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Uau, imagens sensacionais! Parab#233ns pelo incr#237vel trabalho que fazem! Realmente amei! Respectable!!! s2

Raissa Pavesi Salvio, Brazil

Extraordinary !!!! . Incredible beaty for us to see.
Many thanks for the effort and please keep going

Carlos Manuel Lorenzo, Argentina

Astonishing views. Best pro-videos and shots I have ever seen!!

Roberto Lira, USA

I had an awesome evening getting to see places that I would never be able to go otherwise. I'll be back. Thank you so much.

Victoria Banaszak, USA

Wonderful views!!! I suggest to make a panorama for the mythical mountain Olympus in Greece

Georgios Toulis, Greece

Extraordinary, beautiful, really.

Milenko Kovacevic, USA

There is alot of projects will be comming up in my country after 2015.specially in captial city like YANGON . It will be alot usefull in my architectural render when i get to the part of adding with photoshop after i render the projects!

BO AUNG DIN .Yangon. Myanmar

BO AUNG DIN, Myanmar

Wonderful stay!

Hannah Kors, Albania

Thank you very much for your wonderful website Thank you again for this great technical and artistic work outside the norm.
Congratulations for sharing these wonders!
Berkane - Marocco

Abderrahmane CHEMLALI, Marocco

this is the best website I have ever visited. All the panoramas are amazing and I hope to visit many of these beautiful locations

Hannah-Christina Hambleton, United Kingdom

Totally awesome !!!!!

Thomas Frank Frank, Germany

wow,it's so wandful!

chen zhiwei, China

hope to get a surprise soon

chan jie, China




This is absolutely beautiful! I am captivated by your images. The first image I found on the Google Chrome Momentum and now I have spent an enormous amount of time feeling like I am traveling the world-inspired. Thank you.

C Buck, USA

Absolutely some of the finest landscape photography with respect to technical perfection and artistic taste that I have ever seen!!! Bravo!

david hingston, Germany

so beautiful! I found your site looking for pictures of Taj Mahal. You provided spectacular aerials of Taj Mahal and now I have so many other places to explore. thank you!

Rhonda Pfeil, USA

the most beautiful photos i have ever seen. Beautiful work.

Malie Direcksze-Russell, USA

dear sirmadam,

why do you not do United kingdom , London thats one of the main spots for tourists and I love to see London in one of your aerial lists . In London there is skyscrapers and a greenery area. For example the shard, gherkin, 122 leadenhall building aka the cheese grater , 20 fenchurch street the walkie talkie which has the sky garden . You can film the aerial view of Olympic stadium and many more spots

Kind Regards ,


yasin mahmood, United Kingdom

Amazing and wonderful Photos of Akshardham.
Akshardham Place of Peace.

pranav vekariya, India

What a wonderful scenes and the 360 are the BEST! Traveling with your photos and 360 are not nessary....BEAUTIFUL!
When you can not travel by siknesses is this the best way to see the World finest.

Frank Bonneur, Netherlands

awesome videos and photography, it took my breath away with the 360 videos...now I now what a bird feels like..

ann clow, Canada

What a beautiful thing you have done! You have moved me to tears with all your astounding work. To see the different countries, cultures, wildlife, and natural beauty of this world---including space and both above and below ground and sea is quite an accomplishment. May we all be able to see the world as the beautiful and wondrous place it is--and the people in it. Thank you for bringing this to the world. What a gift!

Melissa C, USA

Such a spectacular website to tour the world! The angles are amazing and allow you to feel like your truly travelling. The site has show me places that I didn't know existed.
As a primary school teacher, I use this website for social studis. The tours allow the students to explore how people live differently around the world according to the geographical regions they live in.
A great personal and educational tool! Thank you for your work!

Michelle Vanwanrooy, Canada

i think your job is wonderful! I love to travel and when I downloaded the app and saw that you had Machu Picchu and Iguazu Falls I got very excited. I could show my friends and family and give them a little taste of what it was like standing there and having that view, just taking it all in. Thank you for your wonderful website, can I recommend doing Patagonia please. El Chalten, Calafate, Perito Moreno glaciar, I just got back from that trip and it was a wonderful experience and I know people would love to see aerial views of such beautiful and breathtaking places!

Priscilla Nevarez, USA

I#180m sitting here in our little farm and I ever think it is the best place to stay in the whole world. But now I know hundreds of Best Places
Thanks a lot for these great pictures!

Frank Fackiner, Germany

i thank to dw.de English TV channel-SHIFT programme, on which i watched about this spectacular website. i watch places here before travelling there.

chanderakant bhardwaj, India

I must say I love these 360° panorama photos, and I sincerely envy you guys that you can visit so many places and take these beauties. I love to make panoramas of the landscape in Hungary.I think you should come visit this beautiful country, if you haven't been here yet. All in all, I am truly amazed by your works. Best wishes to your business, from a hungarian hobby panorama-picture-maker. :

#193kos Schein, Hungary

outstanding photography,
makes me feel like packing up and travel!!

Roberto Hernandez, USA

Great software, highly educational for students and people who can't travel as well as maybe some of the places that might be very different in the future. Nepal for example would now be totally different. Well done and keep adding places please.

Remko Pootjes, New Zealand

Amazing work. Thank you making available for the world to see and enjoy the architectural beauty and also the accompanying music.

Gurmander Kohli, USA

''Amazing site'' thenk ypu for your hard work. and thenk toy for youre amazing panorama photos

Eyal Gal, Israel

Awesome site! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful work. I love to travel and I haven#180t done much of it in several years. I truely appreciate the opportunity you are giving us who visit your site to virtually travel to so many beautiful places in our wonderful planet.

Monica Castillo-Acebo, Ecuador

What camera do you use to take pictures and videos?.

Eyal Gal, Israel

Unfortunately 360 vides don't work.

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Daniel Rabinovich, Germany

hi,sir i m in india.i like ur project and really nice vdeo and pictures or photo gallary.

bhushan vijay kulkarni, India


Martin Peeters, Australia

finde es wundervoll, diese Photos sind einmalig - ich danke Ihnen f#252r diese wundervollen Fotos und diesen besonderen Blick auf unsere Erde - Danke

Maria JAKOB, Austria

Maria JAKOB, Austria

Hi, I liked your webpage, but I have a comment about the music in M#233xico City, sounds like Spain's folklore, we have another touch of music. My favorite ambient music that I recommend you is for example Farolito - Agust#237n Lara #161sounds amazing with the photos!

Carlos Villarreal, Mexico

After a lifetime of setbacks tragedies, I'd finally reached a point in my life when I could hope to do some travelling, which had always been my fervent dream. I took one trip and had two more booked....and of course, that was when I was almost killed in an automobile wreck. I was no longer able to travel, either physically or financially. Over the last decade, I've found some pleasure in reading, viewing travel videos and so on, but today I discovered this site. I'm so excited I feel as if the captivating imagery has brought me as close as possible to being immersed in hundreds of the most fascinating and beautiful places on earth! Thank you most sincerely for this joy

Nancy Middleton, USA

in english Fantastic, marvellous, wonderfull views with incredible effects which show us how our planet is splendid and how we need to respect, to protect this world and his nature which are perfect models for our human realisations. Thanks for this talented magicians which unveil us to this treasure. BRAVO et MERCI

Francois RENOUF de BOYRIE, France

Fantastique, Merveilleux, de magnifiques prises de vues avec des effets incroyables qui nous montrent combien notre plan#232te est magnifique et nous permet aussi de prendre conscience qu'il nous faut respecter cette terre, #233viter de la d#233truire et prot#233ger cette nature qui est le mod#232le de nos plus belles r#233alisations. Bravo #224 ces talentueux artistes de nous d#233voiler ces tr#233sors.

Francois RENOUF de BOYRIE, France

Bellas fotos.
Gran idea.
Omar Lavieri, Argentina

Omar Lavieri, Argentina

Excellent work!
Great views!
Don't know what to see first!


I found this website accidentally and since then I am glued to it.Amazing Work. Its like virtually checking out my Must Visit Places bucket List.
Keep up the Good work.
Looking forward to many more Panoramas.

Ashima Malik, India

great work

mohsen sarabi, USA


I was decorating my house and I run into this website, I was thinking if I could print this pictures and have it framed or do I have to purchase? I didn't find anything about it in the website just about using the 360#186 panoramas and the pictures online.



Caroline Foitinho, Brazil

Beautiful photos!Wow!

Pat Winters, USA

Very nice

Robert Smirnow, Canada

I like all your photos!

Chris Johnson, USA

Fantastic photos. Saw one via the Momentum extension for Chrome.

Calvin Hodgson, USA

Interesant,instructiv #537i divertisment selectiv.

Benone Sardomir, Romania

I've discovered your wonderful site through Corriere della Serra. Great job!

Maria Stigliani, Brazil

Gracias por darme otra vista a mi M#233xico, y poder conocer otros lugares con esta perspectiva, Felicidades

Jorge Jimenez, Mexico

Gracias por compartir su trabajo.
Fant#225stico logro, buen gusto, sensibilidad y talento.

Maria Cristina Dominguez, Argentina

Vosso trabalho #233 simplesmente espetacular.
Bom gosto e profissionalismo
que se destaca do que atualmente existe.
Muito bom.
Kurt Schneider, Brasil

Kurt Schneider, Brazil

Great work and great taste
Guido Alberto Rossi
Milano Italy

Guido alberto Rossi, Italy

Bravooooo !!!!

Franco Tollardo, Italy

You bring beautiful world to me. All photos made by your mind and your heart.
Amazing, Impressed and Excellent Photos Forever. Thanks for showing the wonders of this world!

Minh Ngoc Ha, Vietnam

Hey guys,
these 360°-videos look awesome! I'm really interested in the technique you are using to capture these videos. Is it a special camera, or are you using a DSLR with a special tripod?
And how does it work with the nadir point? Which software do you use for stitching?
I am curious about your answer!

Jan Assion, Germany

OHHH,I am very interest to the 360 video. Can you tell me what the equipment that you used? Thank you very much. I wanna try it by myself.

mike ma, China

Parab#233ns pelo projeto!
Tenho 70 anos estou indo com meu marido para Saint Peterburg, na R#250ssia e conheci este projeto encantador!



maria luzia martinez, Brazil

Please check your geography Victoria Falls is NOT in Kenya. Zimbabwe and Zambia contain the famous falls.

Cat Wilson, USA


I tried to view it on my ipad air 2 but does not work.

pls let me know what to do because this wpuld be perfect to view on the ipad plus I don t have a PC.
Thank you!


Gabriela Fierek, Germany

Simply breathtaking - your site has made it less easy to take our planet for granted!

Thank you!

David Lee, United Kingdom

Every single second of it was extremely satisfying, a great peasure. I shared it with my dad 65 years old my nephews 8 and 6 years old and they both where astonished as i was the first time. Please go and film the whales in Baja California some time!

Jesus Alberto Flores, Mexico

Sir Great Job and I am thankful to u to see this wonderful world, outstanding Photography.

Chaitrali Murgod, India

I'll be lost in this wonderland for a long time.

Thank for this site.

May God bless you all.

Donald Anderson, USA

Donald Anderson, USA

I just saw the amazing picture of TajMahal,What a shots just amazing...specially the pic number #11 and Tajmahal from the altitude of 200metres ... Beautiful is a word for this ART of Photography..
Thank you so much

Ehtesham Khan, India

Absolutely stunning work! I commend all of you wonderful people for such dedication to the art, and for bringing the world into our homes in such a realistic fashion. Thank you for your heart, inspiration and talent.

Leslie Braun, USA

Beautiful Photography!

Eddie Ramirez, USA

i lovo airpano it is sick i think you need more videos though otherwise really good.

matthew logan, American Samoa

While looking at the Golden Ring of Russia I saw that little box down in the right hand corner that let me select a city I want to visit. That was great,are we going to see more of that in the future? I hope so. Makes it so easy to travel around. We can travel to other places right from the site we are on. Your web site just gets better and better. Thank you so much.


Ñïàñèáî! Âû äîñòàâèëè îãðîìíîå óäîâîëüñòâèå. Äàé Âàì Áîã ñ÷àñòüÿ!

Ýëåîíîðà Ãèàöèíòîâà, Russian Federation

Once again you have astounded me. The Antarctic video is breathtaking, and part 1 made me feel as though I were there with you... I could almost feel the water splashing gently on my face as you cut through the sea and then you made me shiver as we cracked through the ice. There aren't enough adjectives to describe both your work and the emotions you transmit to me when you take me along on your incredible journeys.
I only have THANK YOU and OBRIGADA to try to communicate my gratitude for your work, but I feel so much more than that! Hugs from Brasil, irene

irene linda, Brazil

This website is simply incredible. Great pictures and I love the music to go with them. :

Henri Paananen, Finland

Thank you SO much for the chance to travel the world from the comfort of my home. As I am unable to travel due to health problems, I can see places that I have wanted to visit.
A simply stunning presentation - and the music is great as well.
Many,many thanks !

Helen W-P, Australia

Desperately waiting for Mauritius!!! Incredible Website, btw.

Harry T, Switzerland

Thank You so much for showing the wonders of this world !

Jan VOCHTEN, Belgium

For arm-chair travelers everywhere, I thank you! What fun!!

Loretta Holland, USA

Gracias por Los PPS. Muy Bonitos

Juan Plata, Colombia

Absolutely stunning!!!Most grateful for this. Keep feeding me for ever!!!

enzo galvano, South Africa

Hi please put picture of the world and more picture for site tanks

mehdi hashemian, Iran

Simplemente#161#191impresionante #161muy buen trabajo, los viajes ilustran, y miren que si, lo magnifico de la naturaleza. Gracias.

juan manuel garcia, Mexico

Well... just flat-out fabulous. Thanks!

Louis Foussard, USA

My wife and were lucky enough to have had a flight off one of the pontoons a couple of years back the barrier reef is spectacular from the air and your video brought it all to life again thanks a lot for all your beautiful work guys.

James f O'hare, Australia

Great,enough said,thank you!!

Pete Pitr, USA

Very nice beautiful.

Really wonderful job.

Thanks for bringing the whole world in my home.

J Shah, USA

This is fantastic. Could look at it forever.

roger perron, Egypt

Thank you for producing the Great Giza and Sphinx interactive view. Absolutely amazing!!! Our Ancients did great work!!

Grace Walker, USA

Hello valued Airpano team,
I have some beautiful shots from the air of the fantastic mid air ball PanoramaTechnology on my homepage www.hoebue.de embedded. I am most grateful to you and that you exist at all! Through you to every viewer is the beauty of our planet earth made visible to enjoy it at home on your PC.
For what you planned in 2015, I can not help you, but I wish to present to you will be successful!
Greetings from Heidenau Sachsen in Germany
Andreas B#252ttig

Andreas B#252ttig, Germany

I would love to see these made available for the Samsung Gear VR. They are absolutely gorgeous.

John Wright, USA

Great what a wonderfull world we live in,Thank you for allowing us in Australia to see them,Thank you AirPano and your talented staff.

Leonard Barber, Australia

I saw your work guys few years ago and I'm still very impressed. Music in the background brings emotions to the whole picture. I was waiting to see a bit of Poland not only because it's my country but it is truly beautiful place. You're not far from there so I'm surprised you didn't think about it. Maybe you could show Krakow or Mazury lakes?

All the best

maria ha, Poland

Very poor to make such a fast change from Ukraine to Russia !!
And you really do not know the Prekkestolen in Norway ??

Klaus Wolkerstorff, Austria

Amazing - I'm impressed - beautiful photos - thank you so much

Mette Lade, Denmark

Thank you, thank you, thank you.....what fabulous work!
I have been to many of your locations, but at ground level only So great to see from a beautiful new perspective!! Please continue.

James Williston, USA

What an incredible project! What has been the best part about travelling to so many exotic places? Do you guys have a favourite?

Sophie Z, Finland

These are excellent!

How much would it cost to commission you to do more areas of Italy?

Alex Roe, Italy

For those of us that can not travel to these places, this is really appreciated on many levels. Thank you..

s lew, USA