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I CANNOT BELIEVE THE AMAZING FOOTAGE YOU HAVE CAPTURED!!! Wow, I am thrilled that I stumbled across your work. Beautiful photography, captivating scenery and stunning vantage points. As a teacher, I am grateful to be able to have students experience your website... Thank you for expanding our horizons!

Jess Kiefer, USA

As a person limited by mobility problems and not able to stand for long or use public transit, I thank you. I did not have the financial ability to travel when young and by the time I had saved enough, I became disabled. I long to visit places around the world that I've dreamed about since I was a child. Your site provides an opportunity for me to see an overview of many of those places. I just wish that the ability to hear the actual sounds and smell the environment was also available! Again, thank you.

Sid Nonie, Canada

Happy new year.

余 炆亭, China


猗与 寒, China

Beautiful perspective to see other places...:

Pekka Kauppi, Russian Federation

Interesting! Can't wait to visit.

Gail Thaley, USA

Amazing! allisonyoung@truscend.cn

Allison Young, Algeria

Awesome work guys. I also went from Canon to Nikon. What are you using for a drone these days?

Frank Ciurca, USA

Thank you, Frank! We use drone which we build by ourselves.

very beautiful,i love it

chen leon, China


戈 加, China

Hi My name is Wendy Sells and IWENDY SELLS am worried about the San Francisco bridge AS WELL as the Golden Gate Bridge as well and keep people of the hightest Poles of the Bridges. from Wendy Sells

Wendy Louise Sells, USA


李 潇雅, China

360视角图片真的很不错 大赞

潇雅 李, China

i really like this app

tayvion price, USA

I like this app or if this is a game I dont know but Im about to go back to the tours to learn about some 360 panoramas or if its the 360 video photo gallery or news or air pano project or faq or where Im at the guest articles or contect Im going to do this stuff when I get home home you like this message

deandre mccallum, Belarus

I love this site more beautiful photos.

Amorn Rach, Thailand

You have an aerial view of Jerusalem above the Mount of Olives looking east to west with the mount visible in the lower part of the photograph. I would like to use it on a PowerPoint slide. Can I have your permission to do this?

Tim Rickard, USA

Tim, please send request to info@airpano.ru , we need to know more details of the usage.


余 炆亭, China

So great! debi@debistoll.pro

Debi Stoll, USA


严 小钦, China

Hello Guys
I want to share some Tequila with you guys let me know some physical adreess to send the package,Kind regards,Angel

Angel Arroyo, Mexico

Thank you to Airpano it is wonderful to see your web site. Once again thank you




夏 至, China

Sign me up

Dickless Dane, Denmark


Ralph amcaclure, USA

Ohh god, thats fantastic 3 :

Yonca Anlı, Turkey

......Great Site......

David Kintner, USA

What a website, full of colour and wonderful imagination.Well done.......

Tony Mallon, New Zealand

Wow! Just magnificent!!

Bode Osunsanmi, USA

Enjoyed viewing your website! GREAT job with the panorama photography!

Jolene U'Ren, USA

awesome site !

Kimberly Watson, USA

I love this site. It makes my day.

Michael Sunshinebattyboy, South Africa

this is a true gift for those who didn't have money and time to travel in different places.Totally mind blowing work.Hats-off.

Jebin Dhaubhadel, Nepal

Wow... Just unreal... bits of dream sequences!

Robert Holcomb, USA

Having found this wonderful site by accident, I've immediatelly fallen in love with the magnificent work done by you and your teammates. After that I just remain speachless. Thank you!

Ivaylo Yosifov, Bulgaria

Simply stunning

Justin G, New Zealand

Hi, I'd like to buy panorama...


bosko radak, Austria

Thank You All at airpano for placing the Worlds most Beautiful sights before Us.

Alan Butterworth, USA

Very beautiful place to be!

Melanie Glomski, Germany

Wonderful , I wish i could describe this site but my words aren't enough , that's all i have to share right now

Feras Sallouha, Syrian Arab Republic

my dream is travelling ,but i can not do it so this web site is my shelter i want to thank all the people who work here to leave these amazing projects

raheil barakat, Jordan

mekke medine 360 video , 3D ?????????????

ismail efe, Turkey

wonderful site !

Gianni REHAK, Italy

Thank you for your great work. Superb!


I liked the helicopter views it was great over the volcanos how is it done wth the drones and footage? thanks

Kindred Wells, USA

Thank you for these amazingly beautiful pictures!

Virginia Hogan, USA

Excellent work. I have shared this with a an architect friendcolleague. She found it very useful in her works. Thank you.

Shamsul Chowdhury, USA

muy amable gracias

Michael Johnson, El Salvador

Absolutely amazing work. Would love to see some airpano projects from British Columbia Canada, surprised you don't have any.

Garry Sidhu, Canada

through your photos i felt visited these place Excellent work i thank to do

rahima badr, Morocco

Kindly allow me to see the panoramas.I am elited watching your Panoramas.

Chandra Segaran Krishnan Nair, Malaysia

Pl allow me to see free all panoramas .regards

cinniah periatha by maiyappan, India

Eine super gute Arbeit! Gru#223 - Dieter M#246bus -

Dieter M#246bus, Germany

thanks for sharing these panoramic photos.


Hugo Pasan, Guatemala

This is the most amazing and spectacular views. I wish there was more to see in 3D. My desire is to have the opportunity to visit Israel and all the holy places. I pray for Israel.

Susan Sierra, USA

No words Can describe how much amazing 3 :

Ramez Atef, Egypt

A truly fabulous website. However, it could be even better by including less populated areas possibly based on the Google Earth mechanism where viewers could zoom in.


Chaz Jordan, United Kingdom

lovely website should put in deserted places

oisin fitz, Ireland

thank yuo so mach for yuor photografy wonderful

jacques Tolomei, Belgium

Îãðîìíîå ñïàñèáî çà ïðåêðàñíûé ïðîåêò!!!Âî âðåìÿ ïðîñìîòðà âîçíèêàåò íåâåðîÿòíîå îùóùåíèå ïîëíîãî ïîãðóæåíèÿ â ïàíîðàìó. ß âîñõèùåíà ìàñòåðñòâîì è òàëàíòîì ñîçäàòåëåé ýòèõ çàìå÷àòåëüíûõ ðàáîò. Óäà÷è âàì è äàëüíåéøèõ óñïåõîâ!!!

Àííà Ä., Russian Federation

Magic..just magic these video's and photo's.

Very informative and enlightening especially when I look at videos f Om some of the countries we have visited.


Ian Smyth, Australia

Enjoyed each moment while watching them. Educational. I feel very grateful to the whole team.

Excellent, marvelous, fantastic, wonderful.Words are not enough to praise this work.

Many many congratulations and thanks. My heart is full of joy.when I go to bed after watching them.

Many kisses, hugs and blessing for the team

Swadesh Taneja, India

Excelente,proyecto mis felicitaciones una gran inciativa.

Elvis Vega Araya, Costa Rica

I am a teacher at DeWitt High and my students and I enjoy exploring the world using AirPano while studying World History.

Melissa Patterson, USA

I'm a photographer, I also took a lot of a lot of 360 degree panoramic photography, but happened to see your website, I am guilty, still a lot of things I need to learn, welcome to China to shoot a number of works, China welcomes you, to send me an email and I fully arranged.

#38182#22253 #24352, China

These panoramas are really amazing, I could not stop watching them. Definitely a must see. Congratulations for this great job.

Marisa Tamarit, Spain

Fantastic. There is also another legend, the women are very afraid of lizards. The thought is impregnation by lizards. They sell interesting cravings of lizard-like creatures.

asha scatchard, USA

Amazing and mesmerising work. Rather I saw New Delhi and Agra in a very different perspective which was unknown before.

I would request if you can cover CalcuttaKolkata which not only has Great British and Mughal architechture but also Supertall buildings.

Rohan Sood, India

So, so awesome.
Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your good work.

Ed Blake, USA

fantastic Pictures, unbelievable Quality, it is real amazing! Souch a technical Performance!!!
Unbelievable!I bought the Book Amazon and everywhere i show it, could not imagine, how it is possibble, to create such fantastic Art!!

Hans-Thomas Kreusler, Germany

Incredible work!!! - artistically, technically and in terms of user-friendliness, professionalize and simplicity! I'm stunned. This is my new favorite web-site :! I also love travelling and it gives me new inspiration for trips and admiration for the world! Respect and wish you lots of success and that you can go on with this work!


One of the best things i have Seen. A Great Job. Congretulations.

Holger Buechel, Germany

ultimate work

rajnish jhabak, India

Would like pamphlets on Canada Rokies.

Bob Albrecht, USA

Incredible work!!! - artistically, technically and in terms of user-friendliness, professionality and simplicity! I'm stunned. This is my new favourite web-site :!
I also love travelling and it gives me new inspiration for trips and admiration for the world!
Respect and wish you lots of success and that you can go on with this work!

Steve Taube, Germany

I dream to visit these places personally but through your photos i felt i already visited these places. keep up the amazing work! hope youll include the Philippines. Must see places are Davao Region, Batanes and Palawan.

tina mercado, Philippines

We just came India. we went to Amer Fort and it was really
beautiful but viewing it from
air is more beautiful. I love
the music that is playing can
you please tell me its name
and where I can buy it. Thanks

magda gharbo, USA

This is a real highlight, Thank you for this grandiose Entertainment.

Jsabelle L#252bke, Switzerland

This is absolutely stunning,
Thank you for showing us our beautiful world .
Congrats to your amazing technical knowledge.

Barb Nandor, Canada

#305 can't watch neither the videoos nor 360 panaromas .Nothing WHY?

peker cumrali, Turkey

Excellent work guys!

Vasilis Vreskos, Ethiopia

Words fail to express the magnificence you bring to those of us who delight in the beauties of this grand earth. Keep those images coming! Thank you....

Carolyn Christopher, USA

Awesome, enjoyed the travels. Thank you.

Terry Brooks, USA

awesome stuff, more cities please!

Tim Zarlingo, USA

How long did it take you to realize The Earth is flat?? Lol

Steven Carter, USA

Awesome. Wonderful experience. You bring me to the other world. Great natural of the earth...!!!
Thank you,Air pano!

ILAYA RAJA, Malaysia

Hi, Im a college student right now studying hard to get a high paying job. My only reason for wanting one is to earn enough to travel the world. Your site and app are such an inspirational daily reminder of what Im working so hard for and help keep me from giving up. Thank you so much!

Ed Almaguer, USA

Great visuals but Im confused what Im supposed to do with them. Do just sit at my laptop and look? Buy some sequences and make them screen savers? Take them to my dentists office for his waiting room? Or can I buy a single photo havent figured out how to do that yet?

roger sanders, USA

Wonderful. wonderful. wonderful.

You people really doing gr8 job, I wish i could be in place of you in such trip.

Of course i appreciate those tiresome and albeit life risky efforts..

and lastly, you people have changed the perspective the way world had been at technology of photography and camcorder till now..

God bless you..

pls suggest me a camera to buy

Jignesh Modi
Surat, gujarat, india.

Jignesh modi, India

Wonderful experience.
I like your web SITE but where is pakistan and most important city Karachi ?

Please send me any email only my facebook account

Salman Akhtar, Pakistan

ThanksGracias por vuestros fant#225sticos reportajes. Vivo en Espa#241a desde hace 15 a#241os. #191Cu#225ndo estar#225n los de Sevilla y Granada?. Visit#233 esas ciudades hace dos a#241os. La Alhambra es, sin duda, el monumento mas impresionante de Espa#241a. Y Sevilla es una ciudad asombrosa, sin duda tambi#233n la m#225s bonita de Espa#241a.

Andrew Norton, Spain

COOL. thank-you.

Antenna Department, USA

vivement que vous fassiez une vid#233o sur saint petersbourg! la Russie est belle! et c'est cela qui est important! puisse votre ste donner envie de la prot#233ger pour toujours!
bravo encore!

enzo liotta, France

Me encanta lo que Uds. transmiten. Acercan el mundo a las personas que, econ#243micamente no pueden trasladarse a sitios muy distantes de Argentina. Estoy muy agradecida, que Uds. simpliquen el conocimiento nuestro. Muchas gracias. Dios los bendiga.

marta julia danacko, Argentina

Thanks you very much I was there 2012, great trips for a month travel all over the country ..Your work to other country will be my guide line for the next trip.

supatra minsch, USA

I have not visited all the places viewed, but I felt like I was there.
I even looked up if you needed staff to work with you? Ha ha
Thanks. I would like to see parts of Africa. I come from Tanzania. Zanzibar is beautiful and so is the Island of Pemba

Najma Jamal, Tanzania

360 names and creating programs for creating movies used
I know that the manual know the production process?
I also know the key way to hoist a web page?
Another study of Birch Bay as a producer is gonna be like.
I will sense if you would help.

jung young JI, Korea

La plupart des panoramas et vid#233os sont merveilleusement bien r#233ussis.Pourriez-vous cependant donner du mouvement aux personnes v#233hicules, #233ruptions volcaniques film#233s, #224 l'instar de ce qui est fait par Vimeo https:player.vimeo.comvideo107995891
Par ailleurs, il y a de beaux panoramas #224 r#233aliser dans notre pays : Anvers, Bruges, Bruxelles, Namur.
Soyez les bienvenus.
Bien cordialement.
L#233on DRUEZ

L#233on DRUEZ, Belgium


isaac acevedo, USA

Hi guys...you're fantastic...your work is amazing! Thank you to share these wonders!! PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOUUUU!!!

Daniele Ferraro, Italy