolutely stunning. This type of project was long overdue and you seem to be accomplishing it with skills beyond my imagination would have thought of.

Kaushik Patel, USA

A great view more power to you for sharing it.

Renato Loria, USA

i spent many a happy day in old hong kong, as a young sailor , 1958 to 1969 home port to my navy ships i was on , great views

john price, USA

What remarkable photo's shots, mother nature at work in her glory, you have down an amazing job with your camera to bring it to life, Thank-You for sharing them!

Cassy Swenson, USA

Thank you for all kind words you left here. We appreciate them as well as your attention and interest.

Just amazing. Love it. Thank you

Aby John, United Arab Emirates

These Aerial Photos are juat awesome. You guys & girls do an awesome job. Love your work, thanks for sharing. (From Perth Australia)

Debbie Farrar, Australia

What a wonderful world we have. Please keep it as marvelous as it is. Do not forget to include Machu Picchu next time.

Carlos Leyva, Peru

Dear Carlos, please, check this page: http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Machu-Picchu-Peru.

Its Really Awesomeeee ... sooo Beautiful ... its like a dream come true ... :-)

Sohit Thukral, India

Really nice project, good luck.

Jan Ometak, Czech Republic

I would like to really thank you for the massive efforts you put to produce such projects.

Hasan Bin Shaiban, United Arab Emirates

Einfach toll . Ich kenne viele Länder und Städte !
Einmalig , Klasse !!!

Hans-Gerhard Bude, Chile

Your work gives a mass who cant afford to travell, a great experience and viewing of the worlds unmemorable places, GOD BLESS YOU......




A new meaning to the statement of "around the world in 80 days"....worth every second of ALL of our lovely planet's wonders natural or man made

Dilip Mistry, USA

i like airpano plz join me you r all cotgary i love aal pic

sunny rattu, India

I am looking for affordable places to stay by the water. Can you send me some litature on this?

shirley parshall, USA

Dear Shirley, all our panoramas are located here: http://www.airpano.com/List-Aerial-Panoramas.php. You can choose whatever you wish.

Amazed to see the world this way... Got goose bumps... it developed interest in me to visit these all places... Loved your work ya...!!! hope someday i'll c my hometown this way... Rajahmundry, INDIA... :)

Sunny Rohit Nandi, India

you guys made world tour easy...great work....cant describe your efforts in words....thank you very much

Naveen kumar, India

What a visual delight! Thank you so very much. I have spent many hours viewing the photographs.

Sumangala Polu, USA

Thanks for bringing the TAJ MAHAL - India,to us in such a beautiful way. Never could have imagined to see the beauty of this Wonder of the World from the top. Awesome!

Sanjai Saxena, India

good job, keep working.

Herman Camacho, Bolivia


Suresh Mistry, USA

Congratulations to your work ! It is awesome !!!

Zolta'n Szila'gyi, Hungary

Congratulations to your work !
It is awesome !!!

Zoltán Szilágyi, Hungary


Rishern Naidoo, South Africa


Ken Hurren, United Kingdom

The pan views are distorted excessively for the perspective angles.

Sajit Viswan, India

Absolutely mind boggling! Loved the pics of NYC from the air.A different slant on that wonderful city.

Peter Fletcher, Australia

Wonderful work people!! Now I can share some of the places in Russia that I have been lucky to visit... will share them with family and Russian friends too!
Two other places I have visited that are very worthy of note: The Caucas Mountain range from Elbrus toward the Caspian Sea.
Secondly: The "Old City" of Riga.
Again, Many Thanks

Desman Ashley, Australia

This is good. Try for yourself

Alec Khoo, United Kingdom

wow!! just stumbled upon AirPano site.."Beautiful! You had me at... World in 3D panoramas! Amazing work! must share..lots of success!! and Thank you!

Elizabeth Brown, USA

It would be really great to be able to see the world thru internet as I can't afford to visit these places for real.'
THANK you for bringing these pictures to us.

thelma saunders, Canada

now this is truley AMAZING

Dallas poindexter, USA

Most splendidly done. Many thanks and praise to you!

Henry Dendunnen, Wayland, MA. USA

Henry Dendunnen, USA

Without words!!!Excellent job!!!

Nikos Biliouris, Greece

Big, big fan of your work!

Claudine DePrest, Belgium

Thank you for bringing this beautiful planet to all of us.

Rosemary T. Salmon, USA

Words fail me to discribe the beauty.
Just GREAT. Keep up the good work

Sonny Pathak, Germany

Fantastisch, Fenominaal Groots.

Jan Berend Klönne, Netherlands

Simply Great!

Shakhawat Hossain, Bangladesh

This is awesome and mind blowing. We get to see some real wonderful places.

Mayeen Naomee, Bangladesh


Thanks, Wahid.

Wahidur Rahman, Bangladesh

it's just a great job i wish the best of luck to this web site

mohamed elmasry, Egypt

Thank you very much!

Stunning collection of images....so glad I was introduced to your work and look forward to seeing more.

Shelby Thomas, USA

Great ,

Gurinder Bhuller, USA


James Gourmet, Canada

Wonderful project, love what you have created. Thank you for this magnificent trip!

Becky Parks, USA

What a magnificent project - and what wonderful photos! Keep flying and taking pictures and add to the gallery! I'd love to see Montreal here. Was thrilled to see St Petersburg again (I was there 30 years ago when it was Leningrad).
Good luck and congratulations!
Robin FitzGerald
Montreal, Canada

Robin FitzGerald, Canada

Great project and wonderful results !!
I save your website as a favorite and shall come back time to time, for sure. Sincere congrats !

Marc Dufour Bardon, Spain

Iran's nice to know the culture of cholera

maryam vatandoost, Iran

why the use of the attrations of iran

maryam vatandoost, Iran

Hai!!! Fantastic job .Thanks for your team for this wonderful concept of our amazing planet . I look forward to seeing more and more...best of luck and safe travels.

Chandra mohan, India


zahid qamar, Pakistan

Wow! Fantastic job guys!! Thank you for imagining and creating this wonderful portfolio of our amazing planet both God and man made :) I look forward to seeing more and more...best of luck and safe travels!

Jill Clark, USA

Well, I'm seldom impressed. Well done!

Johan van der H, South Africa

My wife and I visited India with some friends and we spent some time at this famous monument in Agra

It is indeed a masterpiece and a permanent monument to Mumtaz the wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Bureaucracy almost denied a worldwide audience the opportunity to view a moving panorama of this great monument.

Now anyone with access to a computer can view the beautiful scenery and the bird's eye view is out of this world.

Please thank all the people involved in making this production which is now preserved for ever more in digital form

A remarkable achievement

Michael Dwyer, United Kingdom

Makes me so VERY proud to see the city that we live in,.. stunning place!!

Graham Russell, Australia

this is wonderful and so much fun

diane kelley, USA

Very good photography. I will like to join your team.

Tushar Dhanawade, India

It's so nice to be able to see what most people in the world cannot see

Rene Jansen, Canada

Great when you are tired and need to let your body rest and your mind to drift into the images. wonderfull

john strvrn, United Kingdom

You just brought me where I need to be because I am writing a book with the Mother of Holistic Medicine. Born at the shadows of the Taj Mahal
Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey MD., MD, (H) like most people with the soil of India on their feet brought to me what your virtual tour and the music provided the pulse of humanity. Saying thank you does not bring forth what one feels but I know know no other words to express gratitude.

Eveline Horelle Dailey, USA

great experience to see such great water fall.

ullas sadanandan, India

Excellent and awesome work.

Shubhangi K, India

You have made the beautiful Taj look even more beautiful! And the amount of trouble you had to undergo in doing that, shows your commitment and resolve.

"Thanks" are not enough for making our planet beautiful and accessible from our arm-chairs!

May God bless you and your good work!

Cdr. Varma, India

ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING! Please keep up the fabulous work! It is so wonderful to get to see places that I would otherwise probably never get to visit. Thank you for sharing such wonderful views of our world!

Terri Trujillo, USA

I love these panoramic views! I will never be able to visit all these places, but this makes me feel like I can! It puts you right there in the middle of things! Bravo! Wonderful project!

ReNae Allen, USA